108 In-Demand and Hard-to-Fill Occupations

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                                           In-Demand Occupations

I.   Agribusiness
                                                                     VI.     Construction
     a. Animal Husbandry
     b. Agricultural Economist                                               a. Fabricator
     c. Aqua-culturist                                                       b. Pipe Fitter
     d. Coconut Farmer                                                       c. Welder
     e. Entomologist (Plant)
     f. Farmer (Fruit, Vegetable and                                 VII. Banking And Finance
        Root Crops)
     g. Fisherman                                                            a. Operations Manager
     h. Horticulturist                                                       b. Teller
     i. Plant Mechanic
     j. Rice Tresher Operator-Mechanic                               VIII. Manufacturing
     k. Veterinarian
     l. Pathologist                                                          a. Electrical Technicians
                                                                             b. Finance and Accounting
II. Cyberservices                                                               Managers
                                                                             c. Food Technologist
     a. Call Center Agent                                                    d. Machine Operators
                                                                             e. Sewer
III. Health, Wellness and Medical
     Tourism                                                         IX.     Ownership Dwellings, Real/
                                                                             Retirement Estate
     a.   Nurse
     b.   Herbologist                                                        a.   Building Manager
     c.   Optician                                                           b.   Construction Manager
     d.   Optometrist                                                        c.   Construction Worker
                                                                             d.   Foreman
IV. Hotel and Restaurant                                                     e.   Mason
                                                                             f.   Welder
     a. Front Office Agent/Attendant                                         g.   Real Estate Agents/Brokers
     b. Baker                                                                h.   Marketer
     c. Food Server and Handler
     d. Food and Beverage Service                                    X.      Transport and Logistics
     e. Waiter                                                               a. Checker
     f. Bartender                                                            b. Maintenance Mechanics
     g. Room Attendant                                                       c. Stewardess
     h. Other Housekeeping Services
     i. Reservations Officer and other                               XI.     Wholesale and Retail
        Frontline Occupation
     j. Tour Guides                                                          a. Merchandiser/Buyer
                                                                             b. Salesman/Saleslady
                                                                             c. Promodizer
V. Mining
   (all occupations under this Industry
   are identified as hard-to-fill)

**   The list of in-demand and hard-to-fill occupations is an excerpt from the findings of the latest labor market study of the
     Department of Labor and Employment under the PROJECT JOBSFIT: THE DOLE 2020 VISION.
XII. Overseas Employment

     a. Domestic Helpers and Related
     b. Production and Related Workers
     c. Nurses (theatre, anaesthetic,
        critical care/ICU, pediatric, scrub,
        and cardiac
     d. Caregivers
     e. Plumbers, Pipe-fitters, and
        Related Workers
     f. Cooks and Related Workers
     g. Wiremen, Electrical, and Related
     h. Welders, Flame-Cutters, and
        Related Workers
     i. Laborers, General Workers, and
        Related Workers
     j. Charworkers, Cleaners, and
        Related Workers

Emerging Industries

I.   Creative Industries

     a.   Broadcast Engineer
     b.   Video Editor
     c.   Video Graphic Artist (Animators)
     d.   Visual Artist Designer

II. Diversified/Strategic Farming and

     a.   Fisherman
     b.   Aqua-culturist
     c.   Horticulturist
     d.   Farmer (root crops, fruit &
          vegetable: upland and lowland)

III. Power and Utilities

     a. Electrical Control Operator
     b. Equipment Operator
     c. Electrical Technician
     d. Mechanic

IV. Renewable Energy

     a. Checker
     b. Loader
                                Hard-to-fill Occupations

  I.        Agribusiness                       IV. Hotel and Restaurant

       a. Food Processor/Food Technician          a.   Commissary Cook
       b. Fishery Technologist                    b.   Pastry Cook
                                                  c.   Hot-Kitchen Cook
  II.       Cyberservices                         d.   Pantry Worker/ Cold-Kitchen

       a. Accountant (Back Office              V. Mining
       b. HR Outsourcing Specialist (Back         a.   Mining Engineer
          Office Processing)                      b.   Geodetic Engineer
       c. Call Center Agent                       c.   Metallurgical Engineer
       d. Medical Transcription Editor            d.   Mining & Metallurgical Technician
       e. Medical Transcription
       f. Software Development                 VI. Construction
       g. Computer Programmers
       h. Developer (Software, Web)               a.   Civil Engineer
       i. IT/Information Technology               b.   Electrical Engineer
          (MIS Developer, Platform                c.   Design and Structural Engineer
          Engineer)                               d.   Planning and Contract Engineer
       j. Specialist (Learning Solution,
          System and Technical Support)        VII. Banking And Finance
       i. Animation Artist
       k. Clean-Up Artist                         a. Accounting Clerks
       l. In-between Artist/In-betweener          b. Bookkeepers
       m. Clean-Up Art Checker                    c. Auditor
       n. In-between Checker                      d. Cashier
       o. Animation Checker                       e. Credit Card Analyst
       p. Web Designer                            f. Finance Analyst/Specialist
       q. Multimedia Artist                       g. Accountant (Account Officer,
       r. Library builder                            Analyst)
       s. Layout artist                           h. Risk Management Officer/
       t. 2D digital animator                        Manager

III.    Health, Wellness and Medical           VIII. Manufacturing
                                                  a.   Chemist
       a.   Doctor                                b.   Electrical Engineer
       b.   Physical Therapist                    c.   Industrial Engineer
       c.   Pharmacist                            d.   IT Specialist
       d.   Medical Technologist                  e.   Machinist
       e.   Laboratory Technician                 f.   Mechanical Engineers
       f.   Physician/Surgeon                     g.   Mechanical Technicians
       g.   Spa/Massage Therapist                 h.   Chemical Engineer
       h.   Masseur
                                               IX. Ownership Dwellings, Real/
                                                   Retirement Estate

                                                  a.   Civil Engineer
                                                  b.   Mechanical Engineer
                                                  c.   Surveyor
                                                  d.   Architect
X. Transport and Logistics

     a. Gantry Operator
     b. Ground Engineer
     c. Heavy Equipment Operator
     d. Long Haul Driver
     e. Pilot
     f. Transport and Logistics
        Machinery Operator
     g. Aircraft Mechanic and other
        related skills

XI. Wholesale and Retail

     b. Cashier

Emerging Industries

I.   Creative Industries

     a.   3D modelers
     b.   3D Artist
     c.   3D Animators
     d.   Flash Animators

II. Power and Utilities

     a. Mechanical Technician

III. Renewable Energy

     a. Electrical Engineer
     b. Mechanical Engineer
     c. Quality Control Engineer

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Description: This is the result of the study conducted by the Department of Labor and Employment called Project JobsFit: The DOLE 2020 Vision