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02-24-09 BTA

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									Juárez Strategic Plan
    Border Trade Alliance
    February 23-24, 2009
        México, D.f.
                Juárez Strategic Plan
•   Why a Strategic Plan?

•   The Strategic Plan’s point of departure:
    Juárez snapshot, strengths and weaknesses

•   Juárez Economic Spillover to El Paso (the Paso del Norte regional dimension)

•   The Juarez’s economy now

•   The Juárez Strategic Plan:
     – General Framework
     – Formulation stage: arriving at the Juárez 2015 Vision
     – Economic Strategic Direction
     – Implementation stage outcomes:
       overall and regarding the economic strategic direction
     – Most recent projects
     – New dominant framework on Plan’s activities: Governance

•   Conclusion: Governance implications on overall competitiveness and
   Juárez Strategic Plan Association
                Central Objetive:
  Promote the organization of the community so
     that public, private and social institutions,
        together, elaborate and implement a
            Strategic Plan for Juárez
that contemplates all dimensions of development
    with the aim of substantially improving the
              quality of life of the city.
Why a Strategic Plan
   for Juárez?
         City’s reality in a Nutshell:
     A growth and development mismatch
High population growth and economic dynamism
 has not been coupled with an equivalent overall

High job creation contrasts with development lags
 in basic physical infrastrucutre (roads…) and
 social infrastructure (housing, education, health)
    Key Challenge:
        to achieve
sustained and sustainable
 growth with development
•   Strategic geographic location
•   High economic growth vis-à-vis the rest of Mexico
•   Hard-working, dynamic and entrepreneurial people
•   Maquiladora Sector (global production sharing)
       • High FDI levels
       • International reputation for its manufacturing base
         (presence of numerous Fortune 500 firms)
       • State-of-the-art technology
       • Technical, engineering and R&D centers (DELPHI)
       • Strategic alliances and linkages with the local economy
       • Tight link with the U.S. economy
       • Considerable employment impact
• POPULATION: 1.5 million approx.; Mexico’s 5th-largest city
   2.5% to 5% growth/year; high migration

  580,000 residents
  Estimated cost of improvement: US$ 3.3 billion for improvement
  Annual city budget: US$300 million

     • Basic services
     • Housing
     • Health
     • Education
     • Road pavement
     • Security, narcotics traffic
     • Negative image
                       Juárez, El Paso, Las Cruces
                             PASO DEL NORTE
                                             The economies of
              NUEVO MEXICO
                                             Juárez, El Paso and
                                             southern New Mexico,
                                             generate a Gross
                                             Regional Product of
                                             around $41 billion,
                                             ranking 3rd, as a
                                             region, among
                                             North America’s top
                                             15 economic zones,
Juárez’s contribution to regional            surpassed only by
GRP:$21 billion                              Chicago and
                                             Los Angeles.
Source: Twin Plant News, July 2005
   Juárez’s stimulus to El Paso
Linkages through employment / income:
• International Trade:
   Transportation, warehousing, customs brokerage
• Manufacturing and Processing Services:
  the “twin plant” concept through suppliers
  (plastic injection molding; distribution)
• The “transplanted executive” effect:
  Housing/property taxes, schools, consumption of goods and services
  of residents and corporate visitors
• Juárenses spending in EP retail sector:
  $2.2 billion/year; $185 million/month; $46 million/week
• Government: Homeland-security-related jobs
• ETC.
       Maquiladoras and
 the U.S. Border (with Mexico)
• Add jobs to typically high-
  unemployment locations.

