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                                                           Bristol-Myers                 Squibb Award
     People and Places notices come              Erwin Neher Director, Membrane
  almost exclusively from information
  provided by members and interested         Biophysics Department, Max-Planck
  institutions. To ensure timely publi-      Institut, received the Bristol-Myers
  cation, announcements must be              Squibb Award for Distinguished
  received at least three months (by the     Achievement in Neuroscience Research
  5th of the month) before the desired
  publication date. Send all informa-        at the third annual presentation in New
  tion to Martin Frank, Editor, The          York, NY, June 28,199O. Neher, elected
  Physiologist, APS, 9650 Rockville          to honorary membership in the Soci-
  Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814.                  ety in 1988, is a renowned physiologist.
                                             He has received world acclaim for his
                                             development of the “patch clamp”
                                             technique that has had enormous im-
                                             pact on the understanding of bioelec-
                                             tric phenomena of individual cells and
   Stephen Flaim has been named Di-          represents one of those giant methodo-
vision Director, Department of Phar-         logic steps forward in the history of
macology and Toxicology, Alliance            physioloy.
Pharmaceutical Corporation. An ac-
tive member of the Society since 1975,
Flaim is chair of the APS Liaison with
Industry Committee.
   Formerly at the New England Med-
ical Center in Boston, Howard L. Cor-
win has moved to the Dartmouth                                     New FASEB Director
Hitchcock Center, School of Nephrol-
ogy, Hanover, NH.
   Formerly at the University of Penn-                                                    a model for gastrointestinal absorption
                                                                                          and secretion of pharmaceutical agents.
sylvania, James C. Reynolds has taken
                                                                                             Jackson said he envisions a new
a position as Chief, Division of Gas-
                                                                                          facilitating role for FASEB to develop
troenterology and Hepatology at the
                                                                                          consensus among biomedical science so-
Presbyterian University Hospital in
Pittsburgh, PA.                                                                           cieties on national policies that relate to
   Recent elections of the Institute of                                                   research. “We need to develop channels
Medicine     included APS members                                                         of access that allow scientists’ views to
Joseph C Greenfield, Jr. Duke Univer-                                                     become influential at the national policy
                                                                                          level,” he said.
sity Medical Center, Durham, as an ac-
tive member and Thomas R Almy                                                                Jackson received his BSc at the
                                                                                          University of London and PhD at the
Dartmouth Medical School, Etna, as
                                                                                          University of Sheffield in 1966. He has
a senior member.
                                                                                          been at The George Washington Univer-
                                                                                          sity since 1967. Jackson has served the
                                                                                          University in a variety of capacities dur-
                                                 Michael J. Jackson has accepted the      ing his 23 years there as a professor of
So They Say . . .                            position of Executive Director of the        physiology and has served as an ad-
                                             Federation of American Societies for Ex-     ministrator of research since 1985. He
   “Those opposed to research with animals   perimental Biology (FASEB). He will
have seldom stood on principle and in-                                                    has been active on university committees
structed their physicians not to use the     officially begin his new duties on Sep-      dealing with education, research, radia-
results of biomedical research on animals    tember 1, 1990.                              tion safety, human experimentation,
when it would benefit their loved ones or        Jackson is currently Dean for            animal care+and conflict of interest. An
themselves. Nor have they been willing to    Research and professor of physiology at      APS member since 1970, Jackson has
foreswear for themselves the advantages of   The George Washington University
any future advances from animal research.”                                                served as associate editor of the Ameri-
                                             Medical Center, Washington, DC. He           can Journal of Physiology: Gastmintes-
    -John Kaplan, Standford University       has over 20 years experience as an inves-    tinal and Liver Physiology and as chair-
 Law Professor. in an article in Science.    tigator working on the development of        man of the Program Committee

128                                                                                                            THE PHYSIOLOGIST
                                                                                            PEOPLE       AND        PLACES

