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					                                           2005 Annual Report

Promoting Adolescent Health & Well-being
Warm Greetings
Henry David Thoreau once said that it's not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. For
almost two decades, HiTOPS has seen possibility and promise when we have looked at the young
people in our community.
And when you, as a community, looked at HiTOPS, you have seen growth and potential - and the
world of possibility that can exist for teenagers and young adults when they are empowered to take
control of, and responsibility for, their own health and well-being.
When Catherine Parks Loevner looked at the possibility of establishing a fund to secure HiTOPS’
future, she envisioned a potential two million dollar endowment. This year, under her leadership
and with help from a dedicated endowment committee made up of staff and core leadership
volunteers Lisa D. Fischetti, Lesli Godfrey, Margaret Sieck, and Karen Mineo, the HiTOPS
Endowment Campaign reached the one million dollar mark!
When we looked at Cathy - and all she has done for HiTOPS - we saw our 2005 Guardian Award
recipient. She has been an active HiTOPS volunteer for many years, chaired and served on our
board from 1998-2004, and chaired the gala in 1997. Cathy's enduring presence as a HiTOPS
volunteer exemplifies the spirit of the Guardian Award.
Clearly, HiTOPS would not be where it is today without so many helping build the promise of what
could be. This past year, we conducted a feasibility study and listened to you carefully. Without
exception, you stressed that HiTOPS is needed, that you felt fortunate to have a resource like
HiTOPS in the community, and that HiTOPS is a “safe haven” for youngsters. Your insights and
our responses have been:
   1. Increase the visibility of HiTOPS
      • You have likely read more news articles about us, seen us at health fairs, parent meetings,
         and community gatherings.
      • We have built and strengthened partnerships with organizations like the Princeton Public
         Library, Princeton University, the YW/YMCA, Princeton Young Achievers, Trenton Central
         High School, and Corner House.
   2. Increase the visibility of the HiTOPS Board of Directors
      • Board members are participating in introductory and cultivation meetings with individual
         donors, corporations and foundations.
      • Board members are both attending and bringing Parent Programs to their own communities.
   3. Appeal to younger families for support
      • More programs for parents of younger students resulted in more attendees at our
         Parenting Series, and more first-time donors and volunteers.
      • We have added two members from the Princeton Regional Schools to our Board.
   4. Expand our scope of education, visibility and solicitation into neighboring communities we serve
      • Our work in 50+ schools throughout the State makes a difference in thousands of young
         lives and has gained support from more foundations.
      • Board and staff forged partnerships with parents and administrators in more school
         districts including West Windsor, Cranbury, Montgomery and Trenton.
      • Staff built a successful case for financial assistance from neighboring Health
         Departments for medical testing at HiTOPS.
But the community is not alone in seeing great things in HiTOPS’ future.
With the increased work we were doing, the expanded programs, production of new educational
materials, and the growth in the health center, we looked to the smaller building on our property
and saw our future! The Fannie E. Rippel Foundation saw it too – and gave us a very nice portion
of the funding we will need to move and expand our operations by utilizing both our current and
former facilities. This is an exciting milestone for HiTOPS, and is both a necessary and
appropriate way for us to accommodate the growth in demand for our services.
Over the past eighteen years, you, our supporters, always saw what we could be – and helped build
HiTOPS. With your continued support, we see a great future.
Thank you for your vision,

Bonnie Parker, RN
Executive Director
Financials                                                 ,              ,
                                         Fiscal Year July 1 2004 - June 30 2005
Support & Revenue
Education Fees &                                                        Support and Revenue
Designated Grants ......................$298,990 (32.0%)
                                                                         Health Center Fees &            Rental Income 3.4%
Individual Contributions..............$302,735 (32.4%)                    Designated Grants
Corporate Contributions ..................$54,358 (5.8%)                                                         Interest &
                                                                         Donated                               Miscellaneous
                                                                        Material 1.9%                           Income 1%
General Operating Grants
& Foundations ...............................$43,950 (4.7%)
Donated Material ...........................$18,100 (1.9%)               Operating                               Educational
                                                                         Grants &                                  Fees &
Health Center Fees &                                                    Foundations                              Designated
                                                                           4.7%                                    Grants
Designated Grants ......................$174,677 (18.7%)                                                            32%
Rental Income ..............................$31,976 (3.4%)                  Corporate                Individual
                                                                        Contributions 5.8%      Contributions 32.4%
Interest & Miscellaneous Income .......$9,678 (1.0%)
Total Support & Revenue ................................$934,463
                                                                        This fiscal year, strategic and financial decisions

                                                                                                                               Promoting Adolescent Health & Well-being
                                                                        were made to position HiTOPS for growth. We

Expenses                                                                expanded the staff in our Development department
                                                                        to manage the significant efforts of the Endowment
Program Service                                                         Campaign and additional fundraising outreach.
Education & Health Center .........$617,568 (61.9%)                     In addition, we added credentialed staff in our
                                                                        Education department to meet the continuing
Development Expenses ...............$174,618 (17.5%)                    needs of schools, communities and parents. In
                                                                        response to the additional financial and operational
General Administrative ...............$204,880 (20.5%)
                                                                        responsibilities associated with our growth, we
Total Expenses...............................................$997,066   created the position of Director of Operations.

Fund-raising Activities
HiTOPS’ fund-raising efforts are vital when it comes to achieving our mission. We are truly grate-
ful to all of our supporters who rose to meet the challenge to raise funds for and awareness
of HiTOPS this past year. The activities highlighted here remain a crucial component of our
success. We thank our current supporters and volunteers and are always seeking new friends!

Our Fourth Annual Guardian Award Gala, a tribute to Catherine Parks Loevner and youth
honoree Ariana Calderone Stahmer, was our premier fund-raising event of the year. Save the
Date – the Fifth Annual Guardian Award Gala honoring Barbara Barry Straut is scheduled for
April 21, 2006.

The HiTOPS Endowment Campaign is an investment in our future and one of the best ways
to ensure that HiTOPS can continue to offer outstanding programs and services as well as
grow to meet the ever-expanding needs of teens and young adults in our community. Cash,
securities, property, charitable trusts, bequests, and other deferred gifts are just a few of the
types of gifts donated to the HiTOPS Endowment Campaign.

Having just passed the halfway mark towards our two million dollar goal, we find our
greatest challenge is educating people about opportunities to support HiTOPS. The
Endowment Committee is working diligently to develop relationships and effectively
communicate the benefits of our Campaign. HiTOPS’ supporters telling their friends
and neighbors about how important HiTOPS is to teens, their families, and the
community has contributed to the success of the Campaign. Thank you!

We honor the donors who have included HiTOPS in their wills, bequests and estate planning.
If you would like to make a planned gift to HiTOPS and ensure that we are here to provide
for future generations, or would like to join our family of donors or volunteers, please contact
HiTOPS at 609-683-5155 x 16.
Health Services

Total Visits..........................................................................................................1847

We continue to experience steady demand for HiTOPS’ health services. During the fiscal
year 2004-2005, over 3,700 adolescents came to HiTOPS seeking services. This year,
we saw a 40% increase in the number of males coming to our facility with questions and
requests for services. Males represent 11% of the total visits - a small but important step
in our expansion to more holistic health care offerings. Our outreach efforts to the Latino
and other underserved populations are making headway; last year 20% of our clients self-
designated as minority. We offer a broad range of services, including:

• comprehensive health assessments and physical exams,

• skill building support for developing communication and negotiation skills
  with partners and/or parents,

• individualized counseling to help adolescents decrease their reproductive risks
  emphasizing prevention and responsible decision making,

• preventive health services ranging from a discussion of postponing sexual
  involvement to current birth control methods,

• screening for sexually transmitted infections, and

• HIV testing and counseling.

With our commitment to providing one-on-one care with a consistent provider and longer
appointment times, we have seen our clients grow to become responsible and informed
advocates for their health care. HiTOPS is pleased to welcome our new Director of
Health Services, Sandra Friedman, CNM, to our staff in 2005. Sandy has lived and
worked in our community for many years.

     HiTOPS was proud to be selected as one of only 15 sites nationally to participate in
                             the American Legacy Foundation’s Circle of Friends Smoking
                                  Cessation Pilot Program. Presently, we have 28 clients enrolled
                                        and we continue to do community outreach to spread the
                                           word that HiTOPS provides this service. We are delighted
                                           to receive this funding to continue to help kids stop
                                           smoking and stay smoke free.

