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									Professional Social Network: Presently the premier business social networking website with free and paid subscriptions. LinkedIn is the best to update your network of contacts automatically as people move from one job to other. LinkedIn Overview LinkedIn is a social network that is designed to allow businesspeople to network with each other and to keep in touch with former colleagues. Most social networks started out catering to one audience and then grew into huge worldwide networks catering to many audiences. LinkedIn is focused on the business world and they’re constantly adding new features to their website to make it easier to communicate with prospects and colleagues. The first thing you should do once you create your profile with LinkedIn is to find all colleagues and classmates that you’ve lost touch with. With millions of people now using LinkedIn there is a chance that your old colleagues and classmates will be on the system which would allow you to get back in touch with them very easily. The power of social networks is incredible and although the idea behind LinkedIn isn’t unique, the way they have marketed and targeted their network is unique. Because LinkedIn has remained focused on a specific niche, it’s continuing to grow while most social networks that cater to the general audience are losing traffic because of their lack of focus. Facebook and MySpace seem to be the exception to the rule but their content is becoming increasingly diluted and people are spamming each other with promotions, further degrading the experience. You can find jobs and list jobs on the LinkedIn network which means you’ll always have the inside scoop on all the new jobs and businesses that are being started. Having this information is invaluable and could lead to a great job with a huge salary down the road. You can also ask and answer questions which is a great way to demonstrate your expertise. When you answer questions, people will regard you as an expert in your field and hire you or offer you a job. Since the network is filled with experts in business you can get some great advice from a highly qualified audience. You’ll usually find very in-depth answers that can help you when you’re starting your own business or furthering one you’ve already established. With so many professionals under one roof LinkedIn is definitely the most targeted business networking site you could join. You can also subscribe to premium memberships that give you more options to further your networking. Facebook and MySpace are more popular social networking websites, but LinkedIn’s business focus makes it the place to be if you want to build business relationships.

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