  Outstanding             Basic Science Faculty Award

   James A. McMillan,     Professor of    Regional Medical Education Program.
Physiology at Montana State Unives-       He is the first basic science faculty
ity, received the Outstanding Basic       member not based in Seattle to be
Science Faculty Award from the 1990       selected for the award. Gregory Grose,
graduating class of the University of     a Montana member of the graduating
Washington     School of Medicine.        class, presented the award to McMillan
McMillan    teaches physiology to 20      during the medical school’s hooding
Montanans who are enrolled in the         ceremony. “Dr. McMillan taught us a
University of Washington School of        lot in our first year, including a little
Medicine and take their first year of     physiology,” said Grose. “But the most
medical school at Montana         State   important thing he taught us was to be
University as part of the WAMI            comfortable in saying ‘I don’t know’.”

                                                       Academy Taps APS Member
                                                          Min Chueh Chang, who has been a member of the
                                                      American Physiological Society since 1946, is one of 60
                                                      newly elected members of the National Academy of
                                                      Sciences. Chang is principal scientist emeritus at the Wor-
                                                      cester Foundation for Experimental Biology at Shrews-
                                                      burg, MA. He spent his career in reproductive biology and
                                                      has received many awards for his work. At present mil-
                                                      lions of women around the world are using various types
                                                      of pills originated by Chang and his colleagues for con-
                                                          Election to the Academy’s membership is considered
                                                      to be one of the highest honors accorded to a United
                                                      States scientist. Currently, there are 1,601 Academy

       Bozler Honored
   In celebration of Emil Bozler’s 89th
birthday, the Department of Physiol-
ogy, Ohio State University, opened a
display of memorabilia from his career.
The display is in the lobby of the
Graves Hall Basic Science Building.
Bozler is recognized for his contribu-
tions to muscle physiology. Con-
gratulating Bozler on the exhibit is
Jackie D. Wood, Chairman, Depart-
ment of Physiology.