                                          We are excited by the growth opportunities presented
                                            with our health center’s relocation to the small building
                                             on site this coming year. With additional exam and
                                             lab space, we will be able to see more clients in an
                                             environment specially designed to support confidential
                                            and teen-friendly health care.
Educational Programs
                                                                                                                                                                Thanks for the
                                                                                                                                                                workshop last
                                                                                                                                                                week. Being a
Number of educational contacts with students, parents, teachers.........................9025
                                                                                                                                                                busy person,
Number of workshops, classes, outreach or support educational sessions................273                                                                       I don’t have time
                                                                                                                                                                to do a lot of
Number of hours of training students, peer educators, teacher in-service,                                                                                       reading on the
conference presentation or technical assistance.....................................................690                                                         subject so I rely
                                                                                                                                                                on HiTOPS’
Number of schools/groups/organizations receiving educational programs ...................86
                                                                                                                                                                expertise to get

Number of Teen PEP programs ...............................................................................42
                                                                                                                                                                right to the key
                                                                                                                                                                points and send
HiTOPS’ educational programs are designed to promote adolescent health and well-being                                                                           us off to execute
by improving teens’ decision-making skills and by encouraging respect for self and others                                                                       the plan. I’ll be
in all relationships. Our teen peer educators and adult staff educators are the foundation of                                                                   attending more
HiTOPS’ educational outreach. The Education Department welcomes two new members to                                                                              workshops
its staff for 2005/06 - Carolyn Santoro who is a former South Brunswick High School Teen                                                                        at HiTOPS in
Council member and Scott Gross who will be the manager of Teen PEP at HiTOPS.                                                                                   the future.
                                                                                                                                                                Parent Workshop
The free drop-in programs for parents on Wednesday evenings were often standing room                                                                            Participant,
                                                                                                                                                                October 2004
only as parents discussed many topics including body image, fathering, and strategies for
talking about sex. Responding to parent feedback, we are offering several new programs
for this year’s series.

Three issues of “The HiTOPS Guardian”, a newsletter designed to complement our
parent series, were mailed to over 3,500 families in the greater Princeton area. The
newsletters offered information and tips about sexuality, media messages, and bullying
in an effort to help parents communicate more effectively with their children.

The New Jersey Teen Prevention Education Program (Teen PEP) is a peer
sexual health education program based on the nationally recognized
sexual health curriculum developed by HiTOPS. It is currently                                                   1

being implemented in nearly fifty public schools and community                                              Sussex               3

based organizations across the state of New Jersey.                                                                                               Bergen
                                                                                                  Warren                                                1
                                                                                                                     Morris            5

Staff educators Elizabeth Walters and Chris Floor completed “One

                                                                                                     1           1                Union
by One: Teens Explore Date Rape,” a curriculum that                                                 2               3             5
includes two 20-minute videos and eight supporting activities                                              5                  5               1
to help high school students discuss the issues of date rape.                                                       60

The program is now available for purchase and our marketing                                                     3                     1

efforts extend throughout the country.                                                        8            Burlington                 Ocean
                                                                                    2             1
                                                                                 Gloucester       Camden                 3

