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					WORLD TRADE                                                              G/TBT/N/USA/232
                                                                         15 January 2007

Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade                                 Original: English


          The following notification is being circulated in accordance with Article 10.6.

1.     Member to Agreement notifying: UNITED STATES
       If applicable, name of local government involved (Articles 3.2 and 7.2):

2.     Agency responsible: Consumer product Safety Commission (CPSC) (239)
       Name and address (including telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and web-site
       addresses, if available) of agency or authority designated to handle comments
       regarding the notification shall be indicated if different from above:
3.     Notified under Article 2.9.2 [ X ], 2.10.1 [ ], 5.6.2 [ ], 5.7.1 [ ], other:
4.     Products covered (HS or CCCN where applicable, otherwise national tariff heading.
       ICS numbers may be provided in addition, where applicable): Children's jewellery
       (HS: Chapter 7117; ICS: 39, 77)
5.     Title, number of pages and language(s) of the notified document: Children's Jewellery
       Containing Lead; Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking; Request for Comments and
       Information (3 pages, in English).
6.     Description of content:        The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC or
       Commission) is considering whether there may be a need to ban children's metal jewellery
       containing more than 0.06% lead by weight in metal components. This advance notice of
       proposed rulemaking (ANPR) initiates a rulemaking proceeding under the Federal
       Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA). The Commission is soliciting written comments
       concerning the risks of injury associated with children's jewellery containing lead, the
       regulatory options discussed in this notice, other possible ways to address these risks, and
       the economic impacts of the various regulatory alternatives. The Commission also invites
       interested persons to submit an existing standard, or a statement of intent to modify or
       develop a voluntary standard, to address the risk of injury described in this notice.
       Comments should be e-mailed to
       Comments should be captioned "Children's Jewellery Containing Lead ANPR".
       Comments may also be mailed, preferably in five copies, to the Office of the Secretary,
       Consumer Product Safety Commission, Room 502, 4330 East West Highway, Bethesda,
       Maryland 20814 USA, or delivered to the same address (Telephone +(301) 504-7923).
       Comments also may be filed by facsimile to +(301) 504-0127.
       Kristina Hatlelid, PhD, M.P.H.
       Directorate for Health Sciences, Consumer Product Safety Commission
       4330 East West Highway
       Maryland 20814
       Telephone:       +(301) 504-7254
                                                                                                  . /.
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7.    Objective and rationale, including the nature of urgent problems where applicable:
      Protection of human life and health

8.    Relevant documents: 21 Federal Register (FR) 920 9 January 2007; Title 16 Code of
      Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 1500. Will appear in the Federal Register when adopted.

9.    Proposed date of adoption:
                                                To be determined
      Proposed date of entry into force:

10.   Final date for comments: 12 March 2007

11.   Texts available from: National enquiry point [ X ] or address, telephone and fax
      numbers, e-mail and web-site addresses, if available of the other body:
      Internet URLs: