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                          THZfri YSSZ                                       VANCOUVER, B.C ., TUESDAY, JANUARY 6, 1953                                                                              PRICE 5c ; No. 31

      Ubyssey Best But Misses Trophy
                                                                                                                                                 Postal Rush Misha p

                                                                                                                                                Forces Ubyssey.                                         Ou t

                                                                                                                                                Delay in Christmas postal service deprived the Ubysse y
                                                                                                                                        of the coveted Southam trophy presented annually to the hea t
                                                                                                                                       university newspaper in Canada .
                                                                                                                                        Copies of the Ubyssey sent oat'
                                                                                                                                       to the Canadian University Press
                                                                                                                                                                                   /NEERVIEV S
                                                                                                                                       contest judges were received b y
                                                                                                                                       only two out of the three judge a .
                                                                                                                                                                                   FOR JOB PLACEMENT
                                                                                                                                       FULL MARK S                                    Civil Service personnel will b e
                                                                                                                                        The t'byssey receded full mark i           on the campus from Wednesda y
                                                                                                                                                                                   to Friday to Interview student s
                                                                                                                                       ond . first pl'at'e from William H .
                                                                                                                                                                                   for permanent and summer em-
                                                                                                                                       Metcalfe, managfi'ig editor of th e          ployment .
                                                                                                                                       Winnipeg Free Press, and Jac k                 Three technical representa •
                                                                                                                                       Ko(om, managing editor of Sat.              tives of the Civil Service Corn •
                                                                                                                                       Imlay Night tiiagazine .                     mission will hold group discus •
                                                                                                                                                                                    cusions in the Agriculture, Coma
                                                                                                                                         However, the Unit'ersity of West -         merce, Engineering, and Art s
                                                                                                                                       ern Ontario Gazette • managed t o           and Science faculties on employ-
                                                                                                                                       Dick up enough points from th e             ment opportunities in thes e
                                                                                                                                       three judges to beast oat the Ubyt-         fields.
                                                                                                                                       sey by two points ,                            Those wishing to hold persona l
                                                                                                                                       !PLEASURE TO REA D                          interviews with one of the of-
                                                                                                                                                                                   ficials should make appointment s
                                                                                                                                         According to one of the judges !
                                                                                                                                                                                   through Mrs . Lire at the Employ.
                                                                                                                                       "It %vas a pleasure to read th e
                                                                                                                                                                                   ment Placement Bureau on th e
                                                                                                                                       I'hyssey . The head writing an d
                                                                                                                                                                                   campus .
                                                                                                                                       new, Writhe!. are practically pre .
                                                                                                                                       fes,ioual and the nral :t•'np is i t
                                                                                                                                       Itactive . ' .
                                                                                                                                                                                  UBC Phot o
                                                                                                                                          The .lac'Iaes ItUreatl trophy ,
                                                                                                                                       . +warded to the hest newspape r
       SOCIAL CREDIT CLUB president Roy Trimble shown above, seated . Other executives of
       the newly formed club are, left to right, Vince Venables, 1st vise-president ; John Redekop, ,
                                                                                                                                        with a circulation under : ;,0041, was
                                                                                                                                        [von by the McMaster silhouette .
                                                                                                                                                                                  Dept . Offers
       2nd vice-president ; W . S . Thompson, secretary .                - Ubyssey p hoto by Ht'x Lovely EDITORIALS ALSO LOSE
                                                                                                                               McGill Daily won the Bracken !
                                                                                                                            Editorial Trophy, followed by the'                       Making its fi r st bid this yea r

    F i n a n C e Co ntro lied By ews                                                                                       Western Gazette and the Ubyssey, for student photographers, the Prib .
                                                                                                                            Wester n
                                                                                                                            t% hich had to rely on points aft ard- llc'ations Board offers a full y

                                                                                                                            ed by two judges in thin contest !equipped darkroom for anyone tak -

    States ew ocre
                                                                                                                                                                                 e'i picturefo r tthe Totem or th e
                                                                                                       em        e
                                                                                                                                 nartier Ia+tin of the university liI[ yott'~e gu a half decen
                                                                                                                            of Mont real, received the he
               e are aansnerones
          ie Wgit itnatial financ and mot inter - '                                                                                                                    limit camera, some darkroom experience ,
    national financiers are Jews," said William Thompson, a mem -                                                           Trophy as the best French kings- and are willing to take a few pie .

