Learn to Sail Registration Form by hsw90420


									HSA Learn to Sail Registration Form

Phone _______________________ alternate phone_________________

E-mail address_____________________________________________

School interested in:
June 12 & 27 ___                August 7 & 29 ___

Type of boat interested in:
Cruiser __                                   2-4 person day sailor ___
Singlehanded ___                             2 person racing dinghy ___
Catamaran ___

Are you interested in racing? _______
Would you like to be contacted in the future about learning to race? ___
Would you like to receive HSA’s on line newsletter? ___ (free)

How did you find out about HSA’s Learn to Sail?

Sign posted at Hueston Woods__               Sign posted elsewhere__

Newspaper ___                                HSA’s website___

Word of mouth___                             Other___

Tell us what you are interested in learning and doing with a sailboat____



Hueston Sailing Association www.huestonsailing.com
Send form to: Mike Stratton 15545 Dechant Rd. Farmersville, OH 45325
Make check payable to Hueston Sailing Association - Fee: $30.00

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