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					                            Hui O’Na Wahine
             Continuing Education Merit Scholarship Application
Dear Continuing Education Student,

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Hui O’Na Wahine Continuing Education Merit
Scholarship. The Hui O’Na Wahine is the all ranks spouses club at Schofield Barracks
established in 1931. Each year, scholarships are awarded to high school seniors and family
members continuing their education based on academic merit, community service, an original
essay, and references. All portions of the application must be postmarked or hand delivered
NO LATER THAN 31 March 2010 to:

       Mary Jean Fischer
       237 Sperry Loop
       Wahiawa, HI 96786

Please see the requirements below to determine your eligibility for this scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements:
     Current Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
     Currently attending an accredited college, business or trade school at least half time
     Member in good standing or Family Member of a member in good standing of the Hui O
          Na Wahine
             o If the membership date falls after December 31st , a $15.00 application fee is

Applicant is not eligible if:
    They are a prior recipient of the Hui O’Na Wahine Merit Scholarship
    They have a four-year scholarship (military academy appointment, ROTC, athletic
       scholarship, etc.)
    They are taking less than six (6) semester hours or equivalent

For more information contact MJ Fischer at (808) 888-2084 or

Applicant Checklist

   o   Completed Application

   o   Current Transcript

   o   Two (2) Letters of Recommendation

   o   Original Personal Essay

   o   A list of school activities, community activities, and work experience, with a brief
       description of the position held in each. List must be typed. (Use the rubric as your
                              Hui O’Na Wahine
               Continuing Education Merit Scholarship Application
Please TYPE. Request the electronic version from MJ Fischer at

Applicant’s Name:_______________________________________________________

Hui O’Na Wahine Member’s Name:__________________________________________



Phone Number:_____________________ Alternate Phone Number:______________

Institution Attending:_____________________________________________________

____ College/University       ____ Technical School        ____ Business School          _____Grad School

I pledge that all information contained on this application, and all attached documentation, is
accurate to the best of my knowledge. Should any part be found inaccurate, I understand I may
be disqualified. I understand that if I accept any four-year scholarship (to include ROTC,
athletic, etc.) or an appointment to a service academy (West Point, Annapolis, Air Force
Academy) I will inform the Scholarship Chairman immediately and render myself ineligible for a
Hui O’Na Wahine Merit Scholarship. I accept that the decisions rendered by the Merit
Scholarship Committee are final.

                                      PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT

The Privacy Act of 1974 (5 USC Sec 522) requires that you be informed of the following information:

The information supplied on this application is for local scholarship consideration and will be used in
selecting individuals for awards.

I approve release of application information to the Scholarship Committee.

I hereby grant full permission to use my name and likeness in publicity releases or displays as a winner of
a Hui O’Na Wahine Merit Scholars hip.

I hereby state that the essay included with this application is exclusively the work of the applicant.

_____________________________                              ___________________________________

Applicant Name (Print)                                     Applicant Signature                           Date

          DEADLINE for receipt by Scholarship Chairperson: 31 March 2010
                              Hui O’Na Wahine
               Continuing Education Merit Scholarship Application

                                     Applicant Instructions
The completed application packet shall include:

      Completed and signed application sheet

      A list of school activities, community activities, and work experience, with a brief
       description of the position held in each. List must be typed or written legibly. Please
       include any awards that you have received either in school or through these activities.

      Original personal essay describing how this scholarship, combined with your
       personal motivation, will aid you in obtaining your academic goals. Please adhere
       to the following guidelines:

           o    Use Times New Roman with a 12 pt font
           o    1.5 space (limit to one page)
           o    Do not use your name throughout the essay

       Your essay is a very important part of this application. It will be evaluated based
       upon clarity of thought, creativity and individuality, and grammatical soundness.

      Official current transcript

      Include two letters of reference recommending you for a scholarship based on your
       character, ability and potential. These letters should not be from relatives. Consider
       asking a volunteer organizer or current or previous employer for a recommendation.
       These letters must also be in a sealed envelope, signed and dated by the person
       providing the recommendation. Additional instructions for the person writing your
       recommendation letter are provided with this packet.

Recipients of the merit scholarships will be notified on or about 20 April 2010.

The award will be made out to the academic institution and given to the recipient. It is the
recipient’s responsibility to ensure that the award is turned into the appropriate location at the
school. Any unusual circumstances, which might delay the student's educational schedule, must
be brought to the attention of the Scholarship Chairperson to determine continued eligibility for
the award.

All materials sent to the Merit Scholarship Chairperson become the property of the committee.

Neither the chairman nor her committee assumes responsibility for lost or misdirected
                        Hui O’Na Wahine
         Continuing Education Merit Scholarship Application

Thank you for agreeing to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of this scholarship
applicant. Your recommendation is an important part of his/her application package and we
appreciate you taking the time to write this letter. The Hui O’Na Wahine Scholarship
Committee would like to request that you follow the guidelines listed below:

      Please provide your letter directly to the applicant in a sealed envelope, signed
       across the seal, prior to March 31, 2010.

      Please type your letter.

      All applications are judged anonymously. There are several judges reading each
       application. To preserve each applicant’s anonymity, we will black out the use of the
       applicants name in the letter before judges score the letter. Also, the applicant will
       not be allowed to see the letter.

      If the applicant requests a copy of the letter, you are free to give them another signed
       copy of the letter for their records and possible future use.