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					                                “ RAUKURA”

It has always been my understanding that “Raukura”, though literally
referring to a feather or special plume, in fact conveyed a much more
significant shade of meaning. In some measure those described as
possessors of the “Raukura” were of particularly significant stature. They
were considered to have justified such a privilege by reason of illustrious
lineage,    extremely     noteworthy      leadership      or   some   remarkable
achievement in another field - perhaps warfare,                   diplomacy or
unparalleled knowledge. Being considered worthy of the “Raukura”
would undoubtedly have been an accolade sought eagerly by aspiring
tribal members in the past. When ultimately bestowed (by general
consensus) on a deserving individual, it clearly indicated a level of
excellence of the greatest merit. Academic achievement has, particularly
during the 20th Century, been recognised as the single most vital
element in the advancement and well being of us all. I can only presume
that this was clearly apparent to those of the 1920’s, whose efforts
resulted in the establishment of Rotorua High & Grammar School in
1927. The remarkable and farsighted educational endowment made by
the Ngati Whakaue people some 40 years even before that, is evidence
enough of their support of and belief in education. I have no doubt that
the use of “Raukura” was a subtle message of encouragement for all to
take advantage of education, to seek excellence and thus justify the
                                                      Don Stafford, RBHS Old Boy

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                    Page 1
APRIL 2010 (No. 2)

FROM THE PRINCIPAL ...............................................................................................
STUDENT LEADERS ...................................................................................................
CELEBRATION OF SUCCESS ....................................................................................
STUDENT NEWS..........................................................................................................
SCHOOL TIES..............................................................................................................
ASSEMBLY MUSICIANS TERM 1………………………………………………………………………
RACE UNITY SPEECH AWARDS………………………………………………………………………..
TOA FRASER VISIT .....................................................................................................
YEAR 9 STUDENT PROFILES.....................................................................................
DEPARTMENT NEWS..................................................................................................
A LETTER FROM AN "OLD BOY" ..............................................................................
SPORTS NEWS............................................................................................................
CANTEEN NEWS .........................................................................................................
SCHOOL CALENDAR TERM 2 2010……………………………………………………...

COMMUNITY NEWS…………………………………………………………………….......

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                                        Page 2
                          FROM THE PRINCIPAL

Parents and Caregivers,

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou me te tangi hoki ki a ratua kua riro atu.

A busy nine week first term has rapidly drawn to a close. It has been an
exciting term full of many wonderful opportunities and experiences for
our students, and with some excellent success stories as this newsletter
will capture.

This has also been a term where we, as a school community has been
challenged on two or three fronts. Despite these challenges I have been
heartened by the way in which staff and students have just got on with
the job at hand. I have also been heartened by the numerous and daily
messages of encouragement and support. We have, as a school, taken
a firm position to make our school and hostel safe places for all of our
students. In this regard, we have enjoyed significant success as our
results indicate, although of course there will always be work to do. I
make no apology for trying to do the best by our boys, and for making
our school better and safer. This is the real challenge, and a challenge
that is both exciting and, at times, daunting. Thank you to all who are
working with the school to make this happen.

Whaia te iti Kahurangi – seek the treasure that is valued most dearly!!

A C Grinter


Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)              Page 3
                           STUDENT LEADERS 2010

Congratulations to the following four students who have been named to join our Prefect team for

Jayvant Dhanjee                                     Rico Maaka
Te Kahuirangi Webster                               Hamish Utteridge

                         CELEBRATION OF SUCCESS
The Celebration of Success Evening will be held on Tuesday 27th April from 5.30pm – 7pm in the
Memorial Assembly Hall. This evening is about celebrating student leadership and student
achievement in the 2010 school year to date. Invitations will be issued.

                                   STUDENT NEWS

A reminder to all parents that the school office is open daily from 08.30am-3.30pm. Parents and
members of the public are urged to undertake any business with the school office during these

    The office will be closed during the term break, and will re-open on Monday 19th April.

 Term 1: Tuesday 2 February to Thursday 1 April
 Term 2: Monday 19 April to Friday 2 July
 Term 3: Monday 19 July to Friday 24 September
 Term 4: Monday 11 October to Thursday 9 December

The school will be closed on the following public holidays in 2010:

    Good Friday        Friday 2 April
    Easter Monday      Monday 5 April
    Easter Tuesday     Tuesday 6 April
    Queens Birthday    Monday 7 June
    Labour Day         Monday 25 October

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                     Page 4
Parents are urged to use the Attendance Hotline to inform the school of your son’s absence.
The Attendance Hotline is 349 5137.

The school will again be represented this year by the School Prefects at the Dawn Parade
and the annual Anzac Day Ceremony.

This occasion allows the school to acknowledge the 60 Old Boys of the school who died
whilst fighting overseas for their country.


 The doctor is available on:
                                 This is a free clinic for all students to access for any medical,
 Tuesday         1.00-2.00pm     accident or other consultations. Please make an appointment
 Wednesday       12.40-1.10pm    with our Nurse, Mrs Kohi. If you want to see the Nurse
 Thursday        1.00-2.00pm     during the day, a note is also required from your teacher
                                 unless it’s morning tea or lunchtime.

FLU SEASON IS ON THE WAY – The health department has notified us that they expect it to be earlier
this year, and that the H1N1 virus (swine flu) will be a main offender.
     * Please, if you are unwell, stay at home until you are better
     * Use tissues to blow your nose and put them in a bin
     * Wash your hands often, especially after blowing your nose
     * Drink lots of fluids
     * Take paracetamol to control fevers, aches and pains
     * See your doctor if you get worse

                           The difference between influenza and a cold

               INFLUENZA                                      A COLD
       Moderate to severe illness lasting 7-10days            Mild illness
       Usually a high fever                                   Sometimes a mild fever
       Shivering attacks                                      A runny nose
       Muscular pains                                         No muscular pain
       Headache (may be severe)                               Mild headache (congested sinuses)
       Dry cough may become moist                             Sometimes a cough
       Can suffer severe complications - (pneumonia)
       VACCINE AVAILABLE                                      NO VACCINE

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                   Page 5
Please note: School hours for the uniform shop during Term 2 are;

                           Monday and Wednesday – 8.30am – 11.20am

Please support the school’s dress code. The standard of our students’ appearance is a very powerful
advertisement for our school.

The uniform dress code is expected to be upheld by students all year round. The approach of
autumn and winter does not signal a lowering of our standard of dress. Parents are asked to take
the appropriate steps to ensure that students are equipped for the colder months ahead.

Please note: The uniform shoe requirement is for black not black and white shoes.

Students must avoid bringing large sums of money or valuable items to school. If, however, it is
necessary for students to have these items at school, they can be handed in at the Student
Reception for safe keeping.

Students are permitted to bring cell/mobile phones to school, but their usage is not to interfere with
the educational operation of the school. The school does not accept responsibility for their security
against loss or damage. If damage or theft should occur, the owner will need to deal with the
If students bring a cell phone to school these must be switched off:
 In class
 In assembly
 In house group
 In examinations/assessment activities
 When asked to by a staff member

No call/text is to be made which contravenes the laws of New Zealand. Staff have the authority to
confiscate a cell/mobile phone if a student breaks the code of practice. The cell/mobile phone can
be collected on Friday from Mr Roe at 3.00pm.
Repeat infringements may mean that the parents/caregivers are required to collect the phone from
school. If the phone is confiscated on a Friday, it can be collected the following Friday.


The school has been allocated the following 10 day Youth Development Voyage aboard the Spirit of
New Zealand for 2010:

01 Sep 2010

Students who have reached the age of 15, and are interested in taking one of these voyages, should
contact Mr McMillan, Director Leadership or their Dean. Our school will provide a $500.00 subsidy
towards each voyage.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                       Page 6
                                        SCHOOL TIES

                    Left to Right: School Tie, Old Boys'/Staff Tie, and Student Honours Tie

School Tie

This tie with wide diagonal navy and crimson stripes is part of the regular school uniform.

Old Boys’/Staff Tie

This tie is awarded to all Old Boys who are life members of the Old Pupils' Association
and/or Old Boys who have been major benefactors of the school. This tie is based on the
1927 design, without the bold school monogram of the Honours Tie (see below).

Student Honours Tie
This tie was introduced in 2000 to acknowledge student achievement at the highest level. It
is based on the 1927 design, but includes a bold school monogram at the bottom. This tie is
only awarded to Year 12 and 13 students; to date 143 ties have been awarded.

Congratulations to the following students who have already been awarded Honours Ties for 2010:

2010 Honours Ties

136    Ethan Fett                         Deputy Head Prefect

137    Timothy Easthope                   L2 Certificate with Excellence

138    Robert Pak                         L2 Certificate with Excellence

139    Timoti Marr                        NZ Waka Ama Champion

140    Shaquille Stone                    NZ Schools Touch Team

141    Dylan Irihei                       NZ Schools Touch Team

142    Patu Whata                         NZ Waka Ama Champion

143    Teimana Harrison                   NZ Schools Sevens Team

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                       Page 7
Other Honours Ties will be awarded as criteria are met and the opportunity arises.

The Honours Tie is a “one-off” Award and is becoming a very special statement about
achievement for our students.

                          HONOURS TIE CRITERIA

1.     Head Prefect
2.     Deputy Head Prefect
3.     Dux
4.     Approxime Accessit
5.     Dux Ludorum
6.     Any student gaining the Level 2 with Excellence Certificate by the end of Year
       12 (50+ credits at Level 2 or higher).
7.     Students who gain top of subject awards in National Examinations or
       Scholarship grades in NCEA.
8.     New Zealand Representatives (must be Year 12 but can obtain Tie in Year 12
       for selection in a previous year at schools, eg. Year 11 student who plays NZ
       U16 sport receives Tie when entering Year 12).
9.     Other New Zealand level representation.
10.    Other achievements at a National level.
11.    For the years prior to 2000, Honours Ties at a cost of $25 per tie, will be
       issued to previous Head Prefects and Duxes.
12.    Replacement Honours ties cost $100 each.