• Improve the composition of jobs
  (higher-skilled, higher paying).
     Recent and Current Economic
• 2008 Chihuahua state FDI:
  Over $600 million, first half 2008
• 2007 CIDE competitiveness study:
  Juárez ranked 5th among Mexican cities
• Sample of new investments in Juárez in 2008:
  – New Electrolux plant
  – New Flextronics
  – Foxconn
• Overall employment slowdown:
  down 20,000 YOY Aug 2008
Juárez Strategic Plan

    P LA N

         PLAN JUAREZ
 The plan contemplates the city’s
 development in all its dimensions:
 –   Economic
 –   Social
 –   Urban
 –   Educational
 –   Cultural
 –   Environmental
 The plan includes the participation of all
 community forces:
 – Public and private institutions
 – NGO’s (community/social) organizations
 – Community in general


2002–2004 Calendar      Phases of the Plan       Principal tasks
      September 2002     DEFINITION OF            • Analysis of preliminary information and
                                                    interviews of Steering Committee members
                             TASKS               • Pre-assessment “¿Quién es Juárez?”
      February 2003
                                                 • Interviews of specialists
                                                 • Analysis of existing data and information
                                                 • Population survey
            May            DIAGNOSIS             • Public forums
                                                 • Public opinion poll
                                                 • Diagnostic analysis
          September        STRATEGIC             • Scenario Analysis
                                                 • Vision or city model
      December 2003       FRAMEWORK          •     “El Juárez que queremos”
                                                 • First list of initiatives and projects

                                                 • Project forums
                                                 • Incorporation of results of previous
         March 2004      DEFINITION OF              phases
                           PROJECTS               • Draf of the Plan: strategies, actions and
                                                 • Public presentation and approval of the
       September 2004                               Plan: La Propuesta

       October 2004     IMPLEMENTATION           • Follow-up groups and mechanisms
                         AND FOLLOW-UP           • Catalyst groups
           Plan Juárez
      Citizen Participation
Consultation and participation of the
         community at large
   (representation of all sectors)

    Total: 14,000+ personas
El Juárez que queremos
 The Juárez we envision
  Juárez, head of a metropolitan binational region, a
  socially-integrated place with a high
  quality of life, a center of educational excellence
  and cultural creation with a dynamic economy
  highly capable of generating quality employment
  and wealth among its citizens.
         The Juárez we envision
               PLAN JUAREZ
             Strategic Direction 4
           a dynamic, wealth-generating economy of
               high value-added activities
Juárez aims to become an economic powerhouse with a production
structure that is dynamic, diversified and technologically advanced
and which is capable of sustaining the new Juárez metropolis. The
city, with its long tradition in manufacturing and its strategic
location, capitalizes on its comparative advantages to transform itself
into a high value-added industrial center that promotes the
development of new economic opportunities in the area of services.
Juárez raises the per capita income of its citizens thereby favoring
more internal consumption in the sectors of commerce, leisure and
entertainment, culture, and services in general.
PLAN JUAREZ: 4th Strategic Direction
     Juárez, a dynamic, wealth-generating economy of
                      high value-added activities
 Positioning Juárez as an attractive site for high value-added industrial
   investments, with special emphasis on the automotive industry
 Creating new economic sectors in logistics, industrial and technological
 Positioning health services as a key industry

 Building a comprehensive strategy on tourism and cultural, leisure and
   entertainment activities

 Ensuring a favorable framework for new local-enterprise initiatives

 Securing more resources and ensuring the optimal allocation of available funds
        Grupos de proyecto identificados
   Marco de       Nuevas formas
                                                                                                           Espacio de     Lucha contra la      Acceso
                                                                                                           covivencia      inseguiridad,     universal
   relaciones    de gobernabilidad Ciudad Bilingue
                                                                                                            con alto         violencia    servicios básicos
Estatal y Federal Metropolitana
                                                                                                         desarrollo social e impunidad        de calidad

