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         L OCAL 15                             U N I T Y N EWSLETTER
                                                           Dean Apple                                            June 1, 2010
                                                   President/Business Manager
New Stewards Training          2    EXELON NUCLEAR RECOGNIZED BY
Nuclear Stewards Meeting       2

MWGen Benefits                 3
                                       NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL
                                     President/Chief Nuclear Officer/Exelon Nuclear Charles “Chip” Pardee accepted the
Clerical Stewards Meeting      3
                                   Green Cross for Safety Medal from the National Safety Council at a dinner and celebra-
                                   tion on May 13, 2010. This award is presented annually to an organization that distin-
Business Rep Training          4
                                   guishes itself in workforce and off-the-job safety and health programs, community ser-
New Members                    5   vice and corporate citizenship.
                                     Mr. Pardee was joined at the celebration dinner by Local 15 President/Business Manag-
BAPP Update                    6   er Dean Apple, Business Representative Bill Phillips and eight other Local 15 members
                                   representing Exelon’s Nuclear Stations.
Pole Hauling                   7                            Congratulations Exelon Nuclear!
Unit Meeting Schedule          8

• Union Fax: 630-515-0835

• Union Office: 630-515-0381

• www.ibewlocal15.org

• Safety@IBEWLocal15.org

• OSHA: 630-896-8700

• ComEd/Exelon Job Post-
  ing Hotline: 877-739-3566
     Physical: 630-684-3425
     Ext. 1123
     Clerical: 630-684-3425
     Ext. 1121
                                   Dalbert Wiebenga (Quad Cities), Jim Carmichael (Braidwood), Bill Phillips (Business Rep), Keli
• OHS (for Exelon/ComEd/           Gonzalez (Cantera), Chip Pardee (President/Chief Nuclear Officer/Exelon Nuclear), Dean Apple
  BSC) 800-558-0039                 (President/Business Manager), Tim Wassell (Quad Cities), Brad Gritt (Braidwood), Jim Zink
                                     (Byron), Tom Hinspeter (Braidwood), Lionel Salinas (Dresden), Mike Pacilio (Senior Vice
• OHS Fax 815-458-7699                                          President/Chief Operating Officer)
• Sedgewick (for Midwest
  Generation) 866-925-6789

• “IBEW Local 15” is on
                                                      UNION ELECTION
                                                    DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!
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                                                                                   A new Steward Training
                                                                                 Class was held at the Local 15
  EFFORT                                                                         office on May 4th, 2010 for ap-
                                                                                 proximately 30 new Local 15
SUCCESSFUL                                                                       Union Stewards.

  Local 15 members,                                                                The full-day class was com-
in conjunction with                                                              prised of a mix of clerical, fossil,
Exelon, contributed                                                              nuclear, and physical Stewards
over $193,000 to aid                                                             who had yet to be trained.
in Haiti’s Relief ef-
  The Local put out a
                                Training                                           Business Representatives Mi-
                                                                                 chael Freeman and Billy Phillips
                                                                                 taught the class which covered
special UNITY en-                                                                such topics as Steward's roles
couraging our mem-
bers to donate through
Exelon, maximizing
                               COMPLETED                                         and responsibilities, employee's
                                                                                 Weingarten Rights, fact-finding
                                                                                 meetings, investigating and pre-
the collection and                                                               paring grievances, the Union's
making the largest                                                               right to information, and the duty
possible impact. Ex-                                                             of fair representation.
elon had agreed to                                                                 Several new Stewards com-
match employee dona-                                                             mented afterwards on how the
tions of up to                                                                   class helped to put things in per-
$200,000.                                                                        spective in regards to how cru-
  “We have extremely                                                             cial their role is in representing
bighearted members,                                                              the membership.
stated        Presi-                                                               With this class every Local 15
dent/Business Manag-                                                             Union Steward currently on the
er Dean Apple, I am                                                              property has now been trained.
always optimistic that                                                           Local 15 would again like to
they will show their                                                             thank everyone that attended!

