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									                                                                                                                  november–december 2009

Precious Pumpkins Picnic – NICU 20th Anniversary Reunion
St. Mary Celebrates Advances in Neonatal Care
There’s no denying the miracles of modern               It’s these amazing advances — and the healthy
medicine, especially when it comes to caring for        children and young adults who overcame the
the tiniest and most critically ill newborn patients    odds — that St. mary celebrated during its Precious
in the St. mary neonatal Intensive care Unit (nIcU).    Pumpkins Picnic – nIcU 20th Anniversary reunion
Just ask Prem Marlapudi, MD, medical director           on october 24. The event, held from 11 am to 2 pm in
of the nIcU, who has been with the unit since it        the St. mary child development center, brought
opened in 1989 and has seen many advances in            together former nIcU patients and their families,
neonatal care during the past 20 years.                 physicians, nurses, colleagues, volunteers, and the
“We are proud of the nIcU and are particularly          community to recognize the high-quality care
proud of our mortality, morbidity, and infection        provided by the St. mary nIcU.
rates, which are very low compared to nIcUs of          Continued on page 2
the same level nationally,” notes marlapudi.“Yet we
                                                                                Cutting the NICU celebration cake
are most proud of our patients and the incredible                             are (left to right) Dr. Prem Marlapudi,
progress that they make during their time in the                               Patrick Donohue, and Annisha and
nIcU and especially once they go home with their                                                    Michael Zegarski.

families. our patients become like family, and we
frequently have parents stop by to visit us and                        To view more photos, visit
bring in their now healthy children to show us
how far they have come.”

 quality and safety

New Pharmacy Protocol Earns State Award
A new protocol for the prescribing of coumadin®         Under the new protocol, St. mary pharmacists                    clots, and surgical site infections; and decreasing
(Warfarin Sodium) for patients recovering from          manage coumadin dosing and monitor patients                     coumadin-related hospital readmissions.
joint replacement surgery at St. mary medical           not only during their hospitalization after surgery,            “This protocol, which was introduced in August
center has won the Innovative and collaborative         but also after they are discharged. While patients              2008, not only has improved the quality and
Practice Award from the Pennsylvania Society of         continue to recover at home, pharmacists follow                 safety of patient care at St. mary, but also has
Health-System Pharmacists (PSHP).                       their laboratory results, independently adjust                  increased both patient and physician satisfaction,”
The Pharmacy-managed coumadin Protocol was              doses of coumadin, and contact patients to                      burke says.“development of the protocol was a
developed collaboratively by the St. mary Pharmacy      discuss changes in therapy.                                     multidisciplinary endeavor, with physicians and
and the orthopedics department. coumadin, a             According to director of Pharmacy Thomas                        representatives from the Pharmacy and nursing
blood-thinning medication, is prescribed after hip      Burke, RPh, the protocol has been successful in its             all working together to make this much-needed
or knee replacement surgery to help prevent the         goals of keeping patients within targeted dosing                process a reality.”
formation of potentially life-threatening blood clots   safety ranges; reducing the risk of post-surgical               Continued on page 3
in the legs (deep vein thrombosis, or dvT).             complications such as internal bleeding, blood

St. Mary Community Ministries – Planting the Seeds of Opportunity
Insurance Counseling for Families in Need
St. mary medical center is committed to helping          In the summer, we expanded our outreach
people from all walks of life achieve access to          efforts to include not only those served at the
quality healthcare.                                      community ministries, but also individuals and
                                                         families from the broader community who are
“Across the country and right here in our own
                                                         having trouble paying their medical bills. more
community, the number of uninsured and
                                                         than 100 people have taken advantage of this
underinsured people is increasing,” says Terri
                                                         counseling service since June.
Rivera, vice President, mission and community
Health.“While the federal government debates             The one-on-one consultations take place at
how best to reform the U.S. healthcare system,           the St. mary Family resource center in the
St. mary medical center will continue to do its          bensalem Square Shopping center, 2546 Knights
part by providing essential medical services             road, bensalem. Hours of service are mondays
and financial assistance for the sick and injured        from 8:30 to 10:30 am and monday evenings
regardless of their ability to pay. That’s the core of   by appointment; Tuesdays from 5 to 7 pm; and
our value system and vision — and it’s the right         Wednesdays from 8:30 to 11:30 am. Spanish                for the uninsured and underinsured, community
thing to do.”                                            translators are available on monday evenings.            education and wellness programs, charitable
At St. mary community ministries in bensalem,                                                                     gifts, and in-kind donations to other nonprofit
                                                         each year, we help plant the seeds of opportunity        organizations.
counselors are available to assist people with           for those most in need through our community
applications for medical Assistance, the children’s      benefit, which in 2008 totaled $8.4 million. our         For a copy of our 2008 community benefit
Health Insurance Program (cHIP), and the St. mary        community benefit includes uncompensated                 report, call 215.710.6875. For more details about
Financial Assistance Program.                            medical care and financial assistance (charity care)     insurance counseling, call 215.710.5976.