    Observatorio               Programa de                                                                                                    Movilidad
                Apuesta por la                    Centro de                                                                 CIudad de        sostenible y
     económico identidadIncentivos
               culturas propias                 exposiciones y       Plan de                                                 derechos         transporte
      empresarial                “forntera       convenciones       Marketing                                                                   público
                     Racionalización                        Eje   1de la ciudad         Eje 2                              Viviendas y      Pacto por una
   Metrópoli              e impulso
                                    Política                                                                                 barrios          desarrollo
   Binacional                a las
                                                                                                                           más dignos        sostenible
                     infraestrctucturas          Centro para         Oficina                      Juárez,
     Polo logístico            de promoción y       Juárez,
                                                   nuevos          única del           espacio de convivencia con
                                captación decabecera de una reunión
                                                emprendedores     empresario            un alto desarrollo social y
                                 inversionesmetropolitana binacional                     elevados estándares de
  Política activa de                                                                          calidad de vida
                     Centro de negcios Desarrollo de la
     suelo para
                       Ponaf-Wordl        industria                Concurso de
     actividades       Trade Center      automotríz                    ideas Juárez
                                             Area para la
                                                                        que queremos
      Programa de
     impulso de los       La industria de implantación de
       servicios a              la salud     empresas de
                                                              para lograr
        empresas                                software
                                                 Juárez,     más recursos                      Juárez,
                                           Plan de excelencia
                                         Centrode impulso                                economía pujante
       Productos MosaicoImpulso al          a la innovación
                                            educativa y de
         turísticos cultural y comercio     como fuente de                             generadora de riqueza
                   plataforma              creación cultural                            y alto valor agregado
        de Juárez para la “histórico”
   Educativa                                   desarrollo                                                               Ciudad atractiva      Estrategia
                                                                                                                            para las           integral
                     creación artística              económico                                                            inversiones        de turismo,
                       Programa de
                                                                                                                             de alto       entretenimiento
 Refuerzo a la          impuslo y
                                                                                                                        valor agregado         y cultura
  formación           mejora de los
  profesional         equipamientos
                                                            Eje 3                      Eje 4                             Desarrollo de
                                                                                                                                           Marco favorable
    Centro de                                                                                                                               a las inciativas
    referencia                                                                                                                              empresariales
   en educación
    superior e
investigación de                                                                                                                              Mejorar y
 la frontera norte                                                                                                         Apuesta
                                                                                                                                             optimizar la
                                                                                                                         por sl sector
                                                                                                                                             obtención de
                                                                                                                                              y recursos
Strategic Projects, engines of change
to achieve the Juárez we envision
            PLAN JUAREZ

           STAGE II:
                         Detailed     Project          city
      Creation                        implementation
of project task forces   project                       model
             PLAN JUAREZ
Implementation: Pilot or Initial Projects
SD1: Binational Metropolis
 “Green” and Ecological Network
SD 2: Social Development
 Integral Neighborhood Development
SD 3: Educational Excellence and Cultural Creation
 Network of Art, Science and Knowledge
 Education Forum / Education Promotion Institute
SD 4: Economía Pujante de Alto Valor Agregado
 Expo and Convention Center

 Economic Development Task Force
Purpose: to adopt, within its platform, projects compatible with SD4
of the Plan and strategic projects of economic relevance
Initiatives (each with a specific leader/champion):
Expo and Convention Center

Technological services cluster

Juárez, bilingual city

Juárez, ciudad internacional competitiva (JCIC)
         Juárez Ciudad Internacional

          To achieve for Juárez a position as a
world-class location for investment, business and logistics
Punto de partida:
La Propuesta del Plan Estratégico de Juárez
Visión/Modelo de ciudad: El Juárez que queremos (Eje 4)
                                       Ejes Estratégicos
                                  1. Juárez, cabecera de una región
                                  metropolitana binacional
                                  2. Juárez, espacio de convivencia
                                  con un alto desarrollo social y
                                  elevados estándares de calidad de
       Gran pacto de ciudad       vida
                                  3. Juárez, centro de excelencia
                                  educativa y de creación cultural
                                  4. Juárez, economía pujante
      Acabar con la inseguridad   generadora de riqueza y alto valor
           e impunidad            agregado
La Propuesta del Plan Estratégico de Juárez, Eje 4
Promoción y captación de inversiones de alto valor agregado
         Juárez Economic Competitiveness and
            Positioning (Benchmark) Study
Component 1: Competitiveness
     •  Juárez’s economic competitiveness assessment
     • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of key existing,
       emerging and potential industries in Juárez
     • Identification of high-value-added target industries