Vol.   33, No. 4, 1990

                                Know Your Sustaining                         Associates

Abbott Laboratories                             Beckman’s business is to combine       Dagan Corporation
                                            chemistry and engineering. Its product
   Abbott Laboratories is a worldwide       lines include hundreds of instruments         Dagan Corporation manufacturers
company devoted to the discovery, de-       and related products. For the life         electronic instruments used in electro-
velopment, manufacture and sale of a        sciences, Beckman manufactures cen-        physiology. Dagan offers a full line of
broad and diversified line of human         trifuges, liquid scintillation counters,   analog and digital products, including
health care products and services. Ab-      spectrophotometers,      and pH meters.    preamplifiers for use in intracellular
bott innovations include Nembutal and       For health care, the company produces      and extracellular recording, single and
Pentothal anesthetics, the Erythrocin       clinical systems, diagnostic kits, re-     two electrode voltage/current clamps,
line of antibiotics, the Ausria and         agents, and quality controls. A com-       patch clamps/whole-cell clamps, signal
Auszyme diagnostic kits for hepatitis       plete sales and service force supports     averagers, programmable multichannel
B, the first US licensed AIDS virus an-     Beckman customers.                         stimulators, and iontophoresis gener-
tibody detection kit, Similac and Isomil                                               ators.
infant formula, the TDx drug detection
system, and the ADD-Vantage drug
delivery system. Abbott’s commitment
                                            Berlex Laboratories                        Glaxo, Inc.
to the future is evident in its $500 mil-
lion dollars spent on research and de-                                                    Glaxo Inc., a leading research-based
velopment in 1989 and an annual com-           Berlex Laboratories is a US subsidi-
                                                                                       pharmaceutical     company headquar-
pound growth rate in R&D spending           ary of the multinational   pharmaceuti-
                                                                                       tered in Research Triangle Park, North
                                            cal and chemical firm Schering AG
over the past 5 years of 20%.                                                          Carolina, manufactures and markets
                                            West Germany (not connected with
                                                                                       prescription medicines including treat-
                                            Schering-Plough      Corp. or Schering
                                                                                       ment for respiratory ailments, ulcers,
American Medical Association                Corp. of New Jersey). It conducts
                                                                                       hypertension, infectious diseases, and
                                            research and markets prescription drug
                                                                                       diseases of the skin. Glaxo is a wholly
   The American Medical Association         products primarily for cardiovascular,
                                                                                       owned subsidiary of Glaxo Holdings
promotes the art and science of medi-       diagnostic imaging, metabolic, endo-
cine and the betterment of public           crine, and central nervous system uses.
health. The AMA accomplishes this
mission by advancing standards of
medical education, promoting support                                                   Grass Foundation
for biomedical research, representing
the medical profession, providing in-       Coulbourn Instruments, Inc.                   The Grass Foundation underwrites
formation about medical matters, and                                                   the annual Walter B. Cannon Lecture-
upholding professional conduct and              Coulbourn Instruments, Inc. manu-      ship given at the spring meeting of the
performance.                                factures electronic instruments for in     American Physiological Society. The
                                            vivo life science applications. Products   naming of this lectureship serves two
                                            include the LabLinc Modular Instru-        functions: to commemorate the enor-
Beckman Instruments,           Inc.         ment System for physiological signal       mous contribution of Cannon to the
                                            conditioning, experiment control, and      growth of knowledge of physiology
   Beckman Instruments,       Inc. is a     data acquisition, featuring over 100       and to pay a tribute to Cannon on be-
major international manufacturer of         modules, including computer interface      half of many of the founding trustees
bioanalytical   and diagnostic instru-      ports, signal conditioning and process-    of the Grass Foundation who were
ments and related products for science      ing, and counting and timing modules       members of his research group at Har-
and medicine. The company was               for chart and computer-based poly-         vard Medical School early in their
founded in 1935 by Arnold Beckman,          graphs.                                    careers.
who was inducted into the National In-          The company also produces trans-          This lectureship is in accordance
ventors Hall of Fame on Feb. 8, 1987.       ducers, biotelemetry, signal processors,   with the Grass Foundation’s charter
In 1982, the Orange County-based            stimulators, and auditory and animal       mandate to support research and edu-
company merged with Smith Kline in          behavior test equipment.                   cation in neurophysiology. Other pro-
Philadelphia to form SmithKline Beck-           Major markets include pharmaceu-       grams include funding for other annual
man Corporation, a leading health care      tical, chemical, and biotechnological      and visiting lectureships, summer fel-
and life sciences company recognized        firms, universities, research hospitals,   lowship support for young students,
worldwide.                                  and government laboratories.               and occasional relevant course support.
130                                                                                                       THE   PHYSIOLOGIST
                                                                                           SUSTAINING           ASSOCIATES

