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					                              Getting networked at LinkedIn?

This is not my first write up on LinkedIn and its capabilities and utilities in a highly connected and networked
world that we live in. However, in all my previous discourses, I emphasized and stressed on taking a holistic
approach to effective marketing with LinkedIn. Unlike other social networking sites
like Facebook, Twitter etc, LinkedIn not only allows you to share images, videos,
links and status updates, it provides you an added opportunity to market yourself.
LinkedIn is a tool for “Personal Branding” (as is often understood in the industry
circles); but I’d rather call it “Self Networking”.

LinkedIn is one of the few professional networking sites that have stood the test of
time, reputation intact, giving users a strong networking experience with its
usability and capability. The rate at which people are signing up for the LinkedIn on
a daily basis cannot be overlooked. The heavy rush to join the LinkedIn bandwagon
is reason enough for you to join the networking site. In fact, you can find everyone,
from Industry leaders, CEOs and CXOs to colleagues, and past employees on
LinkedIn. Well, if you aren’t on LinkedIn now, you don’t have to wait for long; I guarantee you a request coming
your way in a very short time.

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that gives you options to add new connections, share information, recruit
people, gain knowledge, seek opinions etc. You can recommend your colleagues and past employees for jobs and
seek their support in your professional life too. As a matter of fact, LinkedIn is an apt platform that provides you
opportunities to showcase your professional background, skills and knowledge, with solid references and
accreditations of your work (by employers, peers and colleagues). LinkedIn not only brings you closer to the
industry and market, it enhances and adds value to your profile, and plays a big role in carving a niche for yourself
in the domain.

In today’s competitive business scenario, companies are always on the lookout for highly skilled and talented
professionals. You never know the number of people who are interested in you, keeping a close eye on the latest
developments in your professional front. There is no better platform than LinkedIn to checkout and search people
for hire/contract. Activities on LinkedIn like networking, offering tips & suggestions, feedbacks, answering queries
and knowledge sharing are highly regarded and given due importance. In fact, people join LinkedIn with the idea
of connecting, and striking up professional relationships, with people from diverse groups, backgrounds and

Of course, networking is not the sole purpose and reason to join LinkedIn; it has many other beneficial features
too. LinkedIn provides you with multiple utilities from marketing your brand, customer handling and corporate
communication to lead generation and most importantly ‘Online Reputation Management’. However, the unique
feature of LinkedIn lies in discovering the hidden connections between the network and the real world.

Written by:

Robin Goel

SMM Evangelist, OMLogic Consulting

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