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Capacity building & training. Policy formulation. Project management. Safeguard policies. Social
& cultural aspects of development interventions. Social & institutional analyses. Social assessment
/ analyses. Strategic communication. Team leadership
Nationality Norwegian
Languages Bangla (speaking: basic), English (fluent), French (speaking: basic, reading: basic),
German (fluent), Norwegian (mother tongue)
Countries of
Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, Estonia,
Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mauritania, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Niger,
Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland,
Thailand, USA, Viet Nam, Yemen
Substantial experience in project mgmt. (incl. preparing, appraising, implementing,
monitoring and evaluating), including in agriculture, coastal zone mgmt, education,
ethnic minorities / indigenous peoples, fisheries, hydropower development, involuntary
resettlement, land settlement, private sector restructuring, rangeland mgmt., risk
management, social funds, and urban upgrading. Focus on the local level.
Extensive practice in relevant methods, including: community development, data collection,
evaluation, institutional analysis, participatory approaches/research, social analysis,
social and environmental impact assessment, social assessment, stakeholder analysis,
research and survey design, and water resource management
Broad experience in: capacity building and training, change management, co-management
strategies involving civil society, private sector and public sector, cross-cultural
communication, ICTs and development (incl. social networking and Web 2.0), knowledge
management, legal reform, network building and maintenance, policy formulation, staffing,
and strategic communication
Proven record in research and writing for: policy formulation, project documentation,
journals and books
Funding agency experience: DFID, Dutch Aid, GEF, Govt. of Norway, GTZ, IFAD, IFC,
ILO, Norad, Sida, UNDP, UNOPS, USAID, World Bank, and private sector firms and NGOs
Managerial qualities – Accomplished in leadership, planning and organization. Strong
focus on quality standards
Professional qualities – Specialist knowledge in key areas of concern. Emphasis on
problem-solving and analysis. Accomplished in oral and written communication
Entrepreneurial qualities – View issues in terms of costs, profits and added value. Give
emphasis to creativity and innovation. Concerned with making decisions, taking initiatives,
originating action and strategic thinking. Demonstrated ability to connect diverse
societal categories and stakeholders and create enduring alliances, including knowledge
management and use of ICTs
Personal qualities – Interact with others in a sensitive and effective way. Adapt easily to
changing demands and conditions. Strong enthusiasm and commitment for work goals
2000- Supras Consult
Location: Kristiansand, Norway
Position: CEO
Areas of responsibility: Operations and projects, Overall business management, Research
1998-99 World Bank – Environment Unit (WBIEN), World Bank Institute
Location: Washington DC, United States of America
Position: Anthropologist (staff member)
Areas of responsibility: Capacity building and training, ICT-based network management
1996-97 World Bank – Environment and Natural Resources Division / Asia Technical Group
(ASTEN), South Asia Vice Presidency
Location: Washington DC, United States of America
Position: Anthropologist (staff member)
Areas of responsibility: Operations and projects, Analytical and policy work, Research
1994-96 World Bank – Social Policy Unit (ENVSP), Environment Department, Sustainable
Development Vice Presidency
Location: Washington DC, United States of America
Position: Anthropologist (staff member)
Mr Lars T SOEFTESTAD Curriculum Vitae Page 2 of 4
Areas of responsibility: Operations and projects, Policy work, Network building and maintenance,
Capacity building and training
1993-94 World Bank – Central Unit (ENVDR), Environment Department, Sustainable
Development Vice Presidency
Location: Washington DC, United States of America
Position: Anthropologist (staff member)
Areas of responsibility: Member, Bank-Wide Involuntary Resettlement Task Force, Analysis
of the World Bank.s portfolio of projects involving involuntary resettlement
1992 Swedish Ministry of Finance
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Position: Independent Development Consultant
Areas of responsibility: Advisor on involuntary resettlement
1990-93 University of Zurich – Department of Social Anthropology
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Position: Assistant Professor (staff member)
Areas of responsibility: Teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, Research, Administration
1990 Kristiansand Teaching College
Location: Kristiansand, Norway
Position: International Development Consultant
Areas of responsibility: Advisor for graduate students on the project “Linking of twinning
cities in the south and the north. The case of the Rajshahi Committee in Kristiansand”
1986-92 Swedish International Development Cooperation Authority (Sida)
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Position: International Development Consultant
Areas of responsibility: Projects and operational work, Evaluations of Sida-supported projects
in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
1985 Kristiansand Municipal Council
Location: Kristiansand, Norway
Position: International Development Consultant
Areas of responsibility: Advisor, Strategic communications for twinning arrangement
between the cities of Rajshahi, Bangladesh and Kristiansand, Norway
1983-87 Rural Development and Health Center Foundation (RDHCF)
Location: Pagla Bazar, Sunamganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Positions: (i) Research Officer (staff member), (ii) Member, Steering Committee, Fish Culture
Areas of responsibility: Project administration and staffing, Research
1983-86 Norwegian Agency for International Development (Norad)
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Position: International Development Consultant
Areas of responsibility: Evaluated Norad-supported projects in Bangladesh
2008- Morocco, Projet de Développement Rural dans le Moyen Atlas Oriental (UNOPS; IFAD) –
Organizing a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system.
