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					                                       BALINTORE & HILTON
                                       COMMUNITY COUNCIL
                               Minutes of Meeting Tues 2nd March 2010
                                                   (Version date 07/03/10)


          Chair - Alice Smith, Secretary - Keith Hart, Treasurer - Catherine Maclean, Vice Chairperson - Betty
          Lochhead, Robert James, Mary McKenzie, Hugh MacKenzie, Catherine Vass, Cllr Richard Durham,
          Police Constable Alan MacCaffrey.

          Fifteen members of the public were also present.

Apologies Received:

          Cllr. Alasdair Rhind, Cllr Alan Torrance

Approval of Minutes of meeting 2            February 2010:

              1. Catherine Vass pointed out that regarding the bus shelter at Balintore there had never been
                 a shelter on the chemist side of the road. This sentence was amended to read – “Last Year
                 the CC had requested a bus shelter opposite the pharmacy because a shelter on the side of
                 the pharmacy couldn‟t offer protection from the elements as it is limited for space.”

              2. Approval proposed by Mary MacKenzie, seconded by Catherine Vass and unanimously
                 accepted by members of the CC.

Matters Arising:

          1. The secretary was asked if there had been any response from the council regarding the bus
             shelter in Balintore. Keith Hart said that there had not yet been any response. KH to follow this
             up with another email.

          2. It was also asked if there had been any response regarding the „minute secretary‟ posters.

          3. Keith Hart said that he had received no response yet but there was an advert out in the latest
             Seaboard News.


              1. Police Constable Alan MacCaffrey from Tain Police Station addressed the meeting and
                 stated that the following incidents that were reported in the villages between 01/02/10 and
                 28/02/10: Assault 2, Breach of the Peace 2, Vandalism 2, Drunk Person 1, Road Traffic 1,
                 Abandoned Vehicles 4, Road Traffic Collision 1, Domestic Abuse 3, Children/Youths 6,
                 Domestic History 1, Noise 3, Drugs 4, Missing Dogs 1, Theft 1, Road Hazard 1.
              2. Pc MacCaffrey said that high visibility foot patrol had been carried out in the housing scheme
                 in Balintore in an effort to prevent any disturbances.
              3. Pc MacCaffrey stated that the best way that the community could help the police is to report
                 any incidents and information.
              4. Keith Hart mentioned that there had been damage to the „bus stop‟ by the Well of Health and
                 Pc MacCaffrey said that information would tie in with an incident that the police were looking
              5. Rob Parkes (Council Youth Worker) invited Pc MacCaffrey to attend at the youth group
                 meeting in Balintore to meets the youngsters and to help establish a link with the local
                 police. Pc MacCaffrey said that he thought this was a good idea and would make
                 arrangements to do so.

                            Balintore & Hilton Community Council Minutes March 2nd 2010 - Page: 1
           6. Having dealt with the police business Alice Smith thanked Pc MacCaffrey very much for
              attending. Pc MacCaffrey then left the meeting to continue his patrol duties.

Provision for youth activities:

           1. Rob Parkes introduced himself as the local youth worker for the Highland Council and then
              the youth group members present were invited to give their comments about activities and
              facilities for youth in the villages.
           2. It was stated that they felt that there should be more than the youth club and suggestions
              included an internet café, sports activities, a gym (as the youngsters are unable to get public
              transport into Tain in the evenings), some activities for the primary school children such as
              their own disco occasionally, a sponsored beach clean & Bar-B-Que, ceilidh dances, sales
              of work, a festival day with activities, and a Balintore Harbour gala day. It was clear that
              there is a great deal of enthusiasm amongst the local youths to become involved in the
           3. Alice Smith pointed out that it would be good to have a member of the youth group as a co-
              opted member of the CC, but they would have to be 18 years of age or older.
           4. Keith Hart pointed the group in the direction of the Marine Conservation Society who are
              able to assist with beach clean projects.
           5. Regarding the „gala‟ it was pointed out that this was on the agenda later in the meeting and
              that the comments of the youth group members would be most welcome.

