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					                          Eleventh Air Force
                     Integrity - Service - Excellence

                                  Nationwide Perspectives
                                The USAF GeoBase
                                       Mr. Robert Beachler
                                     GeoBase Administrator
                                   611 Civil Engineer Squadron
                                       Elmendorf AFB, AK

As of:   17-Aug-10                                               1
   The USAF GeoBase Program Overview
   Spiral Development Strategy
   Spatial Data Standard for Facilities, Infrastructure and
    the Environment (SDSFIE)
     SDSFIE Data Model and Schema
     Geodatabase generation
   Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) Data Model
     Standardization
     Attribution
   Conclusion

17-Aug-10     Integrity - Service - Excellence                 2
                                     Jun-Jul      Management
                                                                                     HAF G
                    Defining GeoBase
                              FY Performance
                                     New           •Approve New                     GeoBase
   A Transformational Program
                         Strategic                  Strategic Plan                  Compass
                               Plan                   •Propose                      Conferen
        Innovative Sharing of Geospatial          Installation
                                                     New Focus
        Knowledge Across the Combat Support
        Spectrum      AF CIO    •Review/Approve
                Executive  Strategic Plan
 An Information SuperioritySubmission
                Committee    Tool
        One Installation Map Delivering Current
        Situational Awareness via the Network
        through Information Teaming

                           Enabler
    An Agile Combat Support •Compile Formal
                                           Strategic Plan                                Dra
                       Needs in
      Supports BasingHAF GIO Peace & War
     Parallels Battlespace Intelligence
     Mission Infusion is the Aim, Not IT Acquisition/Implementation
                                      Strategic         •Review/Approve        •Review/Comm
                I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x DraftlStrategic Plan
                                                        cel ence               Draft Strategic
            USAF GeoBase Vision

                                One Installation…
                                    One Map

17-Aug-10    Integrity - Service - Excellence       4
             The GeoBase Mission
            Attain and sustain a breakthrough capability
                    enabling shared, efficient use
         of trusted integrated geo-referenced information
        delivering situational awareness across installations

17-Aug-10      Integrity - Service - Excellence                 5
               USAF GeoBase
            Concept of Operations
                   Garrison GeoBase
                    “One installation… one map” for all base
                    planning and operations
                   Expeditionary Site Mapping (GeoReach)
                     Advance knowledge of Forward Operating
                      Locations (FOL)
                     Minimizing basing risk
                     Establish “one installation… one map”
                   Strategic GeoBase
                     Support SAF/HAF Analysis
                     Homeland Security, Airspace & Ranges

17-Aug-10   Integrity - Service - Excellence                   6
                Spiral Development
   Spiral One – Initial Operating Capability
      Installation Geo Integration Offices (GIOs) at all PACAF Major
       Operating Bases and certain higher headquarters
      Common Installation Picture (CIP) replaces C-TAB base map
      Regional Installation Picture (RIP) & Mission Data Sets (MDS)
       provide thematic information
      Personal GeoDatabase using the SDSFIE data model
      Geospatial Technologies (GIS, GPS, Image Processing)
   Spiral Two – Enterprise GeoDatabase
      Oracle9i
      ArcSDE 8.3
   Spiral Three – Web enabled dissemination
      Internet Information Services (IIS) 5
      Intranet Map Server (IMS) 4.0.1

17-Aug-10      Integrity - Service - Excellence                         7
              Spiral Development
                 Strategy (cont.)
  Spiral development strategy has resulted in a true
   Enterprise Core Architecture with robust capabilities
  Facilitated USAF accreditation and authorization to
   operate core architecture on base network systems
  Allowed for the development of the toolsets and
   extensions that utilize standardized data model,
   datasets and naming conventions
      GeoBEST – Base Engineering Survey Toolkit
      CAPP – Contingency Aircraft Parking Planner
      Defensor Fortis – Air Base Defense Planner
      CGV – Command GeoBase Viewer

17-Aug-10    Integrity - Service - Excellence              8
                     What is the
            Spatial Data Standard (SDS)?
   Full name is Spatial Data Standard for Facilities,
    Infrastructure, and the Environment (SDSFIE);
    frequently shortened to SDS
   Developed by The CADD/GIS Technology Center
   Geospatial data content and classification (naming and
    attribute standards) standards for CAD and GIS vector
    data – primarily for large scale/resolution data
   Nonproprietary standards designed for use with
    commercially available off-the-shelf CADD, GIS and
    relational database software
   An integrated model of multi-thematic data content
     Defines data schema (how the data is organized)
     Can be implemented in any GIS or CAD mapping system

17-Aug-10      Integrity - Service - Excellence              9
             Spatial Data Standard (cont) ?
 This nonproprietary design, in conjunction with its
  universal coverage, has made the SDSFIE the standard
  for GIS implementation throughout the Department of
 The standard adopted by Headquarters Air Force
  (HAF) Geo Integration Office (GIO) for the USAF
  GeoBase program
 Defense Installation Spatial Data Infrastructure (DISDI)
  will implement SDS data model and standard across
  Department of Defense installations
 Implementation in other Federal, State and local
  government organizations