                                        = Teen PEP Network                             Cumberland
                                          Schools and Organizations
                                        = HITOPS Outreach Sites                                          May
                                                    HiTOPS’ Supporters
                                       Fiscal Year July 1 2004 – June 30, 2005
Kate Aicher Slawson                    Jeanne & John Cook                     Gwen Guglielmi, MD & Thomas Vogt      Nancy & Jared Kieling                 Bethann Morgan, RNP
Eloise Aita & Linda Aragona            Jennifer Cook-Karr, Teen Council ‘95   Lulie & Gordon Gund                   Carroll King                          Pala & Michael Mostoller
Kathy Ales, MD & Richard Levine        Christine Côte & Hugo Yepez            Elliot J. Gursky, MD                  Yolanda & Henry King                  Dorothy Mullen
Deirdre Allen Buckley & Sean Buckley   Eve Coulson & Nelson Obus              Diane & Robert Hackett                Louise & Michael Kingston             Lauri D. Mulvey, MD & John Mulvey
Randi & Bill Anderson                  Steve Coulter                          Kathy & Bill Hackett                  Melinda & Philip Kirstein             Mollie Murphy & Albert Impink
Anonymous (4)                          Elizabeth B. Counselman                Kristina & Alfred Hadinger            Judy & Lou Klimoff                    Nancy & David Napalo
Barry Antonacci                        Angela & William Creager               Jeanne & Daniel Halpern               Catherine Knight & Donald Denny       Julie & Robert Neff
Barbara & Victor A. Aprea              Arlene & Ron Crouse                    Ellen & Mitchell Hansen               Linda & David Knights                 Lee & Sydney Neuwirth
Natalie & Fredric Arnold               Ernest Cruikshank                      Laura & Alex Hanson                   Leslie & Chris Kuenne                 Catie & Jim Newcombe
Diane & Alec Arons                     Lila Jenkins Cruikshank                Denise & Ulf Hansson                  Sandy Kurinsky & Michael Katz         Eve Niedergang & Andrew Weiss
Kathryn & Perry Arons                  Jenny & Jonathan Crumiller             Fiorina & Thomas Harhay               Jeremy Kuris,                         Courtney Nolan, Teen Council ‘97
Ginger August & Brian Zack             Mary Culbertson                        Lucy & Gil Harman                        Teen Council ‘91                   Rebecca & Joseph Notterman, MD
Sylvia & Milton Babbitt                Liz Cutler & Tom Kreutz                Catherine Harper & Roy Winnick        Eleanor & John Kuser                  Mr. & Mrs. John O’Donoghue
Alice Baker                            Nikita Cuvilje                         Margee & John Harper                  Bernadette La Casse                   Corrine O’Hara & Joel Schwartz
Maria & Vincent Baldino                Jennifer & Stephen Dahnert             Julie & Roby Harrington               LuAnn Labian, MD & Daniel Thompson    Leslie & Bernie O’Malley
Frances & Frank Bakewell               Charlotte & John Danielson             Abigail Harris, PhD                   Jeannette & Craig Lamb                Anne & Joseph O’Neill
Susan Bakewell-Sachs &                 Mary Ellen & Bob Darretta              Julie & Michael Harrison              Margaret Lancefield, MD &             Maureen O’Neill & Floyd Weinstock
   Jonathan Sachs                      Donna & Randy David                    Marilyn Hartig                           Congressman Rush Holt              Carol & Richard Ober
Patricia & Lewis Barber                Sheila & Marty Davidoff                Patricia & Eric Harvitt               Therese Land-Ahlberg & Tedd Ahlberg   Lisa Olson & Lyman Page
Betty Barcevac, MD                     Helen & Bruce Davidson                 Peg & Jim Hastings                    Laura Landy & Robert Corman           Linda Oppenheim & Robert Karp
Sherry Barr & Rodney Crownover         Ruth & Robert Davidson                 Nell & Dan Haughton                   Mindy Langer                          Nora & Jim Orphanides
Denise & Larry Bartels                 Christine Davis                        Mr. & Mrs. R. Dixon Hayes             Brooke Langston & Jeff Dodson         Glenn Palsky, MD, FAAP
Elizabeth & Peter Baughan              Meg Davis & Andrew Gomory              Russell Healy, LCSW, MSW              Dr. & Mrs. David Laskow               Susie & Steve Paneyko
Janet & David Baxendale                Liza & Pepper de Turo                  Katie & John Heins                    Janet Lasley & Marc Brahaney          Bonnie Parker
Alison Baxter & William Stoltzfus      The de Turo Family                     Elizabeth Hely & Bruce Simon          Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lawson-Johnston      Philip Passanante
Dorothy Bedford & Rush Taggart         Jeanne DeGisi                          Kim & Chris Henderson                 Kate Le Van & David Chant             Vrunda Patel, MD & David Grass
Mary V. & Stuart Bell                  Angela & Jules DeGraff                 Bob Hendrickson                       Barbara Lee & James Begin             Susan & David Paterson
Paul Benacerraf                        Susan & Martin Deitchman               Elyse & Jeffrey Herman                Judy & Michael Leopold                Linda & Tim Patrick-Miller, MD
Wendy & Peter Benchley                 Mary Lou Delaney & Ed Soesman          Kathleen & James Herring              Joan & Mark Levin                     Ivy & Larry Pearlstein
Linda & Robert Berger                  Jane DeLung                            Dorothy & Joseph Highland             Judy & Robert Levine                  Marjorie & Joseph Pelcher
Barbara & Sheldon Berkman              Linda & Frederick Demler               Dr. & Mrs. Gavin Hildick-Smith        Lisa & James Levine                   Barbara & Stephan Phelan
Barbara Berko & Joel Deitz             Debbie & Jeff Dorman                   Judy & Ken Hill                       Laurie & Todd Lincoln                 Kimberlee & John Phelan
Marie & Ron Berman                     Judith Dossin                          Cynthia & Rob Hillas                  Claire & Curt Lindberg                Mary & Robert Pickens
