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New Business - by xqz12573


									                CASRA Meeting Minutes – May 9th, 2005

Meeting Called to order by Michael Day @ 6:35 pm
April Meeting minutes approved as posted on the CASRA website

May 14th 07 Physical @ Mercahasen at 8:30 AM

Chris Ng – New State SDI
Clinic in July

Chris – 10 assosciate assessors. Training assessors to be better assessors. Will have to
relinquish his post on the board ?? Round Rock asking for assessments.

Dr. Krompai – continuing referee instruction.

New Member –
Paula from Hayes and an assignor.

Unfinished Business –
Flipping Coin – getting feedback from Labor Day, Chris is looking into other info. John
Buckler may have some information.

Shirts – get ‘em now, see Doug.

New Business –
CCU is looking for exp referees to mentor younger referees. Send note to Opportunities
on Web. Contact Carl Crow

Announcements –
Pete Adams May 14th.. Presidents Cup @ NEMP, Super II WDDOA Play Offs. Contact
Pete Adams - goldengoal@

Tom Ayers – May 14th and 15th. Games at

Michelle –

Run left Diagonal to save the fields – keep Austin Weird

Jennifer is leaving for a year.- Iraq

Les Rice is moving to Australia for 3 years in July.
Recognitions and Drawing –
Pete Adams – Socks

Highest Attendance – twice expected

Situations –
Robert Anderson – AR mechanics

Stacy Lopez – I’m a referee – worse referee, yada, yada, yada. Vipers ’93 Coach. Needs
to be written up. Violation of Ethics. End of the match. DMP hearing.

Robert Winterbottom – Sub 2 out, 3 in. Raised flag. Ball into net. CR did not see. Finally
saw AR. Team that had too many players scored. Dis-allowed the goal, restart was a GC
and a yellow card for the extra player.

Motion to Adjourn to Dr Korompai continuing Referee Education Session

Minutes Submitted by Dana Brown (Secretary)

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