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                                  Federal Supply Service
                       Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List

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Schedule Title                               Financial and Business Solutions – 520
Special Item Number                          FSC Group: 520
Contract Number                              GS-23F-0026S
                                             For more information on ordering from Federal
                                             Supply Schedules click on the FSS Schedules
                                             button at
                                             Prices Herein are Net (Discount Deducted)
Contract Period                              November 14, 2005 through November 13, 2010
                                             with three five-year option periods
Contractor's Name                            Nationwide Recovery Systems, Ltd. (DBA: NRS)
Contractor ‘s Address                        2304 Tarpley Road, Suite 134
                                             Carrollton, TX 75006
Contractor’s Phone Number                    800.458.6357 Ext 2600
Contractor’s Fax Number                      972.798.1026
Contractor's Website               
Contract Administration Source               NRS
                                             Chris Mathews
                                             2304 Tarpley Road, Suite 134
                                             Carrollton, TX 75006
                                             800.458.6357 Ext 2600
Business Size                                Large


1a.    Special Item Number(s)                      520-4 Debt Collection

1b.    Awarded Prices                              Collection Services 25%

1c.    Hourly Rates                                Not Applicable

2.     Maximum Order                               $1,000,000.00

3.     Minimum Order                               $300.00

4.     Geographic Coverage                         The United States and its Territories

5.     Point(s) of Production                      2304 Tarpley Road, Suite 134
                                                   Carrollton, TX 75006
                                                   Dallas County

6.     Discount from list prices                   Prices Shown on this Price List are Net
       or statement of net price                   (Discount Deducted)

7.     Quantity Discounts                          Not Applicable

8.     Prompt Payment Terms                        Not Applicable

9a.    Government purchase cards accepted below the micro-purchase threshold.

9b.    Government purchase cards are not accepted above the micro-purchase threshold.

10.    Foreign Items                               Not Applicable

11a. Time of Delivery                              Not Applicable

11b. Expedited Delivery                            Not Applicable

11c. Overnight and 2 day Delivery                  Not Applicable

11d. Urgent Requirements                           Not Applicable

12.    F.O.B. Point(s)                             Destination

13a.    Ordering Address(es)                       NRS
                                                   Chris Mathews
                                                   2304 Tarpley Road, Suite 134
                                                   Carrollton, TX 75006

                                                 800.458.6357 Ext 2600

13b.    Ordering Procedures                      For supplies and services, the
                                                 ordering procedures, information on
                                                 Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA's), and
                                                 a sample BPA can be found at the GSA/FSS
                                                 Schedule homepage

14.     Payment Address(es)                      NRS
                                                 2304 Tarpley Road, Suite 134
                                                 Carrollton, TX 75006

15.    Warranty Provision                        Not Applicable

16.    Export Packing Charges                    Not Applicable

17.    Terms and Conditions of Government        Not Applicable
       Purchase Card Acceptance

18.    Terms and Conditions of Rental,           Not Applicable
       Maintenance, and Repair

19.    Terms and Conditions of Installation      Not Applicable

20.    Terms and Conditions of Repair Parts      Not Applicable

20a. Terms and Conditions for Any Other Services Not Applicable

21.    List of Service and Distribution Points   Not Applicable

22.    List of Participating Dealers             Not Applicable

23.    Preventive Maintenance                    Not Applicable

24a. Special Attributes                          Not Applicable

24b. Section 508 Compliance Information          Not Applicable

25.    Data Universal Number System (DUNS)       03-882-9271

26. Notification regarding registration in       Registered
Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Database

Company Overview

NRS, located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, is one of the largest and most respected commercial and high-
volume retail collection agencies in the country. We have established our credibility over 25 years as a trusted
collection agency that quickly achieves superior results for large and small clients across the country.

Our strong leadership team has developed a corporate culture of accountability. This "can do" spirit encourages our
energetic employees to find innovative ways to uncover the opportunities in clients’ accounts receivables. Simply
put, we have a passion for collecting money.

Our professionalism is key to our achieving fast superior results for our clients and is why we have been able to
develop so many long-term client relationships. The substantial number of client referrals we receive is an indication
of our high level of customer satisfaction. In addition, we are active members of the Commercial Law League of
America and ACA International, the association of credit and collections professionals. We are committed to
abiding by the high professional and ethics standards of both of these organizations.

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