Christmas Lights – Fund Raising – Seaboard Gala:

           1. Alice Smith asked for a show of hands from the committee and members of the public
              present to show who was in favour of going ahead with the Christmas lights initiative.
           2. The vote was unanimous in favour.
           3. Hugh MacKenzie told the meeting that one householder was not in favour of Christmas
           4. Keith Hart suggested that the Balintore Fun Day or Gala Day could be reinstated as a
              fundraising venture. He said that he has spoken to Jimmy Sangster regarding this and with
              the approval of the CC he would attend the next harbour committee meeting on the 4 of
              March to enlist their help.
           5. This was approved by the members.
           6. Alice Smith asked for volunteers to form a working party to raise the money needed for the
              lights and also to deal with the „gala‟.
           7. The following volunteered to form a working party: Jackie Russell, Angela Andrew, Keith
              Hart, Alice Smith, Liam Hailes, Sarah Vass, Mark MacKay, Gemma Vass, Samantha
           8. Keith Hart will contact them after the harbour group meeting.

                         Balintore & Hilton Community Council Minutes March 2nd 2010 - Page: 2
Planning Applications:

Balintore Hotel

           1. A provisional planning application has been received from „Peninsula Hospitality‟, ASG
              Commercial, York House, 20 Church Street, Inverness, IV1 1ED, for permission to build up
              to 10 dwellings on land at the rear of the Balintore Hotel.
           2. Copies of the plans were handed out to CC members and members of the public present.
              The application was outlined by Keith Hart and there followed a discussion about the
              application. There were members of the public present whose properties are adjacent and
              in front of the proposed development and they raised very strong objections to the proposal
              based upon the loss of privacy due to the planned houses being above the current dwellings
              and looking directly down into them, the unsuitability of the land as it is a large bank of sand
              and rubble, the extra noise and disturbance.
           3. It was also stated that the application was incorrect in several material facts, for example
              there are trees on the site but the application states that there are not and the Application
              also states that at the rear of the hotel are „redundant‟ outbuildings, when in fact these are a
              currently occupied dwelling.
           4. Betty Lochhead said that as far as she is aware there is a 20 or 25 meter „zone around the
              cemetery that is not to be built upon. There was some discussion about this and it appears
              that two opposite opinions have been expressed by the planning department.
           5. Richard Durham said that he could not express any opinion about the application as it will be
              put before the Highland Council rather than the planning office if there are more than 5
              objections, which was likely.
           6. Keith Hart pointed out that if the plan went ahead the hotel would loose its beer garden
              which would be yet another loss of a community facility in the village.
           7. An email objecting to the proposed development was received from Charlie Ross.
           8. Members of the CC indicated that the CC should back the residents in their opposition to the
           9. Keith Hart suggested that the application could be opposed by the CC on the grounds of:
                   a. Loss of privacy to existing dwellings
                   b. Loss of facility to the village (beer garden)
                   c.   Drainage or flooding problems
                   d. Stability of the ground and the proximity of the proposed development to the
                   e. Danger caused by vehicles emerging from the development onto a road frequented
                      by children on their way to school
                   f.   The development is out of character for the villages and would therefore be
           10. The committee decided that Keith Hart should put our comments and objections in writing to
               the Planning department within the next 7 days and a copy is to be posted in the Seaboard
               Hall and emailed to the affected residents. It was suggested that the letter be sent recorded
               delivery and Richard Durham suggested emailing it as well.

Container at Seaboard Hall

           1. A request has been received from the Seaboard Hall for the CC to apply on their behalf for
              planning permission to re-site the storage container currently next to the house adjacent to
              the hall (The Rowans). The reason for the CC applying is that the application fee would be
              £145.00 instead of £290.00.

