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									                                    JAMES R. BOSKET, JR.
                               P.O. Box 401  Orange, Virginia 22960
                                  540.661.2673 

                                CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER
                               Strategic Operations Management

Results-oriented executive with significant experience improving productivity, reducing costs,
and building efficiency in operations environments. Well-equipped with extensive background
and expertise in operations improvement, logistics optimization, financial management, budget
processes, efficiency optimization, strategic planning and product/service design performing
multi-functional roles for organizations within manufacturing, consumer goods and construction

                                  PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

PROTO-TECHNICS                                                                       2007-Present
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer                                    Orange, Virginia
Privat ely held intellectual property-company specializing in the design, construction and testing of ultra-
high-efficiency gaseous fuel combustion heaters.
 Manage intellectual property consisting of a patent pending ultra-high efficiency combustion
    technology for use in agricultural, horticultural, warehouse, manufacturing and process heating
 Managed and performed all duties associated with project management including design, financial
    management and budget proposal through audit processes.
 Designed beta test program with results that far exceeded expectations resulting in 500% increase in
    addressable market.
 With beta test results in hand, negotiated commitment from three national corporations to allow
    testing on livestock in their facilities for an extended period of time.

PHYLIX CONSTRUCTION GROUP                                                          2002-Present
Chief Operations Officer                                                           Orange, Virginia
Design and build firm that specialized in high-end custom remodeling.
 Designed and developed construction techniques and methods that resembled manufacturing
    operation, tripling profits in the first year it was put into action.
 Assisted with financial management, accounting, strategic budget preparation, contract performance
    job budget execution and audits.
 Negotiated value chain and logistics relationships that increas ed predictability of schedules resulting
    in reduced time to completion, increased accuracy of finished product and was instrumental in
    bringing customer satisfaction over 99%.
 Created job planning, resource allocation and job tracking system that increased productivity nine
    percent in just two weeks after implementation.
 Diversified corporate operations that resulted in a threefold increase in gross revenue.
AKA PRINTING & MAILING                                                             2000-2002
Director of Finance and Manufacturing                                              Fredericksburg, Virginia
Manufacturer of high-end direct mail for non-profit, fundraising, and commercial clients.
 Slashed production labor expense by 20%+ by designing, training, and implementing LE A N
    manufacturing work team and change over system.
 Performed all duties associated wit h financial management, accounting, budget proposal through
    budget management and audit processes.
 Restructured and vitalized accounting department, resulting in 75% reduction in monthly closings
    preparation and improved payroll system accuracy.
 E valuated company ERP needs, recommended software, designed, installed and trained employees
    in all systems that integrated corporate operations reducing data entry operations la bor expens es by
    four percent company-wide.
 Design and build customized machine that replaced 28 staff members with 1.

JRB CONS ULTING                                                                1996-2000
Managing Director                                                              Orange, Virginia
Cons ulted on product development, market testing, sourcing and ramp-up to production. Coordinated
and managed design and construction of residential and commercial properties. Provided engineering,
feasibility and marketing research and analysis.
 Developed snack food products and packaging, sourced ingredients and designed production
    methods for nationally distributed product line.
 Directed financial management, accounting, contract performance job budget execution and audits.
 Managed construction on multi-million dollar remodel projects, managing diverse group o f
    contractors, architects and engineers to unified goals.
 Cons ulted owners on restaurant design, construction and opening including purchas e of real estate
    and fixtures. Designed menu offerings, sourced ingredients, wrote employee handbook and
    developed training practices.
 Invented patent pending combustion technology in trade for part ownership in IP company.
 Designed construction methods for remodeling contractor that reduced remodeling time by 70% with
    same manpower, allowing them to complete three times as many jobs in the same time, effectively
    more than doubling profits.

FOODS FROM THE WOOD                                                                1990-2000
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer                                  Orange, Virginia
Specialized in gourmet and specialty food product creation, manufacturing and marketing.
 Created gourmet snack food, pasta products, sauces and quick meals for over 72 SKU’s.
 Managed and performed all duties associated with financial management, accounting, budget
    proposal through management and audit processes.
 Designed and built PLC controlled conveyed fryer, fresh pasta measure and cutting machine, pasta
    dryer, dry ingredient mixer and packaging machinery.
 Led marketing initiative that tripled sales for three years.
 Built brokerage net work and logistical processes to support 120 sales people and 2400 accounts
    nationwide in three years within the gourmet and specialty food gift industry.
 Designed ERP system and programmed software to manage and track sales and production to support
    rapid growth of gross receipts and sales force. The system provided efficient operation resulting in 22%
    net income.


Averett Uni versity                                                                Danville, Virginia
Master of Business Administration                                                  2009
GPA 4.0 with honors
Mary Baldwin College                                                               Staunton, Virginia
Bachelor of Science, Management and International Business                         2000
GPA 3.765 with distinction

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