2007-09 Slovenia, Support for Local Level Planning (Institute for Policies of Space; Govt. of Norway)
– Local level planning, social analysis, capacity building of public sector and civil society
2007 Yemen, Raymah Area Development Project (IFAD; UNOPS) – Performed social analyses of
interventions and achievements
2007 Yemen, Dhamar Participatory Rural Development Project (IFAD; UNOPS) – Performed social
analyses of interventions and achievements
2006 Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Niger, and Nigeria – Reversal of Land and Water
Degradation Trends in the Lake Chad Basin Ecosystem: Establishment of Mechanisms for
Land and Water Management (UNDP-GEF; UNOPS) – Completed env. and social risk
2006 Mauritania, Gestion Décentralisée des Ressources Naturelles au Guidimagha et dans le Hodhel-
Gharbi (GTZ) – Completed conference paper on the project.s approach to setting up local
management agreements
2006 Research, Institutions and Resource Management (Supras Consult, Amherst University, USA)
– Comparative research on the position and role of institutions and culture for equitable
coastal resource mgmt. in Ghana and Colombia
2005 Yemen, Rainfed Agriculture and Livestock Project (World Bank) – Designed and conducted
large-scale national socio-economic survey; Demonstrated the capacities of groups, organizations
and cooperatives to partner with the project
2004-07 Mauritania, Technology Fosters Tradition Project (World Bank, GTZ) – Headed project
Designed and implemented large-scale socio-economic survey on traditional
Mr Lars T SOEFTESTAD Curriculum Vitae Page 3 of 4
ownership and use rights to natural resources; Conducted stakeholder meetings between key
local stakeholders; Delivered satellite-based maps incorporating survey results; Delivered
practical approach to how to integrate GIS/GPS with traditional means of collecting and verifying
local resource use
2002 Nigeria, Lagos Metropolitan Development and Governance Project (World Bank) – Conducted
social assessment of project beneficiaries; Guided project beneficiaries in connection with
construction of community facilities
2002 Serbia, Privatization of the Solid Waste Municipal Company in Belgrade (IFC) – Designed and
completed poverty, env. and social impact analyses of and with the Roma ethnic group
2000 Funding Management (CBNRM Net) – Established non-profit CBNRM Networking
( that funds the activities of CBNRM Net
1998- Network Building, Community-Based Natural Resource Management Network (World Bank’s
CBNRM Net) – Responsible for network building and follow-up activities; Set up CBNRM Net
as a World Bank activity to facilitate contact and communication between the conference
participants and other interested parties; Pioneered use of Internet and email to create the
network (
1998-99 Capacity Building and Training (World Bank) – Organized and delivered capacity building and
training on a number of topics, including community-based natural resource mgmt.,
institutional reform, and involuntary resettlement
1998-99 Network building, Common Property Resource Mgmt. Network (World Bank’s CPRNet) –
Pioneered a series of internal seminars addressing common property resources (CPRs) in
World Bank operations
1998-99 Bangladesh, Fourth Fisheries Project (World Bank, DFID) – Designed the Collaborative
Management Model (CMM); Conducted a social assessment
1998 Capacity Building and Training (World Bank) – Prepared and coordinated the Regional
Training Workshop on CBNRM for West Africa (Niamey, Niger)
1998 Capacity Building and Training, CBNRM (World Bank) – Prepared and coordinated the International
Training Workshop on Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM)
(Washington DC, USA)
1996-01 Training, Marine Management (International Ocean Institute, Dalhousie University, Halifax,
Canada) – Lecturer, Summer Course on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, its
Implementation and Agenda 21; Prepared and delivered courses on “The Role of the World
Bank” and “Fisheries: an anthropological perspective”
1996-99 Network Building and Operations, Fisheries and Aquaculture Thematic Group (World Bank’s
FishNet) – Founding member and Co-Chair
1996-97 Analytical and Policy Work, Small-Scale Fisheries (FAO, World Bank) – Member, FAO.s
International Expert Group on Sustainability Indicators for Marine Capture Fisheries;
Delivered inputs on culture and social organization
1996-97 Ethiopia, Social Rehabilitation and Development Fund Project (World Bank) – Completed
social assessment of the Afar ethnic group; Identified gendered aspects of Ethiopian society
1996-97 Ghana, Sector Work (ESW) on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (World Bank) –
Pioneered a series of coastal-wide stakeholder workshops based on ZOPP; Analyzed the
potential for involving the „chieftaincy. system and its chiefs in management of coastal
resources; Designed cultural and traditional knowledge components; Delivered conclusions
and recommendations pertaining to culture and the traditional sector
1996-97 Research, Common Property Resources (CPRs) and Development Cooperation (World Bank)
– Demonstrated and promoted the importance of natural resource management and CPRs in
the World Bank.s social agenda
