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           Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup – it all started with an idea.

In the spring of 2006, an idea sprung to life – committed, ambitious and focused
on an objective. Dorna, KTM and Red Bull decided on the biggest talent search in
international motorcycle racing.

More than 1,100 applications from 60 countries were received within a few weeks
– among them 103 interested young ladies, who were looking to find their way
into MotoGP. The following steps lay ahead of these young, 13 to 16 year old

Selection 2006
During the Selection Event at the “Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo
Tormo” from August 28th to 31st 2006, the best twenty riders were selected in the
first instance and nominated for the Rookies Cup. In another test in October at the
Adria Raceway in Italy, three further rookies were nominated – under the athletic
direction of Spanish motorcycling legend Alberto Puig, KTM’s Race Director
Harald Bartol and multiple Grand Prix winner Gustl Auinger from Austria.

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2007
22 male riders and one young lady from ten nations will contest the Red Bull
MotoGP Rookies Cup starting March the 25th. Seven races supporting selected
European MotoGP race weekends. From Jerez via Mugello to Donington, then
from Assen via Germany’s Sachsenring to Brno, and finally back to the
Selection’s point of departure – Valencia.

In another step of professional training, the cream of the crop will have the
opportunity to complete a very special kind of prep program at the Red Bull
MotoGP Academy on their way towards MotoGP.
               Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup – 23 riders, one goal

They stood wide-eyed in front of the lap charts in Valencia, some of them with a
tear in their eye – at the Selection Event for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup

They were able to share their delight with friends, relatives and patrons.
For it was certain: They had qualified and would travel across Europe from March
to November 2007 – chauffeured and accompanied by friends, relatives and

Life has changed significantly for at least 23 families when testing started.
Because from now on it’s all about hoping and trembling and competing.
23 talents between the ages of 13 and 16 need to be accompanied across
Europe – on their possible way towards the potential target: MotoGP.

For most of them the motorsports bug runs right within their own families.

Most of them (14) name Valentino Rossi as their role model, but reigning world
champion Nicky Hayden is very popular as well.

And all of them have only one goal: To compete in a MotoGP race and win it, too.

The youngest of the rookies will be celebrating his 13th birthday in May.
Péter Sebestyén from Hungary.

And the oldest, Johann Zarco from France, has already reached a biblical age,
turning 17 in July 2007.
A young lady wants to try her hand as well – Lucy Gloeckner from Germany is the
only female participant in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, she not only wants
to push the young gentlemen ahead, but also be among the front runners herself
– right at the sharp end, mind you.

23 riders from ten nations will push their KTM bikes onto the starting grid for the
first time in Jerez.

The young talents come from Germany, Italy, Norway, Great Britain, the USA, the
Czech Republic, France, Sweden, Hungary and Spain.

Great Britain leads the quantitative rankings with five rookies, followed by Spain
and Germany with four riders each. The USA are dispatching three talents, while
France is sending forward two riders to the cup. The remaining countries
(Czechia, Hungary, Italy, Norway and Sweden) are each represented by one
The riders / starting numbers.

# 03 – Daniel Kartheininger (GER)
# 05 – Johann Zarco (FRA)
# 06 – Péter Sebestyén (HUN)
# 07 – Deane Brown (GB)
# 09 – Lukáš Šembera (CZE)
# 11 – Jamie Mossey (GB)
# 12 – Javier Cholbi-Pascual (ESP)
# 16 – Cameron Beaubier (USA)
# 21 – Kevin Sánchez Montillo (ESP)
# 22 – Cyril Carrillo (FRA)
# 23 – Matthew Hoyle (GB)
# 28 – Markus Reiterberger (GER)
# 32 – Lorenzo Savadori (ITA)
# 33 – Sturla Borch Fagerhaug (NOR)
# 35 – Christoph Schönberger (GER)
# 36 – Stuart Mitchell (GB)
# 38 – Kris Turner (USA)
# 39 – Luis Jaime Salom (ESP)
# 52 – Adam Blacklock
# 66 – Robert Gull (SWE)
# 69 – Lucy Glöckner (GER)
# 73 – JD Beach (USA)
# 92 – Cristian Trabalon (ESP)
          “Ready to race” – also in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.
               KTM offers talents the highest technical standards.

In the 125cc world championship, this year’s KTM riders are Tomoyoshi Koyama
(JPN), Randy Krummenacher (SUI) and Stevie Bonsey (USA).

Mika Kallio (FIN) and Hiroshi Aoyama (JPN) will fight for KTM wins and the title in the
250cc world championship.

