SCOPE Installation and material of protective pipe coatings shall by ryo17749


									                                          Installation Standard
                                       PROTECTIVELY COATED PIPE

                                              IAPMO IS 13-2003

1.0       SCOPE
                                                                       covered by this standard shall be
          Installation and material of protective pipe                 labeled with the designated IAPMO
          coatings shall comply with this Standard                     certification mark; and
          and the current edition of the Uniform                   (i) Any other required markings. [UPC

                                                  Tape. Tape for field applications should
          Plumbing Code [UPC]TM, published by the                      301.1.2]
          International Association of Plumbing and
          Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).                            be legibly marked at least every two (2)

Note: The following sections of the Uniform Plumbing
                                                                   feet (610 mm) with the manufacturer's

Code shall apply to protectively coated pipe.
                                                                   name and tape model identification.

                                                         2.2       Protection of Piping and Fittings
                                                         2.2.1     Field Joints. Field joints shall be made as
            301.2   Marking
            302.0   Iron pipe size (IPS) pipe
            310.0   Workmanship                                    follows, except as specified in 2.2.2. Clean
            311.0   Prohibited fittings and practices              and dry surfaces to be protected. [UPC
            313.5   Protection required                            313.0]
            314.0   Hangers and supports                           Step 1 Oil and grease, if present, shall be
            604.0   Materials – water piping                                removed with suitable non-oily
          609.3.1   Coated protection required                              type solvent such as Heptane or
           1210.0   Materials – gas piping                                  Trichlorethylene. Materials, such
           1211.6   Coated protection required and                          as kerosene and gasoline, shall
                    coating material approval required                      not be used.

                                                                   Step 2 For coated pipe, remove coating

2.1         Minimum Standards
                                                                            approximately 3 inches (76 mm)

2.1.1       Materials
                                                                            from end of pipe or from repair     Coating. Piping shall be coated by a
                                                                            area and bevel to expose shoulder
                                                                            of coating at area to be field
            listed coating applicator in accordance                         wrapped.
            with AWWA C203, AWWA C213, or                          Step 3 For taped pipe, remove tape and     Tape. Tape for field application shall
            AWWA C215.                                                      overwrapping so as to expose
                                                                            approximately 3 inches (76 mm)
            comply with PS 37, Black Plastic PVC or PE                      of pipe at area to be field
            Pressure-Sensitive Corrosion Preventive                         wrapped.     Primer. Primer for field application shall
            Tape.                                                  Step 4 For welded pipe, grind down
                                                                            sharp welds and weld spatter to a
            be compatible with the tape and be as                           minimum 1/8 inch (3.2 mm)

2.1.2       Markings
            recommended by the tape manufacturer.                           radius. Wire brush the weld area     Pipe. Protectively coated pipe shall be
                                                                            thoroughly taking care to remove
                                                                            as much mil scale and surface
            legibly marked at least every two (2) feet                      rust as possible. Remove any
            (610 mm) as follows:                                            loose or charred coating caused
            (a) Applicator’s name or trademark;                             during welding.
            (b) Pipe manufacturer's name;                          Step 5 Apply listed primer, as
            (c) Pipe standard designation i.e., ASTM                        recommended by the manu-
                 or API;                                                    facturer of the tape being applied,
            (d) Pipe material type i.e., black,                             over the protected area and
                 galvanized;                                                adjacent 1 inch (25.4 mm) of
            (e) Pipe size and schedule;                                     protected area.
            (f) Coating material;                                  Step 6 Spirally wrap listed tape by a half
            (g) Holiday test voltage;                                       overlap double wrap of minimum
            (h) Products listed by IAPMO that are                           10 mil tape stretched around the

IS 13                                                  OREGON PLUMBING SPECIALTY CODE

                fitting, thread, and other un-
                protected areas to provide a
                minimum 40 mil thickness. A
                maximum of two (2) inch (51
                mm) wide tape shall be used for

                Exception: Unless otherwise
                field application.

                listed by IAPMO, a maximum of
                one (1) inch (25.4 mm) wide tape
                shall be used on change of
                direction fittings for piping sizes
                up to and including two (2) inch
                (51 mm).
2.2.2   Other Methods.           Other materials
        approved for field joints or repair shall be
        applied      as   per     manufacturer's
        recommendations and the listing

2.3     Damage in Shipment. Coated piping
        shall be protected against damage in

2.3.1   Handling and Storage. Coated piping

        shall be handled and stored in a manner

2.3.2   Handling by Installer. Movement of pipe
        to prevent damage.

        from truck or into trench shall be done in
        such a manner as to avoid abrasion, or
        damage from dropping.

2.4     Backfill. All excavations shall be
        completely backfilled as soon after
        inspection as possible. [UPC 315.0]

2.5     Inspection. All coated piping shall be
        inspected and tested and any visible void,
        damage or imperfection to the pipe
        coating shall be repaired as to comply

2.5.1   Equipment. The equipment, material,
        with Section 2.2.

        and labor necessary for inspection or tests
        shall be furnished by the person to whom
        the permit is issued or by whom
        inspection is requested.

REVISED: 1975, 1978, 1982, 1984, 1991, 2000,


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