1996 Analytical Work, Ethnic Minorities in Bangladesh (World Bank) – Completed country profile
on ethnic minorities / indigenous peoples in Bangladesh
1994-99 Network Building & Capacity Building and Training, Common Property Resource Management
(World Bank) – Founder and Coordinator, World Bank.s Common Property Resource
Management Network (CPRNet); Established contacts between World Bank staff working on
property rights issues and the relevant international expertise
1994-96 Bangladesh, Third Fisheries Project (World Bank) – Completed analysis of social aspects;
Pioneered and facilitated the involvement of local NGOs; Advised on the importance of
interacting with and involving civil society; Guided the involvement of the private sector
1994-96 Viet Nam, Primary Education Project (World Bank) – Conducted social analysis and social
assessment of marginal ethnic minority groups; Provided advise on how to extend the
project to these groups
1994-96 Analytical and Policy Work, Indigenous Peoples (World Bank) – Coordinated review of the
Operational Directive 4.20 on indigenous peoples
1994-96 Analytical and Policy Work, Water Resources Development (World Bank) – Analyzed and
demonstrated the connections between water resources development and indigenous
Mr Lars T SOEFTESTAD Curriculum Vitae Page 4 of 4
1994-95 Analytical and Policy Work, Participation (World Bank) – Co-authored seminal Bank publication
on participation and ethnic minorities / indigenous peoples
1994 Analytical and Policy Work on Human Rights (World Bank) – Conducted policy work on the
World Bank.s work on human rights and ethnic minorities / indigenous peoples; Presented
World Bank position to the UN.s Human Rights Commission
1993-94 Analytical and Policy Work, Involuntary Resettlement (World Bank) – Member, Bank-Wide
Involuntary Resettlement Task Force; Identified, analyzed and prepared inputs on natural
resource management and ethnic minorities; Demonstrated the importance of: (i) connection
between natural resource management and local culture, (ii) tailoring compensation
to local socio-cultural realities and characteristics
1992 Policy Work, Involuntary Resettlement (Swedish Ministry of Finance) – Advised the Swedish
Government and Sida on involuntary resettlement, based on the experiences with the World
Bank.s Sardar Sarovar Projects in India
1991 Sri Lanka, Integrated Rural Development Projects (Sida) – Impact evaluation of three
Swedish Integrated Rural Development Projects (IRDPs)
1990-93 Curriculum Development, Applied Anthropology (University of Zurich, Dept. of Anthropology)
– Pioneered and taught a new curriculum in applied anthropology with emphasis on human
rights and ethnic minorities / indigenous peoples
1990-93 Research and Publishing, Applied Anthropology (University of Zurich, Dept. of Anthropology)
– Researched and published on several topics, including: human rights, indigenous peoples.
rights, and involuntary resettlement; Demonstrated the connection between involuntary
resettlement and human rights
1988-89 Sri Lanka, Kotmale Hydropower Project (Sida) – Designed and conducted “Kotmale Evacuees
Study”, a large-scale socio-economic study and impact evaluation of the situation for more
than 20.000 involuntary resettled persons; Prepared and implemented large-scale recall
socio-economic impact study
1988 Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliyia Hydropower Project (Sida) – Designed and coordinated evaluation
with emphasis on the involuntary resettlement component
1986-87 Bangladesh, Delta Land Accretion and Settlement Planning Project (Sida, Dutch Aid) –
Member, Feasibility Study Team; Conducted social impact analyses of land settlement
1986-87 Bangladesh, Sandwip Cross-Dam Development Scheme (Sida, Dutch Aid) – Member,
Feasibility Study Team; Completed social impact analysis of land settlement, and analysis of
the fisheries sector
1985-87 Fish Culture Project (Norad & Future in Our Hands, The Development Fund) – Member,
Steering Committee; Responsible for preparation, implementation, and supervision
1983-86 Research and Data Collection, Demographics and Health (Rural Development and Health
Centre Foundation, Sylhet, Bangladesh) – Designed and implemented monitoring and baseline
research program
1983-86 Project Evaluations (Norad) – Completed evaluations of several smaller Norad projects;
Demonstrated the importance of using a social perspective
1993-99 World Bank – Training programs in competency “Professional and Technical Program,”
including: Environment, French, Institutions and reform, Involuntary resettlement, Participatory
approaches and tools, Social assessment, Social development issues in the CAS
1993 PhD (ABD) in anthropology, University of Zurich, Switzerland
1980-81 MA studies in anthropology, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), USA
1978 Cand. mag. in sociology (minors in biology and ecology), University of Oslo, Norway
1977 Junior year studies in anthropology and sociology, University of Bergen, Norway
Skype: nuppas
Telephones: +47 381 49 045 (office), +47 380 44 655 (residence)
Cell phone: +47 908 23 006
Fax: +47 381 08 199
Address: P.O. Box 1600, NO-4688 Kristiansand, Norway

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