    ber of the five-man executive who yesterday announced Ci e                         IF  P   I O L /CA T/ ONS B OA RD     age paper .                                          tires, the Pub will supply the rest .
                                                                                                                                                                                    Among others thin gs, the dark •
    formation of a Social Credit party on campus after three years '                                                        EXPRESSES REGRET
                                                                                                                                                                                 room contains t•x•o enlargers, elec .
    absence .                                                                              DELIVERY JOB OPEN                   Jack Rrayley, ('anadian Press tro
                                                                                                                                                                                     p ic timers, print and film driers ,
      The statement was made in ?	                    •	                                                                    superintendent for {:astern Cana-
                                                                                                                                                                                 in addition the Pub owns a 4 by ri
                              f'om the SOURED PARTY URGE S                              Salaried position is open on th e da, expressed his regrets in the Speed Graphic with a strobe unit
    anew«:r 'u a questio n                                                                                                                                                                                               ,
                                               The founders said they had bee n
    Ubyssey on th e policy of the newly                                               publications board for someon e citations that he had "to close out Anyone interested in 'becoming a
                                    anti . ' urged forward by the request of th e                                           the judging without receiving all member of the Publications photo
    formed part y concerning
                                             ministries at the last .Social Credi t with a car who la available o n the indicated papers, ('UP should ;                                                                    •
    aemittem .                                                                                                                                                                   gr aphy department should see E d
                                             convention in November .                Monday, Wednesday and Thurs- avoid getting their entries into!
      Other metnbere denied Thomp-                                                                                                                                               Parker or Allan Goldsmith in th e
    son's .statement.                          The Social Credit governmen t day afternoons .                              the mails at a time when they can Pub offices, north basement )[roc k
                                             assured the group full support an d                                           easily go astray in the Christmas
    OTHERS DISAGRE E                                                                                                                                                             }{all any time after If : 30 any da y
                                             members promise to bring a                 The work, a delivery job, I s rush ."                                                  j thi, week .
      "I would not belong to 'Socia l speaker f rom Victoria within two
    Credit if this was tr ue of th e weeks                                           light, and not particularly tim e      The awards were presented to                            There are Drily six vacancies s o
    party .' claimed John Murdock ,                                                  consuming . The pay is good .        j the winners by Gerard Killen, edi- !come clown right away '
                                               According to party spokesmen ,                                                        \icl t               I, at a
      Although only six student s
                                             "there has been indiscriminate                                                Lo I 41st        dl e al's Le hit 1et (l an idt,ii t ' Tween Classe s
    helped in the onganization of th e                                                  Further information may b e
                                             debating both good and had eon -                                               University Press conference hel d
    new group, Roy Trimble, president ,
                                             eerniug s ocial credit on the cam! ! '! obtained from the Ubyssey offic e Ihis year in Montreal .
                                                                              r am
    pointed out that "there are man y
                                                                                     from 11 :30 to 4 p .m .                                                                          Saxplayer .Talk s
    more Social Creditors on campu s               (Continued on Page 4 )
                                                                                                                               Fiiiou, who has just returned
    but we just don't know them vet .' '                 SEE SOCREDS
                                                                                                                           fro ma trip to Czechoslovakia, th e
                                                                                                                           Soviet Union, and ('onunuuis t                             On "Swing Era"
    AT PEP MEE T                                                                                                           China . served as honorary presi-
                                                                                                                           dent of ('I'I' for the past year .
                                                                                                                                                                                    JAllSOC'S regular meeting ' .,-
                                                                                                                                                                                day will feature Gerry Hodge wit h
                                                                                                                                                                                  ataik on the "Swing" era, of th e
                                                                                                                                                                                history of jazz. . 12 : : :o Brack '4a :tit
    Mardi Gras Presents Cuban Queens 'SCHOLARSHIP CARDS 'Room .
       Preview of the Queen of the Kappa Alpha 'theta : Florence Ro s carry orrt the Cuban theme hy'
                                                                                                                                       NEEDED FOR CHECK           S       FRANK MacKENZIE will id -
    Mardi Gras will be given students euhaum, Delta p hi Epsilon an d courtesy of the Hudson's Bat '
                                                                                                                                         Winners of scholarships an d j dress the ('('I` Chub on V', ' etlnesdaly ,
    Thursday at noon when campus Alice i'itcairn, Alpha MO .                              Company which sponsors the meet .
    eoror'ities present their candidates FRATERNITIES ENTE R                                                                           bursaries (except special burs- ,fan . 7 in 1'( ; 10o at 12 :30 .
                                                                                          RAFFLE PRIZE S
    art Gt . annual pep meet .                        \leantchile, I'uternities are busy                                                aries     and dominion-provincia l
                                                                                             Purchase of thre e r•al'fle Ih( ke! s                                                     HIGH SCHOOL CONFERENC E
    QUEEN CANDIDATES                               !electing candidates for fire Kin ;                                                 youth training bursaries) shoul d
                                                                                          gains udntissiun to the dunce an d                                                       COMMITTEE will meet on \\'ed-
       Nine girls, one from each mir ror- contest . \•otine for king, who is                                                            call at the Registrar's office fo r        uesday at 12 :30 in the Stage Roo m
    ity, will be competing for the supposed to represent the "idea ;" a tote for king . over fifty pr ize .~
                                                                                                                                        their scholarship cards . These          ' +'t the Brock . Anyone who is in -
    crown Voting takes place at the college student, Fill take place at r featuring; a tin' (ape donated i s
                                                                                          R . .1, Pop irk offered in the rafl'Ic . ?    should ke signed by their in-            ! tct•c s , ed is Rdl(pnte .
    Mard, (Ira ,fan .               and Di at the' the pep maet,
    ('ontmaciui'• .                                   .an all-star program it being at• .     Dance tI het .. fur' the Match           structors for the       second    ter m                     3      3
                                                                                                                                                                                       PHYSICS SOCIETY inertia ;:
       'r' ;,c gur ' •,! n (anc .ida+te, tire : an ranted by (leoft t)ewcs to keep ,(lras will go on sale this 'fhursdaay 1             and returned to the accountin g             I2 : :tn Thurs ., Jac . s . in 1'irr :ie :;
    (Ira ('u b'horn, Alpha Omicron P1 ; the audience happy while waiting at the :\\IS office During noo n                                                                           _('1 . i ► r . \\arret' gr ill speak o n
                                                                                                                                        office so that cheques may b e
    Jcuse~ Welsh, Delta Gamma : ; Gail to tee the queen candidate . The' hour's they with al-o be on gat e                                                                         "Atomic Research at I"1 ;(' ." Fiery -
                                                                                                                                        issued .
    Dodd, . Alpha 1 .lelta Pi : lrit Gold Arn)oiriet whit he transtor'twed tblat did eent :sme to t!r« (.'ateteri a                                                                late is tr«•icur u