Bonnie Bernstein & Howard Dobin        Rachel Dultz, MD                       Judith Himes                          Katherine & Andrew Lindseth           Kathy & Ken Pietsch
Mary Bertino                           Chantal Dupont & Sylvain Prud’Homme    John Hobgood                          Cynthia & Judson Linville             Judith Pinch
Niranjana & Anil Bhatt                 Dawn Durain, CNM &                     Deb & Brian Hoffman                   Sondra Livingston-Carr &              Kay & Everard Pinneo
Charlotte & William Bialek                Mary Ellen Balady                   Penny & Rob Hoffman                      David Arrington                    Meg & John Pinto
Kathleen & Jay Biggins                 Lynne Durkee & Erik VanMarcke          Holly Holcombe & Fred Fiedorek        Susie & Steven Lloyd                  Elyse Pivnick & Norm Glickman
Iris & Sandy Bing                      Sheri Durkee, Teen Council ‘95         Daphne & Edgardo Holzman              Cathy & David Loevner                 Dorothy & Charles Plohn, Jr.
Lisa Blum & Susan Rodriguez            Robbie & Shawn Ellsworth               Andrea & Bo Honore                    Lois & Steve Loevner                  Alison & David Politziner
Harriet Bogdonoff                      JoAnn & Thomas Ennis                   Jeaninne & Robert Honstein            Karen & Donald Lomax                  Sam Politziner, Teen Council ‘95
Melissa Bohl &                         Sarah G. Epstein                       Jeanette & James Hooban               Stacy Lorenceau                       Katie Poole & Ward Tomlinson
   Ronald Sverdlove                    Judy & Hal Erdman                      Johnna Hooban                         Ronnie & Andrew Lowenstein            Rooney & Dick Poole
Rose & Bill Bonini                     Brenda Fernandez                       Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel S. Howe, III     Fleury V. Mackie                      Connie & Vince Poor
Linda & William Bonnell                Arthur Ferrara                         Holly Howell-Thomson &                Joseph Mahon                          Rhona & Allen Porter
Marcia Bossart                         Lisa D. Fischetti & Ralph Lerner          Alister Thomson                    Debby & Ken Maisel                    Marsha Portnoy
Ruth Boulet & Bill Kerins              Tanice & Dudley Fitzpatrick            Gigi Hsu & Hung C. Ling               Dwyer & Matt Malatich,                Sharon & Robert Powell
Maggi Ruth Boyer                       Chris Floor                            Vicki & David Huebner                    Teen Council ‘92                   Susan & Matt Powell
Gigi & Mike Brakey                     Robin Fogel & Morris Cohen             Paula Hulick                          Diane Maller & Ira Guterman           Candace & Marvin Preston
Peggy & Allan Brick                    Nancy & Douglas Forer                  Jean & Thomas Huntington              Peter Manetas                         Theresa & Paul Price
Donald Brown                           Frances Fox                            Betsy & Darma Ie                      Ann & Michael Mann                    Sheryl & Joe Punia
Hilary Brown & Charles Read            Stephen Fox                            Rachel Ijams Cantlay & Dave Cantlay   Charles Marciante                     Anne & Jack Rabinowitz
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander K. Buck           Steven Frakt                           Nancy & Joseph Irenas                 Stephen Marcus                        Bruno Rachwal
Nancy & Pete Buck                      Jane Frantz                            Claire & David Jacobus                Barbara & Joe Marshall                Barbara & Richard Rambo
Mr. & Mrs. James Burke                 Emily Fraser, Teen Council ‘99         Rosanna & Charles Jaffin              Elizabeth Marshall &                  Joyce & Michael Rappeport
Dr. & Mrs. William Burks                  & Paul Kaster                       Marilyn & Stephen Jardin                 George DiFerdinando
                                                                                                                                                          Julie & Alan Rauch
Anne & John Burns                      Lindsey & Grant Fraser                 Daniel Jass, MD                       Virginia Mason & Robert Willig
                                                                                                                                                          Barbara Reeder
Holly & Robert Burt                    Sarah Fraser                           Susan & Michael Jennings              Marie & Ed Matthews
                                                                                                                                                          Amy & Jay Regan
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Buttenheim            Beth & Mark Freda                      Marilyn & Chip Jerry                  Kevin Maxam & Patrick Curry
                                                                                                                                                          Nancy & Bill Reichman
Susan & Jim Byer                       Bobbi & Barry Freedman                 Betty Wold Johnson & Doug Bushnell    Raquel Mazon Jeffers
                                                                                                                                                          Ann & George Reilly
Dorothy & Charles Byers                Alan Friedman, MD                      Jan & David Johnson                   Joseph McBride, MSW
                                                                                                                                                          The Rev. Carl Reimers
Mr. & Mrs. B. Thomas Byrne             Mary Furey & Paul Gerard               Susie & Bill Johnson                  Konnie McCaffree, PhD
                                                                                                                                                          Cindy & Scott Ricker
Maureen Byrnes & Bob Durkee            Jeanne Garner                          Ali Johnston, Teen Council ‘97        Nancy McCarthy & Stephan Sennert
                                                                                                                                                          Ann & Barry Ridings
