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TOLL FREE: (877)327-8033
  FAX: (954)746-4342

    LICENSE #: TC2894

We would like to say thank you for requesting information on our program
and considering us to assist with the showcasing and marketing of your
timeshare or vacation property. If you have not already visited our website
we would encourage you to do so to see how your property will be
professionally marketed and showcased. Take a moment to visit our virtual
showcase at

Through various marketing methods and advertising partners, CNC
Timeshares specializes in advertising owner’s timeshares for rent or sale,
resulting in inquiries from interested parties which are forwarded directly to
the owner without incurring any closing cost, commissions, or appraisal
fees for the timeshare owner. CNC Timeshares strives to bring you enough
inquiries to sell or rent your timeshare quickly and profitably.

CNC Timeshares is not a financial institution, but has developed business
relationships with various financial institutions that may provide prospective
buyers with low interest financing to expedite the sale. Our goal is to make
it easy for prospective buyers to purchase your timeshare or vacation

You are selling your timeshare and we are providing the tools to help you
accomplish just that. We will email each and every inquiry on your
timeshare directly to you. After you make contact with the person or
persons inquiring about your timeshare, you simply determine which offer
you want to accept.

Our contact information is as follows:

            Phone: 1-877-327-8033
            Fax:    1-954-746-4342

Again, from all the staff at CNC timeshares we would like to thank you for
taking the time to review this information and we look forward to helping you
advertise your timeshare or vacation property.
Retail vs. Wholesale
  Over 90% of people buy a timeshare on impulse. Very few people plan to buy a
  timeshare. Take yourself back to the day you bought your timeshare when you were
  given a free gift to take a 90 minute timeshare tour and you likely bought on impulse
  at full retail. Was your purchase planned or was it an impulse buy?

  So why would people want to buy a timeshare on the wholesale market? Simple,
  they want to save money. They save money vs. buying it at full retail from the resort.
  They know what location they want to buy and do not have to take a timeshare tour
  to acquire the timeshare they want! Wholesale saves money, time, and effort.

Why do people buy timeshares from the resale market?
  People buy timeshares from the resale market for four main reasons:
     1. They already know what they want and they know they can get what they
        want directly from a timeshare owner, instead of full retail at the resort.
     2. People buy a specific location/resort because they plan on traveling or
        vacationing there in a cost effective way.
     3. There are no tours to take to find the timeshare they want a nd no high
        pressure sales pitches after the tour.
     4. Financing can be shopped to determine the best rate available. The resort
        does not give you multiple financing options.

What guarantee do I have that this will sell?
  We guarantee that your timeshare will be advertised by one of the best multimedia
  timeshare advertising companies in the industry. Your timeshare will gain maximum
  exposure from a multimedia approach offering radio, print, live events, a call center
  and show room. We guarantee to forward all inquiries submitted to us, you are the
  one who will decide which offer to accept. The more flexible you are, the quicker you
  will sell your unit. The initial advertising contract term is 60-days; however unlike
  other advertisers, we will continue to advertise your timeshare at no additional cost
  to you, until you receive an offer that is acceptable to you.

  The bottom line is that finding our customers a buyer quickly is our #1 priority, and
  we guarantee in writing to market and advertise your property until it sells no matter
  how long it takes.
Marketing techniques we employ
  We combine a vast array of proven in house methods in conjunction with a
  professional advertising agency and tremendous telemarketing efforts along with the
  following marketing techniques:
     1. Show Room – We invite interested parties who are in the Fort Lauderdale
        area to come by our show room, where they can view our entire timeshare
        owner inventory and select the one that best meets their needs.
     2. Live Presentation – People on vacation in the South Florida area can stop by
        our showroom or attend any of our live events, which are held throughout the
        year at major Expos and Trade Shows where we display our entire real-time
        timeshare owner inventory. They are able to view all of the details of each
        timeshare and select the one that best meets their needs. Their contact
        information is forwarded directly to the owner, so they can come to an
        agreement, directly between the seller and the buyer.
     3. Internet Marketing – We have over 30,000,000 email addresses in our
        database. People are emailed an invitation visit our website and search for a
        timeshare for rent or sale. This has dramatically increased the website traffic
        of consumers with an interest in purchasing or renting timeshare or vacation
     4. Print Media – Ads placed in travel related publications that target potential
        timeshare renters and buyers. They are directed to the website where they
        can view our complete timeshare owner ad inventory. We also publish the
        monthly CNC Timeshare Magazine featuring the timeshare inventory. It is
        available in both hard copy and well as electronic formats.
     5. Radio – Targeted radio spots help to reach millions of potential consumers
        interested in vacation ownership and drive them to our website where they
        can view the real-time timeshare owner ad inventory for rent or sale. They
        can register online for special promotions then we add their contact
        information to our database for follow up.