NICU Celebration from page 1
one of the first patients to benefit from the nIcU’s     Joining in the celebration were speaker Annisha          “It was thrilling to hear the many success stories
highly specialized care is now 20-year-old college       Zegarski, with her husband, Michael, and their           over the years and to see the outpouring of love
sophomore Patrick Donohue, who was born                  daughter, Sunny, who was born at 30 weeks                and gratitude from the parents in regards to
at 33 weeks gestation, unable to breathe on his          gestation in 2007 and spent 58 days in the nIcU;         the care their children received,” Schickler says.
own due to severely underdeveloped lungs. He             Marie Schickler, RNC, director of nursing/               “Without the expertise and dedication of our staff,
is the son of St. mary’s director of marketing and       maternal–child Health and medical–Surgical               and St. mary’s commitment to providing 24-hour
communications Patrick Donohue, who still recalls        Units; and Patty Crocker, nurse manager,                 neonatal care for the community, we could not
those terrifying early struggles in his son’s life.      obstetrics/Gynecology and nurseries.                     have made these miracles happen.”

“At that time, the medication to help under-
developed lungs was not FdA-approved, which it                                         Through the Decades:
is now. back then, when a baby was born six weeks
early and weighing 5.5 pounds, it was considered
                                                                                Advances in Neonatal Care at St. Mary
life-threatening. now, however, the expert                  n   Soon after opening, the nIcU became the first     n   our state-of-the-art nIcU is staffed by board-
physicians, nurses, and staff, along with advances              in the area to use surfactant therapy to help         certified neonatologists (physicians specially
in medicine, enable us to save the lives of patients            premature infants with respiratory problems.          trained in high-risk newborn care) and nurses
born even more prematurely and weighing less                                                                          fully trained in neonatal medicine, including
                                                            n   In the 1990s, another major advancement
than a pound,” the senior donohue says.                                                                               neonatal cPr.
                                                                came with the use of a high-frequency
The younger donohue, a dean’s list student, was                 ventilation protocol for premature infants        n   In April 2009, the St. mary nIcU became the
one of several speakers during the nIcU reunion.                that helped lessen the trauma to a baby’s             first neonatal intensive care unit in bucks
“I am truly thankful that I have been able to live              lungs when receiving treatment.                       county to have board-certified neonatologists
my life without medical complications. The lungs            n   Today, our nIcU is a six-bed unit with an             in-house 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
that were once in question have allowed me to                   additional six beds in its transitional nursery       Additionally, recently purchased warmer
wrestle for 13 years; they also have allowed me to              that is used for babies undergoing longer-            beds incorporate the latest in monitoring
excel in many other sports throughout my life,”                 term care. It also includes a private home-           technology and equipment.
he shared with the audience.                                    like visiting area for families.
quality and safety