All Honours Tie nominations must go before the Staff Policy Committee.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                               Page 8
                   – CURRICULUM

Target setting
Year 9 and 10
In Years 9 and 10 students are working towards the RBHS Junior Certificate (although Year
10 students will also start accumulating credits towards NCEA Level 1). Their targets should
Target 1       Gain 80 credits across all subjects
Target 2       Gain 40 credits at Merit or Excellence to get the Junior Certificate with Merit.
Target 3       Gain 40 credits at Excellence to get the Junior Certificate with Excellence.
Year 11
In Year 11 students have 4 targets for NCEA:
Target 1       Gain NCEA Literacy and Numeracy (8 credits in both English and Maths)
Target 2       Gain the NCEA Level 1 Certificate (80 credits across all subjects)
Target 3       Gain the NCEA Level 1 Certificate with Merit (50 Merit or Excellence credits)
Target 4       Gain the NCEA Level 1 Certificate with Excellence (50 Excellence credits)
Year 12
In Year 12 students also have 4 targets for NCEA:
Target 1     Gain University Entrance Literacy (8 credits in Level 2 English)
Target 2     Gain the NCEA Level 2 Certificate (60 Level 2 credits across all subjects)
Target 3     Gain the NCEA Level 2 Certificate with Merit (50 Merit or better credits at Level
             2 or 3)
Target 4     Gain the NCEA Level 2 Certificate with Excellence (50 Excellence credits at
             Level 2 or 3)
Year 13
The targets for Year 13 students are:
Target 1     Gain University Entrance (see wallchart)
Target 2     Gain the NCEA Level 3 Certificate (60 Level 3 credits across all subjects)
Target 3     Gain the NCEA Level 3 Certificate with Merit (50 Merit or better credits at Level
Target 4     Gain the NCEA Level 3 Certificate with Excellence (50 Excellence credits at
             Level 3)
Target 5     Pass a scholarship examination

The next page is a running record for you to keep track of how many credits your son
has. Each time he passes an assessment get him to add it to the list.
Students need to be aware that:
    8 credits for Literacy/ Numeracy at Level 1 is a minimum. If they only get 8 credits in
      English and Maths they will struggle to pass Level 1. Students should be aiming for
      at least 16 credits per subject.
    NZQA have new rules regarding reassessment opportunities. Students are allowed
      a maximum of 1 resubmission (small corrections with no more teaching) and 1 resit
      (a different assessment on the same topic) for each internal standard.
    The University Entrance requirement is the minimum requirement. Some courses
      will demand credits in specific subjects. Auckland University requires rank scores for
      popular courses which are calculated using the best 80 credits across 5 subjects.
      See the Careers/ Transition team for details.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                 Page 9
Credit Running Record
                                                          Total    Total
                                                          Ach or   Mer or
Date            Subject             Credits     Result    better   better   Total Ex

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                     Page 10
Sir Howard Morrison Secondary School Scholarships
The Sir Howard Morrison Education Foundation is aiming to provide financial assistance for
secondary school studies for nga amorangi mo apopo.

Students applying for the scholarship must be of Te Arawa descent and demonstrate
academic and leadership profiles.

Application forms are available from, and should be returned to, the student counter.

The school may submit only twelve applications so students who wish to be considered
should return their forms as soon as possible. The required supportive statements section
will be completed later for all applicants sent forward.

                  – STUDENT SUPPORT

Rotorua Boys’ High School policy requires all students to attend school and class. Where a
student is absent acceptable written explanation must be provided by the parent or caregiver
on the day of the students return to school.

Class and House Group Teachers are responsible for notifying the Dean immediately when
truancy is suspected.

Unexplained absence or frequent explained absence unsupported by a medical certificate
will be treated as truancy.

Occurrence        Action/s                                      Staff member responsible

First             Refer to Dean                                 Dean
                  Step 1
                  Afterschool Duties
                  Record on KAMAR
Second            Refer to Dean                                 Dean
                  Step 2
                  Afterschool Duties
                  Letter to Parents
                  Attendance Report 5 days                      HG Teacher
                  Record on KAMAR

Third             Refer to Dean                                 Dean
                  Step 3                                        Attendance Officer
                  Afterschool Duties
                  Parents contacted / Letter home
                  Family meeting (optional)
                  Attendance report for 5 days                  Dean

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                 Page 11
Fourth             Dean Refer to Senior Masters
                   Step 4-7                                        Senior Master
                   Saturday Duties                                 (Support from Attendance
                   Senior Master Report minimum 10 days            Officer and
                   Family conference to hear options               Guidance Counsellor)

Where a student is late to school without written acceptable explanation they will be dealt
with as truant. Where a student is late three times or more in one week it will be dealt with as


Occurrence         Action/s                                        Staff member responsible

All                Mark student as LATE                            HG teacher
                   30min Lunchtime Duties monitored by one staff   Duty staff / Dean
                   member each day

Repeated up to     Refer to Dean                                   HG Teacher
3 times weekly     Step 1 and 2                                    Dean
                   Afterschool Duties
                   Letter to Parents
                   HG Attendance report 5 days (optional)          HG Teacher
                   Record on KAMAR

Repeated           Refer to Dean                                   Dean
weekly offence     Step 3                                          Senior Master
                   Afterschool Duties
                   Parents contacted / Letter home
                   Family meeting (optional)
                   Dean Attendance report for 5 days               Dean
Chronic            Dean Refer to Senior Master
                   Step 4-7                                        Senior Master
                   Saturday Duties                                 (Support from Attendance
                   Senior Master Report 10 days minimum            Officer and
                   Family conference to hear options available     Guidance Counsellor)


Cyberbullying is bullying. It’s using the internet, a mobile phone or other technology like a
digital camera to hurt somebody or embarrass them.
Students are growing up today with access to more and more technology. As “digital
natives” they understand and adapt quickly to new ways of communicating and often use the
internet and mobile phones as the main way to reach friends 24/7.
Technology means that bullying can now happen wherever and however your child
communicates with friends on websites, online chat and on their mobile phone.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                Page 12

Bullying in ‘cyberspace’ can include
Posting nasty or threatening comments on your son’s social networking profile eg. Bebo,
Facebook, etc.
Sending anonymous messages
Hacking existing website accounts or creating fake profiles for people they want to intimidate
or embarrass
Circulating photos or videos of people they are targeting. These can be real images or
digitally altered to cause offence or embarrass the victim.
Cyberbullying often scares or embarrasses people so they feel upset or ashamed.
Spreading rumours or trying to isolate others using this technology.

                   ASSEMBLY MUSICIANS TERM 1

Week 4 - Misorder

Week 5 - Jordan Gorrie

Week 6 – Atmosphere

Week 7 – The Ode

Week 8 – Joel Prakash and
TK Webster
                                               Jordan Gorrie performing Nocturne in C sharp minor,

                                                                     “The Pianist”

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                              Page 13
                       Race Unity Speech Awards

Congratulations to our Head Boy Aperahama Hurihanganui, who won the regional
Race Unity Speech Awards held recently at the Rotorua District Council Chambers.

Based around Race Relations Day, the topic for the Race Unity Speech this year was;
“The diversity in the human family should be the cause of love and harmony as it is in music
where many different notes blend together in the making of a perfect chord”. (Bahá’í
Choosing to speak in Te Reo Maori, Aperahama said that he planned his speech in a way
that would be unique to the other speakers, using his own family as a role model to show
how different personalities within the family unit were appreciated and celebrated in a way
that created love and unity. He then used this model to propose that if New Zealand could
appreciate its many diversities in culture in the same way as his family did, then this could
lead to greater racial unity. Hostel Manager, Ms Walker who accompanied Aperahama to the
Speech Awards said, “Aperahama represented his school very well and was a deserved
Initiated in 2001 by the New Zealand Baha'i Community to commemorate Race Relations
Day, the Race Unity Speech Award is one of many events and celebrations to “acknowledge
the value of cultural diversity and the need to support harmonious race relations”. Race
Relations Day is supported by the Human Rights Commission, New Zealand Police, and the
Office of Ethnic Affairs.

Aperahama will compete in the National semi finals in Auckland on April 9th and the finals
will be held the following day.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                             Page 14
                                      TOA FRASER VISIT
Rotorua Boys’ High School recently had the privilege of hosting multi award-winning playwright and director,
Toa Fraser as its Writer-In-Residence. The students have really enjoyed having Toa here at the school, where
he has inspired them with recounts of his experiences as a playwright and director, and promoted the art of
good story telling.

Toa says that he has enjoyed the experience of being ‘back at school’ at Raukura. Having spent his own
secondary school years at Sacred Heart College in Auckland, he believes in the experience that being part of a
boys’ college in New Zealand brings, with its multi-disciplinary blend of sport, music and academia - “and
being able to run around in shorts!” He credits his time at secondary school for shaping the focus,
determination and hard work that he would later call on when directing films.

Displaying talent in more than one genre, Toa made his name in the theatre world with the film he wrote and
later directed, “No 2”. Since then, the awards have kept coming, in particular for his film “Dean Spanley”, in
which he directed famous actors Sam Neill and Peter O’Toole. Dean Spanley went on to win seven awards at
the Qantas Film and Television Awards in 2008, including best director and best film.

The son of a British mother and Fijian father, Toa says that he feels fortunate to have recognised his passion
for story-telling early in life, and to have had the opportunity to be able to pursue his chosen career to the
fullest. Coming from a family of adventurers and storytellers, his imagination was nourished in story-telling
from an early age - “my father and grandmother filled my early life with stories of the mythological, cultural
and traditional”. The movie Star Wars was another great inspiration.

As a film director, Toa relishes the opportunity to work with people with all kinds of skills from all walks of life
on the film set. He believes in looking beyond the “safe” career in life if you believe that you have talent in a
different area. While the students at Rotorua Boys’ High School have gained hugely from Toa’s inspiration,
the best piece of advice Toa says he has to give is to - “follow your bliss”.

                              Toa Fraser (left) with Principal Chris Grinter

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                                    Page 15
                             YEAR 9 STUDENT PROFILES
   Mrs Fisken, the Year 9 Dean and Mr Buckton the Senior Master have identified two Year 9
   students who have shown promise during their first term at Rotorua Boys High School.
   Congratulations to these boys for their outstanding work and attitudes to date.

