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2010 Property Loss Calculator - _property


									                                                       LOUISIANA STATE FIRE MARSHAL
                                                           Property Loss Estimator

Property Type
                   A1                                                   Assembly, theaters
                   A2                                Assembly, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, banquet halls
                   A3                        Assembly, churches, general, community halls, libraries, mueseums
                   A4                                                    Assembly, arenas
                   B                                                         Buisnesses
                   E                                                        Educational
                   F                                                           Factory
                   G1                                            Agricultural, Equipment Storage
                   G2                                       Agricultural, Grain or Roughage Storage
                   H1                                                  High Hazard Building
                   H2                                                            Hotels
                   I                                                        Institutional
                   M                                                         Mercantile
                   R1                                                  1 or 2 Family Dwelling
                   R2                                                  Mutli Family Dwelling
                   R3                                                  Assisted Care Facility
                   S                                                           Storage
                   U                                             Utility or Miscellanous Structure

           Property Code                                F        $ 81.28 $ 22.35                      Property VALUE                 $                     -
  % of Structured Damaged by Fire                           0%                                        Contents VALUE                 $                     -
  % of Contents Damaged by Fire                             0%                                         Property LOSS                 $                     -
                                                                                                       Contents LOSS                 $                     -
              Propety Length                                 0
              Property Width                                 0                                   TOTAL INC VALUE   $                                       -
    # of COMPLETE stories ABOVE Grade                        0               0                    TOTAL INC LOSS   $                                       -
    # of COMPLETE stories BELOW Grade                        0               0               0 TOTAL INC SAVED VAL $                                       -
                 Total Sq Ft.                                0

This tool is meant as a approximation application for Fire Reporting. It is in no way meant to be a solid, steadfast and absolute means of inputing data
values. Data used was taken from the International Building Code Council's yearly Building Valuation Data pamphlet. Agricultural Structure
approximations were provided by Morton Buildings, Morton, Il.

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