Flu Season Precautions
Taking every precaution during the                   St. mary is among the six bucks county Health           most individuals do not need medical treat-
unpredictable flu season, St. mary medical           Improvement Partnership (bcHIP) hospitals               ment to recover from seasonal or H1n1 flu.
center is diligently implementing measures           to implement visitation guidelines, which are           If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms,
to help prevent the spread of the flu, as well as    encouraged by the delaware valley Healthcare            such as fever, cough, or chills, you should
preparing for increased patient volume.              council, Hospital and Health System Association         contact your primary care physician. If you
                                                     of Pennsylvania, and centers for disease control        feel your illness is severe, please come to the
To control the spread of infection, it is recom-     and Prevention (cdc).                                   emergency department. For a true medical
mended that individuals wash their hands                                                                     emergency, call 911.
frequently and cover their coughs and sneezes        “It is in everyone’s best interest and safety to sup-
with tissues or their sleeve. The St. mary Web       port these guidelines,” says Mark Nessel, Senior        our colleagues who have flu symptoms — fever
site provides valuable information on both the       vice President.“We expect that our colleagues           greater than 100o and a cough — should call
seasonal and H1n1 flu and includes links to          will educate our visitors about the guidelines and      their department manager and not report to
the centers for disease control and Prevention       the importance of following them.”                      work. before returning to work, they must be
(cdc) and other authoritative sites.                                                                         fever-free for at least 24 hours without the use
                                                     The medical center is monitoring the number
                                                                                                             of fever-reducing medications and must be
because the safety of our patients, physicians,      of patients seen with flu-like symptoms on a
                                                                                                             cleared by colleague Health.
colleagues, and visitors is our first priority,      daily basis to prepare for the ongoing impact of
St. mary has put into effect the following visita-   the H1n1 flu. In october, two mobile units were         As a preventive measure, St. mary offers sea-
tion guidelines for the duration of the H1n1         set up in the core creek parking lot to prepare         sonal flu shots to all colleagues. In november,
and seasonal flu season:                             for the possibility of increased patient volume.        the medical center received a limited supply
                                                     If necessary, they will be used for the care of flu     of H1n1 vaccine and began inoculating
n   no visitors under age 18                         patients coming to the emergency department.            colleagues on a priority basis following cdc
n   refrain from visiting if sick                                                                            guidelines.
n   Two visitors only for each patient               “The mobile units will be used if needed for
                                                     significant surge response only,” says Harry
Any requests for exceptions to these guide-
                                                     Myers, director of Safety, Security, and emergency      Visit
lines should be made through the nurse
manager of the hospital unit.                        management.“We took this extra measure as we            for updates on the evolving situation.
                                                     continue to respond to the overall health needs of
                                                     our community.”

