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					ITU-T AMR-WB Speech Codec – TI-C64X_PLUS Implementation

Ittiam AMR-WB Encoder /
Decoder                                                  Encoder and Decoder Validation
                                                         Both Encoder’s and Decoder’s optimized
                                                         implementation on TI-C64X_PLUS core has been
                                                         validated for all the ITU-T test vectors for bit-
Description                                              exactness and the integrated codec has been
                                                         validated on speech files, tones and white noise.
This document describes the features and resource
requirements of this AMR-WB speech codec on TI-          Resource Requirements on TI-
C64X_PLUS.                                               C64X_PLUS
AMR-WB is a wide band speech codec which uses
larger speech bandwidth of 50 - 7000 Hz for better
speech quality. It works with 16 kHz speech signals                         MCPS            Pgm      Tables     Static    Scratch
with frame length of 20 ms or 320 samples. It has
multiple modes of operation for proper trade-off of                     Avg       Peak         ROM (kb)             RAM (kb)
speech quality vs. compression efficiency. The            Encode       19.9       21.1       82.1   19.26        1.49     7.23
supported bitrates are 6.60, 8.85, 12.65, 14.25,          Decode       4.19       6.13       39.8    0.64        2.64     2.54
15.85, 18.25, 19.85, 23.05 or 23.85 kbps.                 Codec        24.09      27.23     114.6    19.9        4.13     7.23

This speech codec can be used for Voice over IP          Note:
(VoIP)    applications, Mobile   Communications,         Peak MCPS was measured using the various test vectors and is
wideband telephony, video-conferencing and digital       profiled on TI-DM6446 EVM board (CCS v3.2.39.5) and cgtool
radio broadcating.                                       v6.0.3
                                                         With cache configuration of 32 KB L1P, 16 KB L1D and 64 KB L2
                                                         with cache invalidation in between frames. With different favorable
Features                                                 configuration MCPS requirement will be smaller.
                                                         Static Memory requirements are for one instance of Encode and
       Supports Voice Activity Detection and Comfort     Decode and proportionally increases with the number the instances
       Noise Generation.                                 created.
       Fully compliant with ITU-G.722.2 specification.
                                                         Worst-case stack size requirement is 2.3 KB. 1 KB memory equals
       Highly optimized for TI-C64x+ core.               1024                                                     Bytes.
       Works in little endian mode only.
                                                         Performance will be affected if the desired alignment for ROM and
       Full duplex multi-channel implementation.         RAM                 is                 not                provided.
       All memory records are re-locatable.
       xDM (TI’s API standard) interface for Encoder
       and Decoder.
       Scratch based implementation, avoiding over-
       loading of stack during run-time.
ITU-T AMR-WB Speech Codec – TI-C64X_PLUS Implementation

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