Using the Library Effectively

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					Using the Library Effectively
    Finding the resources you need
               to succeed
   with Mr. Pickman’s research paper
  (some links will not work unless you
             are logged in)
    Janet Reynolds—PVHS Librarian
How to find print sources
   Check the card catalog
   Use other library’s

Searching on the Card Catalog
   http://deusd362/cataloging/servlet/han
   Use advanced search on Kansas Library
If at First You Don’t Succeed!
   Searching is a skill.
   Don’t give up after one search attempt.
   Think of other keywords
   Or combinations of words
   Search for people by last name
   Boolean Searching
Become a better searcher on
the Internet

      Advanced Search
      Language Tools
   Learn to use the options to get better
Reliable Internet Sources

   http://www.kslc.or

   http://library.pittstate.
    ral/virtual.html            Virtual Reference Sites
Using databases in the Kansas
Library Card
   Student Research Center
   Kids Search
   Research Databases
Validity of Internet Sites
 Wikipedia—an online encyclopedia that is
  edited by anyone (how valid is that source)


Check to see if there is an author. Is he
  qualified? Look at domain (.edu, .org) Is it
  dated? Is the page sponsor reliable?
Reliable resources?? Can you
tell at a glance?
Reader’s Guide & Inter-Library
   Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature
    is published monthly and indexes major
    magazine articles.
   Just because we don’t own a book or
    magazine doesn’t mean you can’t
    access it. We can use the Kansas Inter-
    library Loan system and request books
    from all across the state usually
    available 4-6 days after ordering.
Citing Sources
   If you’re not sure how to site a source
    these sites will help you.
   http://www.landmark-