                                                      Jack Potaka comes to Rotorua Boys’ High School from Te
                                                      Korowai Whakamana in Otaki. Jack was awarded a
           JACK POTAKA                                scholarship to attend Rotorua Boys’ High School, where he
                                                      is in the bilingual programme. He lives in at the Tai Mitchell
                                                      Hostel. Jack enjoys many sports including rugby, waterpolo
                                                      and touch and is hoping to give hockey a go this year. He
                                                      says that the Hostel and the house masters are “cool” and
                                                      that the work in the classroom is great. Kapa Haka is
                                                      another of Jack’s strengths. He really enjoyed the Tane
                                                      Raukura Year 9 camp, and of his attitude at school so far, Yr
                                                      9 Dean, Mrs Fisken says, “ Jack arrived at RBHS knowing
                                                      only 3 other boys – a huge ask of a Year 9 pupil living so far
                                                      away from home. His whanau was here en masse to
                                                      support him at the powhiri on Day 1. Already Jack has
                                                      impressed us with the speed in which he has settled into
                                                      the Hostel and the culture of Raukura, and his enthusiasm
                                                      to be involved in as many activities as possible, but at the
                                                      same time ensuring that he is meeting all classroom
                                                      commitments to the best of his ability.”

           TRENT HARRIS

Trent Harris comes to Rotorua Boys’ High School from
Rotorua Intermediate, where he was a member of the first
XV. Trent also represented his former school at the Kapa
Haka Nationals, and was identified as a good role model.
Trent has had a great start at Rotorua Boys’ High School in the
classroom, and on the sports field. He enjoys a variety of
activities here, including rugby, volleyball and touch as well as
Kapa Haka and Waka Ama. Trent did really well at camp, and
Senior Master, Mr Buckton says that “Trent was exceptional
in all activities at Camp Tane Raukura, and displays qualities of
a very good leader”

   Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                            Page 16
                                DEPARTMENT NEWS
As one of the top students in Chinese, Andrew George was awarded a
Confucius Scholarship in 2009. He was offered 3 weeks of study at           Andrew George visits the Great Wall
Chongqing Normal University. Here is Andrew’s recount of his trip:           of China while on his Confucius
                                                                                    Scholarship trip.
“On the 26th of December last year I boarded a plane with 17 other
students from all over New Zealand headed for Beijing. Not knowing
anyone made me slightly nervous, but once we arrived we were all in
a strange place and that helped us bond and become friends. We
stayed at the Longhu hotel, it was quite different to hotels in New
Zealand. But we were all jet lagged and tired so it was ok. In Beijing we
visited the Great Wall and the Forbidden Palace. I had seen a lot of
pictures of the Great Wall but I was truly amazed when I got there.

After 3 days of sightseeing and extreme shopping we flew to
Chongqing to begin our classes. We stayed in the campus of
Chongqing Normal University.

I enjoyed walking around the campus talking with the students as well
as playing basketball with them. Our classes varied from Chinese
comprehension to paper cutting to martial arts. After class each day
we would take a 2 minute walk to the CBD, where we could do just
about anything. Shopping was really fun, you could find everything
and anything you could think of, and depending on how hard you
wanted to bargain, you could get it for an insanely cheap price.
Chongqing is famous for its spicy food. The specialty in Chongqing is
“hotpot”, and being Asian, I thought I could deal with spicy food. But          “I would recommend
after two hotpot dinners I gave up, and for the rest of the trip the
majority of my dinners were at McDonalds and KFC.
                                                                                  anyone given the

After 3 weeks our trip was over. I didn’t want to come back to New
                                                                                opportunity to go on
Zealand after making such good friends in China and getting                     this camp to go. You
accustomed to the Chinese way of life. All in all I loved my time in
China, from experiencing the food and culture to heated haggling with              won’t regret it.”
shopkeepers, to making new friends. I have to say those 3 weeks
were amongst the best in my life. I would recommend anyone given
the opportunity to go on this camp to go. You won’t regret it.”

                                                 Andrew George

Ms W Chen HOD Chinese

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                       Page 17
         The Year 12 Biology Field Trip to Goat Island Marine Reserve and Tiritiri Matangi Island

On the 15th – 17th of March, 31 Level 2 Biology students went to Goat Island Marine Reserve and Tiritiri
Matangi Island for a field trip to observe, study, and enjoy some of New Zealand’s most beautiful and unique
biology. The start was early and the trip long, with the bus leaving school at 6am and arriving at Goat Island
Bay north of Auckland just after 11am.

                                                Once at Goat Island Bay, site
                                               of New Zealand’s first marine
                                               reserve, we were met by
                                               Michele Beaton from Learning
                                               Journeys who gave an
                                               introductory talk about the
                                               reserve and outlined our
                                               programme. We then went on
                                               a glass bottom boat trip to        a few of the amazing fish living
                                               examine subtidal zonation.         in the marine reserve
                                               The number and variety of
                                               fish we could see was pretty
“Students engrossed in the fish beneath        impressive!

the boat”

Once back on land we learnt about the plants and animals of the intertidal zone. The variety of grazing
molluscs was something many of us had not noticed before; chitons, limpets and sea snails dominated the

                                                               “A green chiton on the shore”
    “Phillip Setters identifying sea snails”

Once we had a handle on the types of life on the shore we practised sampling using a transect line and
quadrats in preparation for our assessment the next day. Day 2 began early with a trip to Seafriends to hire
wetsuits and then an investigation into the predatory behaviour of a sea snail. In the middle of the day we
went snorkelling. We swam out to a reef surrounding Goat Island then back through the channel. The hour
went past in a flash with the number of different fish swimming past and the beautiful sea kelp forests
providing plenty of excitement and new sights. We saw a good range of different species; snapper, goat fish,
red moki, leatherjackets, blue maomao, spotties, trevally and blue cod. A few lucky boys even got to see a
sting ray and the better snorkellers were impressed by the huge size of the crayfish beneath the rocky

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                                 Page 18
     All the boys getting ready to snorkel
                                                                 Check out the size of this crayfish!

The afternoon was spent sampling marine organisms on the shore and recording all the data we needed for
our assessment.

              Tereweti Graham and Jordi Webber sampling on the rocky shore

That evening we had a great lecture from Dr. Bill Ballentine, one of the principal scientists responsible for
establishing the marine reserve. He was an amazing man with an absolute passion for the marine environment
and he encouraged us all to get involved and demand the protection of our marine resources. We also had to
complete the data records for our assessment and it was fair to say that a few groups worked late into the
evening to complete their data tables.

On the last day we visited Tiritiri Matangi Island Open Sanctuary where we learnt the significance of Island
sanctuaries for the protection of rare and endangered native species. Tiritiri Matangi Island is a sanctuary free
of the introduced pests on the mainland and has been replanted over twenty years by a team of volunteers. So
many species that are now uncommon or even extinct elsewhere are bred on the island and the bird life and
tuatara are thriving. We had a great walk but perhaps the highlight was
having Greg the takahe following us around at lunchtime trying to steal
                                                                                           Greg the takahe
our food. Amazing to be so close to such a rare and endangered bird!

We would all like to thank Dr Sharples, Mrs Sycamore and Adam who
took us on this trip. It was a wonderful experience.
         Year 12 Biology Students

Dr A Sharples, ACE Programme Director

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                                 Page 19

Kapa haka - 65 boys trialled for the Kapa Haka which will contest the Nationals in the Energy
Events Centre in July this year. Tutor and old boy Jamus Webster spent two days culling
the boys down to a squad of 30.
The boys ability to sing and haka with discipline will be crucial if boys want to make the final
Sunday 21 March was the first combined practice with RGHS and we have high hopes.
Parents and supporters can purchase tickets from Ticketmaster. Raukura will perform in
Session 8 (Thursday 29 July 5pm session).

Mr D Pene - HOD Maori

We have had a very busy term one with over 40 boys enrolled and actively testing the
workplace reality of their possible career choice. We have Hairdressing, Computer/It
Technicians, Wood Processing, Electricians, Chefs, Uniformed Services, Police, Mechanic,
Farming, Racecourse Track Management to list a few.

                                                               Two of our year 12
                                                           students get to experience
                                                           what it would be like being
                                                             Computer/ IT and Food
                                                             Technology Teachers.
                                                            They have gone back to
                                                              their old intermediate
                                                             school, ‘Kaitao Middle

Below are their accounts of what being on Gateway is like.

Callun Hunt says:

Doing my Gateway placement back at my old school has been really great - seeing the
changes and realizing how small we really were back then. The fun and challenge of
teaching and getting the students to solve problems is awesome. We go out and play sports
with them at lunchtime which is cool and helps us bond. I am looking at teaching Food
Technology and it can be really hard keeping them focused on cooking. I now have more
awareness of how rewarding but hard teaching can be. It is a major learning experience and
I would recommend Gateway for whatever career path you are looking at.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                Page 20
Taane TeRiini tells us “Over the last 4 weeks, every Wednesday, I go on the gateway
programme. At the moment I am placed back at my previous intermediate Kaitao Middle
School, where I observe and interact with the teachers and students. When I was given the
opportunity to do the gateway programme I quickly rose to the challenge knowing it would
benefit my future as a professional rugby league player and role model with a back up of

The above photo shows us assisting and supervising the students in a sports class and it
was great fun, especially being back as an ‘Old Boy’. It is really busy and something is
always happening. It is fun being mobbed by the young students and assisting them in
playing sports games at lunchtime and in sports class. You have to be committed and keen
to give up a day a week as you have to make up the school work at home but it is cool and
worth it. So to all the Raukura boys who want to step up to a challenge and create some
input into your future, the gateway programme can definitely help you.”

PARENTS/CAREGIVERS – if you are prepared to mentor and showcase your business or
industry to our positive enthusiastic students please contact Ms Y Adlam,–


The careers diary is already filling up fast with liaison visits from universities, out of school trips and
guest speakers.

The year begins with the ACE (Army Careers Experience) week inviting Year 12 and 13 students to
apply for this exciting event. ACE is a unique experience which gives students an insight into
different career options. Students who apply must have an interest in a career as an Officer or
Soldier in the NZ Army; they must also be
motivated, enthusiastic people who thrive on both
physical and mental challenges. This event will take
place in the term 1 holidays.