Robert Calabrese & Scott Asalone       Tracey & Tom Gates                     Lynn & Bob Johnston                   Tania & Sam McCleery
                                                                                                                                                          Barbara Robbins & John Pollack
Robert Calderbank                      Gary Geraghty                          Wendy & Michael Jolley                Katherine McGavern & Alan Dybvig
                                                                                                                                                          Harriet Robertson
Francesca Calderone-Steichen &         Suzanne Gespass & David Dobkin         Diane & Tom Jondahl                   Kim McGinnis
                                                                                                                                                          Monica Rodriguez
   Joel Stahmer                        Karen Gettmann & Louis Marchetta       Sarah & Landon Jones                  Jill McGovern & Steven Muller
                                                                                                                                                          Shelley Roe
Kristen & Bob Callahan                 Patricia Gibney                        Deborah & Lawrence Jordan             Kathleen & Charles McHugh
                                                                                                                                                          Deborah Roffman
Cherie Campbell & David Goldschmidt    Deborah Ginsberg, MD                   Sara & Steven Just                    David McInerney
                                                                                                                                                          Debi & Aldo Roldan
JoAnn & Phillip Carchman               Joan Girgus & Alan Chimacoff           Hana & Edward Kahn                    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. McNeil
                                                                                                                                                          Marie & Peter Roome
Jill & Robert Carr                     Debra & Benjamin Gitterman             Marcy & Antoine Kahn                  Carolyn & Kevin McQuade
                                                                                                                                                          Martha Roper & Peter Scales
Marilynn & Andrew Carstensen           Joyce Glazer, MD & John Rawson         Joshua Kanter, Teen Council ‘93       Mary & Robert Medina
                                                                                                                                                          Howard Rosen
Elizabeth & Theodore Casparian         Lesli & Bruce Godfrey                  Melanie & Perry Karsen                Michal Melamede & Michel Debiche
                                                                                                                                                          Katherine & Joseph Ross
Kathryn & Haig Casparian               Robert Goldberg, Teen Council ‘97      Connie & Bart Kartoz                  Julie & Jonathan Meyers
                                                                                                                                                          Nancy Ross & C. William Carmean
Mary Ray Cate, MD & Paul Friesen       Carol & Andrew Golden                  Susan & Ken Kassler-Taub              Karin & Burt Meyers
                                                                                                                                                          Lindsay Berkman Roth,
Rita & Jeffrey Chait                   Nina Golder                            B.J. & William Katen-Narvell          Kim & Jim Millar                         Teen Council ’90 & Evan Roth
Teresa & Glenn Chang                   David Goldfarb                         Nicole & Boris Katz                   Pam & Nick Miller                     Sandra & Edward Rothe
Mary Beth & David Charters             Susan Goldman & Ashok Kapoor           Deborah Kaufman                       Drs. Suzanne Miller & Michael Lewis   Judith S. Rowe
Sally & Richard Chrisman               Nancy & Bill Goldstein                 Svetlana Kazimirchik                  Linda & Greg Millert                  Kathleen & Louis Russo
David G. Christie                      Mickey & Alan Graham                   Maureen Kearney & Tom Dunlap          Kathleen Millsap                      Rita Saltz
Tressa Chung, Teen Council ’96         Tina & Bill Greenberg                  Catherine & Richard Kelleher          Karen Mineo                           Sandy Sanders
Lori & Neil Citrone                    Rosemary B. Greene                     Kimberlin Keller                      Jenny & Ken Mischner                  Betsy & Jeffrey Sands
Melanie & John Clarke                  Madolyn Greve                          Barbara & Jack Kellogg                Tamerra Moeller                       Jamie & John Sapoch
Barbara & Bruce Coe                    Gillett Griffin                        Ellen & Bruce Kemp                    Susan & Kenneth Moll                  Donna & Phil Satow
Caroline & David Conlon                Margaret Griffin                       Jane & Kevin Kenyon                   Leslie & Tim Moran                    Holly & Christian Schade
Shannon & Ron Connor                   Paul L. Gruner                         Nora & John Kerr                      Barbara & Arthur Morgan               Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Scheide
                                                   HiTOPS’ Supporters
                                      Fiscal Year July 1 2004 – June 30, 2005
Margaret Schleissner                  Marsha & Russ Weiss                  Minno & Wasko                            Holly Howell-Thomson                Betty Wold Johnson &
Dona & Allen Schneider                Peggy Wellington                     New Jersey AIDS Partnership              Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc.            Douglas Bushnell