                           (Click on the logo above to listen to our radio ad)

     6. Industry Sharing – We share your resort i nformation with industry partners
        who have clients that would be interested in buying or renting both
        domestically and internationally.
     7. Rental Program – Gets prospective buyers to the timeshare resorts so they
        can experience the resort lifestyle and amenities first hand. Statistically a very
        high percentage of people who get to see and experience the benefits will
        want to buy.
Marketing vs. Listing
  There are two types of companies in the timeshare resale market, listing companies
  and marketing companies. The difference is listing companies simply list your
  timeshare on the internet. As a multimedia advertising and marketing company we
  also promote your timeshare to interested buyers in our Fort Lauderdale showroom
  and aggressively advertise your timeshare through many varied mediums, not just
  simply a website listing.

  As an advertising and marketing company we utilize many proven techniques to
  actually expose your timeshare or vacation property to the masses. We guarantee
  in writing that we will advertise your property until it is sold. With our showroom
  we can display your timeshare to prospective buyers in a similar way that led you to
  buy it in the first place. Think back, how did you buy your timeshare? Thru a
  newspaper, classified ad, internet, radio, television, or by someone giving you a free
  gift to take a timeshare tour? The resort found you! If the resort had waited for you
  and over 90% of the people who bought timeshares to show up at the resort, they
  would still be waiting. We send thousands of emails on a monthly basis to attract
  consumers interested in purchasing a timeshare. We also employ a third party
  advertising agency, (www.admedias ourc with fortune 100 advertising partners to
  bring national and international exposure to your timeshare. Bottom-line, we market
  on your behalf to find potential buyers rather than waiting for them to find us.

Why can’t I pay you commission like a “real estate agency?”
  The Board of Realtors does not recognize timeshare as standard real estate.
  Realtors are much less interested in selling a timeshare than standard real estate.
  They cannot show the property and the commissioned income is far less than the
  sale of a house.

  Real Estate agencies do not give away vacation and entertainment packages or a
  cruise with dinner for two in order to get you to look at a piece of property. The
  resorts have to do this in order to get people to just look at their property. Resorts
  normally spend $300.00 - $600.00 per prospect to get a tour. Real estate agencies
  do not have to spend hundreds of dollars up front to market properties like the
  resorts do. If it costs $300.00 - $600.00 to get one tour just think about how much
  you would need to spend to market your unit in a similar fashion if you tried to do it
  yourself. How many tours would it take before your timeshare sells? The resorts
  know selling timeshare is an impulse buy, not by necessity. The short answer is that
  timeshare is very different than real estate.

