Fallugia paradoxa by arslanoguz


									                       Plant of the week
                          Fallugia paradoxa
                            Apache Plume

      Fallugia paradoxa is a medium-sized shrub that produces
flowers and seed heads profusely throughout the summer months.
Its lacy, silver-gray foliage is semi-evergreen. In the spring, white
rose-like flowers bloom at the tips of its slender branches, and are
followed by feathery, silver-pink seed heads. This shrub can grow up
to 5’ tall and wide.
      Apache Plume is native to the deserts and dry mesas of
Southern California to Texas. Native American tribes brewed tea
from its leaves to promote hair growth. Its common name was derived
from its feathery seed heads, which are said to resemble Apache
      Fallugia paradoxa is an excellent shrub for our hot and dry
climate. It is very showy with almost no care. It is drought tolerant,
but prefers some additional water in the summer months. It will not
survive with over watering. Apache Plume is useful as a screen,
accent plant, for erosion control, and in roadways and parking lots. It
is hardy to zone 3.
      Durango Nursery and Supply sells Fallugia paradoxa in #5
pots. Please call us with any questions at 259-8800.

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