Gertrud Schupbach & Eric Wieschaus    Helen Westcott                       New Jersey Dept. of Health &             Johnson & Johnson Consumer          Lynn & Bob Johnston
Staley & Carter Sednaoui              Mr. & Mrs. Harold Wexler                Senior Services – Division of           Products                          Connie & Bart Kartoz
Leigh & William Segal                 Caroline & F. Helmut Weymar             HIV/AIDS Prevention                   Johnson & Johnson Family            Maureen Kearney & Tom Dunlap
Harriett & Bob Selverstone            Martha & James Wickenden             New Jersey Dept. of Human Services-        of Companies                      Barbara & Jack Kellogg
Jaye & Joe Semrod                     Margaret & Geoffrey Wiener              OPMRDD                                Richard Kline                       Carroll King
Lou & X Shannon                       Mary & Mark Wilde                    New York Mercantile Exchange             Main Street Euro-American Bistro BarYolanda & Henry King
Pamela & Donald Shassian              Cynthia Williams                        Charitable Foundation                 Ann & Michael Mann                  Catherine Knight & Donald Denny
Linda Shaw & Bob Hughes               Sandi Wilson                         Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation     Kathy & Dan Mena                    Eleanor Kuser
Ricky & A.J. Shechtel                 Sara & Warren Wilson                 N.T. Callaway Real Estate Group, LLC     Julie Meyers                        LuAnn Labian, MD &
Lynn Shell                            Susan & Donald Wilson                The Open Arms Foundation-                Corrine O’Hara                         Daniel Thompson
                                                                              James Tomlin Memorial Fund            Princeton Computers                 Jeannette & Craig Lamb
Ruth & Roger Shell                    Kate Winton & John Baldwin
                                                                           The Page & Otto Marx, Jr. Foundation     Barbara Reeder                      Kate LeVan & David Chant
Margie & Jim Shoaf                    Kristina & Harry Wise
                                                                           PNC Advisors                             Cynthia Ricker, PNC Bank            Joan & Mark Levin
Cheryl & Andrew Sholl                 Meg & Elliot Wislar
                                                                           PNC Bank                                 Nancy Ross & Bill Carmean           Laurie & Todd Lincoln
Wen Chyi Shyu & Jamie Hook            Rosalie & Evan Wolarsky
                                                                           Princeton Emergency Physicians, PA       The Silver Shop                     Catherine & David Loevner
Margaret Sieck & Robert Baldwin       Lieske Wright, RN & Ben Wright, MD
                                                                           Princeton Nassau Pediatrics              Bettina & Steve Slade               Karen & Donald Lomax
Jane Silverman                        Theresa & Jay Wrobel
                                                                           Princeton Radiology Associates           John Stahl                          Fleury V. Mackie
M. Patrick Simon &                    Angela & Peter Yianilos
   Marc David Weiner                                                       Princeton Real Estate Group, LLC         Take Two Gallery - Nyrvah Richard   Joseph Mahon
                                      Elissa & Charles Young
Barbara Skinn & Dennis Heller                                              Princeton Stone & Tile, Inc.             Towne Wine & Liquor                 Ann & Michael Mann
                                      Kathleen Yurwit
Adair Small                                                                Princeton University                     Melissa Weeks                       Virginia Mason & Robert Willig
                                      Betty Zaitz
The Rev. Dr. Jean R.&                                                      Princeton University Chapel              Wegmans Food Markets                Raquel Mazon Jeffers
                                      Virginia Zakian & Robert Sandberg
   Mr. Peter T. Smith                                                      Princeton’s Nassau/Conover Ford          Elaine Wilson                       Carolyn & Kevin McQuade
                                      Joel David Zieden                       Lincoln Mercury
Nancy & Tim Smith                     Patrice & Douglas Ziedonis                                                                                        Pam & Nick Miller
Marjorie & Stan Smoyer                                                     The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation       Gifts Received in Honor of:         Karen Mineo
                                      Paula & Gregory Zollner              Rosso-Maguire Fund at Princeton
Laura & Paul Snook                    Marlyn & Thomas Zucosky                                                       Audrey & Moore Gates                Pala & Michael Mostoller
                                                                              Area Community Foundation             Melanie B. Hooban
Wilma Solomon & David Goldberg        Randee & Leonard Zyzyck                                                                                           Meredith & Robert Murray
                                                                           Taylor, Collicchio & Silverman, LLP      Catherine Parks Loevner
Danene Sorace & Christian Recknagel                                                                                                                     Rebecca Notterman, MD
                                                                           Thomas Fund at Princeton Area            Fleury Mackie
Jan Sparrow                           Corporations, Foundations &             Community Foundation                                                      Bonnie Parker & Peter Hirsch
Sharon Spina                             Institutions:                                                              Corrine O’Hara & Joel Schwartz      Susie & Steve Paneyko
                                                                           Trinity Church
