HOW TO USE THIS TEMPLATE Introduction The template reflects the steps set out in the PRINCE2 Method and is designed to prompt the Project Manager and help in the creation of the Project Manda by rem12077




The template reflects the steps set out in the PRINCE2 Method and is
designed to prompt the Project Manager and help in the creation of the
Project Mandate. The information for the Project Mandate will be found within
the SU Process of the PRINCE2 Manual. There is also a Product Description
for the Project Mandate at Appendix A of the PRINCE2 Manual.

Loading the file

This template has been produced using Microsoft Word 97. To use it, load
up the file directly from the directory and starting from page 1 follow the
prompts (in [...] brackets).

Deleting the [....] text

When the template is complete, the whole Project Mandate document can be
printed and approved.

Prior to printing, you should delete all [....] prompt text.

Saving the Project Mandate document under its own name

Save the Project Mandate document by selecting the “SAVE-AS” command;
this will avoid overwriting the standard template. You must specify your own
Project Directory.

Once your Project Mandate Document is completed check the document
against the following Quality Criteria:

      Is the level of authority commensurate with the anticipated size, risk
       and cost of the project?

      Is there sufficient detail to allow the appointment of an appropriate
       Executive and Project Manager?

      Are all the known interested parties identified?

      Does the Project Mandate describe what is required?









Document Ref:

Version No:
                                       Insert Project Name
Project Mandate
                                                                   Date: 18 August 2010
1      Project Mandate History

1.1    Document Location
This document is only valid on the day it was printed.
The source of the document will be found on the project's PC in location

1.2    Revision History
Date of this revision:
Date of Next revision:

Revision    Previous     Summary of Changes                          Changes marked
date        revision
                         First issue

1.3    Approvals
This document requires the following approvals.
Signed approval forms are filed in the Management section of the project files.

Name                Signature                  Title                 Date     of Version

1.4    Distribution
This document has been distributed to:

Name                Title                                           Date     of Version

                                                                                  Page 2
                              Insert Project Name
Project Mandate
                                                    Date: 18 August 2010
2     Table of Contents


1 Project Mandate History                                                1
     1.1 Document Location                                      1
     1.2 Revision History
     1.3 Approvals
     1.4 Distribution

2 Table of Contents

3 Purpose

4 Authority Responsible

5 Background

6 Project Objectives

7 Scope

8 Constraints

9 Interfaces

10 Quality Expectations

11 Outline Business Case

12 Associated Documents

13 Proposed Project Executive and Project Manager

14 Customer and Users

15 [Other Information]

                                                                Page 3
                                    Insert Project Name
Project Mandate
                                                                      Date: 18 August 2010
Project Mandate

3      Purpose
[The information in the Mandate is used to trigger Starting Up a Project (SU). It should
contain sufficient information to identify at least the prospective Executive of the Project
Board and indicate the subject matter for the project. It will be used to create the Project

4      Authority Responsible
[State the Authority responsible for authorising cost and resource usage]

5      Background
[Explain the context of the project and what it was that suggested the need for it. State
whether the project will be a stand-alone activity to fulfil a particular business requirement
or whether it is part of a bigger programme]

6      Project Objectives
[Explain what the project is trying to achieve by stating its objectives which should be
measurable and defined in terms of the projects major deliverables, effort, cost,
tolerances and business benefits expected]

7      Scope
[Describe the major deliverables of the project along with specific products, which are
NOT part of the project. Describe the major dependencies (which impact on the project
during its life) and interdependencies, which will exist after implementation]

8      Constraints
[Describe the constraints within which the project must operate, e.g. there may be
constraints on the amount of resources available to the project or the location of the
project team]

9      Interfaces
[Describe any interfaces with the project both internal and external to the organisation
including any links to other projects or programme(s) of projects]

                                                                                     Page 4
                                    Insert Project Name
Project Mandate
                                                                   Date: 18 August 2010
10     Quality Expectations
[Define the Customers Quality Expectations with reference to the relative importance of
time, cost and quality of the product so that future decisions may be based on what factor
is paramount to the project’s success]

11     Outline Business Case
[State here the business justification for doing the project]

12     Associated Documents
[Make reference to any other earlier work that may include useful information, such as an
estimate of the project size and duration, a view of the risks faced etc]

13     Proposed Executive and Project Manager

14     Customers and Users
[Insert the names of all known users, customers and any other interested parties]

15     Other Information
[If the Project Mandate is based on earlier work, there may be other useful information]

                                                                                  Page 5

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