The rider to earn the overall victory in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup will be
known in Valencia at the latest. But in any event the winner is – KTM.

The 2007 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup will be run on top spec machinery – a KTM
RC 125, a specially developed race model for rookies.

The bikes of the young riders will be appropriately motorised by 45 HP, and
technically supervised by Gustl Auinger, the five time motorcycle GP winner from
Austria, and the KTM team – true to the motto: Ready to race!
Technical specifications:

Rookies Cup Bike – KTM RC 125

Engine Type                 single cylinder, 2-stroke
Displacement (cc)           125
Bore x Stroke (mm)          54 / 54.5
Performance                 approx. 45 HP / 13.000 rpm
Torque                      30 Nm / 12.800 rpm
Compression ratio           9:1
Transmission                6 gears
Carburetor                  Keihin 38
Cooling                     Liquid cooled
Lubrication                 Mixture lubrication
Ignition                    CDI

Frame                       Aluminium twin spar frame
Suspension front / rear     WP Suspension
Brakes front / rear         Brembo Steeldisc
Rims front / rear           Marchesini
Fuel capacity               approx. 13 liters
Weight                      136 kg incl. Rider
Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup

Cooperation between Red Bull, KTM and Dorna opens doors for talented young riders
and possible future motorcycle champions.

The Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup is a unique program for fostering motorcycle talent in
promising young riders who compete on actual Grand Prix circuits in front of huge crowds,
on identical bikes and under identical conditions. The program is designed to create a level
playing field so that the best and the brightest emerge at the top and no young talent is
overlooked due to a lack of financial resources or professional backing.

“In the Cup it is important to have eventual: a real passion for racing and that you are fast on
the bike,” says KTM Motorsports Manager Pit Beirer. “The KTM RC 125 bikes are all
identical and are a very high standard. That means the fastest rider will win.”

With MotoGP enjoying increasing popularity and of ever growing importance in the
international motorsports calendar, the Rookies Cup is vital for developing young motorcycle
talent aged between 13 – 16 years. In the final selection process, riders were chosen not only
on their results but also according to their personality, racing spirit, team spirit and sense of
fair play. The competition is truly international in 2007 with an extended list of 23 riders from
10 nations.

KTM Road Racing Director Harald Bartol underlined that due to the fact that the riders were
competing on bikes that were almost the same standard as the 125cc factory rider’s bikes,
they were in the best possible position to be able to make the leap from the Rookies Cup into
the World Championship competition. “From the 1,100 applicants we were also able to select
the most talented candidates because money did not play the deciding role,” he added,
underlining that unlike other similar programs, riders only have to finance their own travel
costs while all other costs are covered.
For KTM, the company with the “Ready to Race” philosophy, engagement in the program is
essential for discovering potential future factory riders. The rookie element also extends to the
technical team – the 25 mechanics working on the program are all KTM trainees. KTM and
Red Bull cooperate in a range of rookies programs, including the now concluded Red Bull
Supermoto Junior Cup, which ran successfully for four years. The Rookies Cup gives the
young riders the inimitable experience of competing on GP circuits in front of huge crowds,
all riding identical KTM RC 125 machines.

The seven stops on the calendar are all linked to official MotoGP events and guaranteed to
immerse the young riders in authentic race atmosphere. Racers compete in Jerez (Spain),
Mugello (Italy), Donington (UK) Assen (Netherlands) on Germany’s Sachsenring, at Brno
(Czech Republic) and Valencia (Spain).

Alpinestars has been a supporter of the concept of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies
Cup since the moment of its inception. Racing is as much about opportunity as it is
about talent and Red Bull has given hundreds of young riders the opportunity to enter
the selection process, to eventually narrow down the final 23 participants. The Red
Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup embodies the true spirit of supporting the sport, creating
opportunity, and Alpinestars shares this goal.

The entire environment is World-level professional and provides a unique educational
opportunity for the talented young riders who have been selected. The coaching is
first class, the motorcycles are true GP bikes, and the racing equipment is the best
and the safest that exists in World Championship racing.

Red Bull and Alpinestars have a history of supporting young and deserving talented
athletes. With the Rookies Cup, Red Bull is taking this to a new level in racing, giving
a phenomenal opportunity to the selected athletes, so they can learn and develop as
potential world-class riders on the world’s best circuits, in front of huge crowds and
the international media. And all of this is done while racing among riders of the same
level of experience, giving them the opportunity to shine.