Congratulations to the following students who
met the criteria and have been invited to
participate in ACE; Richard Werahiko, Ethan
Brake, Ilaitia Lomani and Tuaru Kingi. A big
thanks to all those boys who tried out for ACE
and if you were not successful this year there is
always next year. Well done.

This term we have had The University of Auckland and The University of Waikato come and
speak with our Year 13 students. The liaison person covers topics about University

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                            Page 21
entrance, courses and degrees & relevant entry requirements, accommodation and
University life. Throughout this year each University will do a general presentation first and
return to help students with course planning on their second visit.

Massey University – 24 March 2010                         Canterbury University – 29 March 2010
Otago University – 5 May 2010                             AUT – 2 June 2010
Victoria University– To be advised                        Lincoln University – To be confirmed

Nick Jones, a past student of Rotorua Boys’ High School who was awarded a scholarship whilst
studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Majoring in Civil) at Auckland University was offered a place by
GHD Ltd on a new graduate initiative, Project New Grad. It enables him to spend a year at both
Fulton Hogan and Manukau City Council as well as with GHD Ltd themselves. The Graduate
Programme, which he is half way through, will provide him with an understanding of a wide range of
engineering applications.

Nick says “I really enjoy my work at Fulton Hogan. I am right in the middle of the construction
process. I enjoy seeing something on paper and then helping to make those designs actually
materialize. I believe I have the best of both worlds in this job. I spend a lot of time outside on the
site as well as a bit of office work. I would just hate being locked down to nine hours in a day in an

It’s great to see a past student happy with their future pathway and we wish Nick the best of luck
with the rest of his studies.

One of our new careers initiatives introduced last year was the Youth Apprenticeship Scheme (YAS).
YAS aims to build clear industry related pathways within secondary schooling that link to modern
apprenticeships so students can move through school to their chosen careers in industry. YAS was
introduced to Rotorua Boys’ High School as one of a few pilot schools throughout New Zealand and
incorporates existing school-based resources such as Gateway and STAR.

I have two existing students from last year who will continue on the YAS programme. I will be
looking for 3 more suitable students to participate with hope of placing them in employment, an
apprenticeship or other training environments by the end of 2010. If you are interested in more
information see Mrs Mischewski as soon as possible.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                        Page 22
Congratulations to the following former pupils of Rotorua Boys’ High School who have graduated
from Waikato University in 2009:

       Andrew Baker                    Master of Business Administration
       Scott Edhouse                   Bachelor of Science
       Marc Parsons                    Master of Business Administration
       Himesh Ranchod                  Bachelor of Laws & Bachelor of Management Studies
       Steven Bangs                    Bachelor of Arts
       Mayur Chauhan                   Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Planning
       Thomas Stubbs                   Master of Social Sciences
       Chu-Hsiang Chan                 Master of Science
       Jitendra Jiten                  Bachelor of Electronic Commerce
       Lance Fisher                    Bachelor of Management Studies
       Jared Hartman                   Bachelor of Management Studies
       Ryosei Kurihara                 Bachelor of Management Studies
       Sam Revell                      Bachelor of Management Studies
       Collen Dixon                    Bachelor of Science
       Joseph Graddy                   Bachelor of Social Sciences
       Angus MacPherson                Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Science with Honours
       Caillor Woon                    Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
       Samuel Hulto                    Bachelor of Arts
       Mataia Keep                     Bachelor of Arts

Ms T Mischewski - Careers

Mr F Tabuteau, HOF Future Pathways

Overseas trip to Bali

Final planning is being done for this years Geography trip to Bali in Indonesia. We intend to
travel in the September break and be away for about 10 days. It is a trip which targets the
Year 12 and 13 Geographers but is also open to all senior Social Science students. In
previous years we have done numerous trips to Thailand as well as the likes of Vietnam, Fiji
and the South Island.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                  Page 23
It is a wonderful opportunity for the boys to get a real taste of the exotic and diverse culture
of the Balinese which is a fusion of many religions, ethnic groups and cultural practices.

It is also a unique opportunity to travel in the company of their peers, a dimension of the trip
which greatly enhances the experience. The days will be filled with planned excursions
which will encompass most parts of Bali and its people. It will be a highlight of every
participating students school career.

Social Sciences News

Himesh Gosai – Geography NCEA2

Himesh has been selected to represent the Bay of Plenty at the Sir Peter Blake Youth
Environment Forum in Wellington in the April holidays. To be selected Himesh had to submit
an essay outlining his interest in local environmental issues and also stating how he would
apply the knowledge he gains from the forum. He then had to go through an interview
process to be selected.

At the forum Himesh will visit the Ministry of the Environment, a local care project group as
well as Karori Sanctuary. There will be workshops on conservation, climate change and its
impacts and other current environment issues. He will also have to present the outcomes of
the workshops to invited guests. It is a demanding schedule in a stimulating arena and just
reward for Himesh’s enthusiasm for learning and the hard work he puts into all aspects of his
school life.

Extract from his essay:

  “As the Rotorua environment contributes to the tourism industry and provides many
recreational and economic benefits to our community, we as Rotorua citizens need to be
guardians of our environment. One of these assets is the lakes of Rotorua. These lakes
have been a popular destination for sight-seeing and trout fishing and several of the lakes
are tapu to Te Arawa hapu. Due to the increasing level of human activity, these precious
bodies of water are being degraded. Settlements and farming activity have increased the
levels of nitrogen and phosphorus (from nitrates and phosphates in fertiliser), creating
eutrophic environments condusive to the development of cyanobacterial algae blooms (blue-
green algae). These algae blooms negate the beauty of the lake and disrupt the lakes
ecological balance. Many people are not aware of their own contribution to the problem,
often inadvertently polluting the water (for example, washing the waste car wash water down
the roadside drains). Increasing public awareness and decreasing the public’s apathy
towards this issue will result in cleaner lakes and may increase levels of tourist activity. Not
addressing this issue may result in more serious organisms entering our waters (such as

Mr R Holliday – Social Sciences

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                  Page 24
It has been a really busy first term for the music department with many performances at
assemblies and in the quad at lunchtimes by some of our top music students. There has
been a buzz of anticipation before each Wednesday assembly as boys around the school
wonder who will be performing next. Congratulations to the following boys who have
performed so far this year: “Atmosphere” featuring Bishop Thompson, Jesse Komene,
Wayne Enoka, T.K Webster and Raniera Mana, “Misorder” featuring Mitchell Crowe, Adam
Bow, Feagan Malcolm and Ben Edwards, “The Ode” featuring Joel Prakash, Oscar Rolston-
Dowd, Rangi Marunui, Lachlan Crowe and Vaughan Hatton and also Jordan Gorrie doing a
Piano solo. It has been a great addition to both the junior and senior assemblies. The same
groups have also performed in the Quad at various lunchtimes throughout the term. This has
added a nice and relaxed atmosphere around the school at these times so again,
congratulations and thanks to these boys. Another exciting opportunity so far this year has
been to set up a Vocal Group. After three practices this has taken shape nicely and looks set
for an exciting debut performance of the song “Waiting on the world to change” coming up in
                             the next few weeks.

                           “The Wedding Singer” rehearsals are going smoothly with both
                           the boys and girls really getting into the singing and dancing. Just
                           a reminder that “The Wedding Singer” will be performed in the
                           school hall from June 21st until June the 26th 2010.

       Lead Parts                               Female Company         and     Male Company

Jordi Webber                 Robbie             Emma Campbell                  Stephen Batchelar
Emmiline Henry               Julia              Rena Edwards                   Luke Boxer-Paki
Magenta Mudgeway             Holly              Henare Gardiner                Mitchell Crowe
Joel Prakash                 Glen               Jayde Howard                   Shannon Eldridge
Ben Edwards                  Sammy              Tahlia Jones                   Daniel Groot
Atawhai Kaiwai               George             Huriana Mohi                   Dean Kereama
Riani Rowe                   Rosie              Meretuahiahi                   Terewai Kopua
Stephanie Peebles            Angie              Te Rau o te Huia Pou           Ashton Ledger
Tahlia Edmonds               Linda              Janice Prakash                 Paris Makai
                                                Melanie Ranui                  Rangi Marunui
                                                Karamea Ratana                 Te Aomarama Noa
                                                Puau Te Moananui Roberts       Manaaki O’Brien
                                                Gabby Skinner                  Daymon Parata
                                                Te Waikamiki Korohina          Te Wehi Ratana

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                               Page 25
     We are now in preparations for the Super Eight Cultural Festival which will take place in Term 2. This
    is a very exciting event that our school is hosting once again. We will be competing in Music Group,
    Music Solo, Drama, Theatre Sports, Debating, Oratory and Kapa Haka. We look forward to our boys
    stepping up and taking out some of these events next term.

    Mr C Hay, HOD Music

    On Saturday three boys, Jordi Webber, Jaydn Buntine and Eliot Fenton, joined in with the
    Rotorua Girls High School entrance into the Sheila Winn Shakespeare in Schools Festival.
    These three boys really added to the performance providing a variation in depth of voices
    and movement on the stage. The play directed by Drama Teacher Anna Richardson was
    excellent and good enough to beat John Paul College who have won the regional
    competition in the past few years. These boys get to accompany Girls High to the nationals
    in Wellington on Queens Birthday weekend.

    Mr C Hay - TIC Drama


1st Place = Aaron Fausett              2nd Place = Te Kahuirangi Webster          3rd Place = James Hill-Albert

                    Rotorua Boys’ HighIdol finals were held this week. There were
                    some fabulous performances by the very talented finalists,
                    which were played out in front of an appreciative audience, and
                    four judges, who commented after each performance in true
                    Idol style. First place and the title of Rotorua Boys’ HighIdol
                    went to Aaron Fausett for a stunning performance of a song he
                    composed himself. Second place went to Te Kahuirangi Webster
                    third place to James Hill-Albert.

                    Thanks to the judges, Mr C Grinter, Ms R Mudge, Mr T Panapa
                    and Ms W Simpson.

    Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                      Page 26
This year so far has been a very busy one for the Rotorua Boys’ High School Multi-media
group. We now have some top-rate equipment to work on and have a number of exciting
projects on the go.

Firstly we digitally recorded our school tabloids event and the Powhiri. One of our goals is
to record events as they happen in order to produce a movie for the end of year and good
quality pictures for our school magazine.