     Page 2                                                                               THE' UHYS'SEY                                                                                     Tuesday,„ Jawuaxy- 6, 1953

          Authorized as second class mail, Post Office Depnrtmpnt, Ottawa .            Editor, the Massey,                                  Editor, the Ubyssey,                        containing a Dutch passport . Con .
           Student subscriptions . $1 .20 per year (included in AMS tees) . Mal l      Dear Sir :                                           Dear Sir :                                  tents are of great sentimental
      ;uh ;criiitlons, $2 .00 per year . Single copies 'five cents . .Publishe d                                                              While attempting legitimate us e          value . High reward on return t o
                                                                                          I was much aWused (and seine-
      thrnnghout the -University year by the Student Publications Board o f                                                                 of my telephone, I chanced to be .
      the Alma Mater Society, University of British Columbia . Editoria l             what saddened) to read Bob Loos •                                                                 the Dutch Consulate (TA 2920 )
                                                                                                                                            come witness to a remarkabl e               or Arts office UBC, AL 1191 . Eve-
      )pinion . expressed herein are those of the editorial staff of the Ubyssey ,    more's comments on the curren t
     and not necessarily those of the Alma Mater Seelig) , or of th e                                                                       conversation, whose elements I              nings AL 0667R .               (3 1
      ('niversity .                                                                   prosecution of two prostitute s                       consider must be reported to th e
           Offices in Brock'llalt                     hor display advertisin g        Vancouver. Obviously Mr . Loos •                     general reading public ,
               Phone A1 .ma 1624                          Phone Alma 325 3                                                                                                              WOULD THE iST1t1DF NT WH O
         EDITOR-IN-CHIEF	                                 JOE SCHLESINGE R            more's knowledge of the law i s                        "Is it true what my Johnny' s              was so kind as to give me a ride
           Executive Editor, Ed Parker ; Feature Editor, Elsie Corbat : ' Cit y       meagre and nobody will condem n                      Ubyssey paper says about th e                from Acadia Road to the Blanca
       :liter . Myra (keen ; News Editor, Ron Sapera : Women's Editor . Fi n
      McNeil ; Circulation .Manager, Marlon Novak ; Editorial Assistant ,             him for this .                                       athletic setup in high schools ?             loop on Sunday, Dec . 28, after -
     Vaugan Lyon : Staff Photographer, Hux Lovely .                                                                                        Why, the December 2 issue seem s             noon, get in contact with me at
           Editor this Issue	                               Peter Sypnowic h             But what he is to be condemned '                  to suggest deal. the committee s             the Arts office of 'UBC, ' since I
           Deskmen	                                Marion Novak, Mike Ame s           for is writing upon a subject abou t                 pick the wrong people for vale •             possibly left my black purse i n
           Feature Reporter	                                  Vaalerte .Garftti n
                                                                                                                                           able player awards and all-star
           Letters to the Editor should be restricted to 130 words . The Ubysse y     which he knows so little, an d                                                                    his car and there is no address
     reserves the right to cut letters and cannot guarantee to publish al l           thus cannot be in a position t o                     athletic teams . "                           in it .                        (3 1
     letters received ,                                                                                                                                                                                N.
                                                                                      e:cpreas an opinion upon . Mr .                         "I've been following that Buda y
                                                                                      1 .00stnore feels the 30o name s                     business . Mrs . J .t from my littl e        TAPFLiT SWISS ATTE,NHOFE R

                                                                                                                                                                                        complete with steel edges, plasti c

     Socreds                                                                          "ln the little black book" should                    Emma's paper, and I almost thin k
                                                                                                                                           Mr . Wheatcropt         trying to Ri d       temporti safety harness and
                                                                                      be made public, What possibl e                                                                    cables . Last year's skis in excel -
                                                                                                                                           his readers . Did you see any refer-
            A "slip of the tongue" by one of the fqunding members                     good this would achieve the doe s                    ence to Buday's athletic honor s             lent condition .               (32 )
       of the UBC Social Credit Club has brought the movemen t                        not state . Obviously it could d o                   in Whalen's letter? "
       on this campus, only a few days after its resurrection, int o                  a great deal of harm—and serv e                                                                   CHEMISTRY C O A C H I N G --
                                                                                                                                               "No . but i suppose they coul d
                                                                                      no purpose,                                                                                       Money-back guarantee of passing ,
       a controversy which the party has busily been dodging eve r                                                                          have censored out that part of th e
                                                                                                                                            letter . is fore publication . Anyway ,     AL 1547, 4595 W . 6th .     (36 1
       since its recent invasion into B .C.                                              In   Mr. Loosntore's words--"Thi s
                                                                                                                                            I'm surprised they picked Buda y
                                                                                       brings us back to the Judge an d                    rut' awards so many years ; do yo u          FRENCiI WEAK? COACHIN G
       - The B .C. Social Credit party has up t o now disclaimed
                                                                                       the police" Why the Judge? Ho w
       any connection with racism in general terms . It has never                                                                           suppose the committee wil e                 in grammar and conversation b y
                                                                                      could he make the names public ?
                                                                                                                                            bribed? My , . , . "                        former UI3(' lecturer, Past suc-
       bothered to repudiate not only the historic ravings of on e                    'W'hy should be ,do such a thing ?                                                                cesses with students . Reasonabl e
       Major Douglas, founder of the movement, alsoat the siniste r                   Even Mr. t .00tlmore must kno w                        Mrs ,1 finished her sentence in            rates, Univeralty area . Pim a
       role of Jewish international bankers", but also the more                       that it is a judge's function t o                    hushed tones .                               Mrs . i.eGall, Alma 0948L     (4 1
                                                                                      impartially adjudicate betwee n
       recent pronouncements of the party's present nationa l                         the parties before him---never t o                      "Uh," began the other.
       leader Mr . Salon Low, who in 1946 had this to say about th e                  assist in the prosecution or dabbl e                    "My Johnny's disgusted wit h
                                                                                                                                                                                         30 YEARS OF SERVIC E
       woes of the world :                                                                                                                 the whole thing," continued Mrs .
                                                                                      In some other case not befor e                                                                     TO THE UNIVERSITY OF
                                                                                      hint at the time .                                   J . "and he c'an't see why th e
              "The same group of international gangsters who ar e                                                                          paper doesn't think of somethin g               'BRITISH COLUMBIA,

