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Cabouchon Testimonials
What an absolute breeze it is to do a Cabouchon Party!

I have done Party Plan before, with nutrition, slimming, make-up, skin care,
facials etc. It involved a lot of training, and cumbersome kit and equipment.

Our new Cabouchon Party Plan opportunity is so simple!
Take some Cabouchon jewellery samples, a black velvet table-cloth, mirror,
brochures and order forms, and you are set up in 5 minutes.

A Kleeneze customer booked a party with me for 10 friends and neighbours, which resulted in £320 orders, so the
average spend was £32. In reality, orders ranged from £3 to over £60.

We had a great „girls night in‟, our Hostess was made to feel special, and presented with her choice of jewellery from
the catalogue to the value of 10% of the total orders, as a big thank-you.

Incidentally….everyone remarked on how beautiful the jewellery was, and complimented each other as they tried on
different pieces…the jewellery sold itself, and the guests also sold it to each other! All I did was say hello and
welcome, give out brochures and order forms, and take orders!

My earnings for an enjoyable 3and a half hours including travel and delivery?
£116, including Volume Profit Bonus…(less hostess gift, and catalogues etc) And I met lots of new people, to speak to
about the business and further parties.

That was 272 Bonus Points. Adding 1 party a week to a regular catalogue customer base of 10% - 13% per Period,
and we could all effectively DOUBLE our personal retail volume….

One Cabouchon party a week, or say 4 – 6 per period could easily get someone to 10%! The potential is fantastic!

Jill Hunt – Senior Distributor

Earning money and having fun!

I asked a good friend of mine to show a few Cabouchon brochures to her
colleagues at work. Her work can be extremely stressful for her and her team,
yet regardless, 7 people placed orders amounting to £420. This earned me
£136 (Retail profit £88, plus £48 Bonus)

This friend also held a home party with me and the same team of people came.
We had a great evening, a glass of wine, fun and laughter. And orders again of
over £400! Earnings £126 for 2 – 3 hours of fun! (Retail profit over £80, plus £46

As a thank-you Hostess Gift, I gave her a percentage of the total order value in
jewellery pieces she loved the most and she was thrilled. (Of course these items
were at distributor wholesale, and earned me extra BP.) This is a fantastic way
for the hostess to get her friends together, have a great evening and earn some
beautiful jewellery at the same time.

I also take my Cabouchon party kit out to various charity events, and to school
fetes etc, and set up a table, meeting lots of new leads for the business, and
booking further parties.

Julie Webb - Gold Distributor
Mums & Toddlers - Cabouchon Party Fun
I started Kleeneze and set off with my 2 year old son, and my catalogues, then
after a few months the new Cabouchon Jewellery catalogue was launched.
What a great extra opportunity!

I held my first Cabouchon party as a coffee morning, sending out my invite to
“come along and have a coffee or glass of wine, bring the children as well, and
have some fun!”

Having done party plan before, I remembered to give some Cabouchon
catalogues and customer order forms to my hostess before-hand, and told her I
would give her 10% of the value of any orders from this and the party, to put
towards jewellery she wanted from the book. She got over £100 of orders, just
by showing the book to friends and work mates who could not make the coffee

At the coffee morning there were 7 guests, plus kids from the age of 3 months to
14 years!
All had loads of fun; me with Jake on my hip at times, the little girls wanting to
help show off the jewellery, and babies crawling and running around.
Most people tried on one bit or another, and my total for the morning was over
£470. I got 3 further party bookings from the party, each of which were all over
£250 in orders, and all this from just asking a friend to help me by having a
coffee morning.
You do not need to lug around loads, just a nice table-cloth and jewellery box, and I have a few pebbles to lay the
jewellery over.
A lot of fun, and so easy!

Nicki Walker – Silver Distributor

£256 profit for approximately 10 hours work or perhaps more like fun!
Once I was aware that Kleeneze had an extra business opportunity with
Cabouchon jewellery I got very excited about earning extra money and decided
to take it further.

As a semi-retired nurse I planned this around my work, also I just love meeting
and helping people, so hence I got going.

Prior to Christmas of last year I planned and organised my first Cabouchon party
at my own home. As all the invited guests were not able to attend on that
evening, I left the jewellery on display for a few days so to accommodate
everyone. I had total of about 12 guests.

I looked into, and booked further events where I could display the Cabouchon,
for example our local parish Bazaar and one or two Christmas fairs which I did.

Over a 4 week period my Cabouchon orders alone were £774 which gave a
retail profit of £162.54 and then the added bonus level of 18% was £89.15

My total profit was £251.69 (excluding all other sales from the various Kleeneze

This was the result of approximately 10 hours work or perhaps more like fun!

Margaret Munson - Silver Distributor

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