                         Balintore & Hilton Community Council Minutes March 2nd 2010 - Page: 3
          2. Mr Small who lives at The Rowans was at the meeting objected to the current location of the
             container on the following grounds:
                             Loss of light caused by the container
                             The container was placed with temporary permission which ran out in November
                             The original hall plans stated that the area at the side where the container is
                              now should be for disabled parking
                             The negative visual impact caused by the container
                             Noise is likely from use of the container late at night
          3. Betty Lochead asked why there was such little storage at the hall and Richard Durham
             explained that when the hall was originally planned that the eventual usage could not have
             been forseen.
          4. After more discussion it was decided to submit the application on behalf of the hall so that
             the container could be moved away from the Rowans as soon as possible, provided this was
             done with the utmost expediency and that the Seabord Hall made plans for extending their
             storage space by other means. The container is to be screened off and also repainted. Mr
             Small was asked if he would be happy with the proposal as outlined. He said that he would
             rather that there was no container there but was happy as long as the conditions outlined
             were complied with.
          5. The majority of the committee voted in favour.
          6. Keith Hart to contact the hall asap to begin the application.

Questions from Members of the Public Present:

          1. Alice Smith asked if there were any questions from members of the public present.
          2. Liam Hailes asked why the hall was not available for hire to people who wanted to have a
                                             th    st
             party there, specifically for 18 or 21 birthdays.
          3. Alice Smith explained that the hire of the hall was a matter for the Seaboard Hall Committee
             who should be approached about this. Richard Durham explained that the decision had
             been made by the hall committe following incidents of damage at such functions.
          4. Alice Smith suggested that Liam write to the hall committee explaining that this was for a
             private family party and outline any proposals that they had to prevent any trouble.
          5. Rob Parkes said that volunteers were needed to help out with the youth group.
          6. Alice Smith suggested that the next CC flyer ask for volunteers on behalf of the youth group
             and Keith Hart said that he would do this and also put on asking for volunteers for the Gala.

Beach Access Update:

          1. Keith Hart said that he and Betty Lochead along with members of the Shandwick & Nigg CC
             had attended a „site meeting‟ with Phil Waite (HC Access Officer) to look at the proposed
             access points.
          2. Phil had pointed out that if this was divided into two projects (one for S&NCC and one for
             B&HCC) then they could each apply for separate funding, thereby giving the possibility of
             twice the amount of funding.
          3. A working party had met on Monday the 1 of March with Pat Murray, Doug Kippen, Lyn
             Dyke and Keith Hart to begin the funding application process. The project name of „Path of
             Health‟ was decided on for the N&SCC part of the project. Three contractors were being
             contacted to give some idea of the work necessary and the likely cost involved.
          4. Names suggested for the B&HCC part of the project were:

                           Balintore & Hilton Community Council Minutes March 2nd 2010 - Page: 4
                  a. Chapel Path – Hugh Mackenzie
                  b. Path of the Picts – Keith Hart
                  c.   Dolphin Way – Frank Small
          5. Keith Hart to seek further suggestions.

Any Other Competent Business:

                 Keith Hart said that an email had been received from the „Carnegie Hall Committee‟ at
                  Portmahomack saying that they were having a quiz night and were inviting teams of 4
                  from surrounding communities to partake. Alice Smith and Marjory Hart agreed to form
                  the nucleus of a team from the Seaboard Villages, but two more volunteers are required.

Community Council Website:

          1. Alice Smith asked if there was any objection to the CC having its own website. There were
             no objections.
          2. Keith Hart said that he had registered the domain name „‟ and that the
             cost would be about £140.00 per year for the hosting with 4 mailboxes.
          3. Robert James pointed out that who ever was the „webmaster‟ would need to keep the site up
             to date, otherwise it would not reflect well on the CC.
          4. Keith Hart said that he would create the website and administer it and that he would not
             charge the CC for this.

Date of next CC meeting:
                  The date of the next CC meeting to be Tuesday the 6 of April 2010 at 19.30 hours at
                  the seaboard Hall.

                        Balintore & Hilton Community Council Minutes March 2nd 2010 - Page: 5