         today scheming for world revolution are the sam e                                Mr . Lonsniote wants to I :no w                  new to print, '                                    ITS FRATERNITIE S
                                                                                      it the police are trying to get en y                    "i suppose the exams are woe -                  AND SORORITIES .
         people who promoted the world war . . . Are you aware                        evidence against the :tu0 citizens .                 Vying the students . "
         that these arch-criminals are responsible for the econ-                      \ tow just how v1'multi the polic e                     "Yes, and will you look at th e
                                                                                                                                                                                          THERE'S A REASO N
         omic chaos and suffering of the hungry 30's, for financ-                     go shout getting evidence of :400 0
                                                                                                                                           petty bickering? The way the y
         ing Hitler to power, for promoting World War II wit h                        crime Iihe this , thought t) ~1a 1                   am-g i lt' (nor trivialiti( et 011 th e
                                                                                      b e ryl comm i tted some time in th e                .I)orts page . nudity is the mee t
         its tragic carnage? Do you know that there is a clos e
                                                                                      past with nothing more to go ot ,                    1'alnahle player, which does no t
         tie-up between international communism, internationa l                       than that they found a book wit h                    necessitate he is the hest . limp . "
         finance and international political Zioniisna, "                             come mut e s written in it ?                            "1In ha, isn't that a scream? '
                                                                                                                                           And do you know that Jles . K                             STATIONERY AN D
            This melting pot of terms is, of course, as nonsensica l                     Ilu1vcould the prosc'cntio n
                                                                                                                                                                                                     PRINTING CO . LTD.
       as the now famed Goebbel aan adjectival string of illogic- -                   Prose anything against the i r
                                                                                      "customers'  fray, enlighten its ,                                       C . Swanson ,
        "judeo-holshevist capitalistic . "                                                                                                                        Grad student .
                                                                                      Bell ,
            Whatever denials Social Credit headquarters has issue d                     The collnnnist'e explanation fo r
       in the past may have convinced quite a few people, but th e                    the lack of diligence on the nlu' t
       tact remains that, even though these statements may b e                       ut the authorities is that "prOtmtll-                       The Pith/k Service Of Ca .,.
      sincere, they have certainly not daunted that section of th e                   eut" citizens are involved . Ho i s
                                                                                                                                                                   Offers Careers i n
                                                                                     concerned about the double .tain-
      populace to which anti-semitism is still an attractive battle -                                                                              ACCOUNTIN G
                                                                                     dard, referring to "prominen t                                                                          GEOGRAPH Y
      cry, and has flocked to the party and will continue to do s o                  citizens" and "ordinary mortals."
                                                                                                                                                   AGRICULTUR E                              GEOLOG Y
                                                                                                                                                   ARTS (CLERICAL )                          MATHEMATIC S
       until Social Credit leaders resolve to make a firmer an d                     Of course there is a doubt .' s t u n                         CHEMISTR Y                                MEDICIN E
      ►newt resolute break with the movements' anti-Semitic past .                   dent . Very obviously it. would d e                           ENGINEERIN G                              PHYSIC S
                                                                                     a great deal more harts to a boss .                           FORESTRY                                  SURVEYIN G
                                                                                     mess man, a social worker or a