                                    NUCLEAR PHYSICAL
                                     QUARTERLY CHIEF
     Just a reminder,
   if you didn’t get
                                    STEWARDS MEETING
   any information         On Monday May 17 Local 15 Business Representatives conducted a Nuclear Physical
   on the upcoming       Chief Stewards meeting at the Local 15 Office. These meetings are held quarterly to al-
   Union election in     low for timely and consistent communication between all of the site Chief Stewards and
   the mail you          the Business Representatives.
   should call the         Some of the topics that were discussed are: Work Hour Rule issues, Zion decommis-
   Local 15 office at    sioning status, recent arbitrations status, and Nuclear Access issues. There is also time
   630-515-0872          spent at these meetings allowing each Chief Steward the opportunity to bring up issues
   and ask for Ellen     and have them discussed openly with all in attendance.
   to make sure that       It was also communicated at this meeting that there will be numerous meetings sched-
   they have the cor-    uled over the upcoming months requiring attendance of many of the Chief Stewards. The-
   rect address for      se meetings will be required to discuss various topics such as Emergency Response,
   you.                  Maintenance Package, and Work Hour Rule Issues.
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       May 24, 2010 was the official beginning of the MWGen benefits negotiations. President/Business
     Manager Dean Apple, Vice President Terry McGoldrick Business Reps Doug Bedinger and Doug Vedas
     and Research Assistant Wayne Johnson were joined by all of the MWGen Stewards at the Company’s
     office for a detailed “rollout” of exactly what we currently have.
       The Company had their five member negotiating team at the meeting consisting of Mark Mikulka, Mark
     Bennett, Roxanne Richards, Jan Danca and Mike Seeman. They answered questions on the current plans.
       A schedule will be set up for “follow-up” meetings.

  On May 7th, 2010, a meeting was held at the Local       15's financial status, medical & prescription changes,
15 office with all Clerical Stewards & Chief Stewards .   and an explanation of benefits.
(Although Clerical Stewards meetings have been held         The meeting also included introducing all members of
before, the Commercial Clerical and Nuclear Clerical      the Local 15 staff to the group, as well as explaining
Stewards had not previously been brought in together      what each staff member and Business Representative is
to meet as one group). The purpose of the combined        responsible for.
meeting was to discuss similar issues and provide in-       This is all part of the continuous education of our
sight into and updates on such subjects as grievance      Stewards that President/Business Manager Dean Apple
handling, the arbitration process, the revised clerical   and Vice President Terry McGoldrick have committed
seniority list, CBA changes and printing status, Local    to in order to better represent our members.
                                                                                                                    Page 4

                                          TWO POWERTON                              MEMBER’S SON BECOMES
                                         MEMBERS TRAVEL                                     LIVING DONOR
                                            TO JUNGLE
 REMINDER                          Two of Powerton’s Equipment Operators are          On April 26, 2010, twenty two year
   FINAL MWGEN                  volunteering to spend their vacation in the jun-    old Adam Burant of Ottawa Illinois,
                                gles of Guatemala. Brothers Terry Runyon and        volunteered to be a living donor. He
 LOCKOUT CHECKS                 Scott Terrill are joining a group of nine others    donated half of his liver to his 11
  If you were unable to pick    to help provide aid to impoverished people in       month old cousin Ethan. Ethan is still
up your lockout check you       Guatemala. These two members are both               at the Ronald McDonald House in
need to contact Tom Por-        EMTs and Brother Runyon, having made this           Chicago and his recovery is going
ter by phone or e-mail at       trip last year, saw that help was needed so he is   well.
the following:                  heading up a team this year and heading back          After a short break, Adam has re-
                                with “reinforcements”.                              covered and is back at Southern Illi-
    312-353-7170                    The group will be providing humanitarian        nois University pursuing his degree.
         or                     aid, using their expertise to make other peo-       Adam is the son of Brian (CST and
                                ple’s lives better. The trip is hosted by an or-    Local 15 Chief Steward at LaSalle
Thomas.Porter@nlrb.gov                                                              Nuclear Station) and Brenda Burant.
                                ganization called the Jungle Medic Missions.
                                The trip is not paid for by this agency, so dona-     If the name sounds familiar, Brother
  You will need the follow-                                                         Brian Burant is the member that re-
                                tions to help pay costs are appreciated. Local
ing information:                                                                    cently donated the $5000 tool chest to
                                15 donated $200 to help offset their expenses.
—-Your legal name                  If you would like to help, contact Brother       the Pink Warriors that he had won
—-Your phone number             Runyon at 309-352-6780, 309-241-8915 or             after being named Craftsman of the
                                trun@grics.net. To learn more about the trip,       Year 2009 from the nuclear stations.
—-Your current address
                                contact Jungle Medic Missions at                               Great job Adam!
—-Last four digits of your                                                                  You are a true HERO.
Social Security number          http://www.junglemedicmissions.org/.

