Dualit 4-Slice Toaster, Chrome

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					Dualit 4-Slice Toaster, Chrome

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                                          The Dualit toaster is outstanding in the field, not just for its
                                          industrial retro good looks, but also for its performance. It
                                          has ProHeat elements and wide slots capable of handling
                                          very thick slices, yet the adjustable wire guards will
                                          accommodate themselves to thinner bread too. The timer
                                          knob allows you to select light, medium, or dark toast and at
                                          the end of the cycle the toast remains in the slots until you
                                          eject it with the knob - this keeps the toast warm, but because
                                          the unit shuts off at the end of the cycle your toast won't be
burnt. Sturdy metal housing and heating elements made from the finest quality clear mica and 80/20
nickel chrome are good indicators that this is a toaster that will stand the test of time. In fact the Dualit
toaster was designed for commercial use in English hotels and restaurants where the toaster may be in
continual use for 8 hours, mandating that the heating elements be of heavy construction.Engineered in
England and hand-assembled to the last detail, the Dualit 4-slice toaster is that ideal accomplishment--
a hardworking kitchen appliance with an elegant presence. Its curvy retro shape is undeniably
handsome and its structural components withstand the rigors of a high-octane kitchen. In fact, the
toaster can output up to 130 slices per hour, should the entire neighborhood ever depend on you for
breakfast or tea.

The key to Dualit's exceptionally even browning is the toaster's system of patented ProHeat elements,
a series of flat bars behind a smooth, transparent coating. The result is a n efficient, durable design,
suitable for everything from brioche to sandwiches. The elements are encased by a rugged, stainless-
steel housing that you may not even recognize as a relative of its lightweight, plasticky peers. Each
slot measures 28 mm wide and is extra deep to allow for the use of the Dualit sandwich cage (sold
separately). One adjustable leg accommodates uneven surfaces and rubberized feet protect your

The Dualit toaster has manually operated functions and is designed for people who like to engage with
their appliances. Operation is simple but rewarding. A rocker switch selects 2- or 4-slice toasting, and
a 4-minute timer knob lets you fine-tune browning time. Instead of a pop- up function that can
prematurely cool toast, the unit comes with an ejector knob that you raise when you're ready for it. For
smaller households or busy kitchens, Dualit also makes 2- and 3-slice models. All Dualit toasters
come with a one- year warranty. --Emily Bedard
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