     The Clanging Gate                                                               minister I11ith his anttreligiou e
                                                                                     bias I know Ito( won't niind in-
                                                                                     cluding the latter), to have iri s
                                                                                                                                                                   SUMMER EMPLOYMEN T
                                                                                                                                                                    provides an introductio n
                                                                                                                                                             APPLY BEFORE JANUARY 12, 195 3
           Now that winter is here again pressure from the un-                                                                                               Fie . information visi t
                                                                                     name exposed than a labourer o r
      natural alliance of organized labor and the Union National e                   an unknown or a vagrant . \\' 1 ! v                              PERSONNEL & PLACEMENT BUREA U
      has forced the federal government to soft-pedal its immigra-                   punish one man infinitely mor e
                                                                                                                                                               Hut M7, U .B .C .
      tion campaign for the season . This has been the usua l                        than another .for the same ar yl                                                              or
      pattern in the last few years . However, at present it seem s                  Moreover, there is not evidenc e                                  Civil Service Commission District Offic e
                                                                                     4o tat' that any act was commit r ed .
      that this seasonal standstill may devolve into a prolonge d                                                                                  6th Floor — 1110 West Georgia Street, Vancouver B .C .
                                                                                     Perhaps, stole this thought or-
      era of further restrictions on immigration .
                                                                                     eurred to the police also .
           The chronic fear of unemployment and the bitte r
                                                                                          Ot' course nobody is fooled b y
      memories of the depression seem to overshadow the fac t                         the I,00smore's opening 'm'a'ke .
                                                                                                                                             EUROPE -student Tour s
      that our .present prosperity rests solely on the accelerate d                  All this business ahmitt prostitute s                                   73 DAYS — $1230
      digging of our exhaustible resources But even in thes e                        is jest "a hoot in the door to dis-                    June 6 — Sail one class S .S . Groote Beer, chartered b y
      days of expansion we are saddled with the problem of mat-                      cuss the ,'tits of the capitalist i                        Holland American Line, from New York .
      ketin : ; out wheat, our (umber and salmon simply becaus e                     . 1' 4tt'ml and holy I A' 11 11001' e('OtO)lll II '       EUROPE BY MOTOR! Holland, Brussels, the Rhine ,
                                                                                     slave,; have to sell ourselves' ii c'1' )                 Bavarian Castles, Austrian Tyrol, Italian Dolomites ,
      we lack the population fol' a healthy and well-balance d                       s,1ys wee:thud . himself 1, ti )
                                                                                                                                               Venice, Rome, the Hill Towns, Florence, Italian an d
                                                                                                                                               French Rivieras . French Alps, Switzerland, Paris . Scot -
      economy .                                                                      fire a tooesiti .' . of lire . I mere '                   land, English Lakes, Shakespeare Country, Devon, th e
           We forget that an economy ;uch as nurs, relying heavil y                  cease to he II lnazeii at the IIII lt e                   West Country, London ,
     on the export potentlalltiee o a fe'vv staples, can easily b e                  trick of Socialists of heiu ,t;' 'th! e                Aug . 10 — Sail from Southampton one class on S .S .
                                                                                     to t11ist 1(tt' subject al'01.1101 til t                   'ttroute Beer .
     tweet lit the slightest tremor of world market :, and that, i n                 the nrgltulellt boils down to ct :,i .                 Aug . l ; — Arrive New York .
     att'tlliitlllg to prevent unemployment by stemming immlgt ' ,a -                0111 ;11 1
      iotl, we arc exposing ourselves to a chronic state of depen-                                                                                           72 DAYS — $119 4
                                                                                        From sex to sill . f!'Onl prustitu •                June 11 — Sail tourist class from Montreal S .S . Ascania .
     dency on foreign customer s
                                                                                     tion to I)rml 'its it doesn't tnattur ,                   Scotland, English Lakes, Chester, Shakespeare Country ,
           The proccs ., of integration OI immigrants may not be a e                 anytllinc hill serve , \\'( . will en d                   North and South Devon, London, Holland, Belgium, Ger •
     easy one The 1'eWard, however . should be well worth th e                       up with Karl Marx tinyhoe, se e                           many (the Rhine and Black Forest), Switzerland, Italia n
                                                                                                                                               Lakes . Venice, Rome, Hill Towns, Florence, Italian an d
     transitory pally .                                                              b y ti night's paper that the .ltp n                      French Rivier'as . Park .
                                                                                     mcse ('ro11'u Prime is ) p ing t )                     Aug . 13 — Sail from Le Havre S .S .Samaria, tourist class .
           The federal government has committed itself to :i                         post : through 6"amcbuter anon .
                                                                                                                                            Aug . 21 — Arrive Quebec .
     realistic and manageable immigration policy . Its presen t                      I,et s :we what you eau de wit h
     vacillations are, we hope, only e temporary pheno :nene n                       that (Ale hut '                                                        ask for detailed itineraries
                                                                                                                                                    UNIVERSITY TRAVEL CLU B
     motivated by what seems to be considered, alse, as neees-                                               tan Seymour .
                                                                                                                                                      5i Bloor St . West, Toronto, Kingsdale 5094 -
     sar'y pre-election ma :zone uverirg                                                                                                                  Management ; J . F . d G . H . Luca s

      ~'t}ed~►~, January 6, 1953                                                                                                                                   P*ge S

     EZRA i sIN             AT R 'PT
                   ai. to + - „ys y       'Y ,M-

         The                           P ost                le a
          Well, children, if you 'll put down that hangover and those
     exam marks and gather around . uncle Ezra, you will be en-
     lightened on Jack Pomfret ' s current vaudeville show playing
     at the gym these lovely winter weekends entitled "How Ever -
     green is My Valley " or "Basketball Can Be Beautiful . "
         Playing the lead in the show are a chorus line of sprightl y
     Thunderbirds with lovely legs who will be showing their heel s
     to various squads from Bellingham, Puget Sound, Ellensburg ,
     Tacoma and maybe even the cheap watch counter of Eiler s
     Jewellers .
          Playing the villian in the production this week will he a
     dastardly group of stringbeans from Seattle Pacific College wh o
     will flit briefly onto the stage Thursday and Friday nights .
     Climax of the show will come Friday night with Seattle Pacifi c
     like Little well, fleeing across the ice with UBC bloodhound s
     snapping at her . . . but back to the gym .
          Director of the phantasmagorical extravanza (that shoul d
     fool the printers) is the immortal Sultan of Sweat, Richard Q .
     Penn. Cecil B dePenn has arranged a stupendous show to back
     up the Thunderbird bump and grind act, including a canine wh o
     can sink six free throws in a fow and who has a hook-shot tha t
     makes George Mikan look like a volleyball player handing ou t
     the laundry .
         Stealing the sbbw bf `course will be our darling Birds, Th e
     comeback of the Thunderbirds this year has been equalled only ,
     by Rita Hayworth 's return from the land of the Khans .