  This will speed up the
process, getting you your
                                   IBEW LOCAL 15 AND IBEW LOCAL
check faster.
  As of May 28, the NLRB
                                 19 PARTICIPATE IN JOINT TRAINING
                                   President /Business Manager Dean Apple hosted a two day informational/training sem-
reported to Local 15 that        inar put on by the St. Louis law firm of Schuchat Cook and Werner. They were joined
there were still sixty nine      by IBEW Local 19 (NICOR) staff members to learn about recent changes in the law re-
(69) individuals that had not    garding issues like
contacted the NLRB office        FMLA, ADA and of
and that if they do not con-     course, the National
tact them with the above         Health Care Plan.
information the NLRB will          Also included in the
not be issuing the checks.       seminar was       infor-
  We will forward this list      mation on grievance
of names to the Chief Stew-      handling, arbitrations,
ards for posting. If you         workers compensation
know any of the people on        problems and also a
the list, please have them       discussion on pensions.
contact the NLRB to get          “The class was very
their final payment.             informative and I think
                                 everyone learned some-
                                 thing that they didn’t
                                 know before,” stated
                                 Manager Dean Apple.
                                                                                                                         Page 5

  Local 15 welcomes the latest mem-
 bers to take the IBEW oath. These
 members were sworn in at the May
            unit meetings.

                                                                  Shown above are the seven new members sworn in at the Unit
                                                                  meeting in Wheeling: Brothers Steve Rushakoff, Dan McKay,
Brother James Moran, Unit Chairman of the Southern Gener-          Chris Maka, Robert Lapin, James Greenwald, Shaun Slater,
      ating Unit meeting, prepares to swear in Brother                                  and Gene Bien
                       Mike Subach
                                                            (lower left) New member Sam Ortiz gets sworn in at the Chicago Unit
                                                                            meeting by Unit Chairman Carmona.
                                                            (below) The following new members, Jim Bortner, Lucille Hicks, Eric
                                                            Pratt, Ryan Mooney, Brett Ryan, Steve Hamm, Nicolas Defisher, Erik
                                                            Thompson and Zorin Dobson take the IBEW oath at the Southern Unit
                                                                                     Meeting in Joliet.
                                                                                  Page 6 Pa ge

 Local 15 welcomes the
following new Stewards:        20,000 roadside workers are hurt or killed
Mary Crowe;                     each year as a result of accidents in and
Fleet/Chicago North
                                         around the work zone.
Sam Studer; Joliet,
promoted from Steward       Proper W.A.P. (Work Area Protection) is crucial to
to Chief Steward                   alerting traffic of your work zone!
                            In 2009 BAPP observations revealed inadequate
                                  Work Area Protection as a top at risk
                                          9 out of 12 months.
                             The BAPP Facilitators and Steering Committee researched the
                           data and surveyed the work force that use W.A.P. to find out why
WHAT ARE YOU               this was at risk so often. The complexity of the MUTCD (Manual
WAITING FOR?               Uniform Traffic Control Devices) manual was a common reason
  Log onto Facebook        given.
(www.facebook.com)           The information gathered led us to develop an easy 2 page
(and become a member
if you have not already
                           guide based on the MUTCD Field Manual. The “Traffic Control
done so). Then search      Quick Reference” is not meant to replace the MUTCD manual for
for “IBEW Local 15”.       more complex W.A.P. needs.
  Once you are on the
Local 15 page, click on
                             The most commonly used TAD’s (typical application diagram)
the “like” button          are included on the newly developed Traffic Control Quick Refer-
(which has a thumbs-       ence. Please remember we must adhere to all regulations when
up in front of it). This   setting up traffic control for each work zone. Consult with your
appears on the top por-
tion of the page next to   Foreman when you are unsure of the required level of work zone
“IBEW Local 15”.           protection.
  Once you have done
this you will start get-            FOR ORDERING INFORMATION CONTACT
ting Union information                      TOWER FACILITATOR
and updates sent to
your Facebook account                        DENNY MONACO
and smartphone auto-
matically!                                    630-768-8034
                                                                                                               Page 7

