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1. General Information

Parish: Kirkby, including the churches of St Chad, St Martin, St Mark and St Andrew.
The current vacancy for an assistant curate is at St Martin's Church.

Diocese: Liverpool

     Revd Jeremy Fagan
     27, Shakespeare Avenue
     L32 9SH
     0151 547 2133
     07967 302 127

E-mail address:

Date of Ordination:
     deacon June 2001, priest June 2002

Length of time in present parish:
      6 years

Previous posts and experience of Incumbent, including details of experience with
previous curates:
      2001–04: Assistant Curate, Chell Team Ministry, Stoke on Trent (Diocese of
      2004 – present: Team Vicar of St. Martin's Church, and Children's Chaplain in
Kirkby Team Ministry
      2007 – present: Chair, Knowsley Domestic Violence Support Services
      2006 – present: Faith representative, Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board

2. Nature of post

          Training post for deacon who expects to be ordained priest

Kirkby is a large parish that offers a wide range of opportunities for ministry. The training
incumbent is also backed up by other colleagues in the team who complement his experience.
The Curate will benefit from team membership and have the opportunity to exercise a ministry
on the wider canvas, whilst having a strong rootedness in the congregational life at St Martin's.

The four churches each have both their own independent lives and a strong corporate mission
across the town. There is substantial interest among public and voluntary sector projects and
workers in the town for strong partnership with the church and this gives the clergy many
opportunities for ministry in the wider community. There are also a number of congregations
that the parish has nurtured outside of the traditional expressions of church offering further
scope for ministry and evangelism.

Kirkby Parish Profile April 2010        -1-
3 . The context: the parish setting
Please indicate: size of population, geographical spread of area served and distances involved,
types of housing, kinds of job people do, availability of public transport, institutions (e.g.
hospitals, schools, old people’s homes), social mix and any other salient features. It may be
helpful to include a simple map to help to indicate the setting of the parish.
Kirkby is a former farming village that
was transformed into a large New
Town after WW2. It is an exciting
place to live and work, despite the
challenges that the town faces. The
churches have a good history of
positive relations with people in the
town, and we are linked in to much of
the community and voluntary sector
work here.
The ecclesiastical parish includes the
whole civic town of Kirkby, one of
three major towns in the Metropolitan
Borough of Knowsley. The population
is approximately 40,000 (IMD 2007)
and the residential area of the town occupies about 4 square miles (the parish is 12 square
miles). The housing is about 50% privately owned and 50% housing for social rent largely
managed by the Knowsley Housing Trust since stock transfer from the local authority eight
years ago. St Martin’s was established in the 1950s as the New Town of Kirkby was formed and
it serves Southdene, the oldest and most established of Kirkby’s estates. This area is profiled
by the IMD as one of Kirkby’s most deprived, along with Northwood, which is served by St
Mark’s Church. St Andrew’s, Tower Hill, has a growing number of owner occupied houses in
new developments but along with St Martin’s and St Mark’s, its congregation is more typical of
the town’s white working class make-up. St Chad’s stands right in the middle of the town and
has a congregation that is very mixed both in terms of social background and age.
The Borough is characterized by very high levels of multiple social deprivation, coming top of
the IMD 2007 in a number of categories. Anybody intending to come and work here needs to
be under no illusion about the challenges that this poses, although it is possible to forget the
realities that underlie this data as much of the deprivation is hidden. On the other hand there is
a buzz about Kirkby, with parts of the town still maintaining a strong sense of community and
pride in their town. All of the churches in the Kirkby Team Ministry strive to offer a ministry at
all levels of the neighbourhood including those where problems seem to be most intractable. It
remains a good place to live but the needs of the population are high and the horizons can feel
fairly low.
There is a large industrial estate on the east side of Kirkby but there is little church
involvement here at present. This is a thriving centre of employment and includes a number of
new developments including the Liverpool Football Club Academy.
Train services to Liverpool City Centre are good. The journey takes about 15 minutes and
there are trains every 15 minutes. The area is well served by schools (there are two brand
new secondary schools, and 15 primary schools in the town) and old people’s homes. There
are too many of these for the churches to have meaningful ministries to them all at present.
The nearest hospital is in Fazakerley, accessible by train and car (10 minutes).
Please also INDICATE from the following the main broad category (or categories)
as you think most accurate
           ☑        Industrial
           ☑        Urban
           ☑        Housing Estate
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4. The Church