          Pomfret's boys have already doubled last year's win colum n         PISPLAY1NG THE FORM which made him a star with the Sadler Wells ballet group, a
     and just could be a going concern in the Evergreen-with-scholar-         Globetrotter pirouettes past Ernie Nyhaug for a rebound . The Harlem playboys delighte d
     ships loop . Mr . Pomfret has a small but fast team who never            5,006 fans as they romped with the Birds Friday night .       ---t'hyssey Photo by Mx Lovely

     quit and who fight for every loose ball . The boys work smoothly
     together and the discrepancy between the starting line-up an d
     the bench strength is not too bad, allowing Jack to throw hi s
     reserves in there without chewing his fingernails off up to hi s
     elbow .
          One weakness, which has not hurt the Birds as yet, bu t
     undoubtedly will as the season goes on, is the lack of an objec t
     about 6'6 ” high, approximately seven inches wide, with hand s
     like pitchforks and whose habitat is found In the general vicinit y
     of the bucket .
          Pomfret and his assistant, Barry Lowes, practically sit righ t
     clown and weep copious tears into the water bucket everytim e
     they think of Geoff Craig gaily dunking baskets for Ron Weber' s
     gang of fish-packers . By fouling out to exams, big Geoff added
     exactly 17 grey hairs to Pomfret's dome and subtracted exactl y
     S263 .48 in gate receipts from MAD's piggy bank .                                                                                                                       .
          Geoff will be back next year, possibly with his mate, Ro n
     Stuart, but until then Pomfret has been spiking his boys' milk -
     shakes with Mexican jumping beans .
         But don't get the idea that the pivot spot on the Birds i s
     standing there with its bare face hanging out . A fellow named
     Ernie Nyhaug is doing very well, thank you .
          Ernie, only two years out of high school, played senior B
                                                                              SHOWING THAT THE HOLIDAY LAYOFF did them no harm, B .C .'s top rugger squad ,
     ball. in New Westminster last year . Any time you can ste p
                                                                              the UBC Thunderbirds, trounced North Shore All-Blacks 14-3 Saturday . Laithwaite ' s
     from the rough and tumble Senior B circuit into a starting spo t
                                                                              scrum on the right heels out the lop-sided haggis,         l'hyv :"y H ;Oc h :. flue Loy n .
     on the Birds you've got (if you'll pardon the expression) some -
     thing on the ball . Ernie is not particularly tall, but he's strong ,
     cvan really fake, has a good variety of shots and can pop the m
     in from either inside or outside .                                          IIIIIIIIIIIlII111IIIII 111111 II I
           So far the system Pomfret has been using hasn ' t ne''essi-            Rich dark chocolat e
      tated having a bucket man who can consistently rack up doubl e
      figures, but it will be in holding other stringbean hook artist s           with roasted almonds
      that the trouble is going to come . Big boys like Woodman o f
      Western can become an awful nuisance as the season goes along .
           Backing up Ernie are Jim Carter and George Seymour .
      Carter, who finished up last season with the Birds, has a goo d
      hook shot and need .; lots of experience in that pivot spot . He ' :,
      improving all the time and his 6'4" adds a lot of needed heigh t
      to the line-up .
           Seynu)ur, a reconverted forward, has moved up from th e
      Jayvees . George has a deadly jump shot from the top of th e
      key hut, like Jim, needs more experience .
           In the forward positions Pomfret has John McLeod and Bo b
      Bone. McLeod, the big ex-University Hill flash, looks like on e
      of the Birds' most consistent scorers . Up from Jayvees, the 6'4 "
     IsoUthpaw has a good one-hander Isom outside and it take ; a
       bazooka to stop him when he is driving for the hoop . A goo d
      two-wily player . John clears the boards at one end and is fas t
      enough to et, : downfloor on it fast break ,
            (Continued on Page 4—See "The Compost Heap' .)

                                                                                              THE UBYSSEY                                                                     Tuesday, January 6, 1 t 3
        Page 4