Deborah Spitalnik & John Weingart     Alexander Road Associates                                                     Connie Poor, RN                     Linda & Tim Patrick-Miller, MD
                                                                           Trust U/W Mary Kathryn McKenzie
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Simone & Dennis Stark                 The American Legacy Foundation                                                Bill Strong                         Dr. & Mrs. Robert Pickens
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Andrew Steginsky                      Amersham Health                         Fund at Princeton Area Community      Nancy Strong                        Elyse Pivnick & Norm Glickman
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Christina & Benjamin Strong           Crosswicks Society of Friends                                                 Barbara & Victor A. Aprea           Kathleen & Louis Russo
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Nancy & Bill Strong                   David Dobkin & Suzanne Gespass       Employees Charitable Campaign –          Anne & Craig Battle                 Betsy & Jeffrey Sands
Gregg Suskin                             Fund at Princeton Area Community     United Way of Greater Mercer County   Linda Baumann                       Alectis & Teodoro Santiago
Pam & Chris Sustak                       Foundation                        United Way of Greater Mercer County      Dorothy Bedford & Rush Taggart      Jamie & John Sapoch
Kathie & Todd Sutton                  David Mathey Charitable Trust        United Way of Tri-State                  Mary V. & Stuart Bell               Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Scheide
Sandra Tait & Harold Foster           The Deitchman Charitable                                                      Kathleen & Jay Biggins              Jaye & Joe Semrod
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Deborah Tesser & Eric Applegate       F. Helmut & Caroline Weymar Fund at Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation         Anne & John Burns                   Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Smoyer
Penny & Ted Thomas                       Princeton Area Community          The Harry Frank Guggenheim               Barbara & Tom Byrne                 Jan Sparrow
Angela Thompson                          Foundation                           Foundation                            Robert Calabrese & Scott Asalone    Deborah Spitalnik & John Weingart
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Shirley M. Tilghman, PhD              The Glenmede Trust Company, NA       Pfizer Foundation                        Melanie & John Clarke               Christina & Benjamin Strong
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Staff                                                     Board of Directors
Bonnie Parker, RN
Executive Director
                                                          Carolyn McQuade
Bernadette La Casse, MBA                                  President
Operations Director
                                                          Joseph C. Mahon, Esq.
Sandra Friedman, CNM, MSN                                 Vice President/Treasurer
Director of Health Services
                                                          Christina W. Strong, Esq.
Julie Meyers, MA                                          Secretary
Director of Development & Marketing                       Jenner Beck
Elizabeth M. Casparian, PhD                               Sanford B. Bing
Director of Educational Services                          Christine Côte
Rodney L. Crownover, MSW                                  James Daniels
Manager Teen PEP
                                                          Donna David
Nikita Cuvilje                                            Lisa D. Fischetti
Educator, Co-Coordinator Teen Council
                                                          Lesli Godfrey
Lindsey Fraser                                            Katharine B. Hackett
Development Associate
                                                          Lynne A. Harkness
Scott Gross, MEd
                                                          Marc Kanoff
                                                          LuAnn K. Labian, MD
Connie R. Kartoz, RN, MS, APNC
                                                          Gary R. Snyder
Healthcare Provider
                                                          William Strong
Corrine O’Hara, RN
Educator, Coordinator LGBT Program
Ivy Pearlstein, RN, MS, APNC
Healthcare Provider, Smoking Dependence Program
Connie Poor, RN
Healthcare Provider, Educator, Coordinator Parent
Barbara Reeder
Health Services Administrator                             Promoting Adolescent Health & Well-being
                                                          21 Wiggins Street
Carolyn Santoro, CHES
                                                          Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Educator, Co-Coordinator Teen Council
                                                          (609) 683-5155 •
Elizabeth Walters, CNM, MS
Healthcare Provider, Educator, Coordinator SASS Program   HiTOPS (Health-Interested Teens’ Own Program
                                                          on Sexuality) is a non-profit organization founded
Janet Weber-McCarthy                                      in 1987. Our mission is to promote adolescent
Manager Corporate & Foundation Stewardship                health and well-being.

                                                          HiTOPS provides affordable, high-quality, sexual
Trissa Baden, MD                                          and reproductive health care and counseling for
Medical Director                                          adolescents. It also offers educational programs
Chris Floor, MA                                           and services that are aimed at providing adoles-
Educational Consultant                                    cents with the knowledge and skills to make
                                                          responsible decisions about their sexual health
The Mercadien Group
                                                          and promoting respect for themselves and others.