NOTARY BOND _notary bond by liwenting


									                                     NOTARY BOND
PARISH OF ________________________________                    BOND No. _________


       That we, __________________________________________________, as Principal, and
__________________________________________________________________, as Surety, are
held and firmly bound unto His Excellency, The Governor of the State of Louisiana, and to his
successors in office, in the full sum of _________________________________________
Dollars ($ ____________ ), for the payment of which, well and truly to be made, we bind
ourselves and our legal representatives, jointly and severally by these presents.

       THE CONDITION OF THE ABOVE OBLIGATION IS SUCH, That if the said Principal
shall well and faithfully discharge and perform the duties incumbent on him as a Notary Public
for the Parish of ______________________________________________________, then this
obligation shall be null and void, otherwise to remain in full force and effect. This bond covers a
5 year period beginning _______________________ and ending _________________________.

       Dated this _______ day of __________________, ______.

___________________________________                   BY:________________________________

Countersigned                                         ____________________________________
BY:_______________________________                    BY:________________________________
            Louisiana Resident Agent

      I DO HEREBY CERTIFY, That this bond has been approved this ____ day of ________,

                                                  Custodian of Notarial Records - Orleans Parish
                                                         Clerk of Courts - all other parishes

       I DO HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing Bond with the endorsements thereon, has
been filed in my office this ____________ day of _______________________, ____________.

                                                                                    Secretary of State
           HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY will pay on behalf of:

Named Insured:                                                Limit of Insurance:                     (U.S.)

Address:                                                      Deductible:                None

Policy Period:   From:                     To:

   Throughout this policy the words you and your refer to               We have the right and duty to defend any claim or suit
   the Named Insured. The words we, us and our, refer to                seeking such damages, but:
   the Company providing this insurance.                                1. The amount we will pay for damages shall not
                                                                            exceed in the aggregate
   AGREEMENT                                                                          (Not valid for over $50,000.)
   In return for payment of premium when due and subject                2. We may, at our discretion, investigate any
   to all the terms of this policy, we agree with you as                    occurrence and settle any claim or suit that may
   follows:                                                                 result; and
                                                                        3. Our right and duty to defend end when we have
   SECTION I – COVERAGE                                                     used up the applicable limits of liability in the
   A. Insuring Agreement                                                    payment of judgments or settlements or claim
      We will pay on behalf of the insured all sums which                   expenses. This applies both to claims and suits
      the insured shall become legally obligated to pay as                  pending at the time and those filed thereafter.
      damages because of errors or omissions arising out
      of the performance of the services as a notary public         No other obligation or liability to pay sums or perform acts
      for any person or organization who is not an insured          or services is covered unless explicitly provided for under
      under this policy.                                            this policy.

      This policy applies only if:                                  B. Exclusions
      1. The error or omission takes place within the                  This policy does not apply to:
          jurisdiction where licensed between the From                 1. Errors or omissions expected or intended from the
          Date and the To Date of the Policy Period, but                   standpoint of the insured or liability arising out of
          the claim or suit must be brought within the                     any dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or malicious
          United States of America.                                        act or omission of any insured, or liability arising
      2. Claim for damages must be within the                              out of the willful violation of a penal statute or
          limitations period pertaining to a Notary Public.                ordinance committed by or with the knowledge or
      3. At the time you first applied for your policy you                 consent of the insured.
          had no knowledge of any claim or suit or of any              2. Liability arising out of the certification or
          occurrence which might reasonably be expected                    acknowledgment of a signature without the
          to result in a claim or suit. Any such claim or                  physical appearance before the insured or the
          suit or occurrence you had knowledge of when                     person who is, or claims to be, the person signing
          you first so applied is not covered under this                   the instrument.
          policy. A claim shall be considered as being
          first made:                                               SECTION II – DEFINITIONS
          a. When written claim is first made against an            “Claim” means a demand received by any insured for
                insured for damages; or                             damages alleging injury or damage to persons or property,
          b. When written notice is received from an                including the institution of a suit for such damages against
                insured by us of an occurrence which may            any insured.
                result in a claim under this policy;
          whichever happens first.                                  “Claim expenses” means all expenses incurred by the
                                                                    insured or us in the investigation, negotiation, arbitration,
      If more than one claim is made for damages arising            settlement or defense of any claim or suit covered by this
      out of the same occurrence, all subsequent claims             policy, whether paid by us or the insured, but the term
      shall be considered as having been made at the time           claim expenses does not include salaries of the insured’s
      the earliest claim arising out of the occurrence was          regular employees or our employees, or independent
      made.                                                         adjusters.

