New Hire Planning Check List

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					                         New Hire Planning Check List

Task                                     Owner            Complete by
Order Computer
Order Business Cards
Order Headset and Supplies
Order Keys
Create Mailbox
Company Announcement
Determine Coach or Mentor
Welcome Letter
New Hire Kit
Benefits Forms
New Hire Payroll Paperwork
Team Orientation
Acclimation Follow-up –session 1
(completion of first week)
Acclimation Follow-up –session 2
(completion of 30,60 or 90 days)

                                On-boarding Process

Action                                            Owner       Timeline
    Vision, Mission and values
    Communication Model
    Introduction to team
    Overview of training program
    Organization structure and Position purpose
    Communicate plan 30,60,90 or 120 day plan

New Hire Paperwork
    W-4 and State Tax Forms
    Benefits Enrollment Forms
    Copy of Employee handbook

Systems and Tools Training
    Computer System (i.e. Log on)
    Product(s) and/or Service(s)
    Telephone System and/or security system