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    2010 MALSCE Convention Exhibit Space Rental Agreement
                                  For October 1, 2010 at The Delaney House in Holyoke, MA

Company: Provide information below as you like it to appear in the Convention’s Exhibitor Program






Company Repre sentative s: Exhibiting Companies are allowed two (2) designated representatives per booth reserved to staff their
exhibit. Please provide the names below:
    1) Primary Exhibitor (full name)

    Name for Badge

    Mailing Address



    2) Secondary Exhibitor(s) (full name)

    Name(s) for Badge

Exhibit Size: Check the applicable exhibit size and price

                       Non-Member            MALSCE Sustaining Member                     Fees

    Single Booth           $600                  $450
    Double Booth           $1,000                $750
    Triple Booth           $1,200                $900
    Number of Extra Lunch Tickets ($30 each)
    Total Cost/Payment

Payment: Please make check payable to MALSCE or enter your credit card number below.
          Visa        MC          AMEX      Card #:                                                      Exp. Date :

Space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Prepayment is required with this space rental agreement. Please fax
or email both sides of this sheet with credit card payment to 617/227 -6783 or You can also send the signed
agreement along with your check to: MALSCE, The Engineering Center, One Walnut Street, Boston, MA 02108 -3616
Exhibitor Program Listing: How you would like your company described in the Convention’s Exhibitor Program (fifty words or

                   Please read, complete and return page of thi s form                                       Page 1
   2010 MALSCE Convention Exhibit Space Rental Agreement
MALSCE agrees to:

       Furnish Exhibitor wit h space in the Exhibit Area of the 2010 MALS CE Convention on Friday, October 1,
        2010, at The Delaney House, 1 Country Club Road, Holyoke, MA 01040, telephone 413/532-1800,

       Provide Exhibitor with one (1) skirted table, two (2) chairs

       Provide Exhibitor with two (2) Friday lunch tickets and six (6) drink tickets will be included per full booth
        reserved (four lunch tickets and twelve drink tickets for a double booth, etc.). Additional lunch tickets may
        be purchased at a cost of $30 per ticket.

Exhibitor                                                        (insert company name) agrees to:

       Keep Exhibit Booth open from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Friday, October 1, 2010. Setup is Friday, October
        1 from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM. Breakdown is from at 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM on Friday.

       Confine the display to the 8’ x 6’ space reserved for this purpose and located in The Delaney House
        Living Room. Exhibit space will be assigned on Friday, October 1 as exhibit ors arrive for setup.

       Please indicate by checking the appropriate box below if you will require electrical service or another type
        of exhibitor services.
            Electrical Service
            Another exhibitor service. Please specify:

       Pay any expenses related to exhibiting at the 2010 MALS CE Convention including exhibitor registration
        fee, cost of exhibitor services, labor, moving, shipping and travel expenses, and the cost to repair any
        damage to The Delaney House facilities.
        The Delaney House, which has limited storage capacity, will not act as a storage agent or facility. All
        shipping, receiving and inside pickup or delivery of ex hibit materials must be coordinat ed in advance with
        The Delaney House E vent Consultant Chad Donnelly (413/534-7819, ext. 119). The Delaney House will
        only accept prepaid packages delivered within three (3) days of the Convention date. Any package
        delivered by C.O. D. will be refused by the Delaney House and no notification will be made by them to the
        shipper. All packages must be mailed to The Delaney House, 1 Country Club Road (Route 5), Holyoke,
        MA 01040, Attention; Chad Donnelly. The package’s mailing label must also contain: 1) return address;
        2) name of group (exhibiting company) and event (2010 MALSCE Convention) the package is associated
        with; 3) group contacts name and numbers (ex hibitor contact and MALS CE contact Rich Keenan,
        617/305-4110); 4) name of person that will call for package; and 5) date of arrival.

       Indemnify MALS CE and its representatives against any and all claims due to loss or damages to any
        person or property in the placing, exhibiting or removal of exhibits.

       To comply with local Fire Ordinances, the Exhibitor is responsible for removing all packing materials,
        crates, cartons, etc. from The Delaney House premis es prior to, during and after the initial setup.

       For more information or questions, contact Wendy Shapiro at 617/305-4113 or
        or Rich Keenan 617/305-4110.

I have read and agree to abide by the terms of this agreement.

Company                                       Signature                                     Date

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