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									Date: _MARCH 20 2009 __________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________

To Whom It May Concern: Please send me a copy of my credit report. Full name: __NICOLE CORMIER ____________________________________ Date of birth: ___02/08/1972_________________________________ Social Security number: __436-19-4836__________________________ Spouse's name: __N/A________________________________ Telephone number: _______________________________ Current address: 222 BARKSDALE DR BROUSSARD,LA.70518_________________________________ _______________________________________________

[X ]

I was denied credit on ___________ by __________. Enclosed is a copy of the rejection letter.

[ ] I hereby certify that I am unemployed and intend to apply for a job within the next 60 days. [ ] I hereby certify that I receive public assistance/welfare. [ ] I hereby certify that I believe there is erroneous information in my file due to fraud. [ ] I have not been denied credit within the preceding 60 days. Enclosed is a copy of a document identifying me by my name and address and payment in the amount of $_______________.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, ________________________________________ Your signature

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F-23: Request Credit File

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