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Yu Shiwei Introduction by fdjerue7eeu


									Yu Shiwei Introduction
Chinese most authoritative and most experienced experts in combat-type training is
one; speaker's style, strategist tolerance, scholarly talent; Apartments ideas
in talk and laugh between Yun philosophy in the humor of.
Lecture time a year more than 300 screenings, Shanghai Bell for 3 years, more than
120 invited lectures Dr. Yu Shiwei screening! Kodak in China only in 2002 and asked
Dr. Yu 30 games for the management of high-level lectures!
At present, China's most popular combat based management training
Guanghua School of Management of Hong Kong, Beijing Guanghua Times Higher
Education Development Co., Ltd. Distinguished Trainer
Business management at Harvard University postdoctoral fellow at Oxford University
in international economic post-doctoral, University of the United States public policy,
Dr. Nova
Taiwan former vice president of Japan Airlines, U.S. Vice President Ador
Shanghai Hui Quan current Enterprise Management Consulting director, general
manager, general manager of the United States Houghton Group China
★ Yu Shiwei teaching center>>>

Speech Features
Yu Shiwei management training is well-known expert in the introduction of
international business training philosophy and methods, professional manager,
accreditation, Guan Zhu behavior change study methods, the training of a Chinese
management has made important contributions. Research areas include leadership,
performance management, middle management training and corporate learning and
development consulting.
Good market environment for enterprise management, enterprise strategy
development to the policy from the quantitative goals to start, have the unique,
tangible way for businesses to provide personalized solutions; for the enterprise house
training tailored course, is the establishment of new business ideas, solve problems of
high prescription. Successful network
The course of "combine ideas to talk and laugh between Yun philosophy at
the humor in" lively style, humor, explaining in layman's
language. Case not only rich, and offers a variety of practical tools and techniques to
solve problems. On participating in the training were of great attraction and the
unexpected follow-up results.
Previous posts:
Deputy General Manager of Japan Airlines in Taiwan
Shuang, deputy general manager of U.S. cosmetics company's U.S.
Thailand and China, general manager of land development
Friends Union Enterprise Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager
Full Lu, general manager of corporate R & D Center in Qingdao
U.S. Vice President Ador
Shanghai Hui Quan Enterprise Management Consulting Company Limited, General
Group general manager of China United States Houghton
You Shi-Hai Principal Consultant Business Management Consulting.
Has served customers in:
Japan Airlines, Philips, Kodak, Lucent, Unilever, ABB, Suntory, 3M, unity, Aetna
Insurance, the German Rhine, Zijiang Group, Bell, Shike Hua Rui pharmaceutical,
Lida Medicine, Japan Pharmaceuticals, Suntory, Lianhua Supermarket, Siemens,
Motorola, China Telecom, Motorola, gold paper and other famous enterprises.

Company witness
I know I have contacted the teacher is the most distinctive star lecturers, the most
respected, one of the best teaching, which we repeated most of the lecturers invited.
His teaching is not only rich in content, case is, the time compact, philosophy is
thorough, practical, easy to remember, the form of lively, vivid and humorous, and the
image of good lecturers, and speaking in a set speech. Can achieve the good effect of
the scene, but also on business management have long-term effect. Professor Yu is the
popular teachers of our enterprise.
--- Shanghai Bell

Lively lecture by Dr. Yu in simple terms, we find in managing their own among some
of the misunderstandings and problems for future improvement of the work provided
a great help.
--- America's Group

I nice teacher in the class, the whole focus, and no one willing to listen. Contact us
than the actual teacher lectures, there have been cases, a method, concept, easy to
remember, conducive to action, and there is effective follow-up to produce. To do this
we have repeatedly requested more than the teacher class, head on, all branches are
--- Kodak China

Students witness
Mr. Yu Shiwei management philosophy lecture, I actually benefited from the
Philippines and other light management students
Interesting lectures, while combination of management and patriotic, very rare! ! Very
I listen to teacher lectures, and even the toilet have to calculate the time really is
wonderful not to be missed.
My university in business administration professional, but we never gang of boys a
sense of not much interest in the teacher's curriculum, but in the bedroom,
but often there is such a thing, when the campus network talks with Mr. Yu, the great
help of the "bad" students sitting on display before the end of
the lecture step separated from that!!!
I talk really wonderful teachers, like upstairs said, even the toilet should be considered
under the time, and I basically look at the toilet training is tentatively scheduled to
play ~ thanks to more than a teacher, your lectures will be help the cause of my life!

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