Despite their age, this selected group of riders has shown maturity and appreciation
beyond their years; that is part of the goals of the Rookies Program, teaching about
these values that will be so important in their future career.
Each rider is supplied with leather suits, protection, boots and gloves at the exact
level and specification of the equipment that Nicky Hayden, Dani Pedrosa and Casey
Stoner race with. This is also one of the benefits that they are offered through the
Rookies Cup, and Alpinestars is glad to support them at this level and help them in
developing their potential racing career with the safest equipment.
              Dorna Sports and the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup

The commercial rights-holders for the MotoGP World Championships, Dorna Sports,
continue in their quest to seek out the future stars of MotoGP through projects aimed
at youth development. Successful ventures in the past have seen the likes of three-
times World Champion Dani Pedrosa emerge onto the world stage, and they
continue to provide a platform for young talents to sharpen their motorcycling skills
from an early age.

With the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Dorna enters into a partnership with Red
Bull, the joint aim being to discover and develop riders from all backgrounds and all
corners of the globe.

Whilst Dorna has its own experience within the motorcycling field, Red Bull has been
involved in many other youth sports projects across the world, and by uniting these
two experienced partners the hope is to create a unique and innovative series of
projects which will inspire and encourage young talents to follow a career in MotoGP,
the most prestigious motorcycle racing series on the planet.
                           Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.
                                 Schedule and points.

The schedule.
The Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup will be contested by its 23 riders over a total of
seven race weekends this year – on GP weekend Sundays throughout the season,
immediately following the top class of MotoGP, thus in front of the same impressive
attendance figures. Only in Assen and Mugello the races will be run on a Saturday.

After two free practice sessions of 30 minutes each, qualifying will be held the day
before the race itself – also over 30 minutes.

The race will always start 30 minutes after the MotoGP race has finished and be run
to a time limit of 45 minutes.

Jerez time table:
Friday, 23 March 2007
4.00 – 4.30 p.m.            free practice 1
5.05 – 5.35 p.m.            free practice 2

Saturday, 24 March 2007
4.05 – 4.35 p.m.            qualifying

Sunday, 25 March 2007
3.30 p.m.                   15 lap race (66.42 km)

The points system
The Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup uses the same scoring table as MotoGP:

1st place      25
2nd place      20
3rd place      16
4th place      13
5th place      11
6 place        10
7th place      09
8th place      08
9th place      07
10th place     06
11th place     05
12 place       04
13th place     03
14th place     02
15th place     01

The seven races of the 2007 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup:

25 March 2007                Jerez                 ESP
2 June 2007 (Saturday)       Mugello               ITA
24 June 2007                 Donington             GB
30 June 2007 (Saturday)      Assen                 NL
15 July 2007                 Sachsenring           GER
19 Aug 2007                  Brno                  CZ
4 Nov 2007                   Valencia              ESP
The drivers.
# 3 – Daniel Kartheininger (GER)

Daniel was born just before Christmas 1992 and soon wanted a toy bike – from
Santa Clause, obviously.

His father introduced him to motorsports, who else? He brought along a pocket bike
from a trip to Italy – and from this point onwards, Daniel K. had just one thing on his

His idol is Max Biaggi, but also Nicky Hayden, after all he just recently became world

The race that D.K. is most desperate to win is the German GP on the Sachsenring. It
does not have to be this year or 2008. He is taking his time.

Friendship is important to Daniel, and he has one big desire: better marks at school.
# 5 – Johann Zarco (FRA)

Johann was born 16 years ago in one of the most beautiful places in Europe, where
usually international film stars cultivate their connections.

Johann Zarco was born in Cannes, on July 16 th – two days after Bastille Day, the
French national holiday, but J.Z. probably did not care back then.

His first experience of a two-wheeler was a mini-moto right away – and he was
immediately successful in his very first race on such a machine.

His big idol is Valentino Rossi, and Johann wants to win all his races just like him. A
modest young Frenchman.

His father remains to be his biggest patron – and just like his son Johann, he would
go and invent motorsports if it did not already exist.

Zarco senior and Zarco junior really live and breathe motorsports.

It was no big surprise then that Zarco junior was always among the fastest during
# 6 – Péter Sebestyén (HUN)

Someone just has to be the youngest.
And in this case, Péter Sebestyén is the youngest rider of the Red Bull MotoGP
Rookies Cup.

The young man from Budapest is a huge asset for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies
Cup because of his light-hearted appearance – he absorbs everything around him
and always wants explanations for all sorts of questions: setup, race line, tactics.

His father introduced him to motorsports, and the junior would love to win a GP race
at Brno. In years to come, of course.

