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									                                        Interior Designing

        The Interior Designing Course is appropriate for those who have a passion for
designing and creating comfortable and innovative interiors. In this course students learn
to understand interiors and develop Design by analyzing the function (utility) of space
according to client. With Design Ideas we impart knowledge about the practical aspects
like Color, Lighting, Presentation, Psychology, Vaastu, Budgeting, Utility and Designing
related to residential and commercial projects. After completion of the course students
will be able to generate innovative ideas and execute them with proper technique to
produce unique designs.

              1st/One Year                                        II nd Year

1. Art & graphics (aesthetics)                        1. Art & graphics II
2. Material, furnishing &
fittings                                              2.   Light & fittings
3. History of Basic interior & different furniture    3.   Estimation & Budget
4. Interior Design & Drafting                         4.   Interior Design & Drafting
5. Furniture Design - I                               5.   Furniture Design II
6. Vaastu - I                                         6.   Vaastu II
7. Construction - I                                   7.   Construction II
8. CAD (Auto cad)                                     8.   CAD
9. Residential Project                                9.   Commercial Project II
                                     Jewellery Designing

Jewellery is one of the most popular collectables, be it traditional or modern, ethnic or
classic. From the reasonably priced to the once – in – a - lifetime investment, stylish and
designer jewellery is in great demand. The Jewellery Designing Course gives thorough
knowledge of this rich and diverse field and prepares students to become successful in
this lucrative profession.

Jewellery Designing (6months)

3 months Foundation
Exercises, 3d drawing, rendering, knowledge of Basic Material, types of Beads locks etc.

History of Jewellery - Egyptian, Indian, Roman, Europe, Africa

3 months Industry oriented:-
 (Carats of gold, Metal, Diamond), costing, Technical Drawing, Designing

CAD :- Application of computer (Jewel CAD) + intro of Rhino+ visit to industry

6 months Jewellery Manufacturing

Basic of Manufacturing Tools + Basic Technique- filling, soldering, basic stone setting

visit to industry

Adv. Manufacturing (enameling casting Basic + Advance)

3 months course
Expert Manufacturing (industrial casting,
Pave setting, channel setting (bazzles) flush settings, star settings
                Apparel Manufacturing, Marketing & Merchandising

The Garment and Textile Industry of India is undergoing tremendous change and is
poised to grow qualitatively by incorporating the latest manufacturing, marketing and
information techniques in its operation. The industry will therefore require personnel
with a global approach and proper training in the latest techniques. Considering these
requirements the AMMM course has been designed to fulfil the needs of the Retail and
Export sectors.


1. Element of Design
2. Illustration & Apparel Designing
3. Textile Science
4. Apparel Manufacturing Process'
5. Marketing Process & Visual Merchandising
6. Apparel Merchandising System
7. Fashion forecasting & Product Development
8. Production Planning & Quality control
9. Documentation
10 Business Communication & Presentation
11. Computer
12. Professional Practice


1. Introduction to Apparel & Textile Industry
2. Textile Science
3. Manufacturing Process
4. Marketing Process & visual Merchandising
5. Sample Development & pricing
6. Quality Control
7. Introduction to e-commerce
8. Presentations & Communication

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