        UBC Grad Makes Good                                                                   SOCRED S                                           talg' arian s UBCRetur n
                                                                                                  (Continued from Page 1 )
        Gets Navy Commissio n                                                              pus without . Social 'Creditors them -
                                                                                           selves having a chance at rebuttal . " Stuns Local Citizen s
                                                   A UBC graduate of last year NOT CONSERVATIVE S                                     Vancouver citizens were alarmed . easy a matter it would be for th e
                                                has received a commission i n .President Roy Trimble, a forme r Sunday morning by the appear- exasperated conductor to detac h
                                                the United States ' navy.                  C('F member, remarked that th e ance in the CPR station of thirt y the coach ,
                                                                                           group resented being tagged asi red eyed creatures carrying larg e              Lacking nothing in Western,
                                                   Edward J . Rankin has been giv- Conservatives .                                f note cases, trunks and paper bags . particularly C'alg'ary, spirit, th e
                                                en the punk of ensign at the U S               "Social Creditors are diametric .' This extraordinary exodus wa s traits was carefully decorated wit h
                                                Navy's only officer training schoo l ally opposed to the Conservative found to be the returning Calgar y chalk at Siemens with such
                                                                                           monetary policy," said Trimble,         Student Special suffering fro m slogans us "Calgary, sunshin e
                                                at Newport, Rhode Island .
                                                                                                                           : Wil- Christmas celebrations end an ex . city• "
                                                                                               Others on the executive are
                                                   Commissions ''w ere given to 77 7 Liam Thompson, secretary ; Vincent hausting night of Intellectual d1s -
                                                                                                                                                                           Stan Bolter and Ritchie Mc -
                                                enlisted men after a rigorous fou r Venables, 1st vice-president ; John c'usaious ranging from the deter.
                                                                                                                                                                       ' Innes, originators of the train, led
                                                month's course .                           Redekop, 2nd vice-president ; John nttnatlon of morals to the thorny the singing which, though boister-
                                                                                                                                   question of who likes UBC an d
                                                                                           Murdock, publicity.                                                           ous on the way to Calgary,
                                                  Graduates of ..t .he tr aining schoo l                                           ~~ sty e
                                                                                           FEW ALBERTANS
                                                serve aboard all types of naval l Of the group only two members                       Songs, sailors, Seagram" an d dwindled to a mere speck on the
                                                                                                                                                                         return trip .
                                                craft such as mine sweepers an d are from Alberta . Three o(, th e shifting seats idled to the general
                                                                                                                                                                           Silence please , that gently snor -
                                                ice breakers . Some will serve a s students are In law, One in theology jolity of the train, creating th e
                                                jet pilot ::, frogmen and demolitio n and another in ;rte,                         atmosphere of a three-ring circu s ing soul was once a fiery Calgar•
                                                experts, as well es liason officer s                                               and causing one to wonder ho g fan .
                                                                                               The enthusiasts said they ba d
                                                in Korea .                                 all hoped for earlier formation o f
                                                                                           the group "but we pever managed               THE COMPOST HEA P
                                                                                           to get together hetore ."                                     (Continued from Page Three )
        Square Dancers To ' Make                                                               Explaining their intention," of
                                                                                           "saving the country from bureau -
                                                                                                                                            At the other forward slot is Bob Bone, a 6'2" player via
                                                                                                                                                                                       . A good scorer i n
                                                                                           trues',' members' said they desired ' Magee, Clover Leaf Inter A's and Jayvees
        Charles Atlas, Helen Tro y                                                         to cure the stagnation and combat his own right, this year Bob has been content to set up th e
                                                                                           the Ignorance of intelligent stn- second post in Pomfret's cutting system and has been an out -
                               By KATHIE McDOWELL                                         s dents• on the campus ." standing defensive man so far . He never stops hustling and ,
               All right, so you have two left feet . Well, maybe we can't STEINSON ILLITERAT E                                     like John, has four years of eligibility ahead of him .
                                                                                               (questioned on their opinion o f
        make a Valentino out of you, BUT you car become a square !                                                                          Two returning Birds, Buzz Hudson and Gundy McLeod, add
                                                                                           Liberal Club president Doug Stei n .
        dancer .                                  -- — - -                                                                                                       . Buzz, from Victoria and University o f
                                                                                      - sort's parody of Social Credit earlie r experience to the line-up
                                                        more tun Was Besides week
          Right now, getting exam results have of the club than . any other sec - In September, some of the execu- Washington frosh, has plenty of drive while Gundy, from Uni-
        from an . directions, you feel ns !Lly practices, we give demonstra - tive members remarked "that Stein - versity Hill, YMCA and Jayvees, has an accurate one-hander
        mach like square dancing as Yo't tions in all parts of Vancouver, sots is a nice fellow but is some . from the outside .
        feel like sprouting wings . Rut we North Vancouver, New Westmin- times illiterate . "
        guarantee we can make every amlc ate . and the Fraser Valley . Also wed                                                             Brian Upson and Danny Zaharko, both returning lettermen ,
                                                                                               "Ile who throws mud gets hi s run the team from their guard positions . Upson, looking like hi s
        int o) a carbon copy of ('itarles At . have parties"'! quite regularly . hands dirty," quipped one s ocia l
        gas and every female into a siesta These usually happen after demon• Creditor .                                            trouble which more experience will correct .
        of Troy- in two rautbtlncttuu ; hour : sh•atlona .
        a week .                                                                               Speaking, on overall policy n e n - crew in their games so far . An ex-YMCA player, Brian can
                                                   I ' vortices ai'e hell) every Wednes- hers agreed that equal rights fo r score from practically any spot on the floor and steady's th e
        FESTIVAL TO BE HELD                     day at ti pan . in lint C4, starting alt and special benefits to . one, " Birds when they get rattled .
           And '•hat's ""e . if you arc tomorrow
                                                             . We extend an invita-' would sutn up the position of : "h l                   Zaharko, from Duke of Connaught, is one of the most
        under 20 . w'e will tratu you for the Lion to all, even ex-Taunu•acket•s•         ! Credit .
        annual Square Dance Festival t o                                                                                            under-rated players on the Thunderbird squad . Smooth and
        be held In Haney in May . Me pla n                                                                                          deceptively fast, he makes everything look easy .
        to have tryouts on a six-weeks
        basis in which time yap will b e
                                                  Hudson ' s Bay Co .                      Freshman Awarded                                 Backing up these two are a couple of driving ex-Jayvees,
                                                                                                                                   Gary Taylor and Herb Forward . Taylor, from Powell River, is
        trained, drilled and slave-driven
        into a glowing, graceful dancer of        Offers Graduates Navy League Bursary         Roy Inouye, a 21-year-old UH( ' fast, has a good shot and needs only to overcome his nervousness
        squares . Festival dancers will be             K                                   student has w•on a Navy Leagu e to win a regular berth . Forward, always hustling, has the same
        chosen on ability to learn, natural                    Seholarsh~ps              ;scholarship to the University Nov - old self after a bad year, has been the sparkplug of Pomfret's
        grace, dependability, ability to re -      Applications may now be made ! aI Training DIVision here to stud y                              GAV WILL BE JACK'S XMAS CHEE R
        member and ability to listen to th e for two Hudson's Ray Company for a naval commission . Ire is a
                                                                                                                                            One  of the nicest Christmas presents for Pomfret was Gav
        caller.                                 scholarships the company announc- first year Arts student who plan s
    •   NEW MEMBERS                             ed Thursday .                              to go into architecture .               Dempster sliding down the chimney with a basketball clutche d
           Uf3C has won the Grand Charm) . i Scholarships are for one year i n                                                     in each hand . Dempster, with the Jayvees last season, didn' t
        kinships for throe years In "traces• the United Kingdom of post grad-                                                      play ball in the first term, but when he does—watch out. An
        eson and we hope to take It again Hate study in Advanced Busines s U of Montreal's Blood all-round player and one of the outstanding shots at UBC ,
        this year . This includes the whole Adtninlstrution .                                                                                                                       five a battle for thei r
        Pacific Northwest . Our o w n              Hudson's Bay Company created Saves Canadian Hono r Dempster will give any of the starting
                                                                                               y UN'TRLA1 . — (CUPi — FLU). - position .
        dancers get too old to compete so the scholarships In 1945 on the l m. Descent of the s t
                                                                                                                      udents o C
        each year we have to get new occasion of the 275th anniversary to
                                                                                           the University of Montreal hav e
        dancers .                               of the founding of the company .
           In addition to all these wonder.        Applinants may obtain detaii .i donated blood `in a recent drive .
                                                                                               In a front page article, "Le
        fnl advantages of square ,dancing, front Dean Gages' office or throug h
                                                                                           Warder Latin ." the U of M stu-
        the Dance Cltrh has given us a the company's downtown depa'r't -                                                              Owv•~ N . POP P
                                                                                           dent rlew'spaper rang with suc h
        grant for new costumes .                went store .
        LOTS OF FUN                                Scholarships should be of in - phrases wars "Whatever were th e                    1178 wilt MIMTN Stll " Ne t
           Rat the best thing about square terest to students in 1':conomie e apprehensions of the Editor, Eng-                       ANN t ~e~ l S .I .$. has lW 1 1
        dancing is that it is fun . Not just and Political Science as well a s lish blood will not save the rac e
                                                                                             . . once again the honor of French .
        fun, but FUN . We think that we ('onnnerce .
                                                                                           Canada is saved . "

