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Marketing and Publicity for the author


If you are a writer or an aspiring writer, then this eBook is for you. Whether you're self-published, traditionally published, a fiction or a non-fiction writer, this book will empower you to market and gain publicity on your own.

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									                                                    PRESS RELEASE

For Immediate Release
                                                                         Contact: Erin Mitchell (877) 85-WRITE ext. 2

Here's The Simplest, Most Effective Way To Get Publicity
  and Market Your Book without hiring a publicist or a
marketing team, and without using a single marketing tactic
            that makes you feel uncomfortable.

              The eBook EVERY writer should read!
Chicago, IL August 2010 – Marketing And Publicity For The Author is
the eBook written by an author who’s been there and done that! Published
by Write One Publications, Inc. Marketing And Publicity For The Author
journals new author and CEO Stefanie Newell’s early days. Fearless, Newell
discusses the marketing challenges that has most writers pulling their hair out
and puts it in this 81-page eBook PACKED full of marketing and publicity tips that leaves writers feeling
confident and empowered to market and gain publicity on their own.

This eBook is for EVERY writer, no matter where they are in their process. Haven't started your manuscript?
This book is DEFINITELY for you. Self-published, traditionally published, fiction, or non-fiction, this
book is for you! Here's What You Get In This Instant Downloadable eBook!

   -    An 81-page PDF detailed manual from a writer who's been there and done that!
   -    Instant download! Did I say instant download?
   -    Detailed information on how to create a press release and marketing plan that works!
   -    Proven ways to garner publicity for a title whether fiction or non-fiction.
   -    Ways authors can successfully use social media including Blogs, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter
        to grow their target audience.
   -    A whole boatload of saved time and money from authors not having to figure this out on their own!

Stefanie Newell is the CEO of Write One Publications, Inc. a publishing company based in Chicago, IL. Write One
Publications publishes Pull Your Pants Up and be a man! by Bernice Harris and Newell’s debut novel The Buzz: When
Celebrity Gossip Goes Wrong. Newell is currently working on her second novel Rules of the Game and maintains For a limited time the eBook Marketing and Publicity for the author is only $4.95. 81-page
PDF. Instant Download. To purchase visit or call Write One Publications, Inc. at (877)
85-WRITE ext. 3.


       Write One Publications, Inc., PO Box 20883, Chicago, IL 60620 USA Tel: (877) 85-WRITE Fax: (877) 859-7483

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