Component 2: Positioning/Benchmarking
     • Benchmark city/region analysis
     • 10-year target-industry forecast
     • Identification of a “partner” U.S. city/region
            Juárez Economic Competitiveness and
               Positioning (Benchmark) Study
              Consulting Team

•    IPED is the focal point for funded research and outreach activities related to policy
     issues and economic development in West Texas, the Paso del Norte region, and the
     U.S.-Mexican border.
•    Combines national experience in economic and workforce analysis with local insights
     into the unique nature of the El Paso-Ciudad Juárez regional labor market.
•    Supported by a proven, cluster competitiveness methodology.

    Recognized as the most consistently accurate forecasting company in the world.
        Has more than 3,800 clients in over 200 countries.
        Extensive experience in Mexican economic data management
Selección de Industrias Meta para Juárez
(Consensus Target Clusters)

NOTA: En el cuadro aparecen en inglés las primeras dos columnas (los nombres de las industrias y su clasificación)
para mantener el texto original del estudio en el que se identifican—”The Industry Clusters of Cd. Juárez”.
                                                                                         Juárez Ciudad Internacional Competitiva
Benchmarking: Four City Case Studies
                                                                                                               Relative Contribution of Different Factors to the Overall Ranks
•       Government Initiatives

                                                                             Overall Competitiveness Ranking
         –       Dublin scored the highest ranking because of favorable
                 tax policies and government transparency.                                                     4
         –       Bratislava scored high for similar reasons.
         –       Hangzhou is held back because of rigid government                                             3
                 policies (even after being relaxed in recent years).
•       Business Environment
         –       Enabling business environment is particularly strong in                                       1
                 Dublin, with Bratislava a close second.
         –       Bangalore's burdensome bureaucracy results in the                                                  Bangalore      Bratislava          Dublin       Hangzhou         Juarez
                 lowest rank on this indicator for the city.
                                                                                                                      Government initiatives ranking            Business environment ranking
•       Financial Sector                                                                                              Financial sector ranking                  Labor/workforce ranking
                                                                                                                      Infrastructure ranking                    Other factors ranking
         –       Because of its role as a major financial center, Dublin
                 ranks first on this indicator.                            Note: all GI rankings are based on the scale of 1-5, with higher scores representing better performance
                                                                           relative to other cities examined.
         –       Bangalore’s strong venture capital presence propels it
                 to the second place.
    •     Labor/workforce
             –     Dublin’s well-educated and proficient labor force results in the first place for the city (despite the higher cost).
             –     Bratislava ranked second with its well-educated English-speaking labor force, followed closely by Bangalore.
             –     Having only recently began transformation into higher value-added industries, Hangzhou needs to further improve its
                   labor resources.
    •     Infrastructure
             –     Dublin has superior infrastructure, followed by Cd. Juárez and Bratislava.
             –     Hangzhou is held-back because of inferior telecommunications system.
             –     Bangalore lags behind on all three types of infrastructure considered – access, telecommunications, and
    •     General Factors ranking accounts for all other factors examined in the city-specific reports. Main reason for Cd.
          Juárez’s low score is its high crime rate and relatively fewer cultural attractions.
                                        Four City Case Studies
                                      Juárez vis-à-vis other cities
                                                           Bangalore: While the overall                                                                 Bratislava: Because
                      Government                                                                                  Government
                                                           Cd. Juárez competitiveness                              Initiatives
                                                                                                                                                        Bratislava is further along its
                         5                                 ranking is below that for                                 5                                  economic development path
                         4                                 Bangalore, for certain factors                            4                                  than Cd. Juárez, not
                         3               Business          Juárez is more competitive.                               3               Business           surprisingly it leads on five out
General Factors                                                                           General Factors                                               of six rankings considered in
                         2              Environment        Cd. Juárez outranks                                       2              Environment
                                                           Bangalore in terms of                                     1
                                                                                                                                                        this report, and by
                                                           infrastructure and business                               0
                                                                                                                                                        consequence, the overall
                                                           enabling environment factors.                                                                competitiveness ranking. The
                                                           However, Bangalore has an                                                                    two cities perform equally well
  Infrastructure                        Financial Sector   advantage in the areas of        Infrastructure                          Financial Sector    on the infrastructure ranking,
                                                           government initiatives,                                                                      while Cd. Juárez is
                                                           financial sector,                                                                            substantially behind on its
                                                           labor/workforce and general                          Labor/Workforce
                                                                                                                                                        labor/workforce ranking.
                    Labor/Workforce            Bangalore                                                                                   Bratislava
                                                           factors indicators.                                                    Juárez