Please indicate how many Church of England churches lie within the relevant parish(es) or
benefice(s): 4

Ecclesiastical Tradition:
       St Chad’s, Kirkby: Loosely Modern Catholic, the current incumbent is Open Evangelical.
       St Martin’s, Southdene: Broad church, the current Team Vicar is Open Evangelical
       St Mark’s, Northwood: Liberal Catholic
       St Andrew’s, Tower Hill: Catholic, the current Team Vicar is Evangelical
All four churches have experienced a range of traditions in recent years although the parish has
history largely rooted in an open catholic tradition. There is a relatively free spirit here and
tradition does not seem to be a major factor in church life. The clergy currently in post all have
evangelical backgrounds. They would look for a colleague of any tradition within the Church of
England who is happy to embrace the riches of all traditions.

Electoral roll numbers:
       St Martin's: 22
       St Chad’s: 105
       St. Mark's: 17
       St. Andrew's: 36

The parish is a Team Ministry with one PCC and a District Church Council at each of the four
churches although there are no strict district boundaries. The Team Rector serves also as Vicar
of St Chad’s and there are posts of incumbent status in St Martin’s and St Andrew’s. There is a
Community Development Worker post based at St Mark’s with a part time assistant’s post
serving the other three churches. The sacramental and pastoral ministry is currently shared
between all the team clergy but there are plans to link St Mark’s more clearly with St Martin’s.
This provides a good development opportunity for a Curate after a couple of years in their
being able to exercise a more independent leadership role in one of those two churches. The
Team Ministry also includes a large youth centre employing 16 staff (Centre 63) and a small
Church of England Voluntary Controlled primary school (235 children plus a nursery and a
Children's Centre).
Kirkby Parish Profile April 2010      -3-
The clergy meet together daily for prayer and weekly for planning. They freely offer cover to
one another, and there is some deliberate rotation about each others’ churches. Most of the
weddings and funerals happen at St Chad’s and these are reasonably equally shared between
all the clergy. An attempt is made to make baptisms happen in the district church nearest to
the candidate’s home.

The PCC has committed itself to a strong pattern of team work, mutual respect, trust and
commitment to one another. The churches are on a journey of appreciating the differing gifts,
resources and styles that they each have and are coming to regard this diversity as a strength.

Pattern of Sunday Worship:
      St. Martin's: 9:30am CW Order 1 Holy Communion. Attendance 15 adults
      St. Mark’s: 9.30am CW Order 1 Holy Communion. Attendance 12 adults, 1 child
      St. Chad’s: 11.00am CW Order 1 Holy Communion (All Age on the first Sunday of each
month – there is also a Junior Church) Attendance 50 adults, 15 children
      St. Andrew’s: 11.00am CW Order 1 Holy Communion (All Age on the first Sunday of
each month – there is also a Sunday School) Attendance 30 adults, 10 children

All four churches offer baptisms at 12.45pm on Sundays once a month (and St Chad’s also
offers baptism at 11.00am once a month, and St Martin's at 9:30am once a month).
All services follow Common Worship, generally Order One in Contemporary Language, and both
modern and traditional music is used. St Chad’s has the more traditional style although multi-
media and PowerPoint is regularly used and appreciated. St Andrew’s is gently charismatic.
A new pattern of Sunday evening worship that breaks the mold of the traditional Sunday
morning worship is in the process of starting, with Cafe Church, Reflections and Healing and
Wholeness services already happening, and plans to begin Taize services and Evensong shortly.
A curate would have the opportunity to have significant input into this pattern.