 17-Aug-10      Integrity - Service - Excellence             10
                SDS User Benefits
 Common GIS and CADD structure for all services -
  Used by Air Force, Navy, Army, US Army Corps of
  Engineers Civil Works projects
 Common data model which permits sharing of data
  between systems
     Command / Control, Simulations, GeoBase Tools
     Standard format isn’t enough (i.e. shapefiles) – need a
      standard naming and attribution convention for data
   Consistency
     Dependent on consistent interpretation
     Example: everyone using SDS must put runway polygons
      in airfield_surface_site
   One training program
17-Aug-10     Integrity - Service - Excellence                  11
                  SDS Data Model
Five Primary Sections:
   Entity Sets - Broad grouping for data management
   Entity Classes - Grouping of data within each Entity Set
   Entity Types - Grouping of items appearing graphically on a
    map or drawing
   Attribute Tables - A relational database table containing
    non-graphic information, or attribute data, providing
    information about a map feature
   Domain Tables - Contains lists of “valid” or “permissible”
    values for specific attributes in an Attribute Table

17-Aug-10     Integrity - Service - Excellence                    12
                SDSFIE Data Model

Entity Set   Entity Class   Entity Type   Attribute     Domain

Utilities    Water System
             Natural Gas
             Wastewater     Drain Sump
                            Grease Trap
                            Septic Tank   Capacity
                                          Composition   Concrete

 17-Aug-10     Integrity - Service - Excellence                      13
               SDSFIE Schema
            Data Model Schema Overview -
                 SDSFIE Release 2.31
                      26      Entity Sets
                      181     Entity Classes
                      1,049   Entity Types
                      7,415   Entities (CADD & CADD-Based GIS)
                      1,139   Attribute Tables (Database Tables)
                      29,983 Attributes (Fields in Tables)
                      1,120   Domain Tables (List & Range)
                      24,272 List Domain Values
                      18      Range Domain
                      9,209   Relational Database Join Relationships

17-Aug-10   Integrity - Service - Excellence                           14
                 SDS Browser

17-Aug-10   Integrity - Service - Excellence   15
                 SDS GeoDatabase
   Generates both Personal and SDE
   User can add single features or use
    a predefined filter to select multiple
   Builds and deletes Domains
   Builds and deletes Relationship
   Allows user to add additional
    feature classes at a later time
   User is able to select different
    versions of SDS library

17-Aug-10      Integrity - Service - Excellence   16
                PACAF Data Model
   Reasons for adoption
       Command standardization
         Strict SDS adherence to PACAF defined feature classes
         Senior leadership knows what is available across the command
         PACAF personnel can expect a consistent product
       Easy rollup to higher headquarters (PACAF, HAF)
       All program dimensions contained under one roof
       Applications portability
   Common and Regional Installation Pictures
       CIP contains 54 feature classes used for installation mapping
       RIP contains 16 feature classes providing overview of AOR
       Mission Data Sets (MDS) contain 60 utility feature classes

17-Aug-10       Integrity - Service - Excellence                         17
            PACAF Data Model (cont.)
   PACAF GeoDatabase Filter
       SDS Filter is used to generate both Personal and SDE
        geodatabases for all CIP, RIP and MDS feature classes
       SDS Filter consistently generates geodatabases for use by all
        installation Geo Integration Offices
       Not all installations are the same, and do not share all feature
   PACAF GIO maintains one database with one projection for
    all PACAF data
       9 Major Operating Bases: Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Japan, South
       8 Geographically Separated Units: (3) Alaska, (5) South Korea
       160+ Forward Operating Locations in the Pacific Area of
        Responsibility (AOR)

17-Aug-10        Integrity - Service - Excellence                          18
                   SDS Compliance
   HQ PACAF GIO provides guidance to installations regarding:
       Addition of custom fields
       Addition of domain attributes
       Addition of custom feature classes
       PACAF collects anomalies and submits to SDS
   All non-SDS fields now contained in external tables
   Use available domain values
   Non-SDS feature classes appended with four letter
    installation code
   Map correct feature to correct SDS feature class
   Do not combine separate features into one feature class

17-Aug-10       Integrity - Service - Excellence                 19
     Many fields cannot be attributed
        Information does not exist
        Information does exist but is unknown
        Installation priorities
     For character fields use “NA” if information does not exist
     If information exists for character fields but has not been filled
      out leave blank
     For numeric fields use -1 if information does not exist
     All domains should have a value
        If the best choice is not present use closest value possible
        Use “Unknown” or closest value to “Unknown” for those features
         that might not have a domain attribute
     Primary key must be a unique value and every feature must
      have one
     Installation_id must be populated for every feature in every
      feature class
17-Aug-10       Integrity - Service - Excellence                           20
                     Installation Data
   Grade Cards
       Criteria by which grades have historically been assigned has
        changed with program maturity
         Initially the presence or absence of an attribute determined Y or N
         Criteria upgraded to 50% of records in a field being populated for Y
         Currently primary key and installation_id must be 100%, primary key
          must also be unique
         From this point forward we will be grading on 100% completion,
          PACAF guidance for NA, domain population, blank values should be
       There is a level of subjectivity involved with grading
       Quarterly Data Calls ensure HQ has the most current data

17-Aug-10        Integrity - Service - Excellence                                21
 Spiral development strategy plans your GIS investment
 Adhere to USAF GeoBase architecture standards
 SDSFIE is a robust data model and is the GIS standard
  for the Department of Defense
 Mission Infusion and Integration is the goal, not IT

 For more information on the SDSFIE visit:

17-Aug-10   Integrity - Service - Excellence              22
                  Questions ?

                    Point of Contact:
                     Robert Beachler
                     611 CES/CECP
                   Elmendorf AFB, AK

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