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                                   STATEMENT OF COMPLIANCE

The European Commission directive 1895/2005/EC “Restricting the use of
certain epoxy derivatives in materials and articles intended to come into
contact with food”, sets revised migration limits for BADGE and it’s hydrolysis
and chlorohydrin reaction products as follows:-

For BADGE, BADGE.H2O and BADGE.2H2O - the group SML (Specific
Migration Limit) is 9mg/kg of food.

For BADGE.H2OHCl, BADGE.HCl and BADGE.2HCl - the group SML is
1mg/kg of food.

The use of NOGE and BFDGE is not permitted.

The level of migrating species from a lacquer is dependant upon the application
and curing conditions over which PPG has no control. However we hereby declare

1005 Epoxy Lining

When applied and cured following our recommendations on our datasheets, will
give levels of migrating species within the limits set in 1895/2005/EC, consequently
we believe this product to be compliant to this directive.

Manager, Regulatory Affairs
PPG Packaging Coatings
All products supplied and technical advice given, are subject to our standard conditions of sale, a copy of which is
available upon request.

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