                                                                                                                                                        Hangzhou: Cd. Juárez and
                      Government                                                                                  Government
                                                           Dublin: Dublin is the leader                                                                 Hangzhou level of economic
                       Initiatives                                                                                 Initiatives
                         5                                 on every one of the rankings                              5                                  development are far more
                                                           considered in this report.                                4                                  similar than those of the other
                                                           Nonetheless, there are                                    3               Business           benchmark cities.
                         3               Business                                            General Factors
General Factors
                                        Environment        competitive areas where Cd.                               2              Environment         Nonetheless, there are still
                                                           Juárez is much closer to                                  1
                                                                                                                                                        relative differences.
                                                           Dublin's performance.                                     0
                                                                                                                                                        Hangzhou outperforms Cd.
                                                           Namely, on infrastructure,                                                                   Juárez on the business
                                                           Cd. Juárez lags behind                                                                       environment ranking,
   Infrastructure                       Financial Sector   Dublin only slightly, while the     Infrastructure                       Financial Sector    labor/workforce ranking, and
                                                           gap is the largest for the                                                                   general factors ranking; the
                                                           labor/workforce ranking.                                                                     two cities have equal
                                                                                                                                                        government initiatives rank;
                    Labor/Workforce             Dublin                                                                                     Hangzhou
                                                                                                                                                        and finally, Cd. Juárez does
                                      Juárez                                                                                      Juárez
                                                                                                                                                        relatively better in terms of its
                                                                                                                                                        financial sector and
Most recent projects (2007-2008):
Sustainable Mobility
  Southwest Maquila Association
         The Juárez we envision
Mandato del
Plan Estratégico de
Juárez …
un compromiso con
mejorar la
gobernabilidad de
      Directrices y Principios que de Juárez
     Pacto por la Gobernabilidadguían el
     Pacto por la Gobernabilidad de Juárez
            Directrices y Principios
 Respeto a las instituciones y las leyes
 Ciudadanos conscientes de sus derechos y respetuosos con
   sus obligaciones
  Compromiso activo y decidido con la participación ciudadana en
    la preparación, elaboración e implementación de políticas públicas

      Eficiencia, eficacia e impulso de la evaluación objetiva como
        herramienta básica de mejora en Juárez

         Mejora del profesionalismo y el saber hacer, especialmente
          en el desempeño de funciones públicas

            Transparencia e integridad

               Ejemplaridad de la Administración Pública y de los
Alineación del Pacto por la
Gobernabilidad a un
Pacto Urbano
World Economic Forum
―No basta un entorno macroeconómico sólido y estable
para impulsar el crecimiento sostenido…

…entendemos por la competitividad nacional el conjunto de
factores, políticas e instituciones que determinan el nivel de
productividad de un país.‖

