transactional script by awenpelanjau


									Transactional Dialogue.
Delivering transactional text is meant that how we provide and do the dialogue better and acceptable by all the audiences. In reality, doing transactional in such a way is more considerable by the writer, before his or her comprehension. whether he or she is free writer or educator in an institution. There are three things that the writer carefully done for the person who doing the dialogue, they are; situation, script and guideline. Situation Before people doing the dialogue, better suggested that the writer must provide the situation clearly. It must be written shortly, clearly and completely.

Script is a simple drawing for the modeler to act and entertain the audience as they wish. In case, the modeler must follow the clue given. Modeler must consistent with their acting as written in the script.

Complete guideline
Complete guideline means a format script that is arranged by the writer clearly for the modeler doing during sequence talk one another. Here is the script model. Situation : When the break time comes, Rita and Shanty go to the school canteen. They are talking about their classmate. Please, do better the dialogue based on the instruction abiove. Rita : when did you go yesterday, shanty? Shanty : I went to see one of our classmates, Rina Rita : did you meet her? Shanty : I didn’t see her, but I met Mr. Tony. Rita : what did you talk to him? Shanty : I asked him, if he spoke English. He said he spoke a little English. Rita : what did anything you ask? Shanty : I asked him about resort place in his city. He knew a lot of famous place here After Shanty told the story, suddenly the school bell was ringing. Therefore both of them enter the classroom hurrily.

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