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                                                                                                            JUNCTION BOX TEMPLATE
Standard Connections                    Utility Housing Dimensions - 9" wide x 14" length x 4 3/4" Height
Clear Tubing, 1/4" (OD):                Angle Stops Connect to ½" Copper Pipe Stubs
Regulated (80 psi max) supply air
to delivery unit. For cart systems, a
“Tee” can be inserted to supply air
to closed water system.
Power Cord (3 Wire), SJTOW 18 ga.
Brown- Line, Blue - Neutral,
Yellow/Green - Ground

Optional Connections
Clear Tygon Tubing, 1/8" (OD):
Micro Irrigator Tubing (Multiple
Irrigator Systems are Color Coded)
Yellow Tubing, 1/8" (OD)
Air supply To Master On/Off
switch on the delivery unit from
unregulated port on air master shut-
off valve
Red Tubing, 1/8"(OD)
Air Signal From Master On/Off
switch in delivery unit

        Cart Style Units
Cart Umbilical:
Black/Silver Corrugated, 3/4" (ID)
Outer Umbilical Sleeve Cover
Cart Options
Blue Tubing, 1/8" (OD)
Regulated (40 psi max) water from
municipal water supply
Suction Instruments
Clear/Wire Tubing, 5/8" (ID)
Suction tubing to solids trap
Tube to Tube Union Barb 1/2" ID
Corrugated Tubing, 1 1/4" ID
Outer Umbilical Sleeve Cover

