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					Intellectual Property Agreement for CardioVillage Content Submission


Author (s) Name:______________________


The Office of Continuing Medical Education of the University of Virginia School of Medicine needs to
adhere to current copyright laws (US). Please respond by initialing each of the following
questions/statements about your submission.

____    The content presented is original work of the named author(s) above.

____    I have obtained the required permissions to use the images and/or illustrations as part of this

____    All content and images are fully blinded and compliant with US HIPAA patient privacy
        regulations. All personal identification markings have been removed as to protect patient

___     I agree to provide the University of Virginia Office of Continuing Medical Education with a non-
        exclusive license to include this content and images on CardioVillage .com for the a period of
        three years and is automatically renewable for subsequent three year periods as long as the
        case is included in the educational content of the website.

___     I understand that changes to the content may be made to facilitate an optimum learning
        experience without changing the substance of the submission and that I will be informed of the
        changes prior to electronic publishing of the submission

___     I understand that the author(s) identified above will be listed, along with their required
        disclosure information at the beginning of the educational activity.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the author(s) represent and warrant that your content and
        images is entirely original or that your use of third party materials either complies with
        copyright law or is used pursuant to formal permission from the copyright holder or owner. The
        author(s) that any materials used or cited without formal permission do not infringe on the
        rights of others. Furthermore, the author(s) agree to be responsible for any damages, claims, or
        losses caused by the violation of rights held by others.