        Filmsoc Announces Film s
                                                                                                                                          Save Wisely TODAY . .
        For Spring Term Showin g
              Filni Society will open its 1 l) i : ', shown as a regular 'i'nesday pres-
                                                                                                                                                       for TOMORRO W
        iseason with its !f irst regular 'I'ues- entation on Jan, II . .' s this nove l
        da .y preseatatiens today in th e
                                                       is on the English 200 course, all
         boleti) . At noon there will be a                                                                                                Consult any of the following Sun Life Representa-
                                                    ; students presently taking th e
         free        show' featurin g she filllls course or intending to lake it nea t                                                    tives who have had wide experience in budgetin g
                                          Ray," told,
        "North to 11mison' s
                                                       year are particularly advised t o                                                  your income to meet essential insurance needs :
        "Animals Unlimited . "
                                                       take advantage of this rare oppor-
             'I'lie AIIIJI comedy "'T'he Yello w tunity ,
         l'ah \I :,u" . starring Red Skelto n
        :aid l ;lori-i 1)ella vets will he shown Online ; the '_'-hour break on 'I'hars -                                                                JACK PEARSO N
         st : : :45, ti, and S :15 p .m . The admix- day, .Tan . 15, Film Society will hold
        mien price will be _'a cents to stu - a special presentation in aid o f                                                           LARRY WRIGHT                    J . R . BRANDON
         lit'at.s and staff . '!Hits filar is guar the B .C . Polio Fund . The film wil l
         ;tutted to cheer up any students !                 Rudyard Kipling's "Soldier ,
         who have become saddened by Ilie' Three" starring Wafter Pidgeon .                                                                     ROYAL BANK BLDG ., VANCOUVE R
         marts from 'brisUnas Exaniin                  Stewart Granger, and David Niven .
        thin : .                                            program will begin at 12 :3 0
             'I ' lle movie adaptation of Jnne and will end iii time for 2 :30 le , .
         . . "star, immortal Ilviei, "Pride , tgirt` Adnu' ., il•a will la•. 20 Pent`'           PAcific 5321
        and Prejudice" stirring Greer Gar- and the entire proceeds will b e                                             SUN LIFE SFCANADA
        sou ; nd Lawrence Olivier, will oe given to the B .C . Polio Mud .