Harvard Apparatus                             Janssen Pharmaceutics                           With more than 4,000 trademark
                                                                                           registrations worldwide, R. W. Johnson
   Harvard Apparatus, since its incep-            Janssen Pharmaceutics was founded        Pharmaceutical continues its commit-
tion in 1904 at the Harvard Medical           in Belgium in 1953 by Paul Janssen. It       ment to an intensive research and devel-
School, continues to design, develop,         is now an international company built        opment program to ensure tomorrow’s
and supply the unique apparatus that          on the foundation of research and a          innovative health care products in the
has shaped the development of teach-          bedrock of innovation. The company           areas of conception control, immuno-
ing and research in physiology and al-        remains under the direction of Janssen       biology, and the treatment of gastroin-
lied science, including syringe peristal-     and has an unparalleled record in the        testinal disorders and cardiovascular
tic and respiration pumps, recording          successful development and marketing         disease.
systems, and research accessories.            of new pharmaceutical products. Ac-
                                              cording to the Japan Drug Research
                                              studies, Janssen was responsible for         Narco Bio-Systems
ICI Pharmaceuticals Group                     more significant new drug discoveries
                                              during the period 1970-1983 than any            Narco Bio-Systems designs, manufac-
   The ICI Pharmaceuticals       Group        pharmaceutical company in the world.         tures, and distributes the Physiograph@
R&D facility is based in Wilmington,              The company currently has approxi-       physiological recording systems for use
Delaware. It consists of about 700            mately 6,000 employees worldwide. It         in clinical, research, and teaching appli-
staff, of whom about 170 are in drug          is a world leader in medication used in      cations. A selection of multichannel
discovery. Within ICI, the US drug dis-       the treatment of allergies, mental dis-      chart recorders are available with a com-
covery function has sole responsibility       orders, digestive and intestinal prob-       plete line of modular input preampli-
for discovering new drugs in the pul-         lems, cardiovascular conditions, and         fiers, signal conditioners, transducers,
monary and CNS therapeutic areas.             worm and fungal infections. Janssen’s        and accessories. This allows maximum
Current CNS targets are nondyskinetic         compounds have also enabled major            flexibility for designing systems for
antipsychotic drugs, disease-modifying        advances in anesthesia and immunol-          recording physiological functions.
drugs for Alzheimer’s disease, and            ogy. In addition, Janssen has also dis-
drugs for cerebral stroke and ischemia.        covered many chemical compounds to
The entire gamut of experimental ap-           identify and characterize receptors in      Pennwalt Pharmaceuticals
proaches is available, including bio-         the brain and the periphery that have
chemical, neurochemical, electrophysio-        played a prominent role in advancing            Pennwalt Pharmaceuticals Division,
logical, histochemical, and behavioral.        our knowledge about neurotrans-             based in Rochester, New York since
Subserving the discovery efforts are a         mitters.                                     1886, has continually been committed
Molecular Pharmacology Unit at Wil-                                                        to provide physicians and consumers
mington and a Biotechnology Depart-                                                        with excellent products. In addition to
ment in ICI-UK.                                                                            providing fine pharmaceuticals, Penn-
                                                                                           walt has become a leader in the tech-
                                              R. W. Johnson Pharmaceutical                 nology of controlled drug delivery sys-
Jandel Scientific                             Research Institute                           tems. Existing or imminent consumer
                                                                                           and prescription       products include
    Jandel Scientific designs and sells          Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation           agents to treat cardiovascular and neu-
IBM-compatible      software for scientific   is now a part of the R. W. Johnson            rological diseases‘9 pain, infections, im-
                                              Pharmaceutical Research Institute. It is                                              .
research. Products include Sigma-Plot                                                       munological dist urbances, eating dis-
for publication-quality scientific graphs     headquartered in Raritan, New Jersey          orders, colds, and allergy. Current
(with automatic error bars, regression        and is a research-based pharmaceutical        research promises to yield additional
lines, and many other scientific graph-       company engaged in the development            products targeted for these therapeutic
ing options); Sigma-Scan for x-y              and manufacture of a wide range of
digitizing,    morphometric      measure-     health care products marketed in more
ment, and analysis; and PC3D for gen-         than 60 countries around the world. A
erating three-dimensional     reconstruc-     wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson &
tions of objects from serial sections.         Johnson, R. W. Johnson Pharmaceu-
                                              tical’s operating divisions produce a
 JAVA, the latest product, is a video
 analysis system capable of image pro-         variety of contraceptives, gynecological       If you change your address or
 cessing, densitometry, automatic object       therapeutics, prescription and propri-         telephone number, please notify
 counting and edge tracking, and mor-          etary skin-care products, self-care d.i-       the APS office (301-530-7171) as          I
 phometric measurement. JAVA works             agnostics, and a growing number of             soon as possible.
 with a video digitizing board and input       biotechnology-derived      pharmaceuti-
 from a video camera, VCR, or other            cals, including immunomodulators      and
 video source.                                 monoclonal antibodies.
Vol.   33, No. 4, 1990                                                                                                             131

Pharmacia                                    SmithKline Beecham                           The Upjohn Company