Weekday Services:
     St Chad’s, Tuesday 9.30am Holy Communion
     St Andrew’s, Wednesday 6.30pm Holy Communion
     St Martin’s, Thursdays 10.00am Holy Communion

Occasional Offices:
      Baptisms 170 (about 20 in St. Martin's)
      Weddings 45 (all at St Chad’s)
      Funerals 200 (about 15 in St. Martin's)

Pattern of daily offices:
8.30am Morning Prayer, rotating on a daily basis around the churches (currently CW Daily

Staff or team members:
       Revd Dr Tim Stratford: Team Rector and Vicar of St Chad’s (currently a member of the
General Synod and the Liturgical Commission)
       Revd Andy Heber: Team Vicar of St Andrew’s with responsibility for pastoral care issues
across the parish
       Revd Jeremy Fagan: Team Vicar of St Martin’s and Parish Children’s Chaplain
       Christel Stafford: Senior Community Development Worker at St Mark’s (stipendiary
       Dan Langdon-Griffiths: Part-time Project Development Worker (funded by CUF)
       Jean Lowe: Manager of Centre 63

Lay involvement:
The parish has historically had a much larger ordained staff than currently. This has tended to
Kirkby Parish Profile April 2010     -4-
reduce the amount of lay involvement in the past in certain areas of church life, typically public
ministry. This is something that we are actively working to overcome.

The PCC has agreed a clear structure in which lay ministry can develop. This has led to the
creation of a Children’s Work Team, a Ministry of Fun (social committee), a Bereavement
Support Team and a Healing Team with lay leadership. One member of St Andrew’s has
recently been licensed as a Reader and a member of St Chad’s will be ordained in 2010.

There is a well established pattern of lay contributions to Sunday worship including Musical
leadership, Bible Reading and leadership of intercessions. We are building up a pattern of
Sunday evening Worship including Café Church, Services of Wholeness and Healing, meditative
and reflective worship which will be strongly lay led.

House, study or prayer groups:
There are midweek bible study groups at St. Martin's and St. Chad's, meeting fortnightly, and
one at St. Andrew's meeting weekly.

We run a Christian Enquirers’ Course three or four times a year, often on a Sunday afternoon.
This tends to have a large take-up and leads to a significant number of adult Confirmations
each year. The Sunday evening worship programme is designed with this group particularly in

Parochial organisations:
Centre 63 Youth Centre (Annual budget c. £300k).
A large number of Projects at St Andrew’s, St Martin’s and St Mark’s in partnership with other
public and voluntary sector agencies.

Areas of particular mission and ministry of parish(es) (e.g. schools, hospitals, industry, prison,
youth, elderly people, single parents, homeless, healing):
St Martin's is a small church, but has strong links with local primary schools (Park Brow CPS
especially) and with the tenants of the hall (Knowsley Domestic Violence Support Services).
The church building has been renovated in 2010 in order to facilitate community use and adult
education. In particular, we are hoping to open a community cafe in the church. We have a
strong 50+ Social Club and a Kids Club that use the building, and these are areas that could be
expanded upon.

Particular future plans already established:
Redevelopment of the building to provide safe and flexible community space, including a
possible community cafe. The recent appointment of a Community Development Worker and
part-time Project Development Worker is intended to help support this sort of work across all
our churches.

Congregation(s) mainly gathered or mainly communal: Communal.

Areas and types of co-operation with other local churches (either Anglican or ecumenical):
The Kirkby Team Ministry is in the Huyton Deanery whose boundaries are close to those of the
Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley.
This tends to be a parish that plays a constructive part in many diocesan initiatives.
There are 10 non Anglican churches in Kirkby and we have strong informal relationships with
them. Some ecumenical work and prayer exists but this presents an opportunity for

Have any of the resolutions under the Priest (Ordination of Women) Measure been passed?

