Senior Project: Final Presentation Rubric (Microsoft Word)

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					North Lawndale College Prep Charter High School

Senior Project: Final Presentation Rubric

STUDENT NAME: _________________________________
10 Excellent. Speaker captured attention at start, clearly relayed thoughts and sustained through to a strong finish. 10 Excellent flow. No unnecessary pauses. No ―ahs‖ & ―ums‖ 5 Excellent, very clear. 5 Excellent choice of words — no pronunciation errors. Vocabulary bolsters presentation 10 Excellent energy and eye contact. You commanded audience attention in a creative & interesting way. 15 All facts cited were accurate - not misleading 15 Conclusions clearly supported in presentation 8 Very Good. Could clearly follow most of presentation as it held attention and was logically organized. 8 Very good flow. Only a couple of awkward pauses, ahs, ums. 4 Good volume, good annunciations 4 Good word usage with only minor pronunciation problems 8 Good energy and eye contact – worthy of audience attention. Creativity was helpful.

PROJECT TITLE: __________________________________
6 Overall OK; some parts were confusing or not quite sure what the key points were – start and finish were adequate. 6 OK A few awkward pauses 4 Very choppy. Not easy to follow or understand most of the time and not a clear rationale for opener & closer. 4 Poor. Ahs & Ums distracted from material 2 Inconsistent, could not follow parts. 2 Poor usage, several problems with word choice and/or pronunciations 4 Inconsistent energy & eye contact – barely sustained interest – not much creativity 2 Could understand only isolated thoughts, overall left me confused. 0 – I understood almost nothing.



2 Very poor. Flow made it difficult to follow. 1 Very poor, major parts were inaudible 1 Very limited word usage with major mistakes.



3 OK, could hear most of it. 3 Word usage did not stand out- neither helped no hindered presentation 6 OK – energy and eye contact were generally acceptable. Some creative ideas.

0 More time spent on pauses, backtracks, ahs and ums than on actual presentation. 0 Unacceptable. Could not follow presentation 0 Word usage & pronunciations were a major distraction


2 Very low energy and poor eye contact, didn’t seem interested and low creativity

0 Your lack of energy and eye contact made the presentation awful and you did nothing creative

FACTS & STATISTICS x 9 No big errors, but some misleading facts or opinions 9 Several unsupported statements, but no contradictions x 3 Some big factual errors. 3 Full of contradictions, very light on support 0 I think they made most of this up. 0 The body of the presentation and the conclusions seem completely independent.


12 Most conclusions clearly supported in presentation

6 A few contradictory remarks and unsupported statements

20 EVIDENCE OF WORK WOW! I cannot believe they only spent one semester working on this! 10 Perfect Length. Addressed all points completely, did not run on or stall 16 Good. That seems like the result of a hard-working semester. 8 Good length, a few points needed a little more or less times 12 Seems like a project that took a couple of months to put together. 6 OK time, several points needed a little more or less time 8 That would have been good for a 1-month project. 4 Something that could have been thrown together in a couple of weeks. 2 Less than required 0 They could have done that in less than a week!

OVERALL LENGTH OF PRESENTATION (not including Q&A; not including stalling)
4 Poor, more than 20 minutes, but should have been longer OR some of time was pointless filler 0 Barely spent anytime or way too long

10 Handled all questions excellently & clearly 8 Handled all questions well & clearly. 6 Handled some questions well, some not very well. 4 Inconsistent. Some short answers, some unanswered, some unclear. 4 Good product, but not really connected to the rest of the presentation 2 Inconsistent, at times the appearance was distracting 4 Product had some merits, but actually took away from presentation x Not very good 2 Seemed lost during questions, attempted answers, but could not clearly explain. 2 I think I can find a connection if I try really hard. 1 Very poor 0 Had no answers.

CONNECTIONS 10 Product clearly integrated with presentation. 5 Excellent, professional, perfect size big aide to presentation 15 Outstanding. Product really increased quality of presentation. 10 Excellent. Clearly the result of much work. 8 Product clearly related to presentation 4 Very good, well done and well sized 6 Product and presentation were similar, but not clearly connected 3 OK, 0 Completely unrelated product


0 Unacceptable


12 Good Product aided the presentation. 8 Very good. Clearly the result of some good work.

x OK


6 OK product – but a little light, probably thrown together quickly

2 Poor product, seems like an afterthought to the presentation 2 Very simplistic. More of a visual aide than a culminating project.

0 Product was nothing but a distraction. 0 I spent more time getting to school than they did on this product.

Grand Totals

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