We were very privileged to have a workshop with Toa Fraser, Film Director and Playwright.
For us it was like lifting a curtain as he gave us some real insights into the “tricks of the
trade” with respect to making movies. He taught us how to make our movies as good as
possible - he talked about planning, scripting and putting it all together. All the students in
the multi-media group thoroughly enjoyed their time with Toa. He has promised to keep in
touch with us and we even got an invite onto his next film set.


We entered a photographic competition for schools which involved taking a different photo
for five days and submitting it each day. The photos were based on the theme of Key
Competencies for the New Zealand Curriculum and Ashton Ledger was the photographer.
People use these competencies to live, learn, work, and contribute as active members of
their communities. More complex than skills, the competencies draw also on knowledge,
attitudes, and values in ways that lead to action. They are not separate or stand-alone. They
are the key to learning in every learning area.

   1.    THINKING –“using creative, critical, and metacognitive
        processes to make sense of information, experiences and

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                 Page 27
   2. USING LANGUAGE, SYMBOLS, AND TEXTS – “working with
       and making meaning of the codes in which knowledge is

   3. MANAGING SELF – “being able to establish personal goals, make
       plans, and set high standards…”

   4. RELATING TO OTHERS- “interacting effectively with a diverse
       range of people in a variety of contexts”

   “This competency is about being actively involved in communities”

       The pressure was on for this competition as the time
       frame was so short. We all became familiar with the key competencies and enjoyed
       the experience.

       We have four groups entering the “Freemasons Reel Science Film Festival” this year
       and last week we took part in a workshop which was run by Otago film students with
       the aim to get students throughout New Zealand “kick started” on making their films.
       We were placed in the top seven in this competition last year. Each interval and
       lunchtime we are researching our science topics and during the holidays we will start
       filming, leaving the editing until the start of Term 2.
       The MULTI-MEDIA group is also called upon by members of our school community for
       various tasks which keeps all of us busy, busy, busy!

       Mrs L Walsh - Co-ordinator Multi-media Group

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                            Page 28
                 A LETTER FROM AN “OLD BOY”

      Dear Chris,

      Re “My Old School”

      Yesterday I attended a District Training Seminar at the Boys High for Rotary
      District 9930, for which I am currently an Assistant Governor.

      I was so moved about the presentation and facilities of the school that I felt
      compelled to write to you to express my delight at how the school has
      progressed and maintained its standards over the many years since I was a
      pupil there.

      I attended RBHS from 1965 to early 1968 and have always been proud of the
      schools’ achievements both academic and sporting.

      It has been many years since I entered the school grounds, so I arrived early
      just to take a walk around and I am so pleased that I did. The school is
      looking great and in magnificent order.

      I was also fascinated with the history in the hallways. The way in which you
      have recognised the achievements of past pupils is just great. I was never a
      great achiever sport wise, but the way in which the school holds up the
      achievers in sport, academia and other fields as examples for current
      students to follow must be applauded.

      In particular I got a great deal of pleasure looking at the hall photos of my era
      and glancing through the book of the history of the school on the reception
      desk, all of which brought back so many happy memories. I still clearly
      remember when the photo in the book of Officer Cadet Dave McGregor
      saluting General Thornton was being taken.

      The school is a credit to all concerned and I congratulate you and your Board.

      A proud old boy,

      Rob Rowson JP, MBINZ, M.CUINZ

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                         Page 29
                                  SPORTS NEWS
As we near the end of the first term we can look back with our boys and we can be very
proud of what we have accomplished thus far. The highlight and an achievement that will be
very hard to top is the winning of the Super 8 Golf Tournament. A big congratulations must
go to Mr Sainsbury and his boys who went to Palmerston North and led from start to finish.

As a school we held a very successful tabloids day which featured two Zorbs that
entertained the boys throughout the afternoon, a big thanks must go to Kelly and his helpers.
Some highlights for March include, the Touch Teams retaining of their BOP Championship
Touch crown and our young 1st XI cricket side knocking over Tauranga Boys in the Bay Wide
Competition. Our novice rowers competed at the North Island rowing regatta and headed to
the Maadi Cup in Twizel with high hopes. Mid island Athletics were held in Tokoroa and
individuals from Rotorua Boys’ High School competed well to be in with the medals in their
nominated events. Congratulations to all our athletes who represented the school at the

With the winter season just around the corner our sports teams would love assistance from
any qualified coaches or any parents who are keen to assist in a coach/managerial role, if
you would like to contribute to our sports program, please ring 348 6169 ext 857 and talk to
either Mr Hunt or Mr Everson.

Mr M Everson and G Hunt, HOD Sport and

William Brown from Rotorua Boys High School’s Golf Academy has won the 2010 Men’s
East Coast Open, held at the Te Puia Golf Club in Poverty Bay.

The match play event was held over the weekend of the 20th and 21st of March, and William
Brown came out on top of a very strong field. Brown was delighted with his victory - “it is a
huge honour to win this title” he says. “Being part of the Rotorua Boys’ High School Golf
Academy has helped me take my game to the next level.”

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                              Page 30
Rotorua Boys’ High School are the winners of the 2010 Super 8 Golf finals which were held
at the Manawatu Golf Club on the 15th and 16th of March.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Golf Academy Director, Dominic Sainsbury recounts the
following about their recent win;

“Defending champions Hamilton Boys High brought an even stronger team this year with
Waikato junior rep Steven Kuggerilien heading up their challenge. New Plymouth Boys’
High also brought a very strong team with all four boys representing Taranaki at junior level.
Palmerston North Boys’ High school with a home course advantage looked very strong,
headed by local junior champion Jeff Handcock.

The Rotorua Boys’ High School 1st Team consisting of William Howard, William Brown, Dane
Matthews and Raina Gerrard knew they would have to perform at their best to be
competitive in this very strong field.

The first 18 holes was played on Monday morning in brisk and breezy conditions. We got off
to a solid start, with Raina Gerrard top scoring with a 1 over par 73, Dane Matthews a shot
back on 74 and William Howard on 75. William Brown was our non scoring player on 83.

Our stableford team got off to a mixed start with Michael Harris and Luke Robinson scoring
36 points each. Piki Skerrett and Te Kotuku Te Aute scored 24 points each on the tight and
long tree-lined course.

Round two on Monday afternoon saw the weather conditions improving with the sun coming
out and with it the heat. William Brown showed a great deal of character recovering from his
poor morning round with a solid 73 - William Howard shot another 75 and Raina Gerrard was
playing very well, but took a nine on the long difficult par 5 on the 7th and finished on the
same score as Dane Matthews, both shooting 79. It did leave us with a 3 shot lead over
Hamilton Boys and over 10 shots ahead of both Palmerston North and New Plymouth Boys’

To relax and unwind after a mentally and physically demanding day we headed to the
Palmerston North Lido Aquatic Centre. After a soak in the spa and some games in the big
pool all the boys were ready for bed.

We arrived at the golf course early on Tuesday morning, 20 minutes before any other team –
to allow the boys to ready every part of their game. This comprehensive warm-up paid off,
with William Brown, William Howard and Dane Matthews all being level or under par after 5
holes, and with 9 holes to play we were out to a 12 shot lead. Then, under the pressure
cooker of the Super 8 finals, Rotorua Boys’ High School made some double and triple
bogies, and Hamilton Boys began to stage a comeback, with birdies coming from three of
their four groups.It became almost unbearable for their coach to watch, however, our boys
believed in themselves and trusted their swings, held their heads high and played the last
hole like true champions, eventually winning with a comfortable three shot margin.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                               Page 31
Stableford Team: After two rounds, Rotorua Boys’ High School Stableford team found
themselves in a tie for second place with Michael Harris and Luke Robinson being the most
consistent performers of the team. Michael Harris, Te Kotuku Te Aute and Piki Skerrett all
played brilliantly over the final holes to claim a clean sweep of both the Gross and Stableford
trophies. Michael Harris claimed Stableford Player of the tournament with a total of 116
points over three events.

Personally I would like to thank William Howard and Te Kotuku Te Aute, the two team
captains and all the boys who were great role models and fantastic ambassadors for
Rotorua Boys High School.”

Dominic Sainsbury, Director of Golf, Rotorua Boys’ High School

  Left to right: Dominic Sainsbury, Michael Harris, Luke Robinson, Dane Matthews, William Brown,
                 William Howard, Raina Gerrard, Te Kotuku Te Aute, Piki Skerrett White.

Rotorua Open
The 72 hole Rotorua Open was held this weekend at the Rotorua golf club with Old Boy
Landyn Edwards winning by one shot, William Howard was the best placed golf academy
student finishing 19th.
In the second division, Tawhirimatea Witoko finished second, Shaun Gregan in his first
major golf tournament finished fourth and Ruel Pedersen played well to finish sixth.
All the students played well in patches but being consistent over 72 holes. Our next big
event is the Bay of Plenty secondary schools championship on the 26 of April. Rotorua
Boys’ High School is being represented at the New Zealand amateur championship on the
13th of April with William Howard competing.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                  Page 32
              2010 - SUPER 8 SPORTS RESULTS TO DATE

     1st             Super 8 Golf
     4th             Super 8 Cricket
     6th             Super 8 Tennis

     8th             Super 8 Volleyball

The senior volleyball team entered two competitions this term: Super 8 and BOP
Championships. This was only the second outing for Raukura in Super 8 Volleyball and for
all of this year's team, their first. The tournament was hosted by Tauranga Boys' College and
played over three days. We had a tough pool, starting with last year's national finalists
Tauranga Boys' College and a 25-11, 25-17, 25-18 loss was actually an exceptional effort for
our boys. There were some close set scores against Hastings (we took one set off them),
Gisborne and New Plymouth (27-25 in the third set!) but ultimately narrowly lost the 7th/8th
play-off against Palmerston North. Well done to all the players for such a spirited
performance and I look forward to some wins next year. Many thanks to Mr Hodge for his
time and effort taking the boys on Sunday and Monday.

On reflection, our results were surprisingly good considering our team was mostly Y11 and
Y12 and the team had very little competitive practice in preparation. It was disappointing that
we were not able to play in three of the four qualifying rounds of the BOP competition and
therefore also missed out on the BOP finals weekend. However, the team has shown the
growth that has come from the two previous years of training and I hope it will continue.