Any other activities or comments:
Kirkby Parish Profile April 2010      -5-
5. Vision and Priorities
How does the church see itself?
St. Martin's sees itself as a small, but welcoming
and friendly church that serves its community
and is well integrated into the Kirkby Team
Ministry. Our vision proclaims 'A Christian
Welcome for All', and we see that as being at the
heart of all that we do. The church building has a
feel of a sacred space, and we hope that we are
able to provide for all who come in a place where
they can find God close to them. The building in
the past has been a barrier to people coming in,
but is now a building that is able to be used for
mission and service to the community of Southdene.
What is its vision of mission?
St. Martin's has a real gift for hospitality and for making people feel welcome and included. We
hope to be able to help people discover 'life in all its fullness', whether they are just beginning
their walk with Christ, re-discovering that sense of journey, or coming to the end of a life-long
walk. We are very keen on developing new innovative forms of community work and worship
that enables people from our local communities to engage with church. There are various
possibilities that we will be exploring over the next few months and years, including a
community cafe, Messy Church and Taize style worship.
There is an annual mission plan produced by the Parochial Church Council each January with
complementary pages produced by each of the district churches and some of our ministry
teams. This provides the opportunity for a collaborative review of the churches' priorities for
                                 mission each year. We are happy to share this document on
                                   What are the incumbent’s and PCC’s vision and priorities?
                                   Please indicate whether the incumbent and PCC jointly share
                                   these priorities or whether there are significant differences.
                                   There is consensus in the Team ministry that the strengths of
                                   each of the four churches should be exploited and built upon.
                                   There is also consensus that members want to play ‘team’
                                   strongly, rather than act as a loose federation.
                                   At St Martin's, there is consensus
                                   •     that the building is a key asset
                                   •     St Martin's must be a family-friendly church
                                   The incumbent also feels that
                                   •     We need to find ways of enabling non-Sunday worship
                                   •     Lay leadership has been held back for many years, and
                                   now needs developing
                                   6. How does the incumbent understand the role of
                                   training? What is the role of lay people in the training of
                                   the curate?
                                  He understands a training role to be a place to further
                                  discover and develop the distinctive ministry of a priest. It
should be a safe place to experiment and experience areas of ministry that are new, as well as
a place to build up the patterns and rhythms of ordained ministry, consolidating previous
experience. The staff team provides both daily and weekly opportunities for discussion around
issues of ministry and theology, and provides a solid support structure for all that happens
here. The curate would also be expected to take advantage of the opportunities given by the
diocesan training scheme operated for curates, both in terms of the formal learning, but also
Kirkby Parish Profile April 2010       -6-
for the informal support and networking that it offers.
The Kirkby Team Ministry is in the process of change from an exclusively professional and
ordained leadership to a much more mixed approach. The Curate will be expected to
contribute towards this process and look for a lead from amongst lay members. They must be
willing to accept their greater wisdom rooted in lives of discipleship in Kirkby but must bring
some critical and theological rigour to this. The curate must be able to respond to guidance,
disapproval and praise from lay people, but not uncritically. The Curate will be expected to join
with the Shared Ministry Team in their training process.
7. What is the likely role of the curate in future plans?
This will depend very much on the skills and experience that the individual brings. There is a
wide scope for ministry in this large parish. An outline job description would be drawn up in
discussion with an appointee. In particular, we would like someone who could engage with the
work of developing new congregations, continuing the Fresh Expressions agenda in the parish.
8. Areas of particular responsibility for curate in training:
The curate would be expected to give time to their ministerial development. In time they would
be expected to take a full share, along with the other clergy in the town, in the pastoral offices
and pastoral work of the church. Over time, the links between St. Mark's and St. Martin's
churches will grow, and the curate would be able to have greater responsibility and
involvement in the life of these two churches. They would also be expected to take on some
further leadership or projects as their strengths and opportunities allow. Our model of team
working here in Kirkby enables all staff members to develop new areas of working and projects,
and we would hope that a curate would find that this is a safe place to develop their ministry in
this way, supported by a staff team. If they felt that there was part of parish life that they
wished to take particular responsibility for, this would be open to discussion.
9. Accommodation:
A 3-bedroom house owned by the DBF is provided at 18 Askern Road, Southdene, Kirkby, L32
9QH. There is off-street parking on the forecourt and a lawned garden is at the back. The
Curate's study is accommodated in the house.
10. Any additional information the incumbent feels it is important to give at this
This is an exciting parish to work in at a key point in its history as the local churches along with
the national church face much change. We feel very much at the cutting edge of this although
we’re only at the early stages of thinking through our responses to emerging cultures. We are
particularly looking for a colleague who is flexible and who can bring some understanding and
experience to us as well as somebody who is prepared to learn as with us as we go along.
We are looking for somebody who has a mature faith, thinks theologically and is not too bound
up with a particular tradition within the Church of England but values all of its traditions.
Above all, we are looking for somebody with a sense of spiritual journey who will take risks
when the way ahead is unclear.
11. Who should be contacted in the first instance:

          Revd Jeremy Fagan
          27, Shakespeare Avenue,
          Kirkby, L32 9SH
          0151 547 2133
          07967 302127

          See also

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