If he could he would build a MotoGP track in Hungary – but he is still very young after
# 7 – Deane Brown (GB)

As a Brit in the 2007 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, Deane Brown has plenty of folk
to talk to. Not just his father John, who will travel with Deane from country to country.

Deane will have four colleagues from the United Kingdom around, after all the Brits
have this year’s largest national contingent, a total of five riders.

Deane will celebrate his 14th birthday one week after the first Red Bull MotoGP
Rookies Cup race in Jerez – very likely on some race track.

He might have become a footballer, had he not been bitten by the notorious
motorsports bug thanks to his uncle – but that is hardly surprising in GB.

Then David Beckham might have been his hero, instead of Valentino Rossi.
# 9 – Lukáš Šembera (CZE)

Lukáš Šembera is the only Czech rider to make it into the 2007 Red Bull MotoGP
Rookies Cup.

A young man addicted to motorsports like Lukáš just had to be born in Brno – not far
from the famous Masarykring race track, constructed in 1987.

Five years later Šembera was born into the Brno motorsports euphoria, so to speak.

His father brought Lukáš along to the circuit and thus introduced him to motorsports –
and just a little while later, wee Lukáš had found his great hero: Valentino Rossi, who

The young Czech is a very balanced person on and off the race track.

He has already raced at the California Superbike School in the States and he thinks
that the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup is the best thing that has ever happened to

He just loves to play video games – and he has already won every race on the
PlayStation. So why not in real life as well?
# 11 – Jamie Mossey (GB)

He may well become one of the favourites for the 2007 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies
Cup. At least when checking the lap charts from the last test in Jerez.

The yet 14-year-old Brit Jamie Mossey finished second and third respectively in this
representative daily classification.

His father, a successful motorcycle rider himself, introduced Jamie to motorsports –
and he of course wants to continue the British tradition in bike racing by all means. At
a later point in time.

The young man from Great Chishill best relaxes by clearing his mind completely and
thinking about certain race tracks. And then he goes through the lap in his mind over
and over again.

His great hero is Valentino Rossi, “because you can learn from him in every race, on
each lap. And I like to study the best!”
# 12 – Javier Cholbi-Pascual (ESP)

The Spanish fraction in the international Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup is comprised
of four very fast riders, who may all be good for top results.

Such as the youngest of the Iberians, Javier Cholbi-Pascual.

It is rather easy to get bitten by the motorsports bug in Spain. His father brought
Javier along to the race track, and it is also his father who is widely accepted as the
major patron of this promising career.

He also would have liked to become a tennis player, but fortunately he opted for
motorcycle racing. Rafael Nadal, the Spanish number 2 in the ATP rankings, thinks
alike. Because, who knows?

Javier is desperate to win a Grand Prix at Valencia, on the very same track he was
able to qualify for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

He loves to relax while listening to music – and his great hero does not hail from
motorsports, but from the world of film stars: Vin Diesel.
# 16 – Cameron Beaubier (USA)

He will arrive in Jerez with a heavy burden – for the first race of the 2007 Red Bull
MotoGP Rookies Cup. But a very positive burden at that.

That is to say Cameron Beaubier was the fastest rider at the final test in Jerez – on
the very track that will host the first Rookies Cup race.

C.B. is the youngest of a total of three Americans in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies
Cup and probably one of the best of those.

His parents introduced him to motorsports – and that was a good thing, because
otherwise “I would have probably become a football player” – soccer, you know.

Cameron names the brothers Eric & Ben Bostrom and obviously Nicky Hayden as his
personal favourites – which is pretty much self-explanatory.

Even if Beaubier would love to win a GP race, he remains humble: Winning a US
race would do!
# 21 – Kevin Sánchez Montilla (ESP)

A Spaniard called Kevin?
Kevin Schwantz might have played a role when the name was chosen – a minor one,
at least.

Kevin Sánchez Montilla is one of the total of four Spaniards in this cup.

His father introduced him to the world of motorcycle racing, but that is anything but
uncommon in Spain.

Hard to believe, but neither Pedrosa, Checa nor Elias – the Spanish MotoGP stars –
are his big idols.

No, Kevin is standing by Nicky. Hayden, that is.

Nevertheless his big goal is very closely linked with Spain, since the 14-year-old
wants to win the Valencia GP in Spain at least once in his career.
Time will tell, Kevin.
# 22 – Cyril Carrillo (FRA)

Just like his French Cup colleague Johann Zarco, Cyril Carrillo ranks among the
more seasoned riders in the field.