     Arm Mounted Units
Arm Umbilical
Sand Corrugated, 1 1/2" (ID)
Outer Umbilical Sleeve Cover
Standard Connections
Blue Tubing, 1/8" (OD)
Regulated (40 psi max) supply
water from water system
Arm Mounted Options
Black Tubing, 1/4" (OD)
Drive air from foot control to hand-
piece control block
Grey Tubing, 1/8" (OD)
Air signal from optional wet/dry
foot control to water relay
                                                                                                                     connect between city water and bottled water. This         irrigating and disinfectant solutions used in dentistry,
    INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS & RECOMMENDATIONS                                                                      model also includes an air/water master valve assembly     such as sodium hypochlorite. Check with your local
                                                                                                                     (see Figure 1.4-A.2). See Junction Box Template for        building codes to see which piping materials may be
                                                                                                                     explanations of tubings and color codes.                   used for suction lines.
General Set Up                                           An optional quick connect (Model 2744) can be
Cart systems require less installation as they can       ordered to allow easy disconnection of the air supply.                                        Optional Master          For cart systems, an optional quick connect is available
be simply unpacked and rolled into position. Arm         This is ideal for cart type systems, allowing carts to be             Master Valve            Valve for Water          to allow the suction hose to the cart to be disconnected.
mounted systems require more extensive installation      used in different operatories or for serviceability. The             for Air Supply               Supply               It comes with a 5/8" barb that plugs into the receptacle
due to adaptation to chair mounts or to wall/cabinet     quick connect uses a Parker brand 3/8" type which is                                                                   half and a blank plug to seal the outlet if the hose is
mounts and leveling of the systems. The systems are      commonly used in the dental industry for compressed                                                                    disconnected.
shipped with the instruments installed and only require  air. The 3/8" male quick connect is placed on the air                                                                  Pipe Junctions-Housings and Concealment
connection to compressed air, electrical, and vacuum     line to the cart and the 3/8" female quick connect is                                                                  It is recommended to cover the area where the pipe
if equipped with suction instruments. Accessory          place on the line to the air supply (see Figure 1.4-A.1).                                                              stubs and connections are made, to prevent them from
brackets or instruments that are built onto the sides    The back end of the quick connects have reducers to                                                                    being bumped into and to esthetically conceal them
may be shipped unattached and will need to be placed     adapt to the 1/4" tubing. NOTE: The quick connect                                                                      within the operatory. If computer systems or monitors
onto the system.                                         option is generally not viable for cart systems with the                                Red                            will be attached to the delivery system, it is advisable
Electrical Requirements                                  foot control run under the floor due to the number of                                                                  to have network cables or other types of connecting
The systems are equipped with a high grade rated SJT tubes that would need to be disconnected.                                Clear
                                                                                                                                                                                device cables, such as USB or monitor cables, run
power cord and Hospital Grade Plug. Arm mounted                                                                                                                                 through the same area as the plumbing to enable a
installations will require the plug to be attached after                                                                                   Figure 1.4-A.2                       management of all the various tubing, wires and cables.
installing the arms to the chair or wall mount. The plug                                                                                                                        Any housing type is acceptable and can even be custom
                                                                                                                     Suction Connections and Piping Recommendations made to complement the woodwork trim or cabinetry
is designed to be placed into a standard 115 volt 60 Hz
                                                                                                                     ASI supplies suction line tubing made from a special in the operatory.
outlet. Generally contractors will provide a duplex or
                                                                                                                     grade of material that is inert to common caustic
quadplex box that can be floor or wall mounted. For                                                                                                                             For chair mounted systems where the plumbing
                                                                                                                     irrigants and disinfectants used in dentistry. The suction
systems shipped outside of North America and 230                                                                                                                                exits the floor underneath the toe of the chair, it is
                                                                                                                     tubing has a 5/8" inside diameter (I.D.). Included with
volt 50 Hz, you will need to supply the correct plug                                                                                                                            recommended to purchase a junction box housing with
                                                                                                                     suction packages are PVC adapters to connect the 5/8"
per your country’s electrical code.                                                                                                                                             the same brand as the chair, which should complement
                                                                                                                     tubing to either 1/2" or 3/4" PVC pipe (see Figure 1.4-
IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT: Due to the                                                                                                                                               it’s color and shaping. If one is not available, you may
                                                                                                                     A.3). If using 1/2" copper pipe for suction, the tubing
sensitive nature of the electrical components installed                                                                                                                         purchase a generic version from ASI.
                                                                                                                     can simply be slipped over the pipe and clamped into
in the system, the electrical supply needs to be made                                                                place.                                                     For cabinet mounted systems, the plumbing stubs can be
to a dedicated AC circuit with an isolated ground                             Figure 1.4-A.1                                                                                    located inside the base of the cabinet. For installations
to provide line noise rejection and computer-grade Foot Control Tubing                                                                                                          where there is no cabinetry, it is recommended to have
electrical current.                                       (Side Delivery Recommendation)                                                                                        the plumbing and electrical run inside the wall between
Compressed Air                                            For carts or arm mounted systems that will be used in                                                                 two studs (similar to a recessed washing machine
The systems are provided with a standard dental air side delivery, it is recommended that conduit (pipe) of                                                                     connection box in households). A decorative trim
line for supplying compressed air to the system. The 3/4" or larger, be placed under the floor to allow the                                                                     panel can then be placed over the wall with cut-outs
air line is 1/4" outside diameter (O.D.) and has a 1/8" foot control tubing to run under the floor and exit out                                                                 for the umbilical lines. The location in the wall should
inside diameter (I.D.). The systems also include of the floor behind the base of the patient chair. This                                                                        be approximately 12" to 18" off of the floor and should
a combination master air supply assembly with eliminates having to pull the foot control out while                                                                              be near where the cart or arm mounted system will be
regulator and internal air filter, and a standard angle pulling the delivery system towards you. If this is                                                                     placed.
stop with a manual shut-off valve. The angle stop has impractical, carts may be equipped with an optional                                                                   SELF-CONTAINED SYSTEMS
a 5/8" compression fitting inlet to connect onto 1/2" foot control carrier bracket (Model 2739) that will hold                            Figure 1.4-A.3                    Systems that contain a built-in air compressor and/or
copper pipe. The outlet of the angle stop has a 3/8" the foot control while the cart is moved in and out.                                                                   vacuum pump do not require any installation and
                                                                                                                     RECOMMENDATION: PVC Pipe is recommended
compression fitting to accept the connector from the Water                                                                                                                  can simply be plugged into a standard wall or floor
                                                                                                                     for suction plumbing lines. Copper is not recommended,
master air supply. Air supplied to the system should be All systems include a closed water system standard.                                                                 electrical outlet.
                                                                                                                     as the copper can corrode from some of the caustic
oil-free and regulated to a standard dental unit pressure There is no need to connect to municipal water lines.
of 80 psi. The 1/4" air line is connected directly to the As an option, connection to city water can be provided                                                                                                                      05/05

master air supply assembly.                               by requesting a selector switch (Model 9776) to                      ASI
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