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Building Technologies

Siemeca™ AMR
the wireless remote
readout meter system:
The silent revolution for new
buildings and renovations
Siemeca™ AMR-
wireless remote readout meter
and even more!

                      SiemecaTM AMR provides metered values for
                      consumption billing, easily, quickly and reliab-
                      ly: Either on site at a random network node
                      WTT16 (wire-bound or wireless) or from a ran-
                      dom site via the telephone fixed network, GSM
                      or computer or broadband cable networks.

                      Thanks to the compatibility with KNX, the
                      European standard for domestic automation,
                      SiemecaTM AMR measuring devices can be easi-
                      ly integrated in these systems. For example,
                      the tenant can see current consumption values
                      or compare the current values with those of
                      the previous year.

                      Additional Services
                      The consumption values are updated several ti-
                      mes daily. Simple, remote access to these va-
                      lues enables completely new services, e.g. ac-
                      curate daily billing, diagnoses or statistics for
                      residential trade and industry.

How does the remote readout meter function         Automation in conjunction with
together with   SiemecaTM   AMR?                   GAMMA wave
An extensive range of measuring devices is         Within the product range GAMMA wave, a va-
provided for the measurement of consumption        riety of devices can communicate with the
in the apartment: Heat cost allocator, water       building automation (switch, dimmer, window
meter, heat meter and heat and cooling meter.      contacts, fire or motion detectors, blind con-
Further measuring devices, such as gas or elec-    trols and ambient temperature controller) -
trical meters can be integrated in the radio sy-   including of course, all SiemecaTM AMR com-
stem via pulse adapters. All measuring devices     ponents. In addition to controlled variables,
transmit their data several times daily to the     current consumption values or statistics can
network nodes which are installed, e.g. in the     be displayed in a clear and simple manner for
stairway. Consumption values are read out at a     every tenant at the apartment central control
random network node.                               unit.

Additional Possibilities                           Central readout despite no wiring
You can combine as you wish with Siemens
products:                                          Thanks to the newly developed principle of
SiemecaTM   AMR remote readout meter systems       SiemecaTM AMR of continuously updating all
and domestic automation systems GAMMA              data in all network nodes, a central readout is
wave complement one another ideally and            possible without having to connect different
provide solutions that can be adapted exactly      devices with a cable. This principle is comple-
to your customers' requirements:                   tely new on the market and provides the Sie-
                                                   mecaTM AMR system with completely new pos-
                                                   sibilities of use. For communication between
                                                   SiemecaTM Gateway and your office, Internet
Simple Installation                                standard technologies, such as TCP/IP and XML
Whether in a new building or during renovati-      are used.
on - the radio systems are easy to install

Regardless of whether its a question of a remo-
te readout or the desired ambient temperatu-        Local readout
re, with our systems you fulfil the require-        For a local readout, the person reading out can connect his/her PC via a cable to a
ments of your customers.                            random network node. SiemecaTM AMR systems can, however, also be read by ra-
                                                    dio by walking by - simply, quickly and reliably!

                                                    Remote readout
Tailor-made                                         Thanks to a SiemecaTM Gateway, that is installed in a random network node in the
Siemens offers you solutions tailored to meet       building, completely new possibilities are provided for remote readout: Data can be
your customer's requirements: Remote read-          transmitted via the telephone fixed network, via GSM or via computer or broad-
out, security and convenience functions.            band cable networks directly to the billing systems.

    Siemeca™ AMR components

    SiemecaTM AMR network nodes
    WTT16... und WTX16...
    The data collection platforms are the mainstay      readout or data communication from a ran-
    of the remote readout system. They receive all      dom network node is possible via a telephone
    consumption values of the measuring devices         fixed network, GSM, computer or broadband
    and transmit then within the network to all         cable networks.
    other network nodes. This means that central

    SiemecaTM AMR heat cost allocator
    The heat cost allocators WHE26 have the best        red with different measuring principles as well
    of all the advantages of wireless remote read-      as extensive installation accessories permit use
    out. They combine in a unique manner, the           in all types of heating systems.
    ability to communicate and simple use. Com-
    pact and remote sensor devices that are offe-

    SiemecaTM AMR heat meter
    WFM26... and WMM26...
    The heat meters of the SiemecaTM AMR sy-            meters are also available in the same structural
    stems are suitable for all types of installation.   shape.
    They are manufactured in different sizes as
    single-jet meters or measuring capsule meters.
    For special applications, heat and cooling

    SiemecaTM AMR water meter
    WFC26... and WFH26...
    The water meters are also available in the same     areas that are not easily accessible.
    variety of sizes and flow rate classes for cold
    and hot water as the SiemecaTM heat meters.
    The removable display and radio unit enable
    the water meters to be installed in pits or other

    SiemecaTM AMR pulse adapter
    With the aid of the pulse adapter, external me-
    ters with contact output can be integrated in
    the SiemecaTM AMR system. It is thus extremely
    easy to integrate e.g. gas or electricity meters
    in the system.