And just like Zarco, Carrillo was born and bred by the seaside: in Marseille.

His first and ultimately also decisive contact with motorcycle racing: a few laps
around a kart track on a pocket bike at the age of six.

C.C. finished second in the French 125cc championship last year. Carrillo
emphasises his physical fitness and should start the season well-prepared in terms
of condition.

The young Frenchman’s role models are Valentino Rossi as well as reigning 125cc
world champion Alvaro Bautista from Spain.
# 23 – Matthew Hoyle (GB)

Matthew Hoyle will celebrate his 16th birthday between the Jerez and Mugello race
weekends, thus making him the oldest Brit in the field.

Father Stephen had been a successful motorcycle rider on the British Isles himself
and also introduced Hoyle the younger to racing.

His great desire in the sport is to advance to the MotoGP class, starting, maybe even
winning the Donington GP.

During the tests, Hoyle has been among the top ten consistently, and he is rated as
one of the young riders most eager for knowledge in the field of rookies.

His great hero in bike racing is on the one hand Valentino Rossi – but Matthew also
very much admires Gustl Auinger: “It’s incredible what we’ve already learned from
Gustl and the KTM team in a short period of time. I could listen to him for hours on
# 28 – Markus Reiterberger (GER)

Markus Reiterberger is the youngest German in the field, celebrating his 13 th birthday
on March the 9th – just in time for the season opener in Jerez.

The young Bavarian from Trostberg was introduced to motorsports by a well-known
and very successful German motorcycle racer – Ralf Waldmann, twenty times a GP
winner, created interest in wee Markus.

He already has several successes to show – Reiterberger won three titles in the
German Minibike Cup.

His big goal is a spot in the German Grand Prix on the Sachsenring, where he would
like to take the win as well.

Markus Reiterberger names two personal idols at once: Valentino Rossi and Ralf
# 32 – Lorenzo Savadori (ITA)

A name like a world champion.
Lorenzo Savadori.
And he also comes from the country of the great Valentino Rossi.
But the role model of Lorenzo, the only Italian in the 2007 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies
Cup, is not “The Doctor”.

Savadori is a huge fan of Troy Bayliss.

On April 4th he turns 14 – and his favourite track will follow as a late birthday present.
Because at Mugello he of course wants to win. In the Rookies Cup in early June and
some other June in MotoGP as well.

If his father had not brought him into motorsports, Lorenzo would have probably
become a snowboarder.

Which would have been a real shame since Savadori was able to prove his huge
talent at the Jerez test with top three times – impressively.

His greatest moment so far: Winning the European “Minimoto” Championship.
# 33 – Sturla Borch Fagerhaug (NOR)

The Norwegians are distinguished in winter sports.
Ski jumpers, alpine skiers and so on…

Now along comes Sturla Borch Fagerhaug. And he wants to be a racer.
16 years old, from Oslo. Once again the father is to blame.
He turned Sturla onto motorcycles and supported the junior.
The young Viking soon had Spaniard Dani Pedrosa as a role model and Assen as his
favourite track.

His big goal for the moment: A Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup win in Assen – and he
will get his chance on June 30th, in the fourth race of the season.

Fagerhaug is quick, easily staying inside the top ten at all times during the recent
Jerez test.

He would love to live in Spain and spend every minute on his KTM. His greatest
moment: “When I received the mail from Red Bull, saying that I had qualified for the
Rookies Cup! Just incredible!”
# 35 – Christoph Schönberger (GER)

Christoph Schönberger is one of a total of four German riders in the 2007 Rookies
He comes from Deggendorf in Bavaria and is a huge fan of Loris Capirossi.

He has been successful since the start of his motorsports activities –finishing second
in the German Minibike championship.

When he is not actually sitting on his KTM, C.S. is most comfortable at home in

His concern: His school grades should improve a bit – but this might be a tough task
in the weeks ahead – with two races at Jerez and Mugello in marked contrast to his

Well, let’s wait and see.
# 36 – Stuart Mitchell (GB)

Stuart is one of five Brits in the 2007 Rookies Cup.
Born and bred in Reading, his father introduced him to motorsports.

The self-professed football fan is particularly proud of FC Reading’s performance in
this year’s English Premier League – Reading is currently in seventh, having a shot
at a UEFA Cup spot.

So much for football.
Mitchell has one distinct idol: Valentino Rossi – and just like his big hero, he wants to
win each and every race.

