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									Description: MySpace allows people to upload content such as videos or personal profiles. Wildly popular with young people, marketers are starting to invest in social networking advertising. MySpace offers easy to use very customizable. Users agree to have some of the best experiences. MySpace Overview MySpace is the most well known social network site on the internet and it’s got users from every corner of the world. It’s been around the longer then the other popular social networking sites which is one reason it remains the top dog in the market still, but others are catching up with the traffic MySpace receives. MySpace has always been one of the most user-friendly sites and even a computer beginner could customize their profile to their liking. You can add tons of things to your MySpace profile and there all super easy to add, normally requiring only a click or two. Like most of the popular social networks its audience is worldwide and of all ages, it’s great for friends and family to meet and stay in touch will each other as well. MySpace is now beginning to start to implement some of the more technical features that other social sites have and it’s probably good thing if they want to remain the number one social networking site on the internet. Features Pictures Music Video Forums Groups TV + a lot more MySpace has just implemented a new profile editor which makes it very simple to edit your profile whenever you choose to. You can add pictures of yourself, music, video plus a ton of other things. You can find great backgrounds and graphics on a lot of MySpace generator sites around the internet. There are literally hundreds of these sites you can find that will allow you to use things on their site to pimp your profile. MySpace is all about having a unique profile and updating it all the time so that your friends and family know what you’re up to. You can also use forums and groups to meet people you’ve never met before that share the same interests of you. I’ve used groups many times on MySpace to find people that share the same hobbies as me and you can find great conversation in some of the active areas of the site. MySpace I believe is still the best social networking site out there but Facebook is definitely catching up to them and I like the applications a lot better on Facebook. We’ll see who makes more improvements as time continues to pass, but for now MySpace will stay at the top of my list.

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