  The bottom line is that timeshare is not easy to sell that’s why you are asking for our
  marketing help. People walk into real-estate agency’s everyday to buy or rent a
  house to live. Timeshare is one week o ut or the year people use to vacation only.
  People plan to buy a house however most people do not plan on buying a
  timeshare, did you?
Why do I have to pay up front?!
  Simple, you are paying for an advertising and marketing service. The fee goes to
  cover all your advertising & marketing expenses. Granted, you can do this on your
  own, however you will find it to be a very expensive endeavor. Some of the things
  you would need to do are:
     1. Setup a showroom to enable you to present the details of your property to
        prospective buyers.
     2. Spend countless hours attempting to make the initial contact just to get them
        to spend their time and money to travel to and view your property.
     3. Construct a website to provide these people with a virtual tour.
     4. Pay to drive traffic to your website of people interested in buying a timeshare.
     5. Spend countless more hours following up with any leads from the website.
  Keep in mind, 90% of the people who buy a timeshare will need financing. You will
  have to provide a source for financing. By the time you find that buyer, you will most
  likely have spent more time, money, and effort to sell your unit than it is even worth.
  –OR– you can allow us to do all this for you. We provide you with a cost effective
  option and proven marketing techniques designed to find potential buyers FAST.
    Events Calendar
           (Revi sed 6/07/2010)

       February 7, 2010
           Super Bowl 44
   (Canvassing – Vacation Drawing)
         Land Shark Stadium
             Miami, FL
     February 11-15, 2010
    Miami International Boat Show
 Hundreds of thousands of attendees
   (Canvassing-Vacation Drawing)
Miami Beach Convention Center, FL
       February 24, 2010
   Broward County Chamber Expo
         Miami Free Zone
            Doral, FL
        March 18, 2010
   Broward County Chamber Expo
       The Signature Grand
            Davie, FL
        March 24, 2010
     Southeast FL Chamber Expo
    Fort Lauderdale War Memorial
        Fort Lauderdale, FL
       March 25-28, 2010
 Palm Beach International Boat Show
   (Canvassing-Vacation Drawing)
      West Palm Beach, FL
       April 23-25, 2010
       NBC Travel Expo
 (Canvassing-Vacation Drawing)
      Del Mar Fairgrounds
    San Diego, California
            April 28, 2010
     Broward County Chamber Expo
         The Miami Free Zone
              Doral, FL
      April 28 – May 2, 2010
         Sunfest Jazz Festival
    (Canvassing- Vacation Drawing)
   Hundreds of thousands of attendees
        West Palm Beach, FL
            May 12, 2010
     Broward County Chamber Expo
      Embassy Suites Boca Raton
           Boca Raton, FL
          May 21-23, 2010
        Home Improvement Expo
     (Canvassing-Vacation Drawing)
       Dupage Family Fairgrounds
             Chicago, IL
            May 27, 2010
     Broward County Chamber Expo
           Bahia Mar Resort
         Fort Lauderdale, FL
            June 14, 2010
             Biz to Biz Expo
            Sheraton Airport
           Fort Lauderdale, FL
            June 27, 2010
         CNC Annual Fundraiser
           Tradewinds Parks
          Coconut Creek, FL
           July 15-17, 2010
           Warwick Boat Festival
      (Canvassing-Vacation Drawing)
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brewer Greenwich Marina
        Warwick, Rhode Island
          July 22, 2010
    Broward County Chamber Expo
         Hilton Airport Hotel
        Fort Lauderdale, FL
          July 24, 2010
Southeast Florida Chamber of Commerce
       Boca Raton Home Show
     Stonegate Bank Bldg. Atrium
          July 28, 2010
    Broward County Chamber Expo
        The Miami Free Zone
             Doral, FL
         August 7, 2010
      Fall Home & Life Style Expo
    (Canvassing-Vacation Drawing)
             Perimeter Mall
             Atlanta, GA
    September 24-26, 2010
          Atlanta Home Show
    (Canvassing-Vacation Drawing)
         Cobb Galleria Center
              Atlanta, GA
         October 16-17, 2010
       Travel & Adventure Show
    (Canvassing-Vacation Drawing)
      Meadowlands Expo Center
         New York Metro Area
           October 27, 2010
    Broward County Chamber Expo
         The Miami Free Zone
               Doral, FL
     November 13-14, 2010
     NBC International Travel Expo
    (Canvassing-Vacation Drawing)
              Navy Pier
             Chicago, IL
      December 7-9, 2010
         Luxury Travel Expo
    (Canvassing-Vacation Drawing)
        Mandalay Bay Resort
           Las Vegas, NV
Please feel free to check out our references.