Stuart Mitchell also is a particular fan of Gustl Auinger. “He’s always calm and
collected, and he helps us with every question and problem no matter how small!”
# 38 – Kris Turner (USA)

Kris Turner is one of the young and wild Americans.
Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Kris was introduced to motorsports by his father.

Two years ago, he celebrated his first successes – winning the so-called SEMRA GP
85cc Championship 2005 in the States, but he wanted more.

As soon as Turner heard of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, his application was
already in the mail.

He easily cleared the next hurdle at Valencia – Kris Turner is ready to race.

His big idol is Nicky Hayden – makes sense.

In the cup he is out to finish on the podium as soon as possible – and judging from
the tests, this may become reality in the near future.
# 39 – Luis Jaime Salom (ESP)

Luis Jaime Salom is the “man from the island” in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

Born and bred in Mallorca, he spent most of his adolescence on the beach, by the

His family brought him into motorsports – and a plane brought him to Valencia, to the
Selection Event of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

Mattia Pasini, the Italian GP rider from Rimini, is his role model.

However his big, if only fictional idol, remains to be Rocky Balboa – alias Sylvester

But he would not have grown up to be a boxer on any account, even if there were no

No, Luis Jaime would probably have become a professional cyclist in Mallorca.
# 52 – Adam Blacklock (GB)

Adam Blacklock is the highlander of the Rookies Cup and the only bespectacled rider
in the field.

The young Scotsman just turned 14 a few days ago and is thus one of the Cup’s
youngest riders.

Befitting for a genuine highlander, rugby is his favourite sports – if it were not for

His father is to blame for the motorsports bug biting him, and Alex Barros soon
became the young Scotsman’s big role model.

All he wants to do now is sit on his KTM and race every weekend. But Adam will
have to wait for it a little.

In the meantime he relaxes with good music and exciting TV shows.

And he may well do so – at the age of 14.
# 66 – Robert Gull (SWE)

Robert Gull is the only Swede in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2007.
The 16 year old Swede ranks among the best of the best up-and-coming talents in
Swedish motorcycle racing.

He secured four minibike championship titles in Sweden and has also won Metrakit
races in Spain.

His father Anders introduced Robert to motorsports and will very likely accompany
him to all the races this year.

His home track at Anderstorp might not be on the Rookies Cup calendar, but luckily
Assen is not that far away.

He is the only rookie without a role model or idol – this speaks volumes about the
young Swede’s self-confidence.

Robert wants to win races himself, plenty of them.
And in between he relaxes by taking a nap.
Wake up – Robert.
# 69 – Lucy Glöckner (GER)

Ladies first.
Or at least – lady first.
This might be the order of the day in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.
Because Lucy Glöckner is the only girl in the field and so much more than just the
result of an equal opportunities policy.

The young lady from Krumhermersdorf in Bavaria was consistently quick – both in
Valencia and at the final test in Jerez de la Frontera.
P7 at the Jerez test – some young gents’ faces fell that day.

Lucy became a fan of motorsports through her father as well, and Lucy also thinks
that Max Biaggi is simply outstanding.

The 16-year-old would love to win a race on the Sachsenring, if not in the Rookies
Cup then maybe at a later date.

Lucy would also like to have better grades at school, but the teachers will just have to
turn a blind eye every now and then...
# 73 – JD Beach (USA)

He has a name like a film star.
Or maybe a rock star.
JD Beach.
What does JD stand for? This will probably remain the 15 year old US boy’s secret
for the time being.

The young man from Seattle will very likely remain sleepless most of the time in the
next couple of weeks.

His father, a lightning quick dirt tracker in the States, introduced him to the world of
motorsports – and that’s where JD chose to stay.
JD has won some notable dirt track races himself – which probably explains his
skillful bike control.

JD names Americans Eric and Ben Bostrom, as well as Nicky Hayden as his great

Friendship – that’s the most important thing in JD’s life aside from bikes.
# 92 – Cristian Trabalon (ESP)

He has opted for start number 92.
Spaniard Cristian Trabalon – born in 92.
That’s the highest number in the entire field. But the young man from Arboleas
(Almeria) would not want to be at the back of the field for sure.

His father – what a surprise – introduced wee Cristian to motorsports. He bought him
a cross minibike.

Trabalon junior then spent each minute of his spare time at the Circuito Almeria race
track, observing the teams and the riders.

Of course he would like to win the Spanish GP, actually all the other races on the
MotoGP calendar as well.

His role model is Lance Armstrong, because little Cristiano too had to overcome a
serious illness in his childhood. He successfully defeated it – just like his hero Lance

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