Our juniors have been training at lunchtimes and playing in the Rotorua League at Girls'
High this term and have been enjoying some success. Many thanks to Mr Ratana and Ms
Katipa for their work with the Y9s and Y10s respectively. Raukura competed against
Tauranga Boys' College for the second year running in the annual Junior Sports Exchange.
The results were almost identical to those of the seniors against TBC earlier in the month
with some close set scores and an enjoyable day's sport for all. Thanks to Cameron Walters
for refereeing those matches.

Volleyball takes a break for the winter now but will return in term four when the juniors start
their 2010 campaign in the Bay of Plenty.

Mr G. Slater – Volleyball Coach

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                 Page 33
Rotorua Boys’ High School and Tauranga Boys’ College Summer Exchange

It was a beautiful day in Rotorua, TBC travelled over that morning for our show down against
each other- Rotorua Boys’ High School won the toss and decided to bowl first. It was a
tough day for the bowlers out there but we had some good performances from Ryubyn Vaipo
who took 4 Wickets, Robbie Edwards taking 2 wickets and Chevez Makan who took 1 for 6
after 4. Tauranga Boys set a total of 134, bowled out in the last over. Rotorua Boys went out
and lost an early couple of wickets, but some good performances with the bat were Ryubyn
Vaipo with 36 out with 3 massive sixes and Kaizer Wickliffe on 14, the 2nd top score. Both
teams played well and it was just unfortunate that Rotorua Boys’ High School didn’t pull
through this year as they had when they won last year.

Sam Everson (Captain)

RBHS Year 9 Cricket summer exchange vs TBC Year 9

During the annual summer exchange against Tauranga Boys College a 25 over, Year 9
cricket game was scheduled. This game was highlighted with one of the Tauranga batsmen
managing to score 100 in their 25 overs. This saw our boys being set an impressive 165 to
win, a feat which proved to be difficult. A solid opening partnership between Sam Murdoch
and Blair Holder wasn’t enough to see the boys home. Special mention must be given to
Blair Holder for his 50 run innings and the great on field leadership of Nathan Stanley. The
challenge now lies with this group of boys to see if they can continue to develop and attempt
to reverse this year’s result as Year 10’s in next year’s exchange.

Liam Coleman (Coach)

2nd XI Cricket

The RBHS 2nd XI season was an up and down ride which was highlighted by a slow start to
the season, where the team struggled to play to their potential. The team was able to get it
together and managed to string together a number of good performances through the middle
stages of the season. Highlight wins were against Central Blue and Central White. With the
youthful make up of the team there is strong promise for improvements next season, and if
commitment is shown from all involved then this team definitely has the potential to go on to
challenge for a semi final spot next season.

Stand out players throughout the season included Ryubyn Vaipo, who regularly delivered
with both bat and ball; Jayden Thomasen, who continued to develop through the season
with the ball; Lasith Goonatilaka also showed some promise with the bat. A special thank
you must be given to Mr Martin and Mr Porter for their continued support and all those
teachers who managed to put on their whites for a game.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                              Page 34
                                     Cricket Report


First XI vs Tauranga Boys – Win to Rotorua Boys’ High School

Rotorua Boys’ High batted first scoring 181, Cody Fell 45, Chanse Perham 31

Tauranga Boys 159 all out in the 39th over.

Chanse Perham 2 – 35 of ten, Himesh Gosai 4-37 off ten overs

First X1 vs New Plymouth Boys – Win to New Plymouth Boys’ High School

New Plymouth batted first and scored 232

Chanse Perham – 3 for 66 off 16 overs, Himesh Gosai 2 for 33 off 14 overs, Cody
Fel 2 for 41 off 16 overs.

Rotorua First Innings:

184 for 9 declared – Shaquille Graham 33, Jared Stanley 43, Richie Megaw 31

New Plymouth Second Innings – 217 for 7 declared

Cody Fell – 3 for 76 off 12 overs, Adam Patterson – 2 for 62 off 12 overs.

Rotorua Second Innings – RBHS need to chase 282 to win

Kieran Botha – 67, Cody Fell 78.

Rotorua Boys’ High School was all out for 217.

RBHS Juniors 138 off 25 overs

Rotorua Lakes High 1st XI 44 all out – Nathan Stanley 4/15

Thank you to all those that have been involved in cricket this year. To the parents who come
along on a Saturday, the boys that play and to the teachers that coach, a very big thank you!

There will be some winter sessions for boys who are interested. These will start towards the
end of Term 2.

The First Eleven will play a Gillette Cup game against Trident High before the end of Term 1.

Also, congratulations to Shaquille Graham who scored 126 in a Bay trial over the weekend

Mr M Martin - Ist Eleven Coach

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                              Page 35
Tennis Championships 2010

Brothers Te Teira and Monu Tawera are the
winners of the 2010 tennis championships at
Rotorua Boys’ High School. Te Teira fought off
stiff competition from Darshan Shrestha to win
the senior final 9-3, while his younger brother
Monu took out the junior championship,
defeating Lawrence Lickfold 9-0 in the final.
Winning the senior school champs adds to Te
Teira’s past successes while representing both
his school and the Rotorua Tennis Club. His
national titles include winning the 16 & under
doubles and combines at the Maori                 Te Teira (left) and Monu (right) with their trophies
Tournament two years ago.

Touch Regional Tournament

The Touch Regional Tournament was held at Neil Hunt Park earlier this month with teams
from Tauranga, Whakatane, Kawerau and Rotorua competing. Rotorua Boys’ High School
won this tournament to qualify for Zonals, which were played last Saturday. Rotorua Boys’
High School were runners-up to Hamilton Boys’ High School

We had 5 juniors playing in our senior touch team plus 2 newcomers to the senior team, and
all of the boys had to work really hard, considering we only had 9 players in the team instead
of the usual 14. Schools competing included Tauranga, Gisborne, Whakatane, Paeroa,
Tokoroa, and Hamilton.

Despite the reduced team numbers, Rotorua Boys’ High School still made it to the final, and
were runners up to Hamilton Boys’ High School.

RBHS Vs Hamilton Boys’           8-6     loss

RBHS Vs Tauranga Boys’           7-3     won

RBHS Vs Gisborne Boys’                   draw

RBHS Vs Paeroa                   11-1    won

RBHS Vs Tauranga Boys’           12-2    won

A big cheers for the boys, “SHOGUN”

Mr P Tahuriorangi

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                      Page 36

Congratulations to Shaquille Stone who has had an outstanding touch season. Not only does
Shaquille represent Rotorua Boys’ High School in touch, he has also represented New Zealand
in the under 19 mixed team in Australia last year, the NZ boys under 19 team, and the NZ Mens’
Team. Shaquille played at the Nationals where the Rotorua Boys’ High School team were
runners-up, and has made the New Zealand secondary schools team for next season. Shaquille
has also been selected to be part of the NZ Men’s World Cup Squad in 2011.

Water Polo

                  Water Polo BOP Tournament 6 – 7 March at Rotorua

        RBHS Vs Tauranga Boys College                      Loss

        RBHS Vs Mt Maunganui                               Loss

        RBHS Vs Hamilton Boys’ High                        Loss

The boys played really well for their first tournament – we lost the first game against
Tauranga Boys, and lost against Mt Maunganui as well. The boys improved after each
game they played, considering that we had a few newcomers in the team.

Our third game against Hamilton Boys High was a fantastic game, we were winning for the
first two quarters and then Hamilton came back in the third and I am not sure whether the
boys got nervous in the last quarter with the prospect of winning a medal, but we ended up
losing by 3 goals for the Bronze. We were meant to play 4 games, with the 4th being the
finals playoff, but as we had lost 2 games and Hamilton had lost 2 it meant that we would
play each other in the 3rd game and then in the final game for 3rd/4th, so Hamilton were happy
to play just the once and make it the bronze medal match. The boys can hold their heads
high as by that third game they really played well as a team.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                              Page 37

                    Rotorua Boys’ High School Athletics Champions 2010
Senior Champion                      1st    Dayne Willemsen              Raleigh

                                     2nd    Ilaitia Lomani               Frobisher

                                     3rd    Marnus Hanley                Drake

Intermediate Champion                1st    Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi       Raleigh

                                     2nd    Mason Walker                 Frobisher

                                     3rd    Brock Smith                  Frobisher

Junior Champion                      1st    Dion Havea                   Nelson

                                     2nd    Neti Mokomoko                Frobisher

                                     3rd    Callum Taylor                Drake

     Mid Island Athletics

  18 athletes went to Tokoroa to compete in the annual Mid Islands athletics.
  RBHS traditionally does very well at this event and this year we achieved:

                13 Gold -    6 Silver - 4 Bronze

     NAME             SURNAME              DIVISION              PLACE             EVENT
     Rickey           Harvey               Junior                2                 Triple jump
     Tama             Harvey               Junior                3                 Triple jump
     Jayden           Whyman               Junior                3                 100m
     Cullum           Taylor               Junior                1                 High Jump
     Dion             Havea                Junior                1                 Long Jump
     Neti             Mokomoko             Junior                2                 Shot Put
     Neti             Mokomoko             Junior                1                 Discus
     RELAY            TEAM                 JUNIOR                1                 4x100m
     Brock            Smith                Intermediate          1                 200m
     Awheo            Durston              Intermediate          2                 200m
     Awheo            Durston              Intermediate          1                 Discus
     Awheo            Durston              Intermediate          2                 Shot put
     Te Toira         Tahuriorangi         Intermediate          1                 100m
     RELAY            TEAM                 INTERMEDIATE          1                 4x100m
     Hugh             Henry                Senior                1                 Javelin
     Hugh             Henry                Senior                2                 200m
     Dayne            Willemsen            Senior                3                 100m
     Dayne            Willemsen            Senior                1                 400m
     Ilaitia          Lomani               Senior                2                 100m
     Ilaitia          Lomani               Senior                1                 200m

     Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                              Page 38
Joeli              Nagera                Senior                     1                  Discus
Damian             Tahana                Senior                     3                  Discus
RELAY              TEAM                  SENIOR                     1                  4x100m

On Thursday 25 March, the school had two teams participate in the NZSS Triathlon at Lake Karapiro.
A hard working and enthusiastic U/14 team of Laurence Lickfold (300m Swim), Micah Lawson
(11.4km Cycle), Callum Taylor (2km Run) were placed in the middle of the field of around 40 teams.
The U/16 team of Michael Rasdall (500m Swim), Braden Lawson (14km Cycle) and Brock Smith (4km
Run) had a well worked top 8 finish of a 24 team field. These students are all respected athletes in
their individual disciplines and have gained a real enthusiasm for participating in triathlons. Training
continues with swimming on Monday’s and Thursday’s lunchtime with a run on Tuesday afterschool
in the Redwoods. Please see Mr Buckton if you are interested in being part of this training or are
wanting to get involved in multisport events. Events coming up… (NZSS Cycling, Ekidon Relay).

