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									                            David Sperry                                                                      103 Greenbriar Lane
                                                                                                              Oak Ridge, TN 37830
                              Community Development Catalyst                                             davidsperry@comcast.net
                              Learning Systems Integration Catalyst                                          Home: 865-482-0133
                              Teacher, Instructor, Learning Coach                                               Cell: 865-851-0087

Objective: Trainer / Technical Writer / Instructional Systems Development Team member
The one act of service which energizes my life, far more than anything else, is helping people learn. I have been
fortunate to thrive on that energy in a wide range of experiences, including
    • teaching physical, manual , factual and conceptual subjects to students, one-on-one and in groups;
    • presentations to small and large audiences;
    • facilitation of learning through group discussion and interaction;
    • development of instructional materials for self-directed and instructor-led training;
My lifelong, preferred path of service has evolved from a simple desire to help others learn a practical skill
(swimming), into a passion which I expect to be my focus for the rest of my life - to be a catalyst for learning
focused, community development. The results which I envision from this path of service are greater levels of
excellence, wellbeing, peace and happiness in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the surrounding area, and the world.
EDUCATION: After receiving an interdisciplinary BS degree in Biology and Economics (1975, Magna cum
Laude) from Tennessee Wesleyan College, I have taken additional graduate level courses in education, business
and human resource development at California American University (1979-80), Pepperdine (1984-85) and
Vanderbilt (1998-99 3.65 GPA), respectively. My U.S. and international experience has included traveling
in 47 of the lower 48 states and seventeen countries in Asia, Europe and North America.
SERVICE: My professional and volunteer experience spans a wide range of business and social sectors,
including community development, training, instructional design, education, technical ceramics and aerospace
electronics manufacturing, public relations in newsprint media, marketing via television, proposal development,
in-bound technical help desk, financial services, warehousing, transportation and janitorial.
   • Almost everything I have done has been directly related to helping people learn, or preparing and positioning me to
          pursue a path of service as a Learning Focused, Community Development Catalyst.
     •    1999-2008 – EDS/Centrobe, Client Logic, MetLife, and CoorsTek. In each case, I joined a company I believed I
          could grow with. My plan was to get in the door, demonstrate competence and value at entry level, then move into
          training or organizational development. In all cases, I succeeded in the entry level goal, only. For this reason I am
          now focusing on learning focused community development opportunities first, then other related opportunities.
     •    1996-1998 – As a sales rep. for Educational Specialties Inc., Athens, TN, I called on Tennessee school systems.
          Print Distribution Supervisor for the 1996 Olympic Games, Whitewater Canoe & Kayak Slalom competition
     •    1996 – I selected Oak Ridge as my U.S. home base, for many reasons, but most significantly for its diversity
          and capacity to serve as a world renowned, learning focused, community development workshop.
     •    1991-95 – Started a business aimed at community development through collaborative learning related to computers
          and the Internet, in Cleveland, TN. Initiator, Co-Chair and primary organizer for Community Net, a collaborative
          effort of business, government and education, to set up a community information network, similar to KORRNet.
     •    1985-91 – A year of service as a Community Development Coordinator for teaching committees in eleven Western
          States, for the Baha’i National Center in Wilmette, IL was followed by 4½ years as a volunteer at the Baha’i World
          Centre in Haifa, Israel. In addition to my primary service in maintaining paper and ORACLE database files, I
          helped affiliate a Scout Troop with the Boy Scouts of America and served as Chairman of the Scout Committee.
     •    1980-85 - Hughes Aircraft Company, El Segundo, CA - After a year as an Administrative Assistant and Electronic
          Assembly Instructor, I proposed, and had created for me, a new position. As a Trainer for the Computer Aided
          Process Planning system in a CAD/CAM Department, I taught classes and created tutorials, a User Manual a
          training room with user terminals and computer video projection. By the time I left Hughes, I was the Lead
          CAD/CAM Trainer. I served one term as Chairman of the Los Angeles, ASTD Technical Training Division.

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