                                                    In small systems a central network node suffi-
                                                    ces to receive all measuring devices.
                                                    The readout takes place either on site or from
                                                    the office. For on-site readouts, a laptop can
                                                    be directly connected with the network node
                                                    or values can be read out wireless when wal-
                                                    king by.

                                                    Medium-sized systems are equipped with se-
                                                    veral network nodes that inter-exchange all
                                                    consumption values wireless. Consumption va-
                                                    lues are readout at a random network node lo-
                                                    cally or per remote data communication.

                                                    Large systems are equipped with the same
                                                    components in the "modular principle". Sub-
                                                    networks are installed that are connected via
                                                    an M-Bus to a SiemecaTM Gateway where addi-
                                                    tional M-Bus devices can also be integrated.
                                                    The readout follows exactly the same pattern
                                                    as with all other systems - according to your

The SiemecaTM AMR system is extremely flexible and can be adapted to different types of buildings and system sizes. In small systems
with approximately four apartments, a single network node at a central point suffices to receive all measuring devices. For medium-si-
zed buildings up to twelve network nodes can be combined in one single network and data from up to 500 measuring devices received
and stored. In large systems a large number of networks are interconnected via an M-Bus.
All extension stages, whether small, medium or large systems are equipped with the same components. If existing systems are upgra-
ded, just add the required network nodes and measuring devices - it's as simple as that!
The SiemecaTM AMR system is as flexible in reading out as it is in the equipping of different sizes of building. You can choose at all ti-
mes between readout on site via cable or wireless or you use a SiemecaTM Gateway to transmit data via the fixed network, GSM or
computer or broadband cable networks directly to your office.

    System advantages

    Benefits to your tenants

    Your tenants will just love SiemecaTM AMR - because they simply don't notice it. The installation of
    the SiemecaTM AMR components is simple, quick and discreet. The private sphere remains preser-
    ved as the meter reader no longer needs access to the house. Billing of consumption costs is im-
    mediate - time is no longer lost on estimating consumption data.

    Benefits to the provider

    SiemecaTM AMR is the only completely wireless system on the market that enables central remote

    readout. This means:
        You install the measuring devices in the usual manner and install the necessary network

    .   nodes on every second floor - no "building site", no additional inconvenience
        You have access at all times to the consumption values - no complicated appointments, no

    .   errors in the readout or transmission of data
        You invest in modern technology that is currently available - you are one step ahead!

    SiemecaTM AMR and GAMMA wave

    All consumption measuring devices of the SiemecaTM AMR system are compatible with the Siemens
    system for the domestic automation GAMMA wave. They can be easily integrated in existing sy-
    stems and thus enable both convenience and security functions with the measuring and visualizati-
    on of energy consumption for the users of apartments.

eAdvantage - energy data management
via the Internet
Avoid costs for software, hardware, training        Profit from the advantage of EMC:
and maintenance. Benefit from our services.         Cost-effective energy management with ob-
You receive dependable reports on energy,           vious benefits to the customer
media consumption as well as emissions which        * No investment in hardware and software
you can view everywhere and at all times via a      * No maintenance costs
password-protected homepage - for all buil-         * No training costs
dings together, for every single building or just   * Regular, dependable consumption and
for one single meter.                                emission reports in a uniform format
The extensive web services can then be exten-       * Selective and accessible everywhere at all
ded further in the future to include services         times
such as remote readout, additional informati-       * Safe and password-protected
on services for your customers (tenants, resi-      * Intuitive, browser-based operation.
dential trade and industry, etc.) or the extensi-    Ideal analysis tool for lasting optimization
on to an alarm central unit. For defined budget      measures
values, reports can then be sent per SMS, E-
mail or fax which means that without additio-       Please test eAdvantage online:
nal development expenditure, you are in a po-
sition to save, immediately extend your offer
of services and combine it with the remote
transmission of meters.

GAMMA wave
Refitting - made simple
In order to upgrade real estate with this new
dimension of comfort and security, it would
usually require extensive construction measu-
res, e.g. cutting slits and laying lines.
GAMMA wave makes refitting quite simple: For
restoring, renovating, modernizing no new or
additional lines are required. Instead a comple-
tely new type of radio system is used from the
single application to Siemens instabus.
With our innovative solutions for residential
buildings and refitting market, the
attractiveness of living rooms can be improved
considerably. The fitter provides the service
without software and without individual trai-

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This brochure contains only general descriptions for e.g. performance and capability characteristics and
other features which, in certain cases, may not apply as described or which may change through develop-
ment of the product. Accordingly, the desired performance or capability characteristics are legally binding if
agreed to expressly upon signing a contract.

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