   Pharmacia is the world’s leading             A division of Smith Kline Beckman           The Upjohn Company, a multi-
supplier of separation and purification      Corporation,      Smith Kline & French       national corporation headquartered in
products for the biotechnology indus-        Laboratories is a technology-intensive,      Kalamazoo, Michigan, has celebrated
try, as well as a research-intensive in-     worldwide health care company. Smith         its centennial year as a maker of fine
ternational manufacturer of products         Kline & French is a leading supplier of      pharmaceuticals. It is one of the 15
for use in areas of medicine, including      pharmaceuticals       to treat infectious,   largest research-basedpharmaceutical
gastroenterology, rheumatology, oncol-       gastrointestinal,    cardiovascular, and     manufacturers in the world. It has re-
ogy, ophthalmology,      blood volume        arthritic diseases and a leader in           search, production, and warehousing
replacement, allergy, and dermatology.       research, development, and marketing         facilities in more than 45 countries and
                                             of innovative medicines.                     its products are sold in more than 150
                                                                                             Upjohn has long been committed to
                                             Squibb Corporation                           the research, development, manufac-
Procter & Gamble Company                                                                  ture, and marketing of pharmaceuti-
                                                 Squibb Corporation,       a leading      cals. Human health care is the heart of
   Procter & Gamble is a multinational,      worldwide developer, manufacturer,           Upjohn’s   endeavors.
technically based consumer products          and marketer of pharmaceutical and
corporation    with operations in 28         allied health care products, is organized
states and 36 foreign countries. It has      into the Squibb Operating Group and          Waverly Press
four technical centers, and its world        the Science and Technology Group.
headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio.            The Squibb Operating Group is re-           Approaching its 100th anniversary,
Technical centers are also located in        sponsible for the manufacturing, mar-        Waverly Press is a full-service publica-
Egham and Newcastle, England; Brus-          keting, and distribution     of products     tion printer specializing in journals and
sels, Belgium; Schwalbach, Germany;          and services. Squibb’s pharmaceutical        other periodicals.
and Osaka, Japan.                            products are marketed by Squibb In-             Committed to servicing its customers
    The worldwide PhD population of          ternational and Squibb United States.        through sharing knowledge, providing
Procter & Gamble is - 850, divided           The Medical Products segment consists        the best of modern technology, and es-
equally between chemists and life scien-     of ConvaTec and the companies of Ed-         tablishing mutual respect, Waverly
tists, and total employees number            ward Week Incorporated.                      Press offers a full range of publishing
75,000.                                          The ‘Squibb Science and Technology       servicesincluding design, editing, com-
  Sales in the paper, soap and deter-        Group is composed of The Squibb In-          position, printing, binding, mailing
gent, health care, personal care, phar-      stitute for Medical Research, World-         and distribution,     warehousing, sub-
maceutical, beverage, and food cate-         wide Regulatory Affairs and Licensing.       scription fulfillment, and ad sales.
gories make Procter & Gamble one of          Celebrating its 50th anniversary in             Waverly practices team concept
the largest US corporations. Fortune          1988, The Squibb Institute is among         management. Both client and staff are
magazine has named Procter & Gam-            the nation’s first industry-sponsored        part of the team. Through this man-
ble as one of the most admired corpo-        research centers. In recent years, it has    agement concept, each publication
rations in the United States.                focused on four main areas: I) cardio-       receives close personal attention.
                                             vascular disease, 2) infectious disease,        Striving for excellence in the graphic
                                             3) diagnostics, and 4) inflammatory          arts industry is a tradition at Waverly
                                             disease. It has recently broadened into      Press- one that continues. Waverly be-
                                             molecular biology, the neurosciences,        lieves in quality products and service
Schering-Plough                               and metabolic disorders.                    through quality people.
    Born out of a 1971 consolidation of
two companies - Plough, Inc. and the
Schering Corporation           - Schering-
Plough is dedicated to the discovery,                                           AI’S ACCEPTS
development, and marketing of novel                                       VISA AND MASTERCARD
therapeutic entities. The company fo-
                                                                              FOR PAYMENT    OF
cused its research in the fields of anti-
inflammatory,     antiallergic, cardiovas-                              DUES AND SUBSCRIPTIONS
cular, and anti-infective disorders. The
company has also attained a leading
position in immunology          and recom-
binant DNA technology.
132                                                                                                            THE   PHYSIOLOGIST

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