Form 763-A-O Printed in U.S.A. (NS) Ed-1-94
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“Occurrence” is an event where a claim may follow which                       (3) You and any other involved insured must
is covered under this policy.                                                      immediately send us copies of any demands,
                                                                                   notices, summonses or legal papers in
“Damages” means monetary judgment, award or settlement                             connection with the claim or suit.
for direct compensatory damages, but does not include fines               c. No insured will, except at their own cost,
or penalties.                                                                 voluntarily make a payment, assume any
                                                                              obligation, or incur any expense, without our
SECTION III – CLAIM EXPENSES                                                  consent.
We will pay, with respect to any claim or suit we defend:            4.   Legal Action Against Us
1. All claim expenses, all costs taxed against the insured                No person or organization has a right under this policy:
     in any suit defended by us and all interest on the entire            a. To join us as a party or otherwise bring us into a
     amount of any judgment that does not exceed 50% of                       suit asking for damages from any insured.
     the limit of this policy.                                       5.   Cancellation
Any claim expense payment will not reduce the limit of                    a. The Named Insured may cancel this policy by
liability.                                                                    mailing or delivering to us advance written notice
                                                                              of cancellation.
SECTION IV – LIMITS OF INSURANCE-                                         b. We may cancel this policy by mailing or
DEDUCTIBLE                                                                    delivering to the Named Insured written notice of
1. Limits of Insurance                                                        cancellation.
   a. The Limits of Insurance shown on Page 1 of this                         (1) 10 days before the effective date of
       Policy are the most we will pay regardless of the                           cancellation, if we cancel for nonpayment of
       number of claims.                                                           premium; or
   b. In addition to the Aggregate Limit, the most we                         (2) 60 days before the effective date of
       will pay for all claim expenses is 50% of the                               cancellation, if we cancel for any other reason.
       Aggregate regardless of the number of claims.                      c. If notice is mailed, proof of mailing will be
                                                                              sufficient proof of notice.
SECTION V – CONDITIONS                                                    d. Notice of cancellation will state the effective date
1. Premium                                                                    of cancellation. The Policy Period will end on that
   The Named Insured:                                                         date.
   a. Is responsible for the payment of all premiums;                     e. If this policy is cancelled, premium adjustment
        and                                                                   may be made either at the time cancellation is
   b. Will be the payee for any return premium we pay.                        effected or as soon as practicable after cancellation
   c. If the Insured cancels, the premium shall be fully                      becomes effective, but payment or tender of
        earned. If the Company cancels, earned premium                        unearned premium is not a condition of
        shall be computed pro rata.                                           cancellation. We will send the Named Insured any
2. Examination of Your Books and Records                                      premium refund due. If we cancel, the refund will
   We may examine your records as they relate to this                         be pro rata. If the Named Insured cancels,
   policy at any time.                                                        premium shall be fully earned.
3. Duties in the Event of Occurrence, Claim or Suit
   a. You must see to it that we are notified as soon as
        practicable of an occurrence which may result in a
        claim under this policy.
        Notice of an occurrence is not notice of a claim.
   b. If a claim is received by any insured, you must
        (1) Immediately record the specifics of the claim
             and the date received; and
        (2) notify us as soon as possible.

This policy has been signed by the Company’s President and a Secretary

Form 763-A-O Printed in U.S.A. (NS) Ed-1-94
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