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					                                                      OFFICES OF THE ADVOCATE GENERAL

                                                                     The Advocate General for
                                                                            Scotland                                                                       Private Office
                                                                                                                                                            Susan Cook

                                Office of Solicitor to the
                                  Advocate General                                                                      Legal Secretariat

                                     CHARLES MULLIN
                                    Solicitor to the Advocate
                                                                                                                            JOHN WARD
                                                                                                                         Legal Secretary to the
                                                                                                                          Advocate General

                                  ROBERT MARSHALL
                                   Deputy Solicitor to the                                                         Legal Secretariat                                       Private Office
                                     Advocate General
                                                                                               The primary functions of the Legal Secretariat are:             The Private Office manages the
                                                                                                                                                               Advocate General's dealings with the
                 DIVISION A                                           DIVISION B                        To support to the Advocate General in his             Secretariat, OSAG, the Attorney
                                                                Division B provides legal                capacity as a UK Law Officer, including the           General's Office, the Scotland Office,
Division A within OSAG exists to provide Scots                  advice and services to UK                exercise of statutory functions under the             other UK Government departments, the
Law advice and support in respect of any action                 Government departments,                  Scotland Act;                                         Parliamentary authorities and other
raised by or against a UK Government department in              including primary and                   To support the Advocate General’s Ministerial         external bodies.
Scotland. It also supports the Advocate General in              subordinate legislation and              responsibilities, including supporting him as a
                                                                on the instruction of the                member of Cabinet Committees and as a                 In addition the Private Office organises
respect of any action raised or defended in the                                                                                                                the Minister's diary and travel
                                                                Scotland Office, Division B              Member of the House of Lords; and
Scottish Courts. Details in respect of the type of              also drafts Orders under the            To liaise effectively with OSAG and other UK          arrangements.
cases in which Division A has supported the                     Scotland Act.                            Government departments where appropriate to
Advocate      General     can   be    found     at:                                                      support the Advocate General’s functions.
                                                                                               The Legal Secretary oversees the work of the Secretariat,
Division A also provides advisory services (but                                                which is comprised of a small team of lawyers, as well as
relating to litigation in some way) to UK                                                      the Ministerial Private Office.
Government departments.