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									ZTeHR improve performance management execution
China's human resources information specialist, vice president of UF
Software Inc., eHR general manager
Performance        management        should    play     the    "combination
punches" - no culture of performance is equivalent to losing the
"soul", and lack of performance management tools are not
implemented, the implementation. "Corporate culture, performance
management programs and eHR management tools" Performance
management called smooth landing "three magic weapons."
Performance management for any hope to gain competitive advantage, long-term
survival and healthy development of the organization has a vital role. For this reason,
almost all organizations are sparing no effort to build with their own performance
management system. However, many enterprises in the implementation of
performance management always feel a bit powerless, performance management,
poor execution.
Focus on four major problems
Performance Management Programme in the implementation of the layers of
resistance encountered. Main features:
Lack of high-performance culture. Recognized degrees and line manager participation
is not high, that only the human resources performance appraisal work.
Line manager's performance leadership should be improved. First-line
managers do not understand sector performance and the source of employee
performance, there is no effective way to master to enhance performance. Had to
increase production, reduce the error rate for the purpose of performance management,
evolved into the final examination score is only concerned about the usual suspects.
Lack of effective performance management and monitoring measures to promote,
rigid enough. Part of the whole process of performance management and departments
involved in many organizations, poor execution, and execution of the lack of further
strengthening the line manager of the performance management of neglect and laxity.
Flow of information timeliness, accuracy and poor shared. Between different sectors,
between the various work processes, human resources and business systems exist
between the "data barrier" is not only difficult to share among
the departments are closely related to the operation and performance outcome data,
increased the difficulty of the implementation of performance management, enterprise
management performance and sector performance, employee performance organic
link between the lack of. Time lag in the data using statistical evaluation results are
not out of line managers and employees agree, directly affect the performance of the
process and results of fair and just.
From the above analysis we can see that the effective execution to enhance
performance management imperative. Which line managers how to improve
performance management acceptance, participation and management capabilities, and
improve the quality of performance data, timeliness and sharing, a key part of the
Performance Management Trilogy
Incentives in a competitive environment, business performance management
imperative but can not be achieved and blindly often begin with a larger whole.
I believe that, under the business development stage and management infrastructure,
performance management can be broken down as a "performance
appraisal", "business performance management",
"full and entire performance management," the three stages of
this "trilogy of performance management" (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Performance management, "Three Steps"
Figure 1 shows the main stages in the performance appraisal is delivered through the
performance appraisal pressure, creating an atmosphere of performance management,
and complete the bonus distribution.
And to the stage of business performance management, goal setting is even more
emphasized when the strategic orientation and employee involvement, performance
improvements of the business counseling and skills upgrading, but in the main still to
human resources as the core, is driven by the HR line manager and staff
"plan, evaluation, feedback and improvement" in all aspects
such as performance management, and monitor the whole process.
Just stay in "performance management" after the analysis phase
of the monitoring and far from enough only by mobilizing the 积极 of managers at
all levels, effectively spur and an incentive for each one Zhixian managers and
employees, Shi's goals with corporate strategy objectives consistent in
order to comprehensively enhance organizational performance, achieve strategic
objectives, this phase is "full, entire performance management
eHR, multi-building high-performance work systems
In many branches, personnel or work processes a huge number of complicated
business in and to let all staff involved in the implementation of performance
management, while all aspects of performance management to achieve real-time
monitoring, the introduction of Human Resource Management Information System
(eHR) potential in inevitable.
1. To improve HR performance management execution. A clear corporate strategic
objectives and performance management process based on, HR can use the eHR
system requirements for line managers and employees in accordance with the system
settings, a uniform schedule to complete "plan, evaluation, feedback and
improvement", and other aspects of the work using the mail system to
make the necessary tips and supervision, and monitor the whole process, so that
performance management process in the eHR system, driven in turn by rigidity of Liu
Cheng 进行, HR will become passive "push" service for the
active "pull-type "service.
2. Enhance the line manager performance management leadership. Line managers are
not passive in the eHR system planning and evaluation results reported, but can use
decomposition and setting performance goals and other sectors to strengthen strategic
performance targets plans to control and real-time decomposition of the process
control operating indicators, and eHR system the performance of real-time view
subordinates the implementation of plans, guidance and time to make adjustments.
HR performance management is no longer a matter, but a line manager an effective
tool for the daily management, line manager's performance management
leadership and execution has increased significantly.
3. To create a fair and just high-performance work environment. Line manager using
eHR system to record key events on the performance, which for the final performance
evaluation to provide adequate factual basis, effective performance appraisal system
to ensure fair, just, line managers and staff are open and transparent participation in
the sessions, gradually raise the recognition of the performance management and
ultimately the formation of "participation - identity - to
participate" in a virtuous circle.
4. To provide accurate, real-time, efficient, non-border sharing of performance data
stream. Note that, along with expansion of business scale, organizational level and the
increase in personnel, process and content management more complex. In order to
enhance organizational flexibility, and improving organizational performance and
competitiveness, performance management should not only emphasize the strategic
level by level based on performance goals, are more concerned about the departments,
the posts and horizontal linkages between people, emphasize the process of
optimization and all aspects of the connection point on the smooth, the departments of
information accuracy and timeliness of the effect of direct feedback from performance
In essence, performance management itself is in the chain of information flow
throughout the process of building data. Both are based on strategies, based on the
performance management process, are all internal finance, production, R &
D, sales, marketing, human resources and all departments in the daily operations data
suggest an accurate, 实时, efficient, without Bianjie 共享, are more Shenru of to
information requests. Design Science's eHR system not only automatically
places from the personnel, time and attendance modules gather information, to the
salaries, training, mobility and other sections Shuchu performance results, you can
also go through a data interface, the financial and administrative, marketing, service,
management, etc. scattered in various departments of the operational information
interoperability, organic association, and diverse data needed to extract performance
management and timely feedback and business are closely related to the evaluation
results to make operational use of performance information really is. This reflects the
business information to officers as a link of all business connections, to create high
performance work systems, achieved through the company's business and
the full interaction between the strategic objectives of the organization to ensure that
the final realization.
In short, performance management is not a strict distinction between the three stages
of development, and in practical work there is some overlap and repetition, eHR
system is not only in the "full, full stage" performance
management can play a key role in the implementation of ground. However, no matter
at what stage of performance management should play the "combination
punches" - no culture of performance is equivalent to losing the
"soul", and lack of performance management tools are not
implemented, the implementation. "Corporate culture, performance
management programs and eHR management tools" Performance
management called smooth landing "three magic weapons."
Among them, the performance culture that values to solve the question of identity,
performance programs to address the problem is thinking, and performance
management tools are focused on addressing implementation issues, the three-one in
order to create high performance work systems and organizational performance
improvement and to bring employees and the organization win.

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