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									Jean-François Bellis
(born Waha, Belgium on 7 June 1949) received his law degree from the University in
Brussels (ULB) in 1972 and a LL.M. from the University of Michigan Law School in 1974.
For a period of two years in 1979-1980 Jean-Francois Bellis served as Legal Secretary to Lord
Mackenzie Stuart, then the British Member and subsequently the President of the Court of
Justice of the European Communities in Luxembourg.

Jean-Franηois Bellis's legal practice revolves around two main areas, EC competition law and
international trade law, including GATT - WTO :

  in the field of EC competition law, Jean-Franηois Bellis has been involved since the mid-
seventies in some of the major EC competition cases to have reached the Commission and the
Court of Justice and has advised international clients on all issues of EC competition law,
including merger control, strategic alliances and dominant positions;

  in the field of international trade law, Jean-Franηois Bellis has advised international clients
in countless EC anti-dumping cases since 1976 as well as in many of the less frequently used
EC countervailing, safeguard and "trade barriers" proceedings. In the last few years, this
experience has been contributed to clients involved, as petitioners or defendants, in anti-
dumping cases in foreign jurisdictions;

  since the launch of the Uruguay Round in 1986, Jean-Franηois Bellis has had a growing
involvement in GATT-WTO matters, advising private companies, trade associations and
governments on a broad range of WTO issues. In 1998, Jean-Franηois Bellis was appointed
by the WTO Director-General as a member of a WTO panel.

Jean-Franηois Bellis's academic responsibilities and legal writing reflect the areas of focus of
his legal practice. Since 1990, he has taught a course on WTO and EC trade remedies law at
the University of Liθge (Ulg) and, since 1998, a course on EC competition law at the
University of Brussels (ULB). He has written several books and articles in the field of
competition and trade law. He has spoken on these two subjects at numerous conferences and

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