  As part of the on-going discussions
regarding Pole Hauling, Local 15 mem-
bers were asked to lend their expertise
and knowledge to select the new pole
trailers the Company was going to order.
Venders provided 4 different trailers for
them to look at.
  Thanks to the following Local 15
members for spending the day sharing
their expert opinions; Greg Vinci, Traci
Johnson, Steve Ficker, Darryl Davis, Jeff
Wenc, Steve Castellari, Bill Warren,
Chris Riser, Mark Schleehauf, and Mark

  Four members of Local 15 went to New York, NY to           ing, crew sizes, safety rules and accident history. The
investigate underground distribution work practices at       field visits to two sites in the Bronx were to observe a
Consolidated Edison, which operates the largest under-       cable pull and secondary cable service connections. The
ground distribution system in the United States. Stewards    Local 15 members met and talked with workers who are
Wayne Baker (Underground, TUG), Mike O’Connor                represented by Utility Workers Union of America, Local
(Chicago North), Mark Shaulis (Dixon) and Local 15           1-2 (AFL-CIO). The UWUA 1-2 also represents ConEd
Business Rep. Terry Sheridan travelled with Chris Gibbs,     electric, gas and central steam workers in Manhattan and
(Chicago UG manager), Linda Rhodes (Safety) and Jack         Westchester. Closer to home, UWUA 18007 represents
Craighead (Safety) to arrive in the Big Apple on May 12th    workers at Peoples Gas. IBEW Local 3 represents
and return the next day. The visit was suggested as a        ConEd workers on Staten Island.
“benchmarking” opportunity during the on-going Under-          The differences and parallels of two separate electric
ground Reorganization negotiations.                          systems that have evolved during the same time but over
  The trip included a discussion on work practices, train-   800 miles apart were illuminating.
Lo c a l 15
6330 Belmont Road
Suite 1                     ***ATTENTION ***ATTENTION***
Downers Grove, IL 60516

Phone: 630-515-0381
                                     JUNE 2010
Fax: 630-515-0835           UNIT MEETING SCHEDULE FOR

   We’re on the WEB!                           &

                             Southern Physical/Clerical/Nuclear Unit Meeting
                                         American Legion Hall
  MONTHLY UNIT                             705 S. Larkin Ave.
MEETING SCHEDULE                                Joliet, IL
                                               6:30 p.m.
     First Tuesday                           June 2, 2010
                                  Central Physical/Clerical Unit Meeting
   First Wednesday                     Elmhurst American Legion
   Joliet and Pekin                     310 W. Butterfield Road
                                               Elmhurst, IL.
    First Thursday                              6:30 p.m.
 Dixon and Elmhurst                           June 3, 2010

    Second Tuesday               Chicago Physical/Clerical Unit Meeting
      Romeoville                       Fraternal Order of Police
                                         1412 W. Washington
 Second Wednesday                            Chicago, IL.
 Chicago and Kincaid                           6:30 p.m.
                                            June 9, 2010
   Second Thursday
      Rockford            ATTEND YOUR LOCAL UNIT MEETINGS
                           GET THE FACTS NOT THE RUMORS


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