    1. Southeast Florida Better Business Bureau

             Telephone: (561) 842-1918


    2. Southeast Florida Chamber of Commerce

             Telephone: (561) 245-8985


     3. Broward County Chamber of Commerce

             Telephone: (954) 565-5750


       4. Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce

             Telephone: (561) 395-4433

                     BBB of Southeast Florida                                                    Company Report
                     and the Caribbean
                     4411 Beacon Circle, Suite 4
                     West Palm Beach, FL 33407
                     Phone: (561) 842-1918
                     Fax: (561) 845-7234
May 25, 2010
Company Profile
CNC Timeshares                                                                                                             BBB Rating:
5601 Pow erline Rd., #207
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone: (877) 327-8033
Fax: (954) 746-4342
Contact: Michael Stracener - General Manager
Business Start Date: 8/2/2006
Company ID: 92013180
Nature of Business:
This company's business is Time Shares

This company has been accredited since 01/26/2009 and w e are satisfied that it honors its commitment. The company has agreed to
uphold our accreditation standards, w hich include a commitment to act in accordance w ith ethical bus iness practices and to re spond to
customer complaints.

Licensing and Bonding Information
        Agency: Brow ard County/Tax Collectors
         License Number: 376- 0002931
         Status: Active

         This license per mits the company to perform the follow ing services:

         This tax is required for the privilege of operating a business.

BBB Comments and Analysis

              Company Rating A-
              Our opinion of what this rating means:
              An excellent rating. A company with this rating may not rate higher
              because of a greater number of rate-lowering factors, but we do not
              consider them to be factors that would likely adversely affect
              consumer transactions.
 Complaint Closing Statistics
 The follow ing gr id displays the number and responses to complaints over the last 36 months:

     No. of
                                               Type of Response
       0           Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
       0           Making a partial refund
      10           Agreeing to perform according to their contract
       0           Refusing to make an adjustment
       0           Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
       0           Unanswered
       1           Unassigned
      11           Total

 Additional Addresses
 There are no additional addresses.

 Complaint Experience
 Our complaint history for this company show s the company gave proper consideration to complaints pr esented by the Bureau.

 Government Actions
 We know of no government action taken against this company.

 Advertising Review
 No questions about the truth of this company ’s advertis ing have come to our attention.

 Other Considerations
 We know of no other matter or practice relating to this company that may assist you in your consideration of this company.

Note: With over 11,000 satisfied customers and only 11 complaints, which have been
satisfactorily resolved; CNC Timeshares has a phenomenal 99.9% customer satisfaction
Martin Parrish, Director
Ad vertising Department
5601 Powerline Road #207
Ft Lauderdale FL 33309
Phone : 877-327-8033 X 257

CNC Timeshares is the only Timeshare Advertising Agency that meets the standards of the Southeast Florida Chamber!

CNC Timeshares is a dedicated multimedia advertising firm that provides timeshare owners with
a legitimate means of advertising their timeshares for rent or sale and buyers with the
information they need to make an intelligent choice as to which timeshare resort is right for

At the heart of CNC Timeshares are highly skilled and trained professionals in the timeshare
industry! CNC Timeshares mission is to provide their customers with advanced strategies to
gain maximum exposure to the most qualified prospective renters and buyers.

CNC Timeshares can help you advertise your timeshare resort, vacation property, campground
membership, vacation club, or vacation ownership worldwide! Would you like to sell, rent, or
trade your timeshare resort or property? If so, they specialize in advertising owner’s timeshares
for rental or sale. People from around the world visit the CNC Timeshares website when looking
for a timeshare for rent or sale.

Thinking about buying or renting a timeshare resort or property? Please visit their website to
view the complete owner inventory of timeshares. Browse the ads on timeshares World wide! If
you don't find what you’re looking for, contact their friendly staff and they will be happy to help
you. So no matter what your needs are, CNC Timeshare’s staff of dedicated professionals are
there to help you find the timeshare resort of your dreams!
                           CNC Timeshares “Making Your Vacation Dreams a Reality”

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