Mr Buckton

WHHS UBIX Tournament - 1st XI Soccer
We attended the annual Western Heights tournament over the weekend (26th-28th March).
This was a great opportunity for us to play other schools as we build towards the
2010 season. We were drawn into a difficult pool which contained Lytton (Gisborne),
Waitakere, Onehunga and Liston (all Auckland). On Friday, we beat a strong Lytton side 2-1
with goals from Hamish Utteridge and Mitchell Miller. We faced Onehunga next, a side that
we narrowly beat 1-0 in last year’s national tournament. This time we proved too strong for
them with goals from Mitchell Miller (2) and Axel Baiaho sealing a 3-0 comfortable win. Next
came a frustrating game against a resolute Liston side. We failed to convert a number of
chances and drew 1-1 with Harlem Simiona scoring our goal.

On Saturday, we played against Waitakere and, despite going a goal down early; we won 5-
1 with goals from Mitchell Miller (2), Dayne Willemsen (2) and Harlem Simiona. Our semi-
final was against Massey where we conceded two very sloppy goals. Harlem Simiona got a
goal back for us and despite a mammoth effort in the last 10 minutes; we lost 2-1.

On Sunday we played for 3rd/4th place against St. Peters from Cambridge. Kirk Newman
played an outstanding game in defence and we were able to win 1-0, securing 3rd place.

There were many positives to draw on, in particular the excellent defensive work of Scott
Miller and the emergence of Kirk Newman as a serious contender for the 1st XI squad.

Mr B. Prangnell - Manager 1st XI Soccer

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                        Page 39
Waka Ama National Championships 2010
Once again Rotorua Boys’ High School Waka Ama dominates the country for the sixth
consecutive year. One the 23rd of March, 6 teams left for Blue Lake for the National
Secondary Schools Waka Ama Championships with high expectations on our top senior
team, Kaituna 7, to defend their titles from previous years.

The pressure was on, with the absence of Kahu Hohepa, Tamati Marr, Kaipara Marr and
Adrian Ashmore. The challenge was left up to Timoti Marr and Tuwharetoa Hapi to lead the
way and get the boys ready for racing.

However, with the depth of Waka Ama in our school, it wasn’t hard to fill the spots and live
up to the accomplishments of the original Kaituna 7 team. Along with Timoti Marr and
Tuwharetoa Hapi, Aperahama Hurihanganui, Tuaru Kingi, Rico Maaka and Patu Whata
joined forces with the Rotorua Girls’ High School team to win the gold medal in the 250m
mixed W12 race.

On the same day, Apanui Poihipi-Tiraha powered through to get the silver medal in the
individual 250m race.

Over the next two days, the Rotorua Boys’ High School Waka Ama crews went on to qualify
for their respective divisions and proceed through to the finals. Kaituna 1 was the top seed
in the 500m and 2nd seed in the 250m race. The 250m race final was first up. Unfortunately
the boys came a close 2nd by the smallest of margins to get the silver medal, with a time of
1-04.18 and losing to Opononi High School with a time of 1-04.14. With this upsetting the
boys, a victory in the second race was in order. At the race start, the Kaituna 1 team was
left with a disadvantage, with the race starters not waiting for the boys to get on the line.
However, this was not a problem as the boys were able to power around the turu, and make
up the lost distance. The end result was a win for our boys, and this reinforced the
domination we had on the rest of the field.

The tally of medals came to a total of: 2 gold medals, and 2 silver medals.

Tuwharetoa Hapi
Deputy Head Boy

The Kaituna A team consisted of Pokaihau Mc Garvey, Tai Stephens, Wharehuia Manley,
Cassidy Katu, Rawiri Holmes and Regan Butler. They battled through the heats to make
their finals but the strength of the competition proved too much and the team were not able
to pull through. They have a strong future however, and 2011 will be a testing ground again
as each paddler steps up into the Under 19 teams.

Of note was the junior Rotorua Beginners team who had been only paddling for 6 weeks.
They made the Bowl finals in both of their races and although they were not successful they
along with the ‘Rotorua Just Started’ paddling team are setting the base for paddlers to
come through in later years.

Mr W Jones

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                               Page 40
We entered a Team of four riders in the WHHS Ubix Challenge for Moto Cross. There would
have been a bigger Team but injuries and bike problems meant that we lost three of our
riders. There were a total of 270 riders from throughout the North Island, making it one of the
biggest Junior MX Events in New Zealand. The Event was held at Phillip's Farm, Horohoro.
Our Team consisted of both riders and pit-crew. The riders were Tom Riddell- Green
[250cc], Ryan MacDonald [250cc], Carl Gourlay [85cc] and Jared Carroll [125cc]. The riders
who couldn't participate on the day were Ethan Conn, Aaron Gourlay and Aaron Applegate.

These guys are real adrenaline junkies - you have to be to get on a dirt bike and ride a three
lap race hard- out with 40 other riders on a confined, twisted, dusty, rutted, steep and rugged
track as fast as you can. The ambulance and Rescue Helicopter were kept busy throughout
the day but fortunately our riders escaped with only bruises and abrasions.

The outstanding effort on the day came from Ryan MacDonald who was riding in the 250cc
Novice Event. He had not ridden the track before and came second in Race 1. In Race 2 he
was the man to watch and turned on an awesome display to come in first by a big margin
and so came 1st overall for the day. The word is that the Fox Racing and Alpinestars
sponsorship team are looking to have talks with Ryan in the near future.

A major part of making our day successful was the work done by our pit-crew. They were
working at the track the afternoon before Race Day, setting up our marquee and making
sure everything was going to run smoothly. They were still there at 6:00pm on Friday at the
end of the races ready to help pack up.

The pit-crew was comprised of Shaun Smith, Cole Little, Keegan Stewart and Josh Pene. A
big salute and thank you to the work done by these guys.

Mr Roe/Mr McKenzie

Both our Senior A and Junior A teams contested the 2nd division of the competition this
year. Both lost close finals

Game 1 vs Paeroa College, won 64-21
Game 2 vs Hauraki Plains College, won 63-10
Game 3 vs Opunake HS, won 44-21
Game 4 - Semi-final v Cambridge HS, won 40-19
Game 5 - Final v Hastings Boys HS, lost 33-38

Outstanding players Liam Rehu, Trey Komene, Juna Williams, Mikaere Naera.

Game 1 vs Heretaunga College, won 48-27
Game 2 vs Waitakere College, won 57-28
Game 3 vs Opunake HS, won 34-30
Game 4 - Semi-final vs Hauraki Plains College, won 52-34
Game 5 - Final vs Whangaparaoa College, lost 33-39

Outstanding players Jesse Komene (captain), Tim Easthope, Jordan van den Broek.
Special mention must be made of Jesse Komene for his skill, fitness and positive leadership.

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                               Page 41
Rotorua Boys High School: Condor 7s 2010

The New Zealand Secondary schools 7s tournament took place in Auckland on Sunday the 28th of
March. A small group of keen boys rose at 5am to make the tournament and represent their school
proudly. Also the opportunity to join old boys such as Tutere Waenga and Timoti Marr in the New
Zealand Schools 7s team was motivating.

The first game was against a Mount Albert Grammar selection. This game was always going to be
tough but the boys stuck to the pattern and came away with a good win led by Teimana Harrison
and Hugh Henry who scored from the opening kick off. Next up was Westlake Boys and through
circumstances known only to the rugby powers we went down 24 14 although Jared Stanley tried in
vain to right the wrongs with some long range efforts to close the gap. The final pool game was
against a crack Kelston Boys High side. This game had the added pressure of the loser going into the
bowl competition. The boys started really well with Kelston retreating from thunderous tackles from
Mosese Ata Ata and Manus Hanley the boys were looking good up by 7. Unfortunately we could not
hold on as Kelston started to use the width of the field and their pace across the park saw them get
home 24 14.

We entered the bowl competition a little disappointed but soon picked ourselves up and got stuck
into the afternoon competition. The bowl competition was not a good fit for our boys as we
disposed of the Condor Invitation side 44 nil and then Avondale college 33 5 with Timoti Marr
literally throwing the Avondale challenge into the ground. These games highlighted the talents of
Teimana Harrison as the best forward in the tournament with his work at the breakdown and elusive
speed. Also Mosese Ata Ata moved from the forwards into the centres and quickly scored 6 tries in
2 games as his strength was a little daunting for opposing defenders. Motivation was not a factor in
our final game of the day as we quickly learned we would be playing our friends from across the Bay
Tauraunga Boys College. The boys were never really troubled even with the ref giving Tauraunga
Boys every chance by playing after the final whistle had sounded which backfired as Jone
Namalualevu caught the kick off, side stepped 3 defenders and sprinted under the posts. The
highlight of the tournament was when outstanding forward Teimana Harrison was rightly named in
the New Zealand Secondary Schools 7s side. Teimana is a rare talent and has all the skills for sevens
and is a name we should look for at the 2016 Olympic Games.

A big thank you to Mr Porter and Mr Lockwood who kept the boys entertained and were easily the
best management team at the tournament. Mr Lockwood sealed his popularity with a big bucket of
KFC for the trip home. Thanks for the day.

Scott Mayhew

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                     Page 42
First XI HOCKEY - WHHS Invitational Tournament Report

Our school was offered a late opportunity to compete in the WHHS Invitational Tournament due to
late withdrawal of teams in the Boy’s A grade tournament. We accepted and competed in a four
team round robin followed by a final with two games being played on Saturday and two on Sunday.