Pharmacy Award                                        growth
from page 1
The PSHP’s Innovative and collaborative
                                                     Helping People with Hard-to-Heal Wounds
Practice Award recognizes teams that have            St. mary medical center plans to open a new             The St. mary Wound Healing and Hyperbaric
implemented innovative methods, practice             off-site Wound Healing and Hyperbaric medicine          medicine center not only will provide the most
models, or programs for enhancing the                center this winter. This state-of-the-art wound         advanced therapies, but also will offer our
delivery of pharmaceutical care in organized         center will offer a comprehensive approach that         outpatients a disease-management approach
healthcare systems. Pharmacist Beata                 radically speeds the healing process.                   by addressing the underlying causes of
Wrobel, PharmD, accepted the award on                                                                        slow-to-heal wounds — including inadequate
                                                     Treatment options will include Hyperbaric
behalf of St. mary medical center during                                                                     nutrition, uncontrolled blood sugar, and
                                                     oxygen Therapy (HboT), a procedure in
the organization’s 41st Annual Assembly in                                                                   unhealthy lifestyle choices.
                                                     which a patient breathes 100 percent oxygen
october in Lancaster, Pa.
                                                     while relaxing in a pressurized chamber.                The St. mary Wound Healing and Hyperbaric
The PSHP acknowledged the efforts of                 The 5,000-square-foot Wound Healing and                 medicine center will be conveniently located
Wrobel; George Cautilli, MD, medical                 Hyperbaric medicine center initially will have          just off Woodbourne road in the cornerstone
director, St. mary center for Joint                  two hyperbaric chambers, making it one of               executive Suites, 1 cornerstone drive, Suite
replacement; Donna McNeill, RN, Joint                the first facilities in bucks county to offer this      300, Langhorne.
care coordinator; Mamatha Dabir, RPh;                specialized therapy. The high concentration of
Alice Varkey, RPh; Henry Trumbo, PharmD;                                                                     Watch for more details on the opening of the
                                                     oxygen to the bloodstream and wound area
Neal Adams, PharmD; Jennifer Smith,                                                                          center in Spirit and the Weekly Scoop.
                                                     rapidly accelerates healing.
PharmD; and the mSm nursing staff.
                                                st. Mary foundation
st. Mary calendar                              Investing in Our Future – Annual Colleague Giving Campaign
                                               Colleagues Raise $127,000 for St. Mary
n Saturday, January 23, 8 am – Noon
Injury Prevention and Performance
Enhancement Clinic for school coaches,
athletes, and parents                          during the six-week colleague Giving campaign          coffee breaks,” says Heather Procaccino, director
                                               this fall, our colleagues showed their support to      of Philanthropy.
Sheraton bucks county Hotel                    St. mary by donating a record $127,000 to benefit
400 oxford valley road, Langhorne                                                                     colleagues’ generous gifts have a direct impact on
                                               the advanced technology and quality care that          improving patient care and saving lives. donations
registration: 215.710.5888                     the medical center provides to the community.          have provided support for the new Inpatient
nThursday, February 4, 6:30 – 8 pm             “The campaign committee literally worked               oncology Unit, the Heart and vascular center, the
Go Red for Women: Embrace a Healthy Heart      around the clock during the week and on                emergency department’s pediatric care center,
                                               weekends to reach out to everyone with fun and         the community ministries’ expansion in bensalem,
middletown country club
                                               tasty lunch and dinner promotions and late-night       Spirit of nursing, and much more.
420 north bellevue Avenue, Langhorne
Free cooking demonstration and dinner
with Katie Cavuto Boyle, MS, RD, chef           quality and safety
finalist on “The next Food network Star.”
Guest speakers: St. mary cardiologists
Dawn Calderon, DO, and Paula Seth, MD          Dial Ext. 5555 for “Condition H”
registration: 215.710.5888                     St. mary medical center has added the condition H helpline — ext. 5555 — to
                                               its highly successful rapid response program for patients who are experiencing
nSaturday, February 6                          urgent medical emergencies that require immediate attention. condition H (Help),
Cardiovascular Medicine 2010 for               which was introduced as a three-month pilot in november, is designed to involve
Primary Care Physicians                        patients and their families in the medical center’s rapid response efforts.
Sheraton bucks county Hotel                    “St. mary continually strives to implement programs to ensure that our
400 oxford valley road, Langhorne              patients receive the highest level of quality care,” says Audrey Jadczak, RN,
registration: 215.710.4612                     FACHE, vice President and chief nurse executive.“In the case of a medical emergency,
                                               an immediate response can save lives. condition H supports our rapid response efforts by encouraging
                                               patients and their loved ones to be our partners in care.”
iMPortant                                      calls to ext. 5555 are answered by a specially trained operator, who will ask for caller identification,
Phone nos.                                     the patient’s room number, and details about the medical emergency. The operator will immediately
nEmergencies                                   activate condition H, which summons a team of medical professionals to the patient’s room to assess the
ext. 5555                                      situation. Additional clinical support will be called in as needed.
nSt. Mary Hotline                              The helpline should be used when a healthcare team member is not immediately available, when there is
ext. 7777                                      a communication breakdown in how care is being given, or when there is confusion over what needs to
n Work-related Injuries                        be done for the patient in an emergent or urgent situation.
1. contact supervisor
2. notify colleague Health, ext. 5827
nSAFE Hotline                                   PeoPle
ext. 7233 (SAFe)
nCompliance Hotline
                                               New Medical Director for St. Mary Breast Center
800.254.0458                                   Accomplished breast surgeon Catherine                  She is board-certified in general surgery and
nJoint Commission Quality Monitoring           Plzak, MD, FACS, has joined the medical Staff as       a Fellow of the American college of Surgeons.
800.994.6610 or                                medical director of the St. mary breast center.        Plzak is a member of the Philadelphia Academy                  Previously, she served as the founding medical         of Surgery, and the Philadelphia club of medical
                                               director of the breast center at chesapeake            Women, for which she served as president from
800.437.0911                                   regional medical center in chesapeake, virginia.       2002 to 2004.

SPIRIT is published monthly by the Marketing   Plzak earned a medical degree from Jefferson           Her office is located in Suite 403 of the medical
& Communications Department. Submit                                                                   office building on the St. mary campus. She can
                                               medical college in Philadelphia. She completed
news items to
                                               an internship in general surgery at bryn mawr          be reached at 215.710.4130.
                                               Hospital and a residency in general surgery
                                               at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in

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