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					Start-Up Kit The Start-Up Kit is a step-by-step process for getting started. Needed forms are included in the Start-Up Kit.

Informational Documents Review the following before you start: * Notice To Users Of Consumer Reports: Obligations Of Users Under The FCRA. Summarizes your obligations under the FCRA. users.pdf

Open an Account Complete and return the following: * Agreement: Complete, sign, and return. agree.pdf NOTE: If you expect to order CA Workers' Comp reports. Please call the office. NOTE: Notify us if you expect to order Credit Reports. * Account Information: Complete both pages and return. acctinfo.pdf OR afacctinfo.pdf (fill-in-the-blank version) * FCRA Requirements: Sign and return. reqfcra.pdf * Access Security Requirements: Sign and return. reqacces.pdf

Applicant Documents Give a copy of the following to the applicant BEFORE you order a background check: * A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (applicant's rights): rights.pdf * Notice Required by California Civil Code Section 1786.16(a)2: canotice.pdf * Applicant Authorization and Release: release.pdf OR afrelease.pdf (fill-in-the-blank version)

Place an Order Send us each of the following when you place an order: * Employee Background Check Request: request.pdf OR afrequest.pdf (fill-in-the-blank version) * Applicant Authorization and Release

* A copy of the Job Application and/or Resume

Adverse Action Documents Give the applicant the following if he/she is to be denied employment or promotion based at least in part on information provided by A Matter of Fact: * A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (applicant's rights): rights.pdf * Sample Denial Letter: denial-letter.pdf

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