Our first match was against John Paul College. A dominant first half by our forwards saw us leading
6-1. The second half was unfortunately marred by errors and turnovers. The final score was 8-2.
That afternoon we were matched up against Heretaunga College from Wellington. Putting the
disappointments of the second half against John Paul College behind them our boys put together a
much more complete and dominant performance running out winners 8-1. On Saturday morning we
were pitted against Western Heights High School. This game saw our most complete performance of
the tournament. Our boys won 5-1. While the score was not as flattering as the previous two
games, the manner and dominance of the victory were very pleasing. The only disappointment of
the game was the inability to finish off the significant amount of chances that were created in the
match. After pool play we were ranked first and qualified to play in the final against John Paul
College who finished second after beating Western Heights and Heretaunga College. The final was a
very similar to our first game of the tournament against John Paul College. Our team was dominant
throughout winning 7-2.

While the level of competition was not at a very high standard, it was an excellent opportunity for us
to have a pre-season run and offered an opportunity to trial several younger players. Year 10
Chevez Makan was adjudged to be our MVP for the weekend. He performed excellently in a position
that was largely unfamiliar to him at the start of the weekend. There were many other excellent
individual performances throughout the tournament and it points to a successful season if the team
can develop throughout the season. Competing in Rankin Cup for the first time ever will be a great
source of motivation for this squad going forward this year.

Mr M Dalton – HOD PE

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                     Page 43
                                       CANTEEN NEWS
The canteen features a range of hot and cold food with many healthy choices in the menu. Gourmet rolls
and burgers continue to be popular, as well as the delicious slushi combos - a bonus feature of the slushi
we sell is the reduced sugar content. With autumn coming up, chicken hamburgers, chicken nugget and
meatball subs are sure to be good hunger fillers as well as the daily specials. If you want something
different from what’s on the menu you can ask the canteen staff and if it’s possible they will make it for
BEAT THE QUEUE AT LUNCHTIME:                      Pre-order your lunch and you can go straight to the front of
the queue at lunchtime, where you will be given your order.

   HOT CHOICES              Price   COLD CHOICES                         Price     DRINKS              Price
   Ham Burger               $3.50   Egg Sandwiches                       $2.00     Kerri small          $2.00
   Chicken Burger           $3.50   Naan Wraps                           $2.80     Kerri large          $3.00
   Chicken Panini           $3.50   Cheese & Ham Sticks                  $2.80     E2 small             $2.00
   Ham Panini               $3.50   Assorted Filled Rolls                $3.00     E2 large             $3.50
   Sausage Roll             $1.90   Gourmet Filled Rolls                 $3.50     Pump                 $2.20
   Chicken Filler           $2.40   Assorted cakes & Slices              $2.00     Flavoured pump       $3.00
   Smoked Fish Toppers      $2.40   Caramel or Custard Square            $2.00     Powerade             $3.50
   Quiche (bacon & egg)     $2.50   Savoury Muffins                      $2.00     Calciyum             $1.50
   Chicken Nugget Sub       $3.50   Smart Cookie                         $0.70     Primo - small        $1.80
   Meatball Sub             $3.50   Cookie                               $1.00     Primo - large        $2.50
   Garlic Roll              $1.00   Fix Cookie                           $2.00     Up N Go Energise     $3.50
   Pizza                    $2.00   Nacho Chips                          $1.70     Up N Go small        $2.50
   Mince & Cheese Pie       $2.80   V Chips                              $1.70      (choc or vanilla)
   Steak & Bacon Pie        $2.80   Fruit Pies boysenberry/apple         $2.40     Hot Chocolate        $1.50
   Bacon & Egg Pie          $2.80   Custard Pies                         $2.40     Tomato Soup          $1.50
   Butter Chicken Pie       $3.50   Fruit Tubs                           $1.50     Slushy               $2.00
   Tomato Soup              $1.50   Fresh Fruit                          $1.00
   Chicken Noodles          $2.40   Tuna Snakits                         $3.00
   Beef Noodles             $2.40   Sushi (Preorder only) 3per           $2.00
   Spicy Noodles            $2.40   Tomato Sauce                         $0.30

           NEW – Oxford Pies - vegetarian – pre-order only
     Chickpea & spinach or kumara & lentil or winter vege & tofu
               DAILY SPECIALS                                       $5.00 SLUSHY COMBOS
    Tuesday - American Hot Dogs           $2.50            Burger & slushi
             with sauce and mustard                        Panini & slushi
    Wednesday – Nachos                    $3.50            Sub & slushi
    Thursday – American Hot Dogs          $2.50            Gourmet roll & slushi
             with sauce and mustard
    Friday – Sausage Sizzle               $2.50
             with bread, onions and Sauce

   Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                          Page 44
                       SCHOOL CALENDAR TERM 2 2010

           Week 1 APRIL
           Mon 19th        TERM 2 BEGINS
           Tues 20
           Wed 21          Sport Coordinator Meeting (9.30 start)
           Thurs 22
           Fri 23          ACE Programme - Taupo Learning Retreat - tbc
           Sat 24
           Sun 25          ANZAC DAY
           Week 2
           Mon 26          BOP Intercollegiate Golf Champs
                                Opotiki Golf Club
           Tues 27              Summer Team Photos
                                5.30pm – 7.00pm Celebration of Success
           Wed 28
           Thurs 29
           Fri 30
May        Sat 1
           Sun 2nd
           Week 3
           Mon 3
           Tues 4th
           Wed 5
           Thurs 6
           Fri 7th              Super 8 Cultural Festival Rotorua
           Sat 8                Super 8 Cultural Festival Rotorua
           Sun 9                Super 8 Cultural Festival Rotorua

           Week 4
           Mon 10               BOP Badminton Team Champs
                                Super 8 Cross Country
                                New Plymouth
           Tues 11
           Wed 12               1.00pm EMERGENCY FIRE DRILL
           Thurs 13
           Fri 14               8.40am Student Council Meeting
                                OSH Meeting
           Sat 15
           Sun 16
           Week 5
           Mon 17th             Praise Postcard Week
           Tues 18
           Wed 19
           Thurs 20
           Fri 21               Rotorua Careers Expo 21 & 22 May 2010
           Sat 22
           Sun 23

           Week 6
           Mon 24               World Waka Ama Championship – New Caledonia until 29 May
           Tues 25              New Zealand Boarding Schools Association Conference – Millennium
                                Hotel Rotorua until Friday 28 May
                                5.30pm Whanau Hui - Whare
           Wed 26th             INTER HOUSE HAKA FINALS
           Thurs 27             5.30pm Pacific Island Fono
           Fri 28               Junior Reports posted home
                                Super 8 Badminton Hamilton
           Sat 29               Super 8 Badminton Hamilton
           Sun 30

 Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                           Page 45
            Week 7
            Mon 31
June        Tues 1
            Wed 2
            Thurs 3                7.30am Father and Grandparents Son’s Breakfast
            Fri 4
            Sat 5
            Sun 6

            Week 8
            Mon 7                  QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY
            Tues 8
            Wed 9                  Parent Teacher Conferences – Juniors 3.15pm – 5.30pm
            Thurs 10
            Fri 11
            Sat 12                 1st XV vs Tauranga BC Away
            Sun 13th

            Week 9
            Mon 14
            Tues 15
            Wed 16
            Thurs 17
            Fri 18                 Senior Reports posted home
            Sat 19                 1st XV vs Gisborne BHS (Home)
            Sun 20

            Week 10
            Mon 21                 Combined RBHS/RGHS Production ‘The Wedding Singer’
            Tues 22                Combined RBHS/RGHS Production ‘The Wedding Singer’
            Wed 23                 Combined RBHS/RGHS Production ‘The Wedding Singer’
                                   SELL 2010
            Thurs 24               Combined RBHS/RGHS Production ‘The Wedding Singer’
                                   SELL 2010
            Fri 25                 Combined RBHS/RGHS Production ‘The Wedding Singer’
                                   SELL 2010
            Sat 26                 Combined RBHS/RGHS Production ‘The Wedding Singer’
                                   1st XV vs Hamilton BHS (Home)
            Sun 27                 RBHS/RGHS Production until Saturday 26 June

            Week 11
            Mon 28
            Tues 29
            Wed 30                 Parent Teacher Conferences – Seniors 3.15pm – 5.30pm
July        Thurs 1                Manu Korero Regionals
            Fri 2                  TERM 2 ENDS

  Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                 Page 46
                                           COMMUNITY NEWS

                                                 COMMUNITY DENTAL SERVICE

Dental treatment is free until the age of 18. Year 9 students who filled in a Dental Transfer Card last year will
now be enrolled at a dentist and will receive an appointment in the coming year.

Please ensure these appointments are kept.

If you think you have missed being enrolled at a dentist, Dental Enrolment forms are available at the school
Wellness Centre.

For further information, or if you need to find out if and where you are enrolled please contact:

                                Marlene Hay-Adolescent Dental Co-Ordinator, ph:343 6154


                                        The Dental Monitoring Service, ph: 0800 825 583

                                             ROTORUA ADOLESCENT DENTIST LIST

    You will need to phone and check that the dentist you choose has vacancies for new patients
    Some dentists may only accept the adolescents of parents who are enrolled with them.

           ROTORUA               OHA                                     ADDRESS                          PHONE

    AYERS, Dr Roger               Yes      1125 Pukaki Street, ROTORUA                             348 5385

    BADRICK, Dr Bob               Yes      284 Main Road, Ngongotaha                               357 2280

    EDWARD, Dr Stewart            Yes      1125 Pukaki Street, ROTORUA                             348 5385

    MAHDI, Dr Wafa                Yes      Lakes Care Dental Centre, 1172 Arawa Street, ROTORUA    348 8888

    PARK, Dr Rodney               Yes      1206 Ranolf Street, ROTORUA                             348 9511

    PATEL, Dr S                   Yes      164 Old Taupo Road, ROTORUA                             348 3882

    TILL, Dr Malcolm              Yes      Caudwells Bldg, 1203 Tutanekai Street, ROTORUA          348 4288

    Tipu Ora Dental Svc           Yes      Dental Suite, Rotorua Hospital                          349 7955 Ext. 8619

Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)                                                         Page 47
Rotorua Boys’ High School Newsletter - April 2010 (No2)   Page 48

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