NYC Half-Marathon Presented by NIKE by kpy54980


									                                NYC Half-Marathon Presented by NIKE
                                        July 27, 2008 | New York City | 7:30 a.m.

    About Standing Tall (
    Standing Tall is a unique program for children with disabilities that combines Conductive Education—a highly
    structured intensive program of daily physical training—with traditional academic studies. Our classes are very small
    and students use their bodies actively throughout the day while learning reading, math, literature, music, science, and
    art. The children get out of their wheelchairs—quite literally “standing tall”—to meet physical as well as academic goals.
    Course offerings, for children ages 1–12, include full-time and part-time academic Conductive Education programs as
    well as after-school Conductive Education and specialty classes. Standing Tall is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.

    About Team Standing Tall:
    TEAM STANDING TALL is a growing group of adults who support Standing Tall and its mission by fundraising through
    participation in community athletic events.

                         Team Standing Tall Fundraising Commitment Form
                        100% of all donations directly benefit the children in Standing Tall’s program.

          —Please mail or fax this completed contract to Standing Tall at the address/fax number below—
   Fundraising Commitment                                           Submit Your Pledge by July 7, 2008 One of Two Ways:
   Applicants for guaranteed entry in the NYC Half-Marathon
   Presented by NIKE must pledge to submit donations totaling       [1] CHECK: Make check payable to: Standing Tall
   at least US $1,000. Standing Tall, Inc. must receive the full        Important: Enter name of runner being supported in the
   pledged amount from accepted applicants and/or third-party           “Memo” section of your check to ensure s/he is credited
   donors by July 7, 2008. If the participant cannot participate        with your donation.
   in the event for any reason (unexpected conflict, injury,            Mail check to: Standing Tall, Inc.
   etc.), the full amount of US $1,000. is still due to Standing                       200 Riverside Blvd., Unit #2
   Tall, Inc. All participants who register as Team Standing Tall                      New York, NY 10069
   participants are held responsible for making the minimum
   pledge payment to Standing Tall, Inc.                            [2] Online credit card PaYMent via Standing Tall’s
                                                                        donation page on (click on this link):

                            Name | Date                                 Important: For runners to be credited for online
                                                                        donations made in their name, donors MUST complete
   [PRINt] Name
                                                                        the following sections located in the blue box on
                                                                        Standing Tall’s donation page:
   aDDReSS                                                              a)   Select the “Dedicate your gift in honor of ” option
                                                                             and enter the name of the runner the donor is
   CItY                         State         ZIP CODe                       supporting
                                                                        b)   Enter “NYC Half-Marathon” in the “Designate your
   teL                          FaX
                                                                             donation to a specific program or fund” box.

     QUESTIONS? Call us at 212-681-3029 or email us at THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Standing Tall, Inc. | 200 Riverside Blvd., Unit #2 | New York, NY 10069 | t 212-787-8315 | F 212-787-1740 | e

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