                           --Global Competitiveness Report, 2007
World Economic Forum:
Indice de Competitividad Mundial (GCI)
9 PILARES de factores que determinan la
Productividad y la Competitividad:
            Instituciones
              Infraestructura
              Macroeconomía
              S alud y Educación Básica
              E ducación Superior y Capacitación
              E ficiencia del Mercado
              Capacidad de respuesta en Tecnología
              Clima de Negocios
              Innovación
Indice de Competitividad Mundial (GCI)
1er Pilar: Las Instituciones
Para evaluar la efectividad de las instituciones públicas, el GCI utiliza los
siguientes cinco criterios:
respeto a los derechos de propiedad
ética en el desempeño del gobierno y el grado de corrupción
independencia del poder judicial y el grado en que el gobierno otorga al sector
 privado libertad para operar o el grado en el que el gobierno actúa con prácticas
 discrecionales intervencionistas (conceptos que se captan bajo la etiqueta de
  “influencia indebida” de los gobiernos)
ineficiencia del gobierno reflejada en un desperdicio de los recursos públicos y
 en una fuerte carga regulatoria
la habilidad de proveer un ambiente para la actividad económica caracterizado
 por niveles apropiados de seguridad pública
Indice de Competitividad Mundial (GCI):
¿Dónde estamos?
                       GCI Ranking 2006
                1    Suiza                 35 Tailandia
                2    Finlandia             …
                3    Suecia                …
                4    Dinamarca             50 Indonesia
                5    Singapur              ...
                6    EEUU                  …
                …                          54 China
                …                          …
                13   Taiwan                58 Panamá          Ranking de México
                …                          59 MÉXICO          en 2007: 52
                …                          …
                26   Malasia               …
                                           88 Venezuela
                27 Chile                   …
                …                          …
                …                          125 Angola

                Fuente: Global Competitiveness Report, 2007
Indice de Competitividad Mundial (GCI):
¿Dónde estamos…en cuanto al pilar de las Instituciones?
             GCI Ranking 2006 1st Pillar: Institutions

                         1 Finlandia
                         2 Dinamarca
                         25 Chile
                         26 Bélgica
                         27 EEUU
                         34 India
                         67 Zambia
                         68 Colombia                     Ranking de México
                         69 MÉXICO                       en 2007: 85
                         80 China
                         125 Venezuela
                  Fuente: Global Competitiveness Report, 2007
La Gobernabilidad y el Desarrollo
 --Existe una importante relación causal entre una mejor
 gobernabilidad y un mayor desarrollo económico y social...
 (el ―dividendo de desarrollo‖)

 --…el logro de una mejor gobernabilidad debe constituir un
 objetivo prioritario en los programas de desarrollo y de la
 lucha contra la pobreza.

                                    -- Banco Mundial
El fortalecimiento del estado de derecho
       eleva el ingreso per cápita
             (muestra: 166 países)
 La Gobernabilidad y el Desarrollo
--…las políticas e
                 instituciones subóptimas son resultado de la
desigualdad en las estructuras de riqueza e influencia…

--…ello está en el centro de un desempeño decepcionante en el
crecimiento en México.

       -- “La trampa de la desigualdad y su vínculo con el bajo crecimiento en México”,
           estudio del Banco Mundial, Universidad de Stanford, Universidad de Harvard,
          Noviembre 2006.
La Gobernabilidad y el Desarrollo
―…mucho de lo que explica las diferencias entre
países en sus tasas de crecimiento, son las diferencias
entre sus instituciones; por tanto, las instituciones
influyen en una forma importante en el desempeño del
crecimiento más allá de lo que impacta una inflación
bajo control o un buen manejo de otras variables
            --William Easterly, Center for Global Development
La Gobernabilidad y el Desarrollo

   “… las distorsiones en políticas públicas
  [en México]que aún persisten se deben a la
 influencia excesiva de grupos de interés….‖
   --“La Gobernabilidad Democrática en México: más allá de la captura del
     estado y la polarización social”, Banco Munidal, Mayo 2007.
La Gobernabilidad y el Desarrollo

―La gobernabilidad eficaz es tal vez el
factor más importante para erradicar
la pobreza y promover el desarrollo‖.
    --Kofi Annan, ex Secretario General de las Naciones Unidas
El Plan Estratégico y el Pacto por
  la Gobernabilidad de Juárez

   El PLAN        El PACTO POR LA

         LA CALIDAD
         DE VIDA DE
    A shared community vision
                by a
           Strategic Plan
results in a more competitive city,
   with greater opportunities,